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In Our Time
Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the history of ideas
From Altruism to Wittgenstein, philosophers, theories and key themes.
Historical themes, events and key individuals from Akhenaten to Xenophon.
Scientific principles, theory, and the role of key figures in the advancement of science.
Popular culture, poetry, music and visual arts and the roles they play in our society.
Our Fake History
Historical Myths Relished and Ruined!
Insight, wit and analysis as BBC correspondents, journalists and writers take a closer look at the stories behind the headlines. Presented by Kate Adie and Pascale Harter.
Our Fair City
Our Fair City is a campy, post-apocalyptic audiodrama. Founded in 2011 with the help of some incredibly generous Kickstarter donors, Our Fair City has quickly become a notable entry in the audiodrama world. Produced by a staff of Chicago storefront theatre veterans, experienced sound designers, and science educators, Our Fair City has won awards and critical acclaim for its dynamic acting, incisive writing, and high level of production. Led by creator Clayton Faits and executive producer Jef ...
Discussion of religious movements and the theories and individuals behind them.
The Institute of Art and Ideas is committed to placing philosophy and big ideas at the heart of public life -- building philosophy for our times. Described by Total Politics as "Europe's answer to TED", the IAI hosts the world’s largest philosophy and music festival, HowTheLightGetsIn and curates hundreds of debates and talks a year with the world’s leading thinkers. For over 1000 free debates and talks, subscribe and review our podcast episodes on SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher.
It's the history of our world from the Big Bang to the Modern Age! Well...eventually at least. Every episode has FINALLY been remastered, touched up, and had the numbering fixed. TPHOOW is back in action!
Mike Falzone and CoffeeGirl host a super successful podcast from the carpeted floor of their rent controlled apartment.
Fr. Larry Richards is the founder and president of The Reason for our Hope Foundation, a non- profit organization dedicated to "spreading the Good News" by educating others about Jesus Christ. His new homilies are posted each week.
Cults of Our Lives
Every week, Halle and Stasie delve into the sometimes dangerous, always bizarre world of cults.
To the Best of Our Knowledge cracks open the world and the ideas that fuel it through interviews with the world's luminaries, from experts to cultural icons. Each show revolves around a theme where we explore these ideas and the people who consider them.
William & Mary's rich history of educating leaders continues at the Center for Corporate Education (CCE) as we prepare today's leaders to tackle tough business challenges. Whether you are an established executive or an emerging professional, the CCE is committed to providing you with quality education that offers fresh ideas and new professional skills to give you and your organization a competitive advantage.
The story of technological progress is one of drama and intrigue, sudden insight and plain hard work. Let’s explore technology’s spectacular failures and many magnificent success stories.
Our Miss Brooks
Eve Arden played Our Miss Brooks the fun-loving radio show but was sometimes frazzled English teacher at Madison High School, Our Miss Brooks . Probably the most famous teacher ever on radio, Connie Brooks was a wonderful combination of sincere and smart, and Eve Arden played her perfectly. From the very beginning of the radio run in 1948, Our Miss Brooks became a favorite of women, high school kids and parents across the nation.
h-Our Last Podcast
#hOurLastPodcast is talk radio with focal pointz in TV, Current EventZ, Life, Strange FacZ & More Weird Non Sense " So stay tune FreakZ!Reminder: There is NO Age Restriction however it's rated M for Mature tho! - Android Userz? We're on, Stitcher! - iPhone Userz? We're on, TuneIn Radio!- Also on that YouTube @ MyDayVee!- And we got a Facebook Page, plus we are now on over 10 + mobile apps, YO!This Podcast was created using
Our Hen House
2015 AND 2013 OFFICIAL HONOREE OF THE WEBBY AWARDS! Join hostesses Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan on this unique and fun podcast that focuses on changing the world for animals. Jasmin and Mariann get to interview some of the grooviest, most insightful and inspiring activists and changemakers around. And, in addition to some idle chit-chat, insightful commentary, and a bit of gossip, they review new hot products, companies, and media. Tune in to get the vegan skinny. 912842
Our Place
Here is where you will find the show notes for each episode of Our Place.This Podcast will consist of sound seeing tours, technology reviews, in fact, anything of interest audibly that we can find.
Balls in Our Court
Discussions of Today's NBA, NFL and other sports. Random and goofy discussions as well, follow us on Twitter!
