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Palmdale UMC Worship
This is the weekly sermon from Sunday morning worhip at Palmdale United Methodist Church in Palmdale, CA. Rev. Jim White is the senior pastor. Contact for more details.
Palmdale Regional Radio
The official podcast series of Palmdale Medical Center
Horizon Community Church of Palmdale
The sermon from the 11:00am Sunday morning worship service.
Antelope Valley Church Sermons
Sermons from Antelope Valley Church in Lancaster, CA
New Life Baptist Rancho Vista
New Life Baptist Rancho Vista is a new church location reaching West Palmdale for Christ. Peter Mordh is the lead pastor. For more information, visit us at
Desert Highlands Church Podcast
Relevant and timely spiritual messages by Will Shupp from Desert Highlands Church in Palmdale, CA.
Expanding Your Business In The AV
AV Radio - business owners in Quartz Hill, Lancaster, Palmdale & beyond sharing their expertise affecting YOU as the consumer.
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Anchors Karina Vargas and Marissa Martinez run down the afternoon's top stories including more people testify against the man convicted of torture-killing an 8-year-old Palmdale boy and a natural gas spill causes a foul smelling night in West LA
On this last Sunday in the Christian calendar (The season of Advent begins a new Christian cycle next week), we examine the Kingship of Jesus... and how he called us to care for others around us. Matthew 25:31-46 is our text.
Palmdale UMC Worship
Jesus prayed with his disciples just before his arrest. John's Gospel tells that story, and relays the intimate prayer of the Savior. We finish our series PRAYING WITH GIANTS by looking at Jesus' prayer from John 17.
Palmdale UMC Worship
Sometimes it feels like our prayers go unanswered. Daniel knew that feeling. You may be surprised at what he found out about prayer! We're studying Daniel chapters 9-10 in the 4th edition of our series, PRAYING WITH GIANTS.
Palmdale UMC Worship
After one of the most thrilling and dynamic "mountaintop experiences" that one could possibly imagine, Elijah descends into the abyss of severe depression (& contemplating suicide). It's there in the wilderness that he not only prays, but is met by God's presence directly! How (and why) it all went down is the topic for today's edition of PRAYI ...…
Pastor Erin leads us in the first part of a 2-week series on the importance of Sabbath. Using Genesis 2:1-3 as her text this week, Erin guides us through what Sabbath is within a biblical context, and why we need it in our (busy) lives!
Palmdale UMC Worship
As we finish our series on "CHRISTIANITY'S FAMILY TREE: What Other Christians Believe, and Why?" we examine our own denomination: Methodism. How did Methodists get their start? What makes us unique? How do we hear God's voice in our lives? And what might this entire series be calling us to think about our fellow brothers and sisters in faith fr ...…
Raising hands in worship, speaking in tongues, faith-healing... how does that fit into modern-day Christianity? It comes from the Pentecostal branch of the family tree, and we examine the origin and influence in this week's sermon. Part 7 of 8 in our ongoing CHRISTIANITY'S FAMILY TREE: What Other Christians Believe and Why? Acts 2:1-13 is our text.…
Chronic wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation or other conditions affect about 6.5 million Americans every year, according to the National Institutes of Health, and keep them from enjoying their favorite activities. If you have a chronic, non-healing wound, the staff at the Center for Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine can help you get ba ...…
Palmdale UMC Worship
Next to Roman Catholics, Baptists form the largest Christian denomination family in the world. Just who are these brothers and sisters in Christ, and how'd they come about? Join us for the 6th installment in CHRISTIANITY'S FAMILY TREE (Matthew 3:1-12 is our base scripture for the day).
Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP) is a new non-operative treatment option that may relieve the pain of certain musculoskeletal conditions by naturally promoting long lasting healing with the bodies own platelets. In this segment, Dr Katayoun Motlagh discusses platelet rich plasma as a means to aid in the rehabilitation of chronic tendon injuri ...…
Martin Luther kicked off the Protestant Reformation when he posted his "95 Theses" on the door of Wittenburg Church some 500 years ago. What caused him, a Roman Catholic priest, to be so bold and so brash? How did his "protest" change the course of Christianity? Join us as we come to episode 3 in Christianity's Family Tree series. 1 Peter 2:4-1 ...…
There was a time when all of Christianity was "one holy, catholic, and apostolic church." Catholic is a word that meant "universal," and it spoke to our unity as Christians. That is not the case today. However, we still have a lot to learn from our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters. Join us for week 2 in this new series of CHRISTIANITY'S FAMI ...…
Today we start a new series, looking at the history of the Christian Church. We begin with our brothers and sisters in the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Church which has kept the liturgy, prayers, & hymns of the Early Church. Hebrews 11-12 is our text today.
