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If you want to know the secrets of online dating, you've come to the right place. Here, we'll discuss everything there is to know for the modern man to meet the modern woman.
Scot and Emily here, at your service. You might know us already from the X & Y On The Fly--Dating Podcast or The Chick Whisperer Podcast. But even if you don't, we're glad you're here. We're the dating coaches at X & Y Communications and spend a good bit of our time helping people just like you sort out their online profiles so that they can meet someone great. We met on ourselves (go figure) so what more fun could two human beings have than to do a show where we select a REAL onli ...
Getting together with local singles online and discovering their naughty intellects on real times, what could be much better than that? If you have already tried to take action in true to life, then you should have already pointed out that it is very difficult to meet a steamy one who wishes to flirt with a stranger, exactly like that. You could have a thousand and much more chances to meet and revel in evenings with beautiful people over a dating website. If they have got a profile, they ob ...
Two girls who share their thoughts on the complicated and often times entertaining world of online dating.
Online dating from a 24 year old male.
The Zoo
Swipe right for first hand accounts of online dating -- cringeworthy, strange, and completely delightful.
Inglês Online
Dicas de inglês, curso online de inglês, exercícios e pronúncia de inglês e como falar inglês.
Nothing In Common
Soon2BeCatLady, Conal, and BenJamin discuss dating, online dating, relationships, etc. and answer listener questions every Monday. Soon2BeCatLady is best known for her online dating blog: Conal lives in Philadelphia. Benjamin Kruse is the co-host of Minnesota’s morning podcast Up and at ’Em.
A weekly online dating podcast experience! Each week, we interview single guests about their dating experience, hilarious first messages, Tinder nightmares, and dick pics!
Doc Love ( has interviewed over 10,000 women and takes your calls weekly so he can coach you to find out what they actually want in dating.
Authentic Intimacy
Sharing insights that most men would feel ashamed to admit. Interviewing dating and relationship experts to pull this puzzle together. And coaching women on how to nurture men's deep heart-felt connection for authentic intimacy that lasts.
Love Expert Damona Hoffman (TV Personality and Certified Dating Coach) discusses love in the modern world with celebrities and experts in dating, marriage, breakups and hookups.
Dating Advice For Women - Blaine Barrington From Answers Women's Dating Questions. This Podcast Is About Why He Didn't Call You When He Said He Would. (Image credit: Lovers Dawn by SailorJohn at
The Motivated to Marry Podcast is dedicated to you, the marriage-minded single person wanting a lasting love. We present experts on the topic answering those persistent questions brought to mind by marriage-minded individuals who are ready to take charge of their dating efforts. Listen in as the conversations dig deep into how to meet people who share your values so you can meet the right one and have the family life you desire.
Tinder Tales
Exploring the best and worst from the online dating scene
Broken-Tailed Dog
America: we're obsessed with sex and sometimes relationships. Comedian and host Josh Accardo, alongside with his sexy side-kick Lux (a Suicide Girl model), explore sexuality, relationships, dating, current events, and the entertainment industry. From the latest news to interviews with women from the entertainment industry, Broken-Tailed Dog has it all. #Brokentailed
Nina Atwood - the Singlescoach® - debunks all the myths about men and dating. Tune in for the ultimate roadmap to a lasting love relationship. Learn the ten temptations you must overcome in order to meet and marry a great guy. This show is about you, the single woman who wants to date smart and find the love of her life. Call in with your questions about love, life, dating, romance, and relationships, and be coached by Nina - author, therapist, and internationally known expert on romantic love.
A show dedicated to providing practical strategies, compassionate guidance and ongoing support for individuals and couples looking to create more love in their life and relationships. Discover innovative ways to heal from the past, make positive changes and learn secrets to create more passion, happiness and love in your life today. Get more free resources at or read these episodes on our blog
Ask The Cyber-Dating Expert is a weekly dating advice radio show where we marry love and technology to help singles looking for love online. Guests include online dating sites, bestselling relationship authors, dating experts, and listeners who share their cyber dating stories. Call in on Saturdays at 11am, Pacific Time/ 1pm, Central Time/2pm, eastern time at 646-929-0012 where we talk about dating, love, and romance in a Web 2.0 World.
Fantasy Dating Radio
Fantasy Dating provides singles with an alternative to scrolling endless online dating profiles by challenging them to dare to date in real life. Like in other Fantasy Sports, players form leagues, set stakes and compete against each other to earn points. But when they Fantasy Date, they earn points by dating. Each week on Fantasy Dating Radio, Suzanne and Ryan talk with experts and explore dating tools that put a fun twist on dating. Wondering how to market yourself for marriage or find a t ...