Game of Our Lives
Whether you call it football or soccer, you can’t understand it without understanding the modern world — and you can’t understand the modern world without understanding its most popular sport. Join host David Goldblatt for conversations about politics, culture, economics, immigration, religion, cinema — and of course, some all-time favorite goals.
Topical, controversial, and (hopefully) entertaining conversation about miniature war games, board games, and other topics near and dear to gamer's hearts.
Our Turn Podcast is made up of a group of women who are pulling out the chairs around the table and inviting everyone to sit down and join the game and the conversation. Gaming is a fun social hobby that invites conversation, interaction, and connection between people of diverse backgrounds and points of view. Sitting across the game table and engaging in an entertaining pastime can break down barriers and open up lines of communication. We plan to use this podcast to be a positive, inclusiv ...
Our Last Week
Podcast by Our Last Week
The guys at Wisecrack are HUGE fans of South Park, and in our dedicated South Park podcast we'll dive into the deeper meaning and philosophical underpinnings of each new episode. Join us, m'kay?
Insight, wit and analysis as BBC correspondents, journalists and writers take a closer look at the stories behind the headlines. Presented by Kate Adie on BBC Radio 4 and Pascale Harter on the BBC World Service. For a full list of programme broadcast times go to
A ten-part Thomas Davis lecture series marking the 90th anniversary of the end of the Great War, reflecting the experience of ordinary Irish people during the war and the effect this war had then and has now on Irish society.
Our Better Half podcast is an easily amused but thoughtful conversation with experts and interesting people around the world talking about sex over 50 hosted by Dr. Ashley Mader and Dr. Jane Fleishman. Visit for show notes and fun facts.
Our Debut Album
The podcast where two comedians have one hour to write a hit song, hosted by Dave Shumka and Graham Clark from Stop Podcasting Yourself.
OUR show is a radio show in Orlando, FL that broadcasts from Rollins College on WPRK 91.5FM Saturdays from 5-7pm playing all types of music with a focus on HIP HOP. Whether HOMEGROWN or Global, Unheard or Well known, if it is DOPE, it gets play on OUR show! | | |
Getting out in the field and the lab to bring you New Zealandstories about science, nature and the environment.
We’re called to create a better world, but what about the more immediate task of creating our own lives? Inspired by a quote of Thomas Merton, host Lily Percy asks people to think through how they shape their lives. And hopefully by listening, we learn how to create our own. Season 2: Humor as a Tool for Survival launches June 8th. On Being Studios is the producer of On Being, Becoming Wise, This Movie Changed Me, Creating Our Own Lives, and more to come. Cover art by © 2016 Julian Opie / Ar ...
Jeremy Bowen presents a personal history of the Middle East.
The weekly show where two Boston history buffs tell their favorite stories from Boston history.
Our Big Dumb Mouth
OBDM a weekly conspiracy, paranormal, news show. If you take Coast to Coast AM and mixed it with Howard Stern, you have OBDM. UFOs, Bigfoot and explicit content. If you listen to 3 episodes, you'll get it.
Our Strange Skies
On the Our Strange Skies podcast, we delve into the UFO events, incidents, and myths that contribute to the American identity in an attempt to figure out what they mean and what they say about ourselves. We do it with a splash of humor and a guest from time to time."Literally… when I think of it I envision, like, a box set of encyclopedias about aliens, and it's labeled 'Our Strange Skies.'" - Sam Fredrickson, Not Alone Podcast
Our Global Economy
Stories that provide depth and context to interrelated economic issues, including the best from PRI’s The World, The Takeaway, Living on Earth, and other popular programs.
Our Hen House
change the world for animals
Co-discussants Anna Holmes, Baratunde Thurston, Raquel Cepeda and Tanner Colby host a lively multiracial conversation about the ways we can’t talk, don’t talk, would rather not talk, but intermittently, fitfully, embarrassingly do talk about culture, identity, politics, power, and privilege in our pre-post-yet-still-very-racial America. This show is "About Race."
A former megachurch pastor leaves religion behind to rid himself of the exclusivity created by its dogmas in order to open himself up to learn from the lives, stories, and experiences of everyone else. To prove we are more alike than we think and we can all get along no matter what we believe. Topics range via guest's experiences growing up in religious homes, where Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Secularism, Judaism, Hinduism, Tao, Heathenism, Wicca and all forms of dogmas and ideologies pro ...
