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Pang Prego
Från 2009/2010. Humorprogram där varje program handlade om en lyssnare. Ansvarig utgivare: Anne Sseruwagi
May Pang
May Pang shares her years of life experience in the music business, as well as the time she spent with John Lennon, the Beatles, and many other legendary musicians. May is also an author, pop-asian culture webzine publisher and Feng Shui jewelry designer.May's co-host, Cynthia Neilson, is a writer, and a former stuntwoman and casting director.
BostonSpeaks with Kit Pang
Welcome to the BostonSpeaks Podcast with Kit Pang. A weekly interview with top professional speakers, communication coaches and experts to help you discover the power of communication.
Chasen Pucks with Panger on
On | Presented by
Typecast: A Show About Writing
Typecast is a show about the writing craft, in which Chicago Tribune reporter Kevin Pang picks the brain of writers far better than him.
Have You Been Paying Attention?
Join Host Tom Gleisner, Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang for HAVE YOU BEEN PAYING ATTENTION?, Australia's funniest quiz show! You can watch the show 8.40 Mondays after MasterChef on Channel Ten Australia!
Chrissie, Sam & Browny
Join Chrissie Swan, Sam Pang & Jonathan Brown for the best bits of Nova 100’s ‘Chrissie, Sam & Browny’, the breaky show that is Made For Melbourne.
Penalty Box Radio is a hockey radio show that airs live every Wednesday night at 8pm Central on 102.5 FM - ESPN Radio Nashville. We've had guests like Hilary Knight, Chris Mason, Bernie Nicholls, Darren Pang, Kevin Weekes, Kenny Albert, Ken Morrow and more!
Kape’t Tsaa
Ang Kape’t Tsaa (KaT) ay pang-araw-araw na programang mula sa Beijing. Ang layon nito ay ipaalam sa mga Pilipino ang samu’t saring mga kaganapan at talakayan tungkol sa maiinit na isyung panlipunan ng Tsina; sining; showbiz at musika; at wikang Tsino, sa pamamagitan ng pamumuhay at pananaw ng mga Pilipino sa Tsina.
PAGPAPALIWANAG sa kahulugan ng limampung Piling Hadith
Pagpapaliwanag sa kahulugan ng mga piling Hadith, at paglalahad sa kasaysayan ng mga taga-ulat nito, gayundin ang mga benepisyong pang-agham nito.
I’m Charis, I’m 11 On these podcasts shows will hear my favourite deep, tech, tropical or even just cool house tracks, from producers around the world like Pang!, andhim, Syn Cole or even Jamie Antonelli. If you have no idea who they are, then let me educate your ears. After all you only live once YOLO Live It Welcome to YOLO Live It
Mga Tanong at Sagot
Napapaloob sa audio na ito ang pagsagot ni Ust. Samsudin panuntungan sa mga katanungan mula sa ilang mga kapatid sa Islam.1-Paraan kung paano maniwala sa kaisahan ni Allah. 2- Ang Pagsasalah lang ba ang dapat gawin?3- Ano ang batayan ng muling pagkabuhay? At marami pang ibang mga tanong tungkol sa Islam.
Nonsuch University Librarynth
What are the strange and other-worldly goings on at Nonsuch University Librarynth? Find out with these regular podcast updates from the staff who work there.To learn more about our cast of characters, take a look at the Librarynth blog at [UNDER CONSTRUCTION!]Writers: James Atkinson, Ka-Ming Pang, Ludi Price, plus Sarah Stewart (Episode 1). Music: Gary GreenThis series was fuelled by many bags of strawberry laces and raspberry and custard splats (sponsors ...
Judy Joy Jones Show
Rare Listeners Excellence in Art, Literature, Science, Music & Spiritual Leaders.Recent shows include; Dr. Maya Angelou, Gloria Allred; most well-known female attorney on earth, Dr. Michio Kaku, Helen Thomas; White House Correspondent, Dr. Masaru Emoto of "What the Bleep!", May Pang & her book about Beatles John Lennon, Susan Powter, Rickie Lee Jones, Dr. Bruce Goldberg; Dr. Arun Gandhi; Sylvia Brown-Psychic; plus many ...
Letter From A. Broad
Muriel/Aggie Murch is a radio producer, writer, organic farmer and registered nurse. Muriel began her radio work in 1989 in the Drama and Literature department at KPFA Pacifica in Berkeley, California. In 1996 she joined a small group that formed KWMR community radio in Point Reyes, California. She continues to write short stories and poetry and, as she can, produce radio programs often focused on literature, agriculture or medicine. During an extended time away in London, Murch wrote the fi ...
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Name: Ladyboy-ladyboy presents Lusty Brunette Pang Plays Cock! – 25.07.2017 Video: MP4, HD, 1280×720 Time: 00:17:13 Size: 638 MB Download the best quality Ladyboy-ladyboy presents Lusty Brunette Pang Plays Cock! – 25.07.2017.mp4 from K2S (637.95 MB) Get 10% more days promo code Keep2ShareBy nsv.
Falling Through the Cracks: Feel alive and thrive
Busy. Busy. Busy. Today’s world is always busy, and full of trying to do and be more. But what if that is the wrong approach? In Alex Soojung-Kim Pang’s book “Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less,” he explains how we need to find time to do less, so that we can do more.
Are You Real | Finding Your Purpose | Discover Your Talents | Christianity | Christian | Believer | Faith | Christ Follower
Have you found your purpose? What are you supposed to do after you find it? Those are the types of questions that Rusty Pang is answering. Today, Jon and Rusty are answering questions that listeners and friends have asked, so tune in to learn more about purpose. What you'll hear in this episode: How do you go from finding your purpose to living ...…
Today we caught up with our mate George Calombaris, who brought us some break Moussaka! Jess Mauboy came in and couldn't stop singing. Titus O'Reily got serious, and Sam Pang went to Vietnam.