Sex Talk Podcast
Sex Talk is a podcast starting an honest conversation about sex. Presented by Adele Roberts and Hilary Ineomo-Marcus, the series will cover a wide range of sex-related subjects, such as Sexual Health, HIV, Dating, Sex Addiction, Sexuality and Religion, Sex and Alcohol and Sex Work. The podcast will feature various guests, from Sexual Health specialists, Sexperts, Volunteers, Charity Staff, and people with lived experience sharing their own sex stories. Sex Talk. Real Stories. Real Issues.
Crowd Interference
D.E.O. shooting the breeze with his real life and Wrestling Twitter friends on random topics.
We are 3 misinformed dudes who happen to get things right at least part of the time. 3 different frames of mind, 3 different sets of experiences, one of us is bound to get something right. Hosts: Tommy Scott, Chad Herscovici, Steven Scott
Occasionally funny and always interesting conversations about relationship and marriage problems. Want your questions answered? Send 'em in at
A podcast that brings perspective to online dating
The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love explores all points on the sexual spectrum, from online dating etiquette to orgy manners. Each week, host Billy Procida sits down with former hook-ups to chat about relationships, sex, sexuality, gender, and why he's still single. This endearing manwhore with a heart of gold just wants someone to love him-- and to accept his poly, slutty, experimental, not-so-distant sexual history. Will he figure out why women will take him to bed but not ...
Hip Hop artist kNERO Lapaé and his wife, Ria Lapaé are not your ordinary. There’s a cliche that being happily married doesn’t last long. For these guys, it’s been years of falling in love over and over again. Their distinctive approach to life opens their minds to a better understanding and communication. The chemistry they share comes naturally. Their passion to share their experience and advice comes from a desire to help others find complete happiness within themselves and their marriage.
Bye Felipe Podcast
Have you ever wondered what happens between the text exchanges you see on the Bye Felipe Instagram account? On the Bye Felipe Podcast, creator Alexandra Tweten and cohost, Eileen Beard, share personal online dating stories and dissect BAD online dating behavior from a funny, feminist point of view. "King Baby" theme song by feeling feelings.
Tinder Tales
Exploring the best and worst from the online dating scene
Ok Cool Podcast
Welcome to Ok Cool. In this podcast, your hosts, a Chicago blogger, Amanda Elliott and an LA-based author, Duan M. Davie II talk about modern dating and relationships. As friends over the past few years, they have confided in each other about dates, settling, and what it means to find your soulmate.While it’s easy to become frustrated because men and women think differently, we encourage our listeners to overcome these obstacles and pursue relationships instead of turning passive aggressive ...
Comically diving deep into the psyche of online dating and the behavioral patterns of the emotionally unavailable. These are based on true encounters!
Online Dating
XO Amanda Rose
Matchmaker and Dating Expert Amanda Rose shares her expertise on all things dating, relationships and everything in between! Submit your questions to and for more dating tips go to
Academia online de español a través de video tutoriales.
A podcast that brings perspective to online dating
V Single
Alexandra Tweten (@byefelipe) and Alison Stevenson (Vice) are perpetually single in Los Angeles. The pair share what they’ve learned from the hundreds (seriously) of online dates they’ve been on and dissect the pros and cons of being single in a dating-app world. Each episode features personal stories, games, and guests with nuggets of advice about being single.
Date Fail
Date Fail's host Amanda Day (@cockdestroyer) and guests discuss the world of online dating and sex/courtship/romance in our social media age. From sexting to pegging, this no-holds-barred podcast covers it all!
My Week In Tinder
I'm Kate Densen. Listen to me try to learn from my mistakes and figure out what I want from the hellscape that is online dating.Questions? Comments? Stories of your own? Email me at
I Like You
I Like You is a an irreverent podcast about dating, relationships, love and like. JP and Elah discuss triumphs, heartbreak, online dating horror stories, relationship conundrums and more with guests. Compelling stories and interesting guests interspersed with hilarious banter and the occasional original song mean never a dull moment.
Harry Wilmington, creator of and author of "NO GIRLS 4 U: The Ultimate Guide to LOSING the Girl of Your Dreams," reveals all of his relationship and dating strategies, resources and killer tips and tricks in this podcast to help men get ahead of the curve in their romantic life. Discover the psychological reasons why "traditional" methods of attraction actually cause you to LOSE women, and learn the REAL methods you can use to build self confidence, attract the women ...
Family Affairs
We answer the questions you’re afraid to ask about everything from online dating, to divorce, to common (and not-so-common) sexual issues with a Licensed Sex Therapist. We offer a progressive, upbeat approach to modern parenting and the issues facing our families.
Dating Upside Down
Join me, Alison Tinderland on my topsy-turvy, other worldly, down-the-rabbit-hole experience of online dating! Fun guaranteed. Love...TBC.
