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Best PLisa Haven podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best PLisa Haven podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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Lisa Haven is an Alternative Media News Reporter, Radio Show Host, and Conference Speaker. This show is designed to bring you news and insights from a clear perspective. Topics that many people fail to discuss will be discussed here including corruption, the New World Order, the economy, prophecies, government corruption, and the like.
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By Justus Knight.... 6G ‘TERROR’Hz Approved! FCC’s ‘Experimental’ Spectrum Already Used To Burn, Confiscate & Destroy!By Lisa Haven
By Justus Knight New Zealand Massacre - Media VS Manifesto- What They Don’t Want You To Know!By Lisa Haven
By Lisa Haven, The “progressive” Left has put together an erroneous display of presidential campaign promises, and sadly, they are just getting started. The policy platform has become a twisted parody of itself: eliminate private healthcare, enforce 90 percent marginal income tax rates, and federalize huge swaths of our election system. Welcome to …
By Justus Knight This report is about the latest from Project Vertias as well as information on the Mark of the Beast!By Lisa Haven
By Lisa Haven Have These Been Dress Rehearsals For An Upcoming Staged Event?By Lisa Haven
Most Dangerous Weapon In The U.S. Requires No Permit To Use Or Training To Handle!By Lisa Haven
By Justus Knight They Confessed What!?! Last 48 Hours Proves Everything- Deep State To Democrats ‘Conspiracies’ 100% Factual!By Lisa Haven
By Justus Knight The Future We Fear- If You Live Here, The Right To Defend Yourself Is GONE! Defense Equals Arrest!By Lisa Haven
By Justus Knight China Warns Of ‘Accidental’ War- AI Arms Race Could Start WW3- ‘Accidentally’ Of Course.?!By Lisa Haven
By Justus Knight First Shots Fired IN The Tech Cold War! The Real Agenda!By Lisa Haven
By Lisa Haven One Day It Will All Catch Up With Us, What Is Ahead For America Is Terrifying…By Lisa Haven
This episode is about the political clowns running our country.By Lisa Haven
By Justus Knight Exposed! Watch BEFORE You Support This Candidate’s Agenda- The Dark Truth Revealed!By Lisa Haven
China's Grand Nuclear Deception!By Lisa Haven
They Promised Safety Then They Took Our Speech, Forced Our Silence & Led Us To SlaveryBy Lisa Haven
China’s Grand Nuclear Deception Plan Exposed! Their Effort To Trigger War!?!By Lisa Haven
United Socialist America: Ready For It? 4 Ways They Are Laughing In The Face Of Our FreedomBy Lisa Haven
Evidence Trump is being framed!! Larry Nichols shares bombshell information!By Lisa Haven
If Trump is removed from presidency either via Impeachment, assassination, or some other devious means. Then it's possible the America people could revolt. and if they do, will they be met with Stasi-Style roundups? All that and more...By Lisa Haven
Is it just me, or are too many people still refusing to see what is staring them in the face? Someone is waging war on America. They are spreading fake propaganda in the hope of destabilizing our way of life; they are financing insurgent political groups; they are running so-called ‘troll factories’ to swamp social media sites with anti-Western mes…
Since God created the earth there was climate change. Climate change is normal, it’s a part of life. But the way the politics of this is setup, if it changes and gets hotter, it’s climate change, if it changes and gets cooler, it’s climate change, if there’s no climate change, it’s still climate change! The entire thing is a scam!Scientists are for…
In todays report Justus Knight and I discuss how things have changed here in America since we were kids.By Lisa Haven
Get the latest information that the mainstream media isn't sharing with you about the Midterm Elections.By Lisa Haven
This reports about the conspired events surrounding the midterm elections.By Lisa Haven
Normalcy Bias, this is the sickness that has infected America! Time to expose it! All that and more in this podcast.By Lisa Haven
Want to know what the mainstream media is hiding from you? Then check out this podcast!By Lisa Haven
In this podcast, I divulge information about the true state of America and what it will be like if we continue on that path.By Lisa Haven
In the podcast I discuss the fate of the internet and how it may impact us in the near future.By Lisa Haven
In this episode Justus Knight and I discuss the real reason Amazon wants in your house... and it may not be what you think! George Orwell 1984 on steroids!By Lisa Haven
Something strange is happening behind closed doors. In today episode I delve through a connection between doctor deaths and facebooks mass censorship. All that and more in todays podcast.By Lisa Haven
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