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Paper Napkin Wisdom - Podcast and Blog for Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Difference-Makers
I've asked 1000s of the worlds top Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Difference-Makers to share with me their most important pearl of wisdom on a simple paper napkin. Then I ask them to have a conversation about why they shared that Paper Napkin Wisdom with me and what it meant to them and for them in their life. Visit for full show notes and archives. Learn their exceptional Stories of Drive, Impact, Balance and Leadership shared by CEOs, founders, authors, speake ...
We all have a hard story. Whether or not we chose to tell it or let our shame consume us is a decision that will chart the course of much of our lives. God’s grace, his redemption, can change us from the inside out. Steadfast is a collection of brave women that want to tell you their story so you can know that you aren’t alone in your struggles; there is community among the broken. Join us every week and find the freedom that can only come from the steadfast love of our Almighty Father.
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Full show notes: - Background story, Love of Fitness and Acting2:17 - learning is the most essential ingredient for everything3:08 - role of traditional education in being an actress and personal trainer7:38 - Introversion and Acting8:41 - Most efficient learning style for Chelsea9:23 - Trad ...…
Dominick Domasky is the author of the inspirational book, Don’t Double Bread the Fish, and creator and co-author of the hit books The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood and Go Ask Your Dad. Dominick has been down and out, fired, cut from the team, punched in the face, and even broke. Today, Dominick is a motivational speaker, inspirational author, ...…
The Transformation Blueprint
Entrepreneurship is cool now, but it’s still one of the toughest experiences we could have in life. And failure is a big part of it, they kind of go hand in hand. But what is failure really? Is it something we experience only when we give up, or can we have dozens of micro-failures as we’re growing our business? And, is failure a bad thing, or ...…
Hustle 4 Wealth Podcast
In today’s episode we discuss the ability to accept failure and the process of getting back up on your feet when you fall due to failure. The concept of failure has become a stigma to represent negative connotations of a person’s self worth or ability to achieve something in life. But in actuality failure is success if you learn from it! With t ...…
Bluemont Church Messages
Overcoming Failure by Don Walker | Sunday, August 13, 2017
Bluemont Church Messages
Overcoming Failure by Don Walker | Sunday, August 13, 2017
In this episode, Caleb and Todd talk with Kenny and Elle Campbell, founders of Stuff You Can Use. Guest Links Elle Campbell on Twitter Elle Campbell on Instagram Kenny Campbell on Twitter Kenny Campbell on Instagram Stuff You Can Use Grow Curriculum Links Mentioned Orange/reThink group Launch YOUniversity Podcast TED Radio Hour Radiolab This Am ...…
Jon Hauser, Senior Pastor, Prairie Heights Community Church, in West Fargo joins us to talk about his recent column in the Grand Forks Herald entitled “Going Forward Through Failure” Dealing with failure is a key part of life and often defines us in a way that success does not. Listen to his four steps to overcoming failure as … Continue readin ...…
The Entrepreneur Hot Seat | Interviews w/ Different Entrepreneurs About Business, Marketing, Finance, Goals, Challenges & More
Todd Stottlemyre discusses his Major League Baseball and Entrepreneurial experience, some of his keys to "Relentless Success" and his Zone Playbook. Some of the key takeaways from this episode: Having mentors and inspiration - nobody achieves success alone How Paul Moliter and others used visualization to achieve success The importance of menta ...…
Richer Soul: Life Beyond Money. You got rich now what? Focus on Freedom, Abundance, Financial Security, Early Retirement, Wealth, money and becoming a millionaire. FATFire
Today we are going to talk about my failures. I have learned from coaching others that fear and failure keep people from success. However, great people experience a lot of failures as for me inspite of a lot of financial stupidity I still achieved great success. I want to share my mistakes so you can learn from them and hopefully avoid them you ...…
Caleb and Todd interview pastor and recording artist Skyler Roberson about Christian Hip Hop Guest Links Skyler on Facebook Skyler on Twitter Skyler on Instagram Skyler on YouTube Pre-Game Jitters Album Links Mentioned Reach Records Humble Beast Records Legacy Conference Skyler's Current Playlist: Taylor Gray, Kendrick Lamar, ...…
Many think that when they get into positions of leadership or prominence that others should be serving them or looking up to them. This is great way to turn people off and decrease your ability to be charismatic. If your only focus is on you, then eventually all then the focus will be off you. Sure others might run to your attention, but they a ...…
Cliff Fonseca coaching. Part Two with Cliff Fonseca picks up immediately where we left off with a compelling conversation on overcoming failure in competition, changing one's identity, and the incredible children's program at Jiu Jitsu Nation. For information on Jiu Jitsu Nation head to If you would like to support this pro ...…
Pastor Ronnie preaches on how to overcome past failure.
