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Watch the VIDEO version of our show at! OSW Review (Old School Wrestling Review) is the #1 Wrestling video podcast in the world! As seen on, and the biggest independent wrestling page on Facebook, We chronologically critique classic events from the Hulkamania Era in the WWF (WWE). Hosted by Jay Hunter, OSW Review features a panel of longtime (20+ years) wrestling fans. All Irish, All awesome!
OVS Orbit
Interviews and topics of interest to Open vSwitch developers and users, published twice a month, hosted and produced by Ben Pfaff.
Building your startup is hard. OpenView is here to help. Each week join us as we talk to founders and operators from the cutthroat world of SaaS. Our guests have been where you are and know what it takes to make it big. You’ll get advice on everything from who to hire to how to price your product. BUILD is powered by OpenView, the expansion stage venture capital firm.
OCW Scholar: Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science I
Metal and Irony Poisoned
The Take Ova
Informational, encouraging, inspiring and entertaining conversation.
The latest podcast feed searching 'Oaths and Vows' on
A supplemental podcast to the Seasonal Anime Checkup for shows that deserve more time to be talked about or big news in anime.
NYT's Vows (Video)
"How We Met:" wedding stories from The New York Times.
OGW with Pastor Bob
Outreach of Gods Word with Pastor Bob
The Wedding Planning Podcast helps you streamline + simplify your wedding plans with short, weekly wedding planning "meetings" in podcast episode format! Hi, I'm Kara, Producer & Host of the Wedding Planning Podcast, and I believe that every couple should enjoy the expertise of a down-to-earth, honest, and professional wedding planner. I know that a beautiful wedding doesn't have to cost a ton of money, or take up all of your time! Each weekly episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast takes a ...
One Nu World Calls
OFW on Air Podcast
Listen and learn from OFWs (Oversea Filipino Workers) around the world. Hear their life struggle and sweet success. Know their stories and be inspired!
The Bolin Alley
If you aren't familiar with The Bolin Alley yet, where have you been for the past decade?! Kenny Starmaker Bolin is the former manager of such stars as John Cena, Bobby Lashley, The Miz and more, he along with former OVW manager
Welcome to my podcast. Tune in every week for my take on real life issues, being single, gossip, fashion, music, and more! 💋
Type O +VE
The podcast for the typist, writer, typewriter lover, repairer and collector. A podcast for the typosphere, brought to you by the blog -- The Filthy Platen
Tha Take Ova
Get the latest scoop and hear music from local independentMusicians, Producers and Hip Hop artists with your Host Foe.
A weekly podcast all about marriage and the things we make each other watch. Each week Scott and Elyse Daly will select two movies or TV shows and make the other one watch them. Then they'll get together and talk about them and what they've learned about each other. Also, Elyse will probably sing.
Marriage Beyond the Vows is a syndicated Weekly 2-hour call-in based talk radio show, hosted by Marcos Mercado and Tiffany Bacon. Saturdays 8am-10am EST
Tha Gospel Ov Fire
Tha Gospel Ov Fire: some "good news" from Heraclitus: an analytic embrace ov all aeternal flux just as it becomes- sans any authorial pressumptions, opening into an immoralist ethics (virtue defined as liberty and strength) and pluralist epistemology (truth-value derived from breadth and coherence, so acclaiming maximal diversity as desirable in itself); acknowledging combustion's consequences; anticapitalist-antifascist- antipop; create ur space! Dei ex Dio! ave Satanas! Sharing my research ...
Short stories from oral history
Wood Media is proud to launch its very first podcast of 2014 known as Wrestling World Wrap-Up. Tune in every week for a 5 minute or less wrestling review from TNA, WWE, NXT, OVW and lots of independent wrestling outlets in our Independent of the week. All this great action begins on September 2nd, 2014 so don't miss it.
This is a wrestling call in show created by the power of the wrestling fans all over the world!!!!We will talk WWE,TNA,ROH and much much more.
Teen/Parent relationships
DJ Vow's Podcast
Official podcast of DJ Vow
OWW Radio
The official podcast of Online World of Wrestling
OVR THNKR is the show dedicated to understanding everything happening in the entire world every Friday. Submit questions and topics via the show website!
VOW MISSION Podcast featuring speaker Voice Of Wilderness
Weekly marriage talk that is a lighthearted and fun discussion about the sanctity and beauty of marriage. The weekly tip will not only help your marriage survive, it will help it thrive.
Lovers' Vows (1798), a play by Elizabeth Inchbald arguably best known now for having been featured in Jane Austen's novel Mansfield Park (1814), is one of at least four adaptations of August von Kotzebue's Das Kind der Liebe (1780; literally "Child of Love," or "Natural Son," as it is often translated), all of which were published between 1798 and 1800. Inchbald's version is the only one to have been performed. Dealing as it does with sex outside marriage and illegitimate birth, Inchbald in ...
Welcome to When The Vows Break Podcast. It's a safe space and no judgement zone to chat all things toxic relationships, separation & divorce. We have an opportunity to create and define our next chapters on our own terms. Join us...
CSDPower of We
A podcast for and about education where Community School of Davidson teachers share great stories of teaching and learning from Community School of Davidson in Davidson, NC.
Join One Young World Ambassadors Jamal K. Campbell, Grace Cramer, James Tattersall, Siyuan LindaYang, Uzair Patel, Emily Revess and Yasmin Greenaway on OYW Ambassador Podcast, created for One Young World Ambassadors by One Young World Ambassadors. It is also aimed at anyone who is passionate about social impact and is a platform to discuss interesting topics, share your views and hear the views of others. The podcast is packed with awesome content! Follow us on Twitter: @OYWPodcast
Single Mom, Disney Nut, LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Consultant, Pink Haired Unicorn, Fibromyalgia Fighter!
Pulse Youth OVC
Pulse is the teen community at Oak Valley Church led by Ian and Julie Smith.
The Weekly OVM Podcast! First one up soon.
OCW Scholar: Fundamentals of Biology
Streaming a selective playlist of Lounge, Chill Out, Smooth Hip Hop, Nu-Jazz, Bossa Nova, Trip Hop, Deep Electronica, D'nB, Dub, Ambient Waves and Downtempo Grooves. Tune in @
Pardon the interpolation. Joe Ovies, Brian Shaw and Enoch Marchant discuss the crossovers of sports and music.
Goose and Sundown might turn you onto your next favorite Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park and other Williamson County/North Austin restaurant or entertainment spot. They also might not do that.
Bodhisattva's Vow Choral Compostiton
The tale of husband and wife attempting to decipher the process of relationships. Both stuck in their way the couple argues their definition of "what's wrong and right". Jeremy and Cass discuss marriage and relationship topics as they share their points of view.
An ever evolving podcast
VOW FM 88.1
Hear It. Feel It. Live It
Otaku done right.
KN-OW is proud to present a Podcast channel featuring hard-hitting, 'real' talk. Titled 'This is the Reality', the podcast will feature regular lectures and insight on contemporary issues affecting us in the modern age.
PLEASE FOLLOW, LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, AND RATE! What's Going On? w/ Cash & Joel and the Freebird! is a podcast about anything & everything that's going on in Cash, Joel, and the Freebird's world. Their world is mostly the same as your world, only much much dumber.
Do you love video games and movies? Then Game OvR, Man! is the podcast for you! The concept is simple; the Optimist vs the Realist. Take two friends with different personalities, sit them down with microphones and let them discuss the latest happenings in their lives regarding video games and movies.
A place where your music can be heard. A blazin Hip Hop and Internet Radio Station! Call in and listen each Friday for a 2 hour show that features local celebrity guests, social and political topics and on-air discussions with people like you. The Take Ova Show is about having fun with real life topics.For Show Ideas, Info on advertising or Artist of the Week/Month call 216-245-7108 or email us at Mission: Whether you’re listening preference is talk radio, R&B, Hip ...
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On this episode of P3 radio we catch up with Derrick King. Derrick has been everywhere in the wrestling busines and it was a pleasure to have him on. We talk about his start and his time in Memphis Wrestling, as well as his time with OVW and a whole lot more. Thanks again to Derrick for being on the show. We hope you guys enjoy.…
Bibliography Anonymous. Facebook update. October 1, 2016. Anonymous. Facebook update. November 11, 2016. Bordeiu, Pierre and Wacquant, Loic. “Symbolic Violence.” Violence in War and Peace, edited by Nancy Scheper-Hughes and Philippe Bourgois. Repr. ed. Malden, Mass: Blackwell, 2014. Farmer, Paul. “On Suffering and Structural Violence: A View fr ...…
HIS 508C Final Project Resources (Please see the NCADV website for multiple specific resources) Bibliography Austin, S. Bryn, Andrea L. Roberts, Margaret Rosario, Heather L. Corliss, and Karestan C. Koenen. “Childhood Gender Nonconformity.” American Academy of Pediatrics. Last modified Febr ...…
We talk to 1 of the 1st developmental talents, and 1 of the most underrated workers ever, Flash Flanagan. He talks about his time in the indys, wwe, ovw, and Puerto Rico.
Former WWE, OVW, and ROH star Tank Toland joins the show for a rare and fun chat! We talk his ups and downs on the WWE main roster, our time in OVW, Ring of Honor, working with Larry Sweeney, Seth Rollins, Ceasaro, coming up in the Northeast indies and of course, fantasy football! But first, we're rejoined by Flex Rumblecrunch who's now crying ...…
Bin Hamin, Big Ray & Okayfabe break down all this week’s pro wrestling, sports, world and conspiracy theory news! *****************************************************************************We would like to ask for any well wishes and assistance you can give to former OVW announcer Timmy Baltimore (@TimmyBaltimore) who's been in the hospital f ...…
WEDNESDAY 12.06.17 LOCKER ROOM Hacker Hamin (@Bin_Hamin) and JoJan (@JJansen34) are lacing up their boots to go broadway on this episode of #TheLockerRoom. Covering RAW and Smackdown and all of the top rumors from this week. -Will the 205 Live house shows be successful on the road? -Is Nia Jax and Enzo love story a rib on both of them? -Was the ...…
It's an OVW Reunion on this Friday's Locker Room! Two of the most hated and successful managers in the history of OVW team up to review this weeks Wrestling Insider News! The King, The Starmaker, The Man, Kenny Bolin joins #HackerMediaGroup to discuss all of his current projects, from The Brolin Alley, his heat with FBI's Vito, his heat with Vi ...…
Former TNA, WWE, and OVW star CASSIDY RILEY joins the show this week! Take a listen to hear about Cassidy's love of his New Orleans Saints, fantasy football, and his unique professional wrestling journey. Cassidy came up the old-fashioned way and hear him chat about that, his time in TNA, OVW, and WCW (yes, he worked there too!). One of a selec ...…
Jim Cornette makes his TIJ debut with tales about bullet proof vests, fan riots, and ether! He also recounts inducting the Rock & Roll Express into the WWE Hall of Fame, some of the best wrestlers to come through OVW (like John Cena, Randy Orton, and Dave Batista), the origins of Smokey Mountain Wrestling, the creation of The Thrillseekers gimm ...…
Part 2 with The Headliner Chris Michaels. We cover his time in OVW TNA and more. We talk about some of our hilarious road trips our run in with the law and getting new guys shitfaced on road trips. Chris tells stories about Brock Lesnar, Jim Cornette Curt Hennig and more.
Fellow OVW alumni Mr. STRONKO joins the show! Brian Wenzel, formerly the tag team partner of Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov, talks riding with Randy Orton, watching Wrestlemania 23 with WADE BOGGS, his career, time in OVW, and working for the New York Jets. Of course, we also talk a whole lotta sports as we chat during Sunday's 4 pm games ...…
در اپیزود بیست و نهم ماجرای خانواده‌ی مِنِندِز را می‌شنویم. پدر و مادر و دو پسر نوجوانی که همیشه پشت هم بودند، روزی چند بار تلفنی با هم صحبت می‌کردند و بر خلاف بیشتر خانواده‌های ساکن بورلی هیلز تقریباً هر شب با هم شام می‌خوردند. اما بعداً معلوم شد چیزها، طبق معمول، آن طوری نبودند که از دور به نظر می‌رسیدند. از ناملیک بشنوید. گزارش منبع: Nightma ...…
Get ready for week 4 of NFL action with one of the best guests we can have on to talk your fantasy team than MATT CAMP! Matt is a Sirius XM host, writer for Bleacher Report and many other publications AND the lead play by play voice for Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore. Matt's also in one of the same wrestler leagues as me and is just one of t ...…
0:00 Intro to SCJ episode 12/ General Topics 21:45 Interview Madi Maxx 50:07 Outro / Close This week we have the youngest ever OVW women's Champ, Madi Max!!! How's that for our first lady Wrestler Interview! We will also be talking about general topics and the Road to Summer Slam!!! Thanks for sticking with us and listening to our Podcast! Give ...…
Catch another episode of Wrestle City Radio, with your host(s), Special guest co-host of the evening, "The Law" Ray Ramundo and Jorge Alonso, as we talk WWE Monday Night RAW, WWE Summerslam, EVIL/Okada, and much more... Also we welcome special guest interview w/ the former OVW Women's Champion, Current VOW Women's Champion, and Top Prospect, Ma ...…
Thanks for listening to episode 34 of Unfiltered Sports Talk is Cristian podcast. This week Cristian spoke with Dylan Bostic ahead of his big upcoming move in the world of wrestling, he is very elaborated fill with innovative style of modern day wrestling, has wrestled for WWE as well and we found out also about the man behind the wrestler and ...…
From the backyard to the world title, Bruce Prichard covers the entire Rise of CM Punk. Why was he sent to OVW? Who in talent relations held him back? Did being a Heyman Guy hurt him? What the hell happened with Unforgiven 2008? Does Bruce think he will be back? All this and more in over three hours of CM Punk!…
The incomparable James E. Cornette returns to the Ross Report this week as JR and Jim catch up on some old-school memories involving Bill Dundee, Jerry Lawler and Jerry Lee Lewis as well as discuss a few current pro wrestling items. Jim has got a lot to say about The Revival, Joe vs Lesnar, his return to the WWE at this year's Hall of Fame and ...…
The incomparable James E. Cornette returns to the Ross Report this week as JR and Jim catch up on some old-school memories involving Bill Dundee, Jerry Lawler and Jerry Lee Lewis as well as discuss a few current pro wrestling items. Jim has got a lot to say about The Revival, Joe vs Lesnar, his return to the WWE at this year's Hall of Fame and ...…
Jim Cornette answers YOUR questions about OVW, Stephanie McMahon, Texas wrestling cities, managers & more! Send in your question for the Drive-Thru to: Follow Jim and Brian on Twitter: @TheJimCornette @GreatBrianLast Visit Jim's official site at for merch, live dates, commentaries and more! You can listen to ...…
Robbie and Carrabis make their debut talking Okada/Omega 2, Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar, Money In The Bank predictions, and their favorite MITB cash ins of all time. Cody Rhodes joins the guys later in the show to discuss his career in New Japan Pro Wrestling/Ring of Honor, NXT vs OVW, and winding up in sketchy Jamaican Diners in the middle of th ...…
Kris & David are guestless as well as under the weather this week as we discuss the week that was May 24-30, 2003. We talk about all the craziness backstage in TNA between the Jarrett clique and the Russo clique. We then go over all the many promotions in Japan at the time and even some England/Australia stuff as well. We then discuss the scene ...…
DONT HINDER JINDER! UNFORGIVEN 2006 PART 1 is here but before we cover the PPV - WE TALK JINDER! Plus, Bret Hart wackiness, DRAVEN GOES TO CUBA, the independents changing the big companies, and a LOT of insight! THEN we get to the show! We talk about Melina's STRIPPER POLE in her bedroom, the beta cuck John Morrison, Jeff Hardy returns from the ...…
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