In this 2nd of 2-part series, we see how Esther used the position she had as Queen to intercede on behalf of her people. Mordecai gets in more trouble with Haman, but it's Haman who "gets it" in the end. Listen in as we see how this book which never mentions God specifically is so drenched in God moments!Esther, chapters 4-10 is our text.…
According to the National Institutes of Health, (NIH), in the United States, about 200,000 people are hospitalized for diverticulitis each year. Many individuals have a number of protruding pouches but feel no ill effects. However, when one of them becomes infected, it can be very painful. Listen in as Dr. Marjun Philip Duldulao provides great ...…
The Book of Esther is an amazing story, that could easily be classified along the lines of a "telenovela!" In part one of this 2-part series, we look at how Esther came to be the Queen of Persia, and just who it was she was married to. Esther chapters 1-3 are our text for today.
Every good story has a beginning. "In the beginning, God created" is how the Book of Genesis starts. Ken Callahan asks, "Where were you born, and what's happened since?" Pastor Erin shares her own faith journey and call to ministry, as she challenges us to examine the story of our lives as followers of Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 1:3-10 is our text ...…
Palmdale UMC Worship
What happens when an older, seasoned priest reaches the end of his effectiveness? God finds another. Enter the young boy, Samuel, who was dedicated to God by his amazing mother, Hannah. In this sermon, we find God choosing a little child to be his spokesperson. No one is to small, to inexperienced, or two young to be used by God! 1 Samuel 3:1-9 ...…
A number of factors, such as diet and a lack of exercise, can make arteries stiff and cause them to become clogged with fatty deposits. They can also weaken and burst. However, there are some simple things you can do to improve your circulation and feel so much better! Cardiologists and vascular surgeons at Palmdale Regional Medical Center not ...…
Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) is a protocol designed to achieve early recovery after surgical procedures by helping the patient and reducing the profound stress response following surgery. Listen in as Kyle Cologne, MD discusses Palmdale Regional Medical Center's commitment to Enhanced recovery after surgery.…
The most common type of arthritis leading to total hip replacement is degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis) of the hip joint. This type of arthritis is generally seen with aging, congenital abnormality of the hip joint, or prior trauma to the hip joint. A team of orthopedic surgeons, nurses and staff at Palmdale Regional Medical Center evalua ...…
Palmdale Regional Medical Center offers a comprehensive range of procedures to treat a number of spine injuries and conditions. A dedicated team of surgeons, nurses and skilled therapists at Palmdale Regional treat patients by using advanced technology, including nano technology. In this segment, Dr. Kamran Parsa discusses Titan Nano Lock Revis ...…
When God called Jeremiah to be his prophet, Jeremiah doubted God because of his age & inexperience. But God would not give up. See how God responded, and how that connects to our lives today, as we live into our callings as men & women of faith. Jeremiah 1:1-10 is our text.
It's often said that our children are our future. But the Bible would disagree. God frequently used children to help advance His Kingdom. Such is the case in this new sermon series. We start things off by looking at the promise of a new king who will come as a child to lead us into God's promised future. Isaiah 11:1-9 is our text today.…
After 7 years of being in ministry here at Palmdale UMC, Pastor Angela is preaching her final sermon. She shares a few insights on what she's learned as part of this dynamic community of faith. She frames it with the apostle Paul's missionary journeys, and his fondness for the chruch in Ephesus.
If you have selected Palmdale Regional Medical Center to provide your medical care, know that employees at Palmdale Regional Medical Center are committed to service excellence. Their goals are to provide you with high quality care, and make your stay as comfortable as possible. Case management services at Palmdale Regional Medical Center can he ...…
Palmdale UMC Worship
The X-Men can teach the Church what it means to be an inclusive, welcoming, multicultural center of God's love & acceptance. Their willingness to confront evil and stand up to bigotry and racism can be an inspiration to us today. Galatians 3:23-29 is our text.
The Fatastic Four are Marvel's "first family." Reed, Sue, Ben & Johnny received "superpowers" when they were flying to outerspace on a rocketship. As they banded together to use their newfound abilities for the good of all... they guide us towards the Early Church, as other men & women of faith used the gifts of the Holy Spirit that God bestowe ...…
Pastor Jim Powell (current Cal-Pac North District Superintendent, and former PUMC senior pastor for 24 years) brings a word of challenge and encouragement, calling us to have the right perspective as we face the challenges of life as Christians. This was preached on the final Sunday of our 60th Anniversary celebration.…
If you have a stroke, getting medical care as quickly as possible can help prevent death or minimize the lasting effects of stroke. That's why it is important for you to know the signs of a possible stroke, learn your risk factors and identify what you need to do if you suspect you or a loved one is having a stroke. Listen as May Ronci, RN, dis ...…
The world and culture tells us who were are, depending on our problems and situations. Yet, when we deeply know that we are children of God, we are free to live into our true identity. This is the story of Wonder Woman.
With great power comes great responsibility. Today we examine how a regular guy like Peter Parker, with many problems of his own, can willingly choose to make a difference in the world. So can we. Galatians 6:1-10 is our text.
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