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The Option Alpha Podcast: Options Trading | Stock Options | Stock Trading | Trading Online
We are on a mission to help you make smarter investments and trades – it’s just that simple. So if that means pulling back the curtain on everything you know (or thought you knew) about options trading and the stock market then so be it.
Gutrade - An Entertaining Podcast not just for Options Traders
An entertaining podcast not just about Options Trading
Trading Stocks Made Easy with Tyrone Jackson: Investing in Stocks | Investing Money
Trading Stocks Made Easy is a weekly Podcast hosted by stock market trader, teacher and mentor Tyrone Jackson. Best known for his Huffington Post blogs and his Wealthy Investor Program, Mr. Jackson will help demystify stock trading and investing so that you can make money and profit. Each week Tyrone reviews individual stocks as case studies as well as interviews experts and some of his most successful students who are learning to master the process of wealth building via investing. For foll ...
CNBC's "Options Action"
CNBC's "Options Action, hosted by CNBC's Melissa Lee, is a fast-paced, weekly half-hour roundtable discussion featuring prominent options traders who explain the advantages of options trading and demonstrate the strategy using the news of the week.
SCT Podcast
Watch and Learn from Sarah and TJ every week as they share their trade set ups, market analysis and most importantly, tips to help you trade better than ever. Each episode will share the realities of trading options and the markets. You will hear tips and tricks by retail traders, for retail traders. Yes, finally a show that delves in to trading for people just like you! We are well known around the world for a consistent approach to the market with a down to earth approach to trading. We be ...
Options Boot Camp
Options Boot Camp is designed to help get you into peak options trading shape by teaching you options trading inside and out, basic to complex. Listeners can even submit their own options questions to be answered on the program.
Weekly Options Academy Newsletter
Our newsletter with tips, updates and news about trading weekly options.
Real Traders Webinar | Day Trading Educational Webinar On Stocks, Futures, Options, Forex, Credit Spreads and More
Real Traders Webinar hosts webinars with top experts in the Day Trading Industry that show you their Best Day Trading Strategies for… Futures, Options Trading, Stock Trading, Credit Spreads Trading, Forex Trading, Binary Trading and so much more!
The Option Block
The Option Block All-Star Panel breaks down the latest developments in the options market, analyzes unusual options activity, explains cutting-edge options strategies, answers listener questions and much more. Whether you're an active options trader or just getting started in the options market, The Option Block will keep you informed and entertained.
Volatility Views
Volatility Views is the premier radio program for volatility traders. From interviews with leading industry guests to detailed analysis of volatility products, this program takes you inside the world of volatility trading like never before. If you are an experienced options trader looking to expand your understanding of volatility, or if you are simply curious about VIX and other volatility products, then this is the program for you.
Market Recap: | Market Commentary | Option News | Spread Trading
Trading Your Way To Financial Freedom
The Trading Tips video podcast will help you become a successful trader in less than 5 minutes per week. If you are an active stock trader, options trader, or day trader, you'll find these tips very useful.
Binary Options Gain
Learn binary options basics, binary options trading strategy, and binary brokers.
Gimme Some Options!
Welcome to the real world of retail options trading. I'll be sharing my daily position adds and subtractions along with the whys and hows. You'll hear me humbly celebrate the winners and moan about the losers. And you'll be treated to occasional interviews with other options trading practitioners -- real grinders who are trying to extract money from the machines every day.
The Options Insider Radio Network
The Options Insider Radio Network is the premier audio destination for options traders. The network provides access to a vast array of popular programs including The Option Block, Options Boot Camp, The Advisors Option, The Long and Short of Futures Options, Volatility Views, Options Insider Radio and much more. Join the thousands around the globe who turn to The Options Insider Radio Network for options information, analysis and education.
This Week in Futures Options
Gold, crude oil, corn, soybeans and more - with so many tradeable products the futures options market is an intimidating place. How can you possibly keep track of the latest trading activity across so many different products? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. Welcome to This Week in Futures Options - the program designed to help active futures options traders stay on top of this ever-changing marketplace. Each week we’ll break down the top trades, hot products, volatility explosions and m ...
TFNN - The Option Hour
Listen as Tom Sosnoff of thinkorswim explains various options trading strategies
Monthly+ will provide commentary on the economy, your investments, the current economic outlook for 2010, options trading strategies, international investing, communities, currencies, technical analysis, and more!
HKEx Stock Options Video
HKEx has produced a series of stock options education videos in 3 languages (Cantonese, Mandarin and English), covering topics ranging from basics such as trading arrangements, product design and finding quotes to more advanced topics, including yield enhancement strategies and how to replicate a bull ELN with options. One of the videos also provides an overview of the stock option tools available on HKEx website’s stock options corner, and many investors have found such tools helpful for st ...
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In this segment Tom and Tony dive in head first on what it takes to improve cost with options. Tune in as we list and explain common options trading strategies and how each fits in to this core tenant of options trading and trade management.
In this segment Tom and Tony dive in head first on what it takes to improve cost with options. Tune in as we list and explain common options trading strategies and how each fits in to this core tenant of options trading and trade management.
