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Tablescraps is The Crowded Table guys behind the scenes, unscripted, casual conversation. Sometimes it's awesome, sometimes we talk about how to cook chicken. Someone probably enjoys it...
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Tablescraps may be getting a brand new overhaul, Dennis and Jake delve into topics that they could never bring up on TCT! Plus, one of them got jerked off in a movie theater, did they make it to completion? You'll have to listen to find out!
In our most recent Tablescrap, we tackle a growing issue on the internet. SOCIAL MEDIA HOBO'S!
The guys discuss what life means to them. Then kind of get a bit political, it's a short and sweet discussion, exactly what the Tablescraps was meant to be.
John can't for the life of him remember his "very important dream" and the guys discuss whether it is too early for Christmas music.
Dennis and Jake place bets on Calta's Punch Out fights, plus one of them may have a sex problem. Find out here on Tablescraps #13!
We're not murderers, but we could probably get rid of a body....Plus lucid dreaming? What is it and does anyone care?
John and Dennis made time to do a podcast in a professional studio, if you can call it that. They discuss John's first time babysitting, and a ghost from Dennis' past makes an appearance.
Due to a mysterious illness, the live show has been pushed to Friday at 10am! So now you get an unreleased Tablescrap!
It's Dennis' birthday and The Crowded Table guys have a pretty exciting announcement for their upcoming 40th show!
John recounts a horror story while kayaking down a river, and Dennis confesses how he really feels about Carmin!
Dennis and Jake explore the underground world of Roller Rinks, John makes a brief appearance but because of his phone connection isn't able to hang around too long!
Our first on location Tablescraps! Find out what word made both John and Jake cry from laughter in the middle of a restaurant!
Dennis disturbs us all with his shower story. John leaves to go watch wrestling, and the guys discuss pregnancy scares.
Although Jake isn't here we get the juicy story of Dennis going on a date with his ex's mom. Plus John talks his new wrestling podcast "The Broken Table"
This weeks tablescraps involves an intervention of sorts for Jake, and the burning of some bridges in the industry for ourselves!
Listen to the latest Tablescraps, where Dennis edits out anything he doesn't want you to hear! Plus we talk about a baked potato, trust me, it's exactly what you think it is.
Our second podcast is alive! We've taken the idea of "Tablescraps" and turned it into a full fledged podcast. No prep, just off the cuff fun!
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