Grace Pointe Church - Audio Podcast
By (gracepointe).
Summary: Coyte Cooper is an expert on many things, but in the grand scheme of things he just flat out understands people, inside-and-out. In this episode Coyte talks with us briefly about his life and path to reaching an elite level in a D1 NCAA sports program, achieving his Ph.D, how to properly set and achieve your goals, overcoming failure i ...…
What happens when your organization or an individual or team within your organization fails? This week we have a special, topical episode featuring Michael Lorsch, principal consultant for The Table Group which was founded by best-selling author, speaker, and leadership guru Patrick Lencioni. Today, Michael discusses the characteristics of both ...…
Leading the Millennials: Leading in an Uncertain World
Episode #005 John Stumpf, former Wells Fargo CEO Article #1 Article #2 Article #3, bonuses
In this millepsiode, Courtney and Jimmy talk about overcoming failure. Some of the most successful people in the world have failed THOUSANDS of times! It's important to believe in your journey and not be afraid to make mistakes. When have you failed? Reach out to us by sending us an email at OR Twitter: @Millenn ...…
Murray Hill Baptist Church
This is a two-part series about overcoming. This week, as we look at the last chapter of Hosea, Doug talks us through overcoming failure. It all begins and ends with God, and not with our abilities.
Murray Hill Baptist Church (Audio only)
This is a two-part series about overcoming. This week, as we look at the last chapter of Hosea, Doug talks us through overcoming failure. It all begins and ends with God, and not with our abilities.
Overcoming our limitations is possible by trusting in God's purpose for our lives.
Tim Bateman Comedy Podcast
This is a great interview with Xchel Hernandez a Stand-Up Comedian and Improv Artist. We talk about how each form of comedy can help the other. We also discuss Second City, commitment to character, keeping your comic mind on, accepting and overcoming failure and improving in small and sometimes large degrees.…
Overcoming our limitations is possible by trusting in God's purpose for our lives.
God is not glorified in our failure but His name is glorified when we overcome and succeed. This message unveals the pathway to victory and overcoming failure.
When our best is not enough, the Lord can help us overcome our weaknesses and limitations.
When our best is not enough, the Lord can help us overcome our weaknesses and limitations.
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This show helps listeners like you become better informed and educated about the various health issues such as mental health, addiction, nutrition, sports performance, wellness, and weight loss, goal setting, inspiration, personal achievement, positive psychology, leadership, entrepreneurship, and learning to impact people's lives are all topic ...…
Hey everyone, Alex Kheyson is here, and I am happy to continue to share my passion for personal development and self-learning with you. In this episode the following questions and topics are addressed: Why do some people feel the sense of unhappiness once they have reached their lifetime goals and are extremely successful? What are some of the ...…
As a woman who ascended to the highest ranks of Wall Street as CEO of Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch and Citi Private, Sallie Krawcheck has a tremendous amount of wisdom to impart. She shares life lessons in her new book "Own It: The Power of Women at Work," and explains why we have reason to be optimistic for the future. Sallie also talks about E ...…
Tune in to this week's show from Red C Radio for a conversation about finishing Advent strong, some advent/Christmas songs, overcoming failure, and an interview with youth minister Darren Seibert about celebrating the holidays as a family and more.
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