Interview with Markus Heitkoetter on Dr. Nilda Foresight Business Show on Facebook Live September 16th, 2017Listen every Saturday at 11AM EST on Facebook Live. DOWNLOAD: Free Worksheet Markus Heitkoetter is the CEO and Founder of Rockwell Trading. A former IBM director who made the bold decision to quit and migra ...…
In this episode of the SCT Podcast Sarah Potter and TJ discuss the differences between fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis is typically discussed in the media about trading options and stocks. Fundamental analysis attempts to assess the financial health of a company and determine if the current market price of the ...…
In this episode of the SCT Podcast, listen to Shecantrade review your options for selecting the best expiry date for your options trades. Options traders have lots of choices when it comes to picking an expiration date for their trades. Many traders simply pick the date that looks best to them, but there are better ways. Listen to find out how ...…
Essential Trader Tracks
AlphaShark CEO Andrew Keene talks with Michael Burke about his successful rise in options trading as a fresh college grad and why he’s hedging his future with AirBnB.
Two very popular options to trade are in the SPX S&P500 cash settled index and the SPY S&P500 ETF. Each offers unique benefits for options traders. Listen to this week's podcast to hear about the key differences between the SPX and SPY and some strategies for trading each. Podcast Transcript Sarah: Hi everybody, this is Sarah Potter welcome to ...…
In this episode of the Teach Me To Trade Podcast, I speak with the head trader and owner of Kirk Du Plessis. If you've ever wanted to learn about options trading, I highly recommend visiting, and learning from Kirk.
Sarah: Hi everybody this is Sarah Potter from she can trade. And this is SCT podcast. We are at episode 34. Today's discussion is going to be focused around earnings and specifically how do you adjust and trade sorry how do you adjust and focus on your trades through that earning season. Obviously we'll talk a little bit about actually placing ...…
-Andy says the only thing that can save us is fixing the corporate tax problem. The real tax money comes from employees paying personal income taxes, not from the corporations. Bringing jobs back to the US will boost personal income tax revenue.-You don’t own your property, because a county can take back the rights to your property if you don’t ...…
Back in 1975, Mitch Russo was an electrical engineer selling chips (not the ones that go great with fish). As the “TimeSlips Corp” founder and COO with over 300 staff, he knows a thing or two about running a business well. A successful VC advisor and CEO of, Mitch Russo is a now an in demand and vastly experienced business coach ...…
On today's episode Joel and Dennis discuss low liquidity and cancelled orders in after-hours trading, react to the mixed jobs number, and discuss movement in DGLY and TSLA. We also discuss options trading in the banks and S&P futures with Nic Chahine, and Ivan Feinseth gives us his take on GRMN, TSLA, T-TWX, and more. Featured guests:Nic Chahin ...…
Commodity Research Group (CRG) is an independent research consultancy specializing in base and precious metals, as well energy products. The Group provides research and general price analysis for these markets, along with advice to companies seeking to construct hedging strategies. In this podcast, oil market experts Andrew Lebow and Jim Colbur ...…
Commodity Research Group (CRG) is an independent research consultancy specializing in base and precious metals, as well energy products. The Group provides research and general price analysis for these markets, along with advice to companies seeking to construct hedging strategies. In this podcast, oil market experts Andrew Lebow and Jim Colbur ...…
Published on 11 Jan 2017. For the great, Anthony Saliba, his initial 13-years in the field were spent as a market maker on the CBOE floor, where he made approximately $9,000,000 before 30 years old (and that was during the 80’s). At which point, he was one of the traders featured in Jack Schwager’s first Market Wizards’ book. Since then, Anthon ...…
Power Trading Radio - A Trader's Perspective on Investing in Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options Podcast
Eric and Larry talk about the new Professional Options Trader class coming out soon, and Larry Introduces the new Online Trading academy website; where listeners get get free videos and articles designed to education them on their financial future.
Today Brian covers a skip-strike butterfly, which you can find on page 109 of The Options Playbook. This is always available on, in on the Amazon Kindle edition. Specifically: What are the right circumstances for trading a skip-strike butterfly? A bad news event in GOOGL creates an interesting situation for options traders W ...…
Anastasia was destined to be an options trader since she was a little kid: she loved finishing at the top of the leader board during elementary school games and came up with her own brute-force approach multiplication tables. She then had her first shift, joining McKinsey and 18 months later found herself at a crossroads: Get her MBA or commit ...…
Trading Block: Wall St. boosted by tech stocks, rebound in oil prices; Bitcoin Tumbles to Lowest Level in More Than a Week Odd Block: Put buying in Darden Restaurants (DRI), put spreads trading in iShares MSCI Taiwan Index (EWT) and puts trading in Iridium Communications (IRDM) Mail Block: Options Question of the Week 1 Everyone is talking abou ...…
Sarah: Hi everybody, this is Sarah Potter here for the SCT podcast, we are at episode 31 and I have TJ here. TJ: Good morning Sarah: And today we are going to talk about Theta, all about time and the option and how that influences it, how do we use that to our advantage and what are some things we can look for when we are trading. So, to start ...…
Options Drills: What is a calendar? How do we set them up for earnings? Strike/Month selection? Should we carry them through the event? When do we take off? Calendars vs. Diagonals? Mail Call: Fall in recruits and get your questions asked. With $VIX giving up the ghost - which products are you hoping will provide new sources of #Volatility for ...…
Topics this week include: E-Minis Rates - Question from Allan German - What happened in rates options this week with the Fed? Crude Futures Options Feedback: Polls, questions, answers, and more! With $VIX giving up the ghost - which products are you hoping will provide new sources of #Volatility for your #options trading? 33% - Crude Oil (WTI, ...…
Volatility Review with special guest co-host Mike Thompson from Typhon Capital Management. Weird Nasdaq selloff that started during last show continues. Amazon looks to buy Whole Foods. VIX Cash - 10.90, VVIX - 89.95, slightly higher than last week. CBOE Skew Index - 134.12, nearly 10 points higher than 2 weeks ago. VIX Futures - Front month: . ...…
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