In this podcast, David and Amanda Taylor, marriage experts from Mend Our Marriage, provides marital coaching and advice! This podcast is for those who are interested in learning how to overcome relationship obstructions, love better, and secure a long lasting relationship. View it as your daily study time...listen to it on the way to work, at the gym, while you are surfing the web...etc. David Taylor is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Self-Help & Relationship Expert, and Business Consult ...
Sermons from Church of the King, located in McAllen Texas, A Non-denominational Evangelical Church, Our motto is "On to the future with the faith of our fathers!" By "fathers" we are referring to the historical church, the Reformers, and the Puritans. They believed God is sovereign.
Comedians Joe Fernandes & Mike Gaffneys weekly podcast with stories from the road and uneducated opinions on everything.
In Our Spare Time
A 45-minute podcast in which a panel of Oxford students and young researchers join hosts Aled Walker and Alice Harberd to discuss their academic and intellectual passions. Each episode will have a different theme, ranging from Marxism to Medieval Song, Cicero to Sondheim -- a tribute to the astonishing diversity of thought which takes place in Oxford.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham Black PROGRESSIVE URBAN ACTIVIST EMPOWERMENT Black Radio “Speaking Truth to Power and Ourselves”URBAN PROGRESSIVE TALK RADIOALTERNATIVE ACTIVIST EMPOWERMENT TALK RADIO“Transforming Truth to POWER, ONE Broadcast At A Time” XX//^\\XXXX//^\\XXOUR COMMON GROUND is talk radio that examines our world and nation, the socio-economic condition of our community and collective interests in the context race in HOPE and with COURAGE. XX//^\\XXXX//^\\XXXX//^\\XXXX//^\\ ...
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A new MP3 sermon from Armor Bible Church, PCA is now available on with the following details: Title: Christ, Our Peace Subtitle: To the Praise of His Grace Speaker: Jonathan W Hunt Broadcaster: Armor Bible Church, PCA Event: Sunday - PM Date: 5/20/2018 Bible: Ephesians 2:14-18 Length: 28 min.…
Today we talk on the success of Deadpool our hopes for Solo a Star Wars Story and Jordan Peeles next Project “The Hunt”
Rabbi Neil Lash teaches on Acts 1:4 and Acts 2:1-4 and explains to us the importance of the role of the Holy Spirit in our church culture and personal life.
Matt and Jeff travel to Marietta PA to enjoy a cold beer at Shank's Tavern and discuss the origins of our powerful federal government and how one President and one Supreme Court Justice started it all. Check out Shank's Tavern!
Uncle Brad makes another long-awaited return to judge our jokes about Abu Dhabi appointing a baby to a government position, a "poop train" in Alabama, and a man trying to prove he's alive. Music provided by Otis McDonald
Attention HellMart Shoppers! We have a brand new Mini-Episode just for you! This tells the tale of (not so) young love in the meat department of HelloMart. We are also just dollars away from making our first Patreon goal. We briefly slipped past it in November, and so I had to make a Christmas Episode. If we can get above $200 again, by June 11 ...…
Listen to Swami Shankarananda's Satsang talk from May 19, in celebration and honour of his teacher and Guru, Baba Muktananda's Birthday. 'How can the Self forget the Self? The Self hasn’t forgotten the Self, but because of the outer senses and the mind it appears that way. So it means that in every one of us, there is some intuitive knowledge o ...…
This week talk about everything from A.I. to The Arrowverse. New episode every Sunday Our Sources ...…
Episode 81 - Week of May 20 2018On this episode: The roads less traveledGet your motor running, whether it's gasoline or electric, and head out on the highway, or in my case State Route 542. AJ and I share some worthwhile jaunts to take when ya just wanna get outta town for a spell or just take a weekend cruise. PLUS... an award-winning photogr ...…
It is said that you live what you believe, so we are going to look at what we believe. OUR CORE FOUR are our core beliefs. They play a key role for us as a faith community in reaching those who are far from God and building the life of the follower of Jesus and His church both now and for the future.…
No matter how hard your try, you cannot build a house of cards that will last, because it has no strong foundation. If we do not have a strong foundation in our lives, we will too will fall. In Matthew Chapter 7, Jesus describes two people who build houses, one on the rock, one on the sand. Like the house on sand, without a strong foundation, l ...…
As we reach the end of our examination of Medea, it becomes clear how her tale has remained relevant.In this episode, we hear about how Jason wronged Medea and the problematic lengths she went as she sought retribution. While I think we can all agree that murder is inexcusable, I hope that, at least, some light is shed on Medea's actions.…
I originally had planned to discuss a different topic today, but a few days ago I was reading the story of Saul's conversion in the book of Acts in the New Testament and came across a verse that stopped me in my tracks. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes I have read a verse hundreds or thousands of times, but one day it really hits me and I see ...…
Heritage Church, located in the Quad Cities, is one church across 3 campuses, two states and the Mississippi River. Heritage's message lifts up our members and viewers. Visit to view live teachings and additional information.By (Heritage Church).