After failing to find the one via online dating, Chicago musician Alen Khan enlists help from friend and former escort Samantha Acosta to yell advice in his ear as he struggles through a first date.
Online dating vs organically dating EP1
Comedian and Writer Micah Gordon has been online dating for years, to varied degrees of success. As a fun social experiment, and a cool first date idea, Micah decided to start inviting his Tinder dates to a podcast booth at the Nerdist School, and recording the experience for everyone to hear. Listen to Micah go on first dates on So What Do You Do: The Tinder Date Podcast! is the number one online dive retailer in the UK. Once a month, our in-house specialist Mark holds a live YouTube broadcast where he answers all your questions as well as updating you on the latest news and product releases.
Epic Tales of Online Dating. Selena, Jeremy & Jayme interview their friends about their "best" online dating stories.
Oh the lovely world of online dating! Shoulda Swiped Left is a comedy podcast about online dating and all that follows. Ceisley is a single mom who openly shares her online dating experiences in this hilarious and relatable podcast where she talks all things dating, sex, and love stemming from the virtual world. Tinder, POF, Bumble, Zoosk, name it, she’s got it.
Colour Out The Box
A fortnightly show with lively discussions from the black female perspective.Two London based women of African heritage, in their *coughs* 30s, navigating the complexities of modern life.Listen as hosts Mo and Jay discuss everything from racial politics in the workplace, the perils of online dating, absurd happenings in pop-culture or even pondering what it means to be Black and British. Just a few of the topics, we open up for discussion giving our unique take and voice.Honest and open deba ...
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show series
More and more people are beginning to explore the online dating world with apps like Tinder, OkCupid and Bumble. I don't plan on doing any online dating and yet I found myself completely intrigued by the stories of people's experience with it. Ceisley is the creator and host of "Shoulda Swiped Left", a podcast in which she shares her experience ...…
After this weeks Rodriguez Report I talk with my buddy Mike Orrico. We talk about his recent break-up, being a single father, his underage drinking and how he bedded almost every single girl I hired when he use to work for me. We also talk about being single at 40 and the online dating scene as well as being a great dad. This is a fun walk down ...…
Kristen and Rachon discuss their good, bad and ugly experiences with Online Dating! You don’t want to miss this juicy episode!
When people are successful with online dating- what are they doing that works? We will give you all the juicy tips to help you find your soul mate online! Included topics, photos, bio, attitude, flirting, life partner list and more! Connect with coach Susan Allan: Email Susan: Marla & Susa ...…
Are you trying online dating and having no luck? Are you losing hope and would like some tips to attract the right person into your life? Click on this episode to get tips on how to choose your photos, write your description and get that ideal date to message you. The post Ep #23 – Online Dating Tips for Professionals appeared first on BluntTRU ...…
This week Gary and Natasha has a special guest on. We discuss our past week. Gary has a hot take on POF, The main topic this week we are talking about sex vs finance. As always if you have any online dating stories, advice, something annoys you, or want us to answer a question feel free to email us at and visit our site at ...…
We talk online dating, liquor and libraries with @brownfrasier!!
Why will changing Chinese demographics lead to an increase of plastic strips in doorways? Justine and Alex discuss - and in so doing, also touch on Ikea trips, online dating, modern food production, and President Bush’s congratulatory message to President Obama. Then Alex explains how a horse racing term could apply to what’s ahead for stocks.…
Female/male perspective on online dating
I continue to try to understand the world of becoming an old man. Funny how things are so different and how my brain is reacting. Also, talking about marketing and advertising when it comes to being on online dating sites AND something you probably didn't know about the pesky boys that send unsolicited D pics to women they don't know and just m ...…
As you already know, we live in a time when we are more connected than ever before. People all around the world are connecting through the internet and with that, people are developing new relationships online - more specifically, dating relationships. As apps become more intuitive, as phones become more integrated into our lives, and as we txt ...…
This week Josh discusses Lux's new online dating endeavor with her. They decide whether or not Josh is deemed a "catch". Also, a woman gets a vag created out of tilapia fish, and a topless model that isn't Lux is the head of a steroid drug ring. Social Media Embedded links for BTD Libsyn Episodes Find Your Hosts: Josh @JoshAccardo | Twitter Ins ...…
Your girl is about the BossJock life, once again! Also, we hear from Ms. Dorothy about her experience on Tinder.
Pete and I discuss safety both online as well as in the physical world. We talk about online dating and how you can keep yourself safe, social media, as well as abusive partners. You can find Pete at The sponsor for this episode is Psychic Text Readers
Ryan Kriger is a lawyer, a teacher, a humorist and a friend-making specialist. He learned, after moving several times, how loneliness felt; he realized how difficult it was to connect with people and decided to take action about it in the middle of an isolation crisis. Ryan brings a complex interaction, as making friends as an adult is, and put ...…
Bryony Cole talks the future of sex with her clarion call for outspoken freedom around open + positive sexuality, education and expression. Future + FemTech + Sex + VR + AI + Society + Ethics + Technology TRANSIT LOUNGE RADIO @ LOGIN 2018 ----more---- Founder at Future of Sex Bryony is a founder Future of Sex, a research and media lab focused o ...…
On the final hour of the show, talked online dating, talked about Wade''s comments he said this morning on FOX, and more.
