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Pali Summer Mix 2013
DJ Joshie's first mix
Audio Suttas
Narrated suttas from the Pali Canon.
Beyond the Shore
Readings from the Pali Canon
Dhammaloka Community - Sutta Podcast
A podcast of our Sutta study classes. Learn to understand the Pali Canon...
Joshua Monteleone's Podcast
My summer jams from DJ Camp
Treasury of The Buddha's Discourses
A timeless collection of the Buddha's discourses narrated by Ven. Dhammavuddho Mahathera, Abbot of Vihara Buddha Gotama. Comprehensive topics applicable and reflective of daily human life such as; - Buddhism in General - Dana and Sila - Kamma Vipaka - Worldly Currency vs Spiritual Currency - Practicality of The Dhamma - What The Buddha Taught - Life Story of the Buddha - Strive not Pray - Life's Spiritual Lessons - Appreciation of Parents Love And many more, also includes narration of the en ...
Dhammapada (Version 2), The by UNKNOWN
- A Collection of Verses Being One of the Canonical Books of the Buddhists Dhammapada means "The path of Dharma." The Pali word Dhamma corresponds to the Sankrit word Dharma. It is a collection of the teachings of the Buddha. These verses, compiled by Buddha's students in the years following his final Nirvana, were culled from various discourses given by the Buddha in the course of forty-five years of his teaching, as he travelled in the valley of the Ganges and the sub-mountain tract of the ...
Nonattachment part 1
Listen to two talks I delivered at Marin Sangha on non-attachment—certainly the most misunderstood and maligned Buddhist ideal. This first talk deconstructs the term into its various meanings and explores the philosophical implications of non-attachment and identity clinging through the Buddha’s teachings from the Pāli Canon and those of several modern-day Buddhist teachers.
Rebel Saint Dharma
Talks and meditation instructions from Dave Smith, Buddhist teacher...These talks and instructions are offered to you free of charge. If you are moved by generosity, and would like to support me in my livelihood, making a donation would be greatly appreciated. You can support the work I do here at this link and hit the DONATE TAB: a Dharma teacher, my primary focus of interest has been in early Buddhism. This being the oldest record of what the historic ...
Kena Upanishad by UNKNOWN
The word Upanishad (upa-ni-shad) consists of, "Upa" means "near;" "ni" means "down;" "shad" means "to sit." Thus, Upanishad is to sit down near the teacher to discuss, learn, practice, and experience. There are some 200 or more Upanishads. Some are lost and are only known about because of being referenced in other Upanishads. Most of the Upanishads were kept secret for centuries, only passed on to others orally in the form of Shloka (a category of verse line developed from the Vedic Anustubh ...
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Musicians, Comedians and Poets workshop new material at the Pittsburgh Art House’s “Haus Labs”. Performances from Sarah Halter, Liss Victory, Nick Graybeal, Liz Tripoli, and Mia Gallo! NEW LIVE STAND UP COMEDY DATES Philadelphia Fringe Arts Festival at the Art Church of West Philadelphia 9/13 @ 8pm 9/14 @ 6pm 9/15 @ 8pm September 16 at Plate & ...…
Mid-Late Twenty Somethings.
Aly sits down and dishes on her experience as a married woman - highlighting current societal trends, what it means to commit to another person, and how she deals with outside perceptions on her relationship.
Har du tips på svenska pixelkonstnärer eller till och med fina pixelkonstverk som kunde pryda Datormagazin retros omslag? Hör av er! 00: Skype kan man tydligen lita på 01:36: Datormagazin retro är i produktion 05:36: Mystiska “vänner” och Linkedin 16:43: Grattis Karl Emil Nikka! 18:27: Hindenburg-uppföljning 22:13: Kryddad entreprenör, lantchip ...…
Virginia geeks out (Greeks out?) with some myth stuff, then gets absolutely furious at Game Machine Joe. Why? You’ll find out soon! Serena’s latest pal is a tough girl from another school. She’s so tough, she can wear whatever uniform … Continue reading →
Fantasy Advice Bros.
Ali and Rams recap their own drafts. They discuss players they do and don't like to start this week. Beginning with week 1 Ali and Rams give away "Survivor" pool picks. Ali makes a bold season prediction that Rams disagrees with completely. College Football line up questions and free agent pickups are addressed. Subscribe: iTunes - http://apple ...…
Orlando Insight Meditation Group
The concept of emptiness (sunnata in Pali) is a core aspect of the Buddhist Awakening process. This is the first of two discussions of emptiness, with the focus on how the operation of the Five Aggregates, Form, Feeling, Perception, Mental Formations and Consciousness creates the false belief in a separate, enduring and autonomous self. Each […]…
Hollywood Hustle Podcast
About the Episode Ali Williams started her Journey in Florida working as a model, from there she started working on camera and stage. Somewhere down the line she realized the camera was her home. So, she worked her butt off, sold her car and moved from the east coast to the west coast. Here Ali has found success as an actress comfortable with h ...…
Aly and Matt welcome their first guests onto the show! Hilarity does ensue as the crew tackles homophobia within Black culture, discuss dating trends, and gets a little petty regarding plastic surgery and people who are overly sensitive.
Durham Podcast - Emmanuel Church
Ali Scott speaks on the Person of the Holy Spirit. From Emmanuel Church Durham on Sunday 3rd September, 2017. Part of the Walking in the Spirit series.
Ali Crowdus is the Executive Chef & Owner of Power Pack Meals, a meal preparation service based in Northern KY. They shop, cook, and portion your meals each week! Each meal based on basic nutritional requirements, focusing on lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and fibrous vegetables. The main focus of Power Pack Meals is to not add any additi ...…
Ren: Cable cutting: Sling TV, HDTV antennas, solutions for watching football Played opening scenario for Argus What is it with night elves and bottled water? Don’t see myself going through this with more than one character Mike: Another legendary (waist) Got it from the world boss on the Isle i909 Working on getting the tokens for the next lege ...…
Team Banzai Studios Master Feed
Ren: Cable cutting: Sling TV, HDTV antennas, solutions for watching football Played opening scenario for Argus What is it with night elves and bottled water? Don’t see myself going through this with more than one character Mike: Another legendary (waist) Got it from the world boss on the Isle i909 Working on getting the tokens for the next lege ...…
Matthew Banks Podcast
Ali Littman is on the show today! Ali is a Bay Area comic that performs all over the city. She runs a show at Slate Bar on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month. Do yourself a favor and check it out!
City Church Aberdeen - All Sites Podcast
Ali looks at Revelation 3:14-22 and unpacks how the Laodicean church had locked Jesus out and how we can stay red-hot for Jesus: by taking off the mask and by keeping the door open. 7 Churches 9 (Revelation 3:14-22)
Toe the Line Podcast
Ali lives in Bellingham Washington and she recently ran the Bigfoot 100K finishing 1st female and 4th place overall. We chat about her origins with running including Pine to Palm 100 mile race which she will be attempting real soon in 2017. You can flow Ali on her website…
MEDITATION: IT’S NOT ALL HIPPIES AND PATCHOULI – Why It Matters To Both Your Health AND Bottom Line Links: 7 Types of Meditation (there are many more) 23 Types of Meditation (there are many more) Summary of Meditation Types and Practices http://mental ...…
Ali Newell is a personal trainer and fitness coach with a passion for nutrition. Ali works in a variety of settings around South Buckinghamshire and she specialises in helping clients with abdominal core and pelvic floor issues, along with helping ladies with pre, present and post menopausal complaints. I caught up with Ali at Halton Tennis Cen ...…
Welcome to a strange new land, a land called, Gaul. Or just low budget, potentially copyright abusing, animated films about Gauls. That's right! This week we are discussing Asterix the Gaul, the 1967 film from Dargaud. Aly brings us into the mix with an introduction to the source material, the very popular Asterix comics (or albums, as they are ...…
Ali Hood and I sit down to talk about their amazing history podcast and his top tips for setting up your own podcast. we also discuss their up coming animated episode and kick starter campaign. This is one not to miss to find out about the Rex Factor podcast follow the links below. web: FaceBook: ...…
In this episode, I talk with Ali Seven about special obligations. The basic issue we approach is a dilemma we all experience in our everyday moral lives. It is said all humans ought to be treated with equal moral consideration, but we do not live our lives this way. We care much more about some people over others, and often feel justified for p ...…
Aaaand we're back to Disney! Sarrah is so happy. This episode we discuss Disney's 19th theatrical feature, and the final film finished before Walt's death in 1966. Aly takes us on a wild ride with the life of author Rudyard Kipling (No. He did not have a joyous life full of rainbows and sunshine. None of our source material authors do.) as well ...…
Fantasy Advice Bros.
This week Ali and Ramsey are ambitious enough to tackle Fantasy advice for MLB, NCCAF, and NFL. This week for MLB Ali and Ramsey advocate pick ups for: Shane Greene, Brad Ziegler, Arodys Vizcaino, Howie Kendrick, Lucas Duda, Rafael Devers. Ali and Rams chat about NFL players they like for first round picks, and NCAAF players they don't like due ...…
SABC News and Current Affairs — South Africa's population grew by over 900-thousand people from 2016 to the middle of 2017, and now stands at 56.52 million people. This is according to the annual mid-year population estimate by Statistics South Africa. 51 per cent of the population is female, while 49% is male. Black people remains the biggest ...…
Fantasy Advice Bros.
This week Ali and Rams discuss baseball pickups including: Tommy Pham, Gerardo Parra, Ian Happ, Jon Lackey, Luis Castillo, Rafael Devers, Paul Dejong. Ali and Rams discuss NCAAF including players they like for draft strategy beyond the 1st round.
Orlando Insight Meditation Group » Podcast Feed
This week’s talk focused on the Parami of Determination (Adhitthana in Pali). The current English word determination can have two applications: the first is resolve or commitment and the second is the ability to be clear about what delineates an object (an example would be involve determining the total cost of an item). Peter used […]…
OPENING GREETINGS (00:13) Ken Artuz, Host Stacy Cox, Co-Host MOVIE NEWS Quentin Tarantino prepares for next film (01:43) Strangers: Casting Exclusive (07:07) 1974: Casey La Scala to direct (12:31) The Houses October Built 2: September release (18:24) EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW (24:40) Ali Vela Interviewer Terry Notary, Actor, Movement Choreographer MO ...…
BODYs konstnärlige ledare och fotografernas skyddshelgon Seth Janson är äntligen med i BODY Radio. Nogsamt förberedd och med nysatta resultat i de 3 stora kommer han till studion. Seth ger sina viktigaste tips för bra foto, och tvingas sortera i Axklos och Linneas instabilder för att döma emellan dem, något han diplomatiskt lämnar vidare till l ...…
What? A Non-Disney movie??? Better believe it cats! This episode we watch UPA's Gay Purr-ee, and are introduced to the mad brilliance of the one and only Chuck Jones! Aly spends today focusing on our Voice Cast Corner, highlighting the lovely Robert Goulet but really delving into the master of voice acting that is Paul Frees. Since she didn't r ...…
Ali Chandra joined discussing the outrage she has recieved after posting her son's hospital bill.
Ali Chandra joined discussing the outrage she has recieved after posting her son's hospital bill.
Fantasy Advice Bros.
Ali and Rams discuss some disappointments headed into the All Star break including Justin Verlander, Jon Lester, Jordan Zimmerman. Waiver wire pickups for the week include: Fernando Rodney, Scott Feldman, Danny Valencia, Kyle Schawrber. Ali and Rams begin discussing College Fantasy Football by discussing some of the top Qb-RB-WR to consider dra ...…
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