A new MP3 sermon from Lakeview Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Joy of the Believer Speaker: James Spradlin Broadcaster: Lakeview Baptist Church Event: Sunday - PM Date: 5/20/2018 Bible: Philippians 4:4; Psalm 51:10-12 Length: 32 min. Overview: Even in our worse times a real believer has ...…
Capes, scoundrels, & blasters, oh my! Our final speculation on Solo: A Star Wars Story. Somehow, Baldo Ren finds his way into the conversation & we discuss "Wookie Love".
Nate and Greg discuss the disappointing pitching performance this weekend, scary Braves, and the treasure truck (unfortunately...) Apologies there is no Deep Dive of the Week this week. We will return with one on June 3rd. Thank you to our sponsor - @drewj_miller ... Great Twitter Profile! And it is now public for all to see! Follow us on Twitt ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Bread of Life Fellowship is now available on with the following details: Title: The Exiles Return Subtitle: Return&Remember: Ezra-Nehemiah Speaker: Damien Garofalo Broadcaster: Bread of Life Fellowship Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/20/2018 Bible: Ezra 2 Length: 43 min. Overview: Relishing in how good God is ...…
Jonah learns that God is: a God of second chances a God of singleminded focus a God to be feared and obeyed a God of miraculous mercy JONAH TALK 3 Chapter 3 begins; 1 Then the word of the LORD came to Jonah a second time: 2 “Go to the great city of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I give you.” The word of the lord came to Jonah the first ...…
This week we're talking with Ashley Wittgren about all things health and fitness. Find out how she keeps it simple in the kitchen, why she says motivation is a myth, and how she is learning to slow down and enjoy the little things in life.
Be still and know He is God
The gang gets together this week to discuss spilled lube, parodies of artistic masterpieces, and other ground breaking topics. "This is our best episode yet" -Every week in the podcast group chat.Music:Alone X Halsey, All Night Long X Loinel RichieIG and Twitter: @mcdirtysfinestEmail:…
In our final week of Love Trumps Fear Pastor Mark explains Loves flow. In 1 John 4:19-21 The reason we love because he first love us. If anyone says, ” I love God”, and yet hates his brother or sister, he is a liar. For the person who does not love his brother or sister whom he has seen cannot love God whim he has not seen. And we have this com ...…
The Pastor both warns the church that they are spiritually lazy, and encourages them because they’re showing the fruit of genuine faith. So which is it? In this passage, we see that we need both warnings and promises to stay strong in our Christian walk, to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus.
In this episode our Brotha from another Motha Brooklyn Blax joins in as we discuss 5 ways N*ggas play themselves for that Va-Jay-Jay, that Yoni, that Snapper, that Monkey! Please Rate and Subscribe. Show us some luv gotdammit!!!
We would all agree that we want our world to be marked by justice. Yet, how do we define justice? What is it, and what does it require? How do we pursue it in this broken world? And how do we stay involved for the long haul?
Doors closed. Drive in and out of garage. Blinds closed.This is the privatization of our suburban lives. Have we lost the art of neighbouring? Who is your neighbour? What does it look like to move beyond the doors and garages into relationships with those we are physically close to but relationally distant from? Let’s rediscover the Art of Neig ...…
Private adoption is one way to adopt, and it's done through an agency or an adoption attorney. We give an overview of the paperwork involved, picking an agency, making a portfolio for birth parents to view (no pressure! Just pick the best photos of your life! Hahah!), and how it all comes together in an open adoption like ours. For more informa ...…
Want to support the show and help us get real mics? Buy a shirt! episodes on SoundCloud & iTunes every Saturday/Sunday.FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @YABOYNICKYG, @TCMcDonald68 & our main account @PenisPodcast
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