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YSDC: Horror on the Orient Express
Intrepid Investigators of the Jazz Age battle against a great evil as they travel across Europe in luxury & style, in this roleplaying rendition of Lovecraftian locomotive adventure. Recorded in 3D Surround Sound.
The Journey - Sermons (audio)
At The Journey, Jesus is the heartbeat of everything we do. He's what makes us go, who we live for, the person that we orient our lives around. We want our church to embody his love for each other and our city. While the doctrines that express our faith in him aren't everything, they help give shape to our faith.
The Journey - Everything (Audio)
At The Journey, Jesus is the heartbeat of everything we do. He's what makes us go, who we live for, the person that we orient our lives around. We want our church to embody his love for each other and our city. While the doctrines that express our faith in him aren't everything, they help give shape to our faith.
The Journey - Sermons (audio)
At The Journey, Jesus is the heartbeat of everything we do. He's what makes us go, who we live for, the person that we orient our lives around. We want our church to embody his love for each other and our city. While the doctrines that express our faith in him aren't everything, they help give shape to our faith.
Cast of Cthulhu
The year is 1923 and five strangers are about to find themselves thrust into the macabre and dangerous world of the Cthulhu Mythos... Well, they would If they stopped giggling. Welcome to 'THE CAST OF CTHULHU' a real-time Call of Cthulhu adventure that pits 5 new(ish) players against the worst the mythos has to offer. Listen as GM and host Jimmy the Pint guides our fearless (and often witless) team through Chaosium's masterpiece 'HORROR ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS'. Often silly, occasionally distu ...
Community Church Big BearCommunity Church Big Bear
Here at Community Church our teaching is practical, biblical, and application oriented. We are committed to creating a faith community where people that are struggling are embraced as warmly, and as enthusiastically, as people that are thriving. Everyone is encouraged to find their place in ministry, as a personal expression of worship, and as a way of experiencing God’s purpose for their lives.
The Talk Show With Ameer Abbas
media as an anchor. The people of Jhang admire and love him a lot the way he loves the city of his ancestors. Career Ameer Abbas is a Pakistani televisionjournalist and anchor who worked for News One. He has served country�s leading news channel Dunya News as a news anchor from May 2010-October2010. Later he joined another famous news channel of the country Express News in October 2010. He covered major breaking news stories across the countryfrom Data Darbar bomb blast, Abbottabad Usama ope ...
Living Consciously TV
To bring a higher level of personal consciousness into the world by discussing and demonstrating what consciousness looks like and feels like when people show up aligned with their Truth (what they see and feel) and express it in their moments of truth. Our show is designed to experientially demonstrate what is possible when a team of consciously oriented professionals from various areas of life are connected to their truth and then to each other in a dance of consciousness and personal power.
Sean on the Rocks
“Sean on the Rocks” is a growing local podcast which is recorded weekly. Subject matter includes current events, entertainment, music and relationships. Sean gives his insight, opinion and take on all subjects with a twist – from the stand point of a gay male in a straight-oriented world. From enthusiastic expressions to pun-intended punch lines,he keeps listeners laughing and wanting more. Keeping the podcasts light and enjoyable yet having that edge of being unscripted and uncensored as we ...
Bellydance by Yvonne
Yvonne has been studying Middle Eastern Performing Arts since 1998; her main area of study has been in Traditional Egyptian and Oriental Style as well as some Folkloric. She has taken many workshops over the years with such well known dancers and choreographers as Mahmoud Reda (the legendary pioneer of Egyptian dance theater), Raqui Hassen, Dina of Egypt, Hadia and Aziza of Canada, Nourhan Sharif, Yousry Sharif, and Jillina just to mention a few. Yvonne currently studies under Virginia of Mi ...