Jess and Denise weigh in on online dating and the quest of looking for love on apps and the Internet. Is it a successful means to meet a partner in today's world, or do we need to revert to pre-Internet methods like going on blind dates or meeting people in bars and clubs? Also, are we ever too old to start looking for love? Buckle up for anoth ...…
Let's Talk is an interactive discussion program about lifestyle issues. The show’s host Sunday Shomari examines everything from African cuisine to cellphones, from online dating to arranged marriages, and more. Sunday collects audience questions and comments via social media, and speaks with a variety of guests on the programs who share their e ...…
HAPPY PRIDE MONTH O.C.!!!!Summertime is here and nothing says Summer in Orange County like Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach and of course Pageant of the Masters! Pageant is back for its 85th year with their “Under the Sun” theme! Santos got a sneak peak and he’s here to tell you all about it!Festival of Arts, Pageant of the MastersRuns July 5 t ...…
Believe it or not, online dating isn’t something new, as a matter of fact computer dating started back in 1960’s way before sites like Yes, you read that right, in the 60s! The 1960s online dating carried many of the same pitfalls and thrills as virtual matchmaking does today. Devin Spady is a Blogger and Author of “Swiping Right - H ...…
Finding that warm spot in your bed feels so great. Until you realize that you have overslept now you're rushing out for work. The day goes faster than usual and it seems as if more assignments come than typical. That's why we are to discuss 8 tricks to make yourself wake up earlier!!! So you can get a jump on your day and become more effective. ...…
Van is truly a treat, and opens up about his online dating experiences which are nothing short of jaw dropping. This one will make you laugh.
Online Dating and Meeting People In Bars
A man from Taiwan took online dating to a whole new level.
In news that isn’t really surprising to me, new studies show that online dating (like social media) lowers self-esteem and increases depression. As with social media, maybe it’s time Americans swipe left to online dating and spend less time online and give the old traditional way a go: meeting in public on a Friday night for dinner and a movie. ...…
This is an episode about partnership, communication, and being present. Ellen Winter - storyteller & composer ( 36 Questions, a podcast musical ( The old Focused AF episode about online dating.... (…
This week we discuss: my date last week, unsolicited dick pics, going through your phone, tinder's upcoming feature, and we have a special guest. Check out our new website support by clicking our advertisements or donating so we can keep giving this free heat.
Online dating pt2 guest host W.kammel
In this episode of the Gentlemint podcast, Glen and Brian discuss a surprisingly tasty beer from Budweiser, a new Bill and Ted's movie, a online dating matchup that went horribly wrong, a sandwich made with butter and french fries, Amazon's new police state, a salute to the outgoing Athletic Director at KU, and which famous personality needs to ...…
In this episode, Dr. Jefferson talks about the benefits and some of the common drawbacks to online dating. Join in the discussion today by submitting your recorder response.
Check out this new podcast today! It's about online dating and if it's better than regular dating. Please call in and let me know what do you think? New Podcast Every Single Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Don't​ Forget to add me on Instagram @EDubEntertainment
I sat down again to chat with Alex Hallett (@sattvaphoto) who's currently traveling around the country in his vehicle, taking beautiful pictures, creating documentaries, and starting his own podcast. We talk AI, anxiety, why humans matter, what does "making it" mean, why online dating is a struggle, his documentary "Moja Maisha - South Africa", ...…
In this installment of TPS Reports the boys discuss Post Malone, commitment issues & online dating. Please send questions, stories & whatever else to and feel free to leave us a voicemail at 708-797-3079! Outro Song: "Down" by Drew Mantia ft. Saba
In an online world, what about real life connections? Today we talk to offline dating expert, Camille Virginia, and talk about dating AND creating real-life connections in business... in person! Cause we're all gonna be awkward if we stay only behind the computer all the time, right? ;-) ABOUT OUR GUEST: Camille Virginia is the founder of Maste ...…
Does your career matter to dudes, What dudes think of your username, pics, profile, crazy bitches profile example
Research and figure out what people are already looking for online. Then try to create a piece of content that is better than what’s already out there. -Leon Turetsky I’m back with another podcast episode, this time someone who’s been doing online courses since all the way back in 2009! Leon Turetsky has seen a lot change and some things remain ...…
Profiles, platforms, pictures, and tips on the right way to online date
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