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Nick Jr. is like preschool on TV. Watching its shows is like having learn-along playdates with Dora, Diego, Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, Dino Dan and more. Check out all the great content from all your favorite shows within the iTunes store.
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Sing along with Dora and Boots and their Wonderland friends in this brand-new song!By Nick Jr..
Sing along with Wally, Norville, and their new friend, Rockelle!By Nick Jr..
Get a sneak-peek at the Bubble Guppies' next field trip!By Nick Jr..
Dora steps through a magical mirror into Wonderland in a brand-new primetime event, coming in March!By Nick Jr..
Kai-Lan and her grandfather share the story of the Monkey King.By Nick Jr..
Gear up for the race of a life time with UmiCar and Shark Car in this circuit-sizzling challenge.By Nick Jr..
Sing along! The castle and the crown belong to Wally's friend, the King!By Nick Jr..
Anything is possible when you say the word with Wally and his magic friends!By Nick Jr..
Sing along as Wally gives Norvile a good scrubbing!By Nick Jr..
Meet Wally, coming to Nick in February!By Nick Jr..
Keep rocking all month long on Nick Jr. and sing along to this rockin' song!By Nick Jr..
Jump and cheer with all your favorite Nick Jr. characters in this sporty music video!By Nick Jr..
Make silly faces with Peter's adorable little sister!By Nick Jr..
See what cool drawing Benjamin is making! (Hint: It's tasty!)By Nick Jr..
Help look for Peter!By Nick Jr..
Wally and his magial friends introduce themselves in this awesome song!By Nick Jr..
All your favorite Nick Jr. characters wish you a Merry Christmas with a song!By Nick Jr..
Check out today's holiday word of the day with Dora.By Nick Jr..
See why this time of year brings so much cheer with brand-new episodes and holiday special on Nick Jr. all month long.By Nick Jr..
Join the Bubble Guppies on an epic, magical quest in this hour-long movie event. Coming to Nickelodeon this holiday season.By Nick Jr..
Get ready for bed with this legend involving a marriage, a monkey king, and a ten-headed man.By Nick Jr..
Get ready for bed with this story about a billy goat who buts heads with a troll.By Nick Jr..
Get ready for bed with an animated fable about a tiny sparrow.By Nick Jr..
Get ready for bed with a gentle reading of The Princess and the Pea.By Nick Jr..
Get ready for bed with an animated storybook about dreams.By Nick Jr..
Get ready for a frosty and dazzling adventure when Dora laces up her skates!By Nick Jr..
What should we call a cool pumpkin with a spooky face carved into it?By Nick Jr..
What are those dusty things all over the old staircase?By Nick Jr..
Get ready to boogie at this monster dance party with the Backyardigans!By Nick Jr..
What do we call that creepy, crawly creature?By Nick Jr..
Check out some spooky costumes with Blue's Clues' Joe and Pail!By Nick Jr..
The witch is bubbling something up! What's that big pot she's got?By Nick Jr..
Listen to that witch! What is she doing?By Nick Jr..
Get ready for bed with a gentle story featuring Blue.By Nick Jr..
Dora shows how some of her friends get creative -- by painting!By Nick Jr..
All your favorite characters, from Dora to Gil to Peter Rabbit, are falling into fun new adventures this Fall on Nick. Jr.By Nick Jr..
Sometimes all you need is a cardboard box and your limitless imagination to turn an afternoon at home into a magical journey.By Nick Jr..
Dora tells the story of John Herrington - the first American Indian in space!By Nick Jr..
Learn why it's good to apologize when you make a mistake with Kai-Lan.By Nick Jr..
Dora tells the story of Betty Mae Jumper, a famous author who became the first woman chief of the Seminole tribe.By Nick Jr..
Snorkels can help you breathe while swimming underwater!By Nick Jr..
Explore all the fun at a gym with Dora.By Nick Jr..
Dora shows you what it means to be a champion.By Nick Jr..
Skye's a pup who's gotta fly! She has a helicopter!By Nick Jr..
Learn about the super-speedy luge with Dora!By Nick Jr..
Rubble the Construction Pup has loads of cool tools!By Nick Jr..
Referee is today's word of the day! Stay sporty with Dora this summer! More words to comeall month here on Nick Jr.!By Nick Jr..
Rocky the resourceful recycling pup always has always got just the thing to save the day. Rush to the rescue with Rocky and his friends on PAW Patrol, Monday August 12th at 8:30 on Nick!By Nick Jr..
Meet Zuma, the water-loving pup whose can do way more than doggy paddle! Save the day with Zuma and his puppy pals on PAW Patrol, premiering Monday August 12th at 8:30 on Nick!By Nick Jr..
Marshall the fire pup has the nose and the hose to save the day. Save the day with Marshall and the rest of his pal on PAW Patrol, the brand new series premiering Monday August 12th at 8:30 PM on Nick!By Nick Jr..
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