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Drinks! Sara’s drink Leinenkugel Berry Weiss Derek’s drink Kilchoman Scotch Sara’s 2 reddit picks: Harassment at the desk by user goldminegutted1 Digital keys should work on ALL doors, right? by user bunnyrut Derek’s 2 reddit picks: Guests with a victim complex by user GettingW0rried No, we are not refunding you for your hooker! by user hurrica ...…
The Film Find- The Greatest Movie Podcast....EVER*
We missed a week but we are back with a MASSIVE episode for your Turkey Day festivities. This episode we bring some holiday fun with DADDY'S HOME 2, then delve into the mystery of MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS and wrap it all up with DC's first big Team film- JUSTICE LEAGUE. But first- we've got a HUGE What've You Been Watching segment for you t ...…
It's the Pictures
With The Florida Project, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and Lady Bird all in theaters, John and Max take some time to discuss the films of A24 and how the studio went from nothing to Best Picture in just four years. They're also discussing Get Out Golden Globe drama (literally), Criterion news, the trailer for Spielberg's The Post, Murder on th ...…
It's our 2nd comic book behemoth review in as many weeks here at We Like Movies and the overwhelming fatigue has certainly crept into our collective unconscious. We struggle valiantly to remain constructive as opposed to outright dismissive about the inevitable JUSTICE LEAGUE fiasco on this week's episode. We fail just as often as we succeed- c ...…
Jack and Arun revisit Stephen Daldry’s the reader, based on the book that Oprah turned into a bestseller (I mean she can LITERALLY do that to books). We delve into the film headfirst, so tune in to see if we make it out with our wits intact...There’s the usual filmy nonsense this week but oddly a lot of current releases are on the plate: Good T ...…
We get down to business with Murder on the Orient Express this week. What kind of enjoyments do we get from this star-studded cast? And does anyone out-act Branagh's moustache? Bob mini reviews Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and The Good Wife season 7. Logan mini reviews Justice League. In weekend picks, Logan talks about Godless. Bob mention ...…
On episode 12, Andrew talks about uncovering his lost Zune and finding his original episode 1 playlist for the Puhr Report radio show. He also shares a quick review of Murder on the Orient Express and the unfortunate news affecting the CW. Help support us by becoming a Patron! Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Podbean! Get us on Stitcher! Like ...…
This week on Scene Invaders, Dan and Bill both binge The Sinner. We also update you on Star Wars: Battlefront II and The Punisher. In the news, Rian Johnson signs on for 3 more Star Wars movies, we break down Deadpool 2 and The Incredibles 2 teaser trailers, and discuss the newly announced Lord of the Rings TV show. Lastly, we talk about True D ...…
Join Grayson and Nick as we look at two co-dads who must learn how to deal with their fathers who come to visit while still balancing two families together in Daddy’s Home 2 and a heinous crime committed high up in the mountains on a fateful train ride in Murder on the Orient Express. Please follow the show @lovecinemapod on Twitter, check out ...…
Hello movie fans. Apologies for the week off. In this weeks episode, Oliver and Matt come to you having recorded from the same place! That's right, a 'live' recording this week, so your 6RowsBack episode is jam packed with great stuff!! We review the DCEU film "Justice League." We discuss "Murder on the Orient Express" AND we talk about a thoug ...…
It’s that special time of year… the holidays. Sometimes we’re happy, sometimes we’re stressed, but we can always count on movies and TV to take us away from it all or put a little joy in our hearts. We love this quote from the movie “Miracle on 34th Street” where Kris Kringle says, “Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind and that’s wh ...…
the Three Friends go Criterion
In this episode we test our patience with four hours worth of BATMAN & ROBIN adventure serials from 1949. We also talk about Kenneth Branagh's MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS, Brandon's late to the party with VALERIAN and we #meetCalvin in the Jake Gyllenhaal Horror/Sci-Fi film LIFE. ALSO FEATURED: the most detailed explanation of how to smoke sal ...…
Cinema Geekly Podcast
This week Anthony Lewis and Glenn Boisvert are talking about the trailer for RAMPAGE, Rian Johnson’s new Star Wars franchise, Disney’s streaming service, Fantastic Beasts 2 gets a title and a cast photo, plus review for Murder On The Orient Express AND JUSTICE LEAGUE! Pick up a Fandango Gift Card for the movie lover in you life by clicking this ...…
Married with Mouse Ears: A Disney & Pop Culture Podcast
On this episode of Married with Mouse Ears, Michael & Zara give a deep dive on all the news and updates surrounding Disney World, Disneyland, and the Disney universe. Then we talk about seeing THREE movies this week (Murder on the Orient Express, Wonder, and Justice League (53:00).
Macintosh & Maud Haven't Seen What?!
Macintosh thought Maud was going to be mad as hell at him for thinking Network was one of the greatest movies of all time. It was poised to sweep the Oscars in 1977, but lost out on best picture and best direction to Rocky. If you ask us, though, this movie only gets saved by the writing and some still-amazing performances, like Peter Finch's w ...…
Donny's away!!! Darrell fights con crud!!! Jim battled a storm!!!! that doesn't stop the gang from bringing you the latest in the pervert report,news, e-mails and what we've watchedRyan Seacrest, Jeffery Tambor, Get Out/Golden Globe controversy, David Cassidy, Ann Wedgeworth, SWAT, Nashville canceled, Carmen Ejogo, Black Lightning premiere date ...…
Kyle confuses actors and Lincoln makes sure Daisy Ridley is never a guest of the podcast as we try and solve this mystery. (28:47) Listen here!By (WeJustWatched).
Adam & Larry review Murder On The Orient Express, and welcome downtown Carmel Art Gallery owner Evan Lurie...Evan has many stories of his time working in Hollywood
Dan Cheely – Relevant Radio
Andrae Goodnight- How the star of “Tolton: From Slave to Priest” found the Catholic Church Heroes- Bing Crosby Movie Talk- Murder On The Orient Express (2017) The post The Dan Cheely Show for November 18, 2017 appeared first on Relevant Radio.
Watch. Review. Repeat.
Welcome to Watch. Review. Repeat. This is the podcast where two best friends discuss the latest in film and television and then do it all over again the following week! Climb aboard with Colton and Andrew as they catch a ride on Kenneth Branagh's 2017 adaptation of 'Murder on the Orient Express'! 00:00:00 - Intro 00:01:15 - Latest Sexual Harass ...…
This week The Admiral and Eric get together in a video store near you to discuss Murder On The Orient Express, The new Star Wars trilogy, and much more.
Reviews (1:35): Murder on the Orient Express; Paddington 2 Trending Topic (18:08): What's with all the Sexual Harrassment in Hollywood? Main Segment (44:23): Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
Subscribe! us and get the shows early here! the Audio on iTunes, Soundcloud, and GooglePlayFollow us on Twitter!Aaron - - - - ...…
RMPodcast: The Official Red Moon Productions Podcast
Welcome to the RMPodcast! Reviews: Murder on the Orient Express (@ 8:39) Happy Death Day (@ 32:49) Movie Pass alert! Keith has finally received his card, and it works! With that, comes the chance at seeing more films, which equates to more reviews and discussions. This week we bring you Murder On The Orient Express, as we are joined once again ...…
Please Note: Due to time constraints with recording, this is a shorter episode.With Justice League out this week, we break down our thoughts on both the new film’s perceived reception and the gritty debut of Michael Keaton as the dark knight in Tim Burton’s 1989 Classic - Batman!00:04:05 - What We’ve Been Up ToAlejandro: “Murder on the Orient E ...…
Say Something Nice Podcast - Film, TV, and Music News & Discussion
We live in a time of great turmoil in the entertainment business arena. AT&T has already been trying to buy Time Warner, and now Disney, hungry for streaming content, wants to buy much of what’s left of 21st Century Fox. Now, granted, this would mean that Marvel Studios could get the film rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four back, but wha ...…
Say Something Nice Podcast – Film, TV & Music News, Reviews, and Discussion
We live in a time of great turmoil in the entertainment business arena. AT&T has already been trying to buy Time Warner, and now Disney, hungry for streaming content, wants to buy much of what’s left of 21st Century Fox. Now, granted, this would mean that Marvel Studios could get the film rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four back, but wha ...…
With this large a cast of suspects, we bring on TWO special guests to discuss Kenneth Branagh's latest iteration of Agatha Christie's famous mystery novel, Murder on the Orient Express. *SPOILERS*
We Are Entertained
Richard is sorely missed this week as Chris talks about the latest book from Andy Weir, Artemis. Matt Finally finishes Stranger Things Season 2. We finish off talking about Murder on the Orient Express. Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Email us at Support us on Patreon…
The lovely Connie is back and she reads Dave's dating futere in the Tarot cards. Not a lot of surprises there although there is word of a mysterious dark haired lady in his future but not immediate future. Joren tells Dave that he will be the modern day Cyrano de Bergerac and guide him into his future lady love after the horrible Year of the Ro ...…
Remakes and sequels have taken over local theaters. But can they stand up to Thor? Ryan from checks in with a look at Murder on the Orient Express Daddy's Home 2 and Hello Again.
We’ve had our share of remakes over the past couple years, but there haven’t been too many adaptations. We’ll take what we can get in that category, even if it has to be an adaptation and a remake (no matter if Kenneth Branagh sees it that way or not). This episode’s main event is Murder on the Orient Express, a movie that Josh might have actua ...…
This week: NHL talk including trades, scheduling, injuries, and more. Plus an all-new Rushmore game for The Movement to get in on, our first voicedump, your tweets, a Survivor Series preview, and more.By (IHOP).
This week on Meet me at the Movies, @noeltmanning & Greg Tillman tackle some of the toughest names to pronounce in Hollywood and they review “Murder on the Orient Express” @wgwgradio
This​ ​week,​ ​Aaron​ ​joins​ ​some​ ​of​ ​his​ ​family​ ​from​ ​Iowa​ ​to​ ​review​ ​Kenneth​ ​Branagh’s​ ​​Murder on the Orient Express.​ ​Episode​ ​6​ ​comes​ ​at​ ​you​ ​in​ ​stereo​ ​with​ ​three​ ​guest​ ​hosts​ ​all​ ​discussing​ ​our​ ​thoughts on​ ​moustaches,​ ​precariously​ ​tottering​ ​trains,​ ​and​ ​egg​ ​symmetry.**************** ...…
The guys take a ride on Murder On The Orient Express. A remake by Kenneth Branagh with a superstar cast. Spoilers... someone is murdered.
This is the first of two amazing interviews featuring the topic of Digital Health and its integration into healthcare delivery at Providence St. Joseph Health. In this first interview, Sara Vaezy describes, in no uncertain terms, the ‘Existential Imperative’ that makes digital health an absolute requirement and a critical success factor for any ...…
Information Morning Saint John from CBC Radio New Brunswick (Highlights)
In this episode of SMAS, we put on our detective hats and pull out the giant magnifying glass to review Murder on the Orient Express. Time Stamp below for spoiler sections. Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for watching!TIME STAMPSIntro and what we are watching 0:00News - New Star Wars Trilogy, Sexual Harassment, Dark Universe, Disney buyin ...…
Daddy's Home 2 - Hard Pass - Rotten Tomatoes - IMDB - Metacritic Murder on the Orient Express - Recommended - Rotten Tomatoes - IMDB - Metacritic Follow Us on Twitter! | Hero Cafe | Sam | Kam | Say Hi to Us on Reddit!
Transcript: Well, welcome to Gender, Sexuality, and the Gospel. We don't have a lot of time, so what I'm going to do is, your notes that you have, I don't know exactly ... I think I know what's in your notes. I don't know if everything's in there that I have or not, but that ... actually, I'll grab one over here. Thank you. The material that yo ...…
Transcript: We're talking about pillar model. Pillar model is one location, one service, the entire church can gather at one time. You could put this up as Nine Marks. This is Nine Marks model of church. Gallery is multiple services in one location, so different rooms, usually through video. Franchise is different locations with typically video ...…
250- SHIRA'S BIRTHDAY! Murder on the Orient Express! Killing of a Sacred Deer! And More!: SUBSCRIBE YOU FOOLS!By (Long and Late).
Transcript: A little over seven years ago, God moved me, my wife Melissa, my daughter Beth who is 14 years old, and our two cats who are about the same age, from Southern California to Northern Ohio. I was on a staff at a large church at the time and it seemed like God was opening a ministry door for us in a place that I had actually traveled t ...…
Welcome to a special edition of The Finding Your Forte Show and Power Lunch Hour with Host Reggie Hammond. Topic: Going For the Goal! Tune in as Reggie joins Erin White, Host of her new podcast " Going for the Goal." Tune in to hear more about Reggie's work with professionals seeking to find purpose in their careers, businesses and in their per ...…
KCCK's Talking Pictures
Murder on the Orient Express with Hollis Monroe, Denny Lynch and Scott Chrisman. The post Talking Pictures 11-15-17 appeared first on Jazz 88.3 KCCK.
Simon Morris looks at the latest star-studded version of the old Agatha Christie war-horse Murder on the Orient Express, the social media satire Ingrid Goes West, and a story about real-life fire-fighters – Only The Brave.
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