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Flâneur and irrepressible commentator, Rick Edwards, and Editor-at-Large of the New Scientist, Dr. Michael Brooks, delve into the science behind popular culture.
Another informative podcast by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS).
Examining objective truths through the scope of current events and the social climate from a Christian conservative point of view.
The Hound Tall discussion series is a live podcast, hosted by Moshe Kasher, that takes a single topic and figures out the mysteries of the universe. An hour long chat with an expert and a panel of comedians, they learn all there is to know about things. And also laugh at them.
Ash Backwards
A free form podcast about relevant sports topics
Podcast Mosh
The world's greatest thrash metal band converses about music, video games, and whatever else they feel like in the greatest podcast known to man. In the history of all podcasts. Ever.
The Short Stories of H. P. Lovecraft, narrated by Adam G. Linder. Produced by Bespoken Podcasting.
Josh and a Lady
Host Writer Actor Ha Ha
Wizard of OHS
Discussing the world of occupational health and safety – in podcast form! Our show will have guests discussing various topics, including safety around the world, technology we use, and various hazards.
Neal Brennan (Chappelle's Show), and Moshe Kasher (Chelsea Lately) welcome a different (black) guest every week to the podcast to discuss stupid things in a stupid way.
Talking Points Memo editor and publisher Josh Marshall provides insight into the big political stories of the day. Joined by TPM staffers and special guests, the Josh Marshall Podcast is your companion for making sense of the Trump era.
Listen back to the very best moments of the Josh Widdicombe show including the live shows from the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014 and 2015.
Pengar och Politik
Du vill ha bättre koll när du lyssnar på ekonominyheterna. Du vill ha argument och kött på benen i debatten. Lyssna när Jenny Lindahl och Sandro Scocco snackar om gränslandet mellan ekonomi och politik, ibland med gäster, i Arena Idés ekonomipodd.
The STRONG Life Podcast with Zach Even - Esh is ALL about how to Live a STRONG Life, be it in the gym, your business / career and anywhere else you take yourself. In layman's terms, this show is a how to kick a** and take names podcast. Each episode covers topics such as strength & conditioning, getting jacked, success as an entrepreneur, success in your career and conquering ALL obstacles in life that dare to stand in your way. If you want to live life on YOUR terms while crushing your trai ...
Join Andy and Felicity as they obsess about people throwing and hitting a cricket ball around because whatever happens that’s way preferable than thinking about the actual world right now.
Dilan och Moa
En podcast av och med frisurarna Dilan Apak och Moa Lundqvist. Det handlar om astrologi, ångest och allt däremellan. Det kan låta snävt MEN DET ÄR DET INTE!!!
Markus och Malcom
Podcast by Markus och Malcom
Welcome to Poly-ish Movie Reviews, where I watch the crap so you don't have to! I watch a lot of movies. Some of those movies are great. But a lot of them are crap. I'm here to help you sort out which is which, so that you don't have to waste your time on bad cinema, unless that's your thing. No judgement - I like a lot of terrible movies. I'm just saying that, as we polys know, love may be infinite, but time is not. Let me help you manage that increasingly rare and precious time of yours by ...
Ashes Ashes
Ashes Ashes is a podcast about the end of the world. Each week we explore a new systemic or apocalyptic issue that society is facing now or will have to deal with in the coming decades. Through this we hope to draw the listener to the conclusion that our overarching economic and political systems are inherently flawed. Once that fact is accepted, it's that much easier to do something about it. Find episodes, full transcripts, links, and more at
A podcast about junk food and fast food.
The Josh Tolley Show
Listen back to the very best moments of the Josh Widdicombe show including the live shows from the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014 and 2015.
Fairly Normal With Josh Wolf: A brand new podcast from Josh Wolf and All Things Comedy.
Ash, Kip & Luttsy
The Ash, Kip and Luttsy show with Susie O’Neill is Brisbane’s most listened to breakfast radio show. The fact they are good friends is what gives their show its signature relaxed and authentic style. Their good-natured banter, hilarious stitch-ups, and ridiculous stories makes them a favourite throughout South East Queensland with listeners staying tuned in, is similar to hanging out with good mates. The Nova 106.9 breakfast show prides itself on keeping it relevant and real for their listen ...
Known for his enthusiastic outlook, energetic character, and engaging personality, Rabbi Josh Broide has attracted thousands of listeners throughout the United States and the world with his Jewish Pride Radio Show. Josh offers his unique take on the day's topics with comedy and satire and has built a place where people can come to find and discover Jewish Pride. The daily 30-minute talk show also features Broide taking listener calls, as well as interviewing high-profile special guests. His ...
*Two former NFL players, Jason Bell & Osi Umenyiora, doing time in London, England. No script, format or clock, just two guys on their lives in and out of the game, now and then. *Shooting Shark Productions 2018
Människor och Migration är podcasten som tar sig an migration ur ett statsvetenskapligt och juridiskt perspektiv. I podcasten kommer Arena Idés utredningschef Lisa Pelling och asylrättsjuristen Ignacio Vita att prata om migration och de människor som rör sig över gränser.
On She Goes
On She Goes; a travel platform made for women of color, by women of color; brings to you, On She Goes the Podcast. The On She Goes team members discuss a range of topics from, Traveling while Black, The Great Outdoors, Volunteer/Do-Gooder Travel, Solo Travel, Road Trips, Ancestry, etc.
The best of Josh Cohen & The HomeTeam (Weekdays 10AM-12 PM) on ESPN 106.3.
I Krig och Fred
En podcast om säkerhetspolitik och krisberedskap
Josh Marshall is the Editor and Publisher of TPM and host of The Josh Marshall show podcast. The show is mainly about politics, except when it’s not. History, culture and science too.
The Josh Wade Show features guest from all walks of life, engaging in a conversation about the world's current state of affairs. The show covers many topics, including Religion, Spirituality, Politics and Psychology.
Hästpodden – den nya podden för hästälskaren. Hästpodden leds av artisten och hästtjejen Vanessa Falk ihop med Anna Wallberg, diplomerad C-tränare, aktiv tävlingsryttare i dressyr och sedan 2007 tränare av svenska kända profiler inför Stjärnornas hoppning. Anna är även Vanessas tränare. I Hästpodden får ni följa Anna och Vanessa när de pratar vitt och brett om hästar på längden och tvären. Det blir personliga samtal och även en och annan intressant gäst.
"YOU have the POWER to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!" Queen Mother Imakhu, author, priestess, popular host/producer of her radio & TV show "Ashe!" brings motivation and self-empowerment tips to BlogTalk Radio. Incorporating life experiences, African metaphysical principles, especially Kemetic (ancient Egyptian), Imakhu motivates people around the world. Imakhu has survived domestic violence, epilepsy and severe asthma challenges. She is also an independent artist who, as her own booking agent, understan ...
Gosh Darn Fiasco
Angela M. Webber (The Doubleclicks), RIchard Malena-Webber (Atomic Game Theory), and their friends from the world of gaming and comedy sit down to play a game of Fiasco, and improvise a brand-new story full of conflict, hilarity and almost certain death. Live show info:
Josh Barnett Conquers The World is a weekly podcast featuring UFC heavyweight Josh Barnett. Get inside the mind of 'The Warmaster' and enjoy.
Josh Thomas is a comedian, writer and very generous lover. He has totally been on TV and shit.Tom Ward is his best friend. He's also a comedian but Josh is mostly just interested in his computer skills.
Ash and Ed
(SEASON 2) SECRET SKYPE CALLS: In 2012, Ash Williams lived in Los Angeles and Ed Kavalee lived in Australia. They would talk to each other regularly on Skype where Ash would tell Ed about the crazy jobs he was doing in order to pay his rent. Unbeknownst to Ash, Ed was recording these Skype calls. Enjoy the secret recordings.
Movie Nosh
Welcome to Movie Nosh with Mike and Josh, where each week we sink our teeth into a different movie feast!Movie reviews? Check.Movie news? Check.Games and challenges as ridiculous as a butterfly queefing in the eye of an innocent child? Double friggin check.Go on. Give us a listen. Embrace the queef.
Becoming Families who Live, Love, and Lead Well
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin?
The Hound Tall discussion series is a live podcast, hosted by Moshe Kasher, that takes a single topic and figures out the mysteries of the universe. An hour long chat with an expert and a panel of comedians, they learn all there is to know about things. And also laugh at them.
A quiz show where Josh Earl gets four funny guests to battle it out to discover who knows whom, who knows what because, well... who knows why. Created and hosted by Josh Earl
Just as it says on the tin this is a daily(ish) podcast from Chris Enns.
Hosted by dad, doctor, and career accumulator Dr Andrew Rochford, radio and tele pro and hilarious human Maz Compton, and editor and activewear enthusiast Eliza Cracknell, Healthy-ish is a podcast about balance, moderation, and common sense when it comes to the latest health and wellness news and advice.
Make photography your full time job, travel and live life to its fullest. The only podcast that reveals insider information into the minds of very successful photographers and their clients. Make more money, get bigger clients and learn to avoid the mistakes others have made. Fast track your success by learning from the best in the photography industry.
Lühr och Allsvenskan
Mathias Lühr intervjuar en allsvensk profil. Du får det senaste från Allsvenskan – varje vecka. Expressen Podcasts – finns där poddar finns. Ansvarig utgivare: Thomas Mattsson. AB Kvällstidningen Expressen.
A podcast from The Washington Post about the joys and conundrums of being single – everything from dating to traveling to making a life on your own. Host Lisa Bonos takes on these topics and more in conversations with experts – and sometimes friends – about being unmarried, but far from alone.
Podcast by The Josh Marshall Show
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Malaquias 2 Malaquias 2 1 Ahora, pues, oh sacerdotes, para vosotros es este mandamiento. 2 Si no oyereis, y si no decidís de corazón dar gloria a mi nombre, ha dicho Jehová de los ejércitos, enviaré maldición sobre vosotros, y maldeciré vuestras bendiciones; y aun las he maldecido, porque no os habéis decidido de corazón. 3 He aquí, yo os dañar ...…
Malaquias 1 Malaquias 1 1 Profecía de la palabra de Jehová contra Israel, por medio de Malaquías. 2 Yo os he amado, dice Jehová; y dijisteis: ¿En qué nos amaste? ¿No era Esaú hermano de Jacob? dice Jehová. Y amé a Jacob, 3 y a Esaú aborrecí, y convertí sus montes en desolación, y abandoné su heredad para los chacales del desierto. 4 Cuando Edom ...…
Romanos 15:7-21 Romanos 15:7-21 7 Por tanto, recibíos los unos a los otros, como también Cristo nos recibió, para gloria de Dios. 8 Pues os digo, que Cristo Jesús vino a ser siervo de la circuncisión para mostrar la verdad de Dios, para confirmar las promesas hechas a los padres, 9 y para que los gentiles glorifiquen a Dios por su misericordia, ...…
¡Bienvenidos una vez más al podcast para aprender español! En el episodio de hoy, os traigo material adecuado para seguir practicando la destreza auditiva. Todo esto que estáis haciendo, os ayudará en el futuro a entender mejor a los nativos cuando veáis una película, cuando escuchéis la radio o cuando os hablen directamente hablantes nativos. ...…
En los 2 anteriores episodios os he estado poniendo cuentos para que entrenéis vuestro oído con material sencillo. El de hoy es un artículo de opinión, aunque no os preocupéis, es también sencillo de entender. Al igual que en los anteriores episodios, os dejo la transcripción para que podáis entender cada cosa que se dice. EL CAMBIO ES POSIBLE ...…
Ever wonder why some people can drop the weight and keep it off? while others yo-yo back and forth or never achieve any weight loss whatsoever? Meet my client and now friend, Lori O. She started her weight loss journey at 197 lbs at only five foot four inches. She finally decided that ‘enough was enough’ after trying what she describes as ‘ever ...…
The news with TK. Get to know the Oshe.
Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show Many people desire to save the earth. Can we save the earth? What are we really saying when we talk about “saving the earth”? What is the earth? A planet in the vastness of the Universe or a conscious being? What is the impact of calling the earth mother? These are questions my guest, Julie O Perki ...…
Amy Ruedinger ( is a multi-media artist who is currently working in metals, specifically copper to create whimsical vessels and bowls. She inscribes onto these forms, uses old printmaking plates and adds details like bumps and horse hair to complete her forms.Amy is originally from Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, and has lived in the Nort ...…
In this program we will discuss:Overview of recordkeeping and reporting requirements under the OSH Act.Understanding the Improve Tracking Rule promulgated in 2016.Compliance schedule and new reporting website.Discussing special compliance considerations.What employers should do.
AIRED: Oct. 03, 2017In our season five premier we are joined by the wonderful Noah Sugarman (MountainUS/Water is Life Movement) and Prof. Kevin Pollock! In this week's news we discuss the Las Vegas shooting, parents leaving their kids at home for vacation, Osh Kosh Meth Busts, and MORE!Tune in to the show LIVE every TUESDAY at 6PM MST on Youtub ...…
Chris and Jerry continue the discussion on Uzbekistan talking in greater detail on mosques, mausoleums, markets, and what to do and see. A first time visit itinerary should be fourteen days to get the greatest overview of the country from Tashken to Khiva and it should be overland by private driver and guide or on an escorted tour preferably wi ...…
After a brief hiatus, WE'RE BACK! And we bring to you the next installment of CRITICAL SHIT! Listen in as Fancy Kerrigan delves deeper into a seedy mysterious world, and tries to make it in the big city of Osh Kosh. Laughs! Music! Discomfort! All these things and more await you, so jack in, and jack out!…
In this episode, Interview with NASA Langley Director Dr. David E. Bowles Interview with my Kids about their time and OSH and why its important to take kids to airshows. (possibly talk about the time with the kids around Boeing Plaza) Final Numbers from OSH Attendance: Approximately 590,000, an increase of five percent over 2016 Total aircraft: ...…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Thriving in the Gig EconomySubtitle: How to Capitalize and Compete in the New World of WorkAuthor: Marion McGovernNarrator: Teri SchnaubeltFormat: UnabridgedLength: 6 hrs and 13 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 08-01-17Publisher: Brilliance AudioRat ...…
Chewie Joins the boys once again on his tomato can with a string (AKA his Metro Piece O Sh%t celphone) to add a great deal of levity to the show. In this edition we discuss Comicon 2017, the D23 highlights, Quentin Tarantinos next movie, but mostly we just BS about everyone's favorite show Game Of Thrones. We hope you enjoy this podcast as much ...…
Juan 6:60-71 60Al oírlas, muchos de sus discípulos dijeron: Dura es esta palabra; ¿quién la puede oír? 61Sabiendo Jesús en sí mismo que sus discípulos murmuraban de esto, les dijo: ¿Esto os ofende? 62¿Pues qué, si viereis al Hijo del Hombre subir adonde estaba primero? 63El espíritu es el que da vida; la carne para nada aprovecha; las palabras ...…
In this program we will discuss:Background on Process to Contest a CitationFacts in recent US Court of Appeals caseWhat the Review Commission and US Appellate Court saidPetitioning federal courts for review of OSH Review Commission decisions What employers should do
We chatted with Aurora Glory about her life & experiences as a blogger/sex toy reviewer / borderline kinkster. We came across her blog on Twitter, and immediately felt connected to the sex positive vibe she expressed about her own sexual journey... mishaps & all. :o) She's such a real person. Super approachable & raw, and we felt totally at eas ...…
'Nehmad' means 'nice' or 'lovely', but often 'nice' is just not enough for what we want to say. How do we give it a boost to emphasize what we really mean? We can also say 'nehmad,' but in fact mean the opposite! And what do we say about a waiter who is 'too nice'? Guy gives us the nuances of 'nehmad' in this week's episode. Looking to support ...…
Every once in a while, the ghost of Bad Turbp rears it's boring head and we end up with an episode like "Andros and the Stowaway." Jake and Josh tried their best, but somedays you get the bear, and other days the bear gets you. This episode was a bear, and it got them BAD. Between groans, they managed to find some time to talk about Green Acres ...…
Juan 3:1-15 Había un hombre de los fariseos que se llamaba Nicodemo, un principal entre los judíos. Este vino a Jesús de noche, y le dijo: Rabí, sabemos que has venido de Dios como maestro; porque nadie puede hacer estas señales que tú haces, si no está Dios con él. Respondió Jesús y le dijo: De cierto, de cierto te digo, que el que no naciere ...…
osh Haynam is co-founder at Interact where they are dedicated to creating highly effective quiz templates that convert. He's tapping into a market that's growing fast. How many quizzes have you filled out for "fun" or curiosity in the last few months? And did you share the quiz with friends or post the results? 10% of people share them - that's ...…
#SelectTape by Kool Style Playlist : 01 - Intro 02 - DJ Derezon ft. Leftside - Drop It 03 - Sean Paul - Lock N Key 04 - Beenie Man - In My Room 05 - Beenie Man - King Of The Dancehall 06 - HSM Gang - Vay 07 - Mr Vegas - So High 08 - Chinee Queen - Pumpum Addiction 09 - Vybz Kartel - Highest Level 10 - Jason Derulo & Leftside - Swalla 11 - Sean ...…
Intro Hi and welcome to Books Between - a podcast for teachers, parents, librarians, and anyone who wants to connect middle grade kids between 8-12 to books they’ll love. I’m your host, Corrina Allen - a mom of an 8 and 10 year old, a teacher to eighteen 11 year olds, and we are all in the home stretch for summer vacation. It’s almost here. And ...…
The Thinkergirls are Stacey June and Kristie Mercer and they talk all the things chicks are thinking but not saying weekly on Thinkergirl: The Podcast! Joined this week by sexual wellbeing expert Tara O, she chats about women owning and exploring their sexuality for themselves! Stace has a new man & is starting with a clean emotional & sexual s ...…
The Thinkergirls are Stacey June and Kristie Mercer and they talk all the things chicks are thinking but not saying weekly on Thinkergirl: The Podcast! Joined this week by sexual wellbeing expert Tara O, she chats about women owning and exploring their sexuality for themselves! Stace has a new man & is starting with a clean emotional & sexual s ...…
¡Muy buenos días! Bienvenidas y bienvenidos a PractiSpanish News, el podcast donde repasamos las noticias del día en un español accesible para estudiantes y practicantes de español. LOS TITULARES DE HOY: Pedro Sánchez vuelve a ser el secretario general del PSOE. El socialista gana las primarias con más de la mitad de los votos http://politica.e ...…
In this program we will discuss:OSH Act Criminal ViolationsRecent Criminal ProsecutionsDOL/DOJ Worker Endangerment InitiativeCriminal Enforcement Related To Workplace SafetyWhat Employers Should Do
The Hebrew word “sagur” means closed, but is also ever useful in making deals and plans, even satisfying your hunger. Today Guy explains this word and its artful expressions about closing, finalizing, and wrapping things up. Looking to support the show? Learn how on Patreon. Words and expressions discussed: Lisgor – To close – לסגור Lisgor dele ...…
Juan 16: 33 April 4-17-1733 Estas cosas os he hablado para que en mí tengáis paz. En el mundo tendréis aflicción; pero confiad, yo he vencido al mundo.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrives in Russia for some tough talks over their support for Syria. China says it will work with the US to end North Korea’s nuclear program, but stresses a peaceful solution. More controversy with United Airlines today after its CEO tries to apologize, and a new study suggests driving slower isn’t necessarily ...…
This week one of our NCAA Bracket Challenge winners drops by to gloat! We have Todd Munson (The Big Red Fury) in studio to talk The Final Four, The Walking Dead, and shopping at OSH!
In 1976, the town of Franklin, Wisconsin was a small suburb of Milwaukee with a population of about 15,000. It was also the new home of the Zera family, who had decided to move away from urban Milwaukee to the more rural Franklin the year before. John and Janice Zera had three sons: Mark who was 15, Johnny who was 14, and Phil who was 13. The t ...…
Matt spent 15 years working in the corporate world with the most iconic brands on the planet including Under Armour, Carter’s/Osh Kosh, and even had an internship with NBA champions, the San Antonio Spurs. Today Matt is the founder of LifeStory Coaching & Development, LLC where he works with a variety of clients from work-at-home moms to NBA ex ...…
Juan 16: 33 March 13, 2017. Estas cosas os he hablado para que en mí tengáis paz. En el mundo tendréis aflicción; pero confiad, yo he vencido al mundo.
Wikileaks dumps documents revealing CIA hacking tools used to break into products you use, every day. Today is “A Day Without a Woman”, a silent strike is planned to recognize the importance of women in society. It’s light out for the Statue of Liberty, but what was actually behind the power outage? A new study confirms Americans are having les ...…
Deuteronomio 31: 5-6. February 27, 2017.5 Y los entregará Jehová delante de vosotros, y haréis con ellos conforme a todo lo que os he mandado. 6 Esforzaos y cobrad ánimo; no temáis, ni tengáis miedo de ellos, porque Jehová tu Dios es el que va contigo; no te dejará, ni te desamparará.
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