Lovecraft-themed melodic death metalDemonic clouds in chasmy reachsmothered in the brooding nightheld within the clutch of nightmaresmy conscious drifts toward ruinas i feel my mind float away in this vast hellish graspto spheres of darkness and abysmal voidsa speechless horror with rancid thoughtsthe cursed universe within my soulembodied blac ...…
Featured Interview:Long-term vacationsGuest: Alex Soojung-Kim PangFounderRestful CompanyAuthorRest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less
Do you want to become a highly-paid professional speaker? Looking for a way to boost your credential and stand out from your competition? Do you see the value in get tens of thousands of dollars in free publicity? If so, join in to listen to how international best-selling author, professional speaker and publishing / book marketing coach, Patri ...…
Today the number one source of communication is social media. However the best method of communicating is still human contact. Talking to people in person makes it easier to develop good working relationships. Simply put, saying the right words may make the difference between getting the sale and closing the deal. Likewise attending great event ...…
Do you need to tune-up your communication skills. In this talk with Laurie Schloff, we'll discuss the top 5 communication techniques all leaders and influencers need.You'll hear practical strategies to propel your career to the next level and the top of your field. Takeaways:Create a HIT--high impact talkUse the sounds of successLearn to listen ...…
It's a challenge many face - how to leverage being at a conference to build your professional network and make the investment of time and money worthwhile. In this Facebook world, we've forgotten how to do face time (and I don't mean the app). Content may be king, but in an online world, it's not necessary to attend events to learn. Conferences ...…
When you're psyching yourself up for an interview or networking event, how do you talk to yourself? We're often not aware of what we say to ourselves, and we should be. We have the power to affect how we show up in conversations, and the first impression that we make. If we want to be confident and an effective communicator, there are ways to t ...…
Punching up Business with Standup Comedy TechniquesWhen you speak are you putting people to sleep?Are your stories ending with a thud with you saying, “Well… I guess you had to be there…”Are your emails and social media posts seriously dull?Don’t miss this interview where Judy Carter, author of The Comedy Bible, will reveal the trade secrets of ...…
Is there an inner speaker inside of you that wants to come out? We all know that public speaking is one of the scariest things to do in life but don't let this fear hold you back. Today, join Linda Ugelow to learn how you can start to banish your fear of speaking on stage or on camera.Takeaways:The 3 part Fear to Fabulous system for overcoming ...…
Communication blunders can cause confusion in light-hearted situations or it can also destroy your executive presence in serious circumstances. Do you know how to effectively communicate in a confident, poised and clear manner to get your point across? Join Kristy Lenuzza to get a communication tune-up! Takeaways: 3 Sure-Fire Acting Tips that W ...…
Do you know how to effective network so that you are building quality relationships that will help you grow professionally and expand your business? Learn how to network like a pro and feel confident every time you walk in the door. Today, join Cami Baker to learn how you can become a better networker and own the room. 1. You will learn how to ...…
Are You Real | Finding Your Purpose | Discover Your Talents | Christianity | Christian | Believer | Faith | Christ Follower
Do you get angry a lot? Are you in pain? How are we as humans supposed to deal with these things? That is why Rusty Pang is here on the podcast this week. Listen to this episode to hear what Rusty has to say about anger and how to deal with pain. Rusty Pang is an author, speaker, and military instructor. He currently works for the Navy, but run ...…
Ang pagpatay kay Amir Al mu’mineen Umar Ibnul Khattab (ra) at Mga aral sa kanyang mga huling salita. Khtubah@ Masjid Ibnu Abbas 12-2-2016 The post Ahmad Javier – Ang Pagpatay kay Umar Ibnul Khattab appeared first on Ahmad Javier.
Ang Pagdiriwang ng Kaarawan ng Propeta Muhammad Khutbah @ Masjid Ibnu Abbas 01-02-2017 The post Ahmad Javier – Ang Pagdiriwang ng Kaarawan ng Propeta Muhammad appeared first on Ahmad Javier.
Pang-iinsulto sa Sugo Ni Allah Khutbah @ Masjid Ibnu Abbas The post Ahmad Javier – Ang Pang-iinsulto sa Sugo Ni Allah appeared first on Ahmad Javier.
You are being issued a 30 day live stream video challenge. Would you do it?What were your initial thoughts and feelings after you read the above statement? Did you feel nervous, anxious, fearful, and/or doubtful? Did that inner critic in your head tell you, “You can’t do it. There is no way you can come up with content for 30 days. Who are you ...…
Ps Darin Browne @ Coast Church
Last week we looked at your mind as a computer, and we talked about the programs running in the background as being like your subconscious. We discovered that when your subconscious controls your conscious, it can either be good forming a good habit, or destructive causing addiction. The way you overcome addictions and bad habits is by controll ...…
Parlando - Where Music and Words Meet
Today’s episode “The River Merchant’s Wife: A Letter” has a very complicated history. I can’t even say “Ezra Pound’s ‘The River Merchant’s Wife”—though he’s often listed as the author. Let’s begin, as a river or a journey might, at the beginning. Back in the 9th Century in China there were two great poets. One of them we’ve already met there: D ...…
The Morning Fanatics: 7/7/17 Darren Pang - Rick Tocchet is rumored to be the next coach of the Arizona Coyotes. Bauer & Gray talked to Darren Pang about Tocchet's troubled past and if he'd be a good fit in the desert.
The Morning Fanatics: 7/7/17 Hour 1 - Bauer & Gray ask if it's time for the Diamondbacks to make a change at closer, talk Rick Tocchet and Coyotes with Darren Pang, plus Football at :50.
The Midday Grind with Martin Kilcoyne and Charlie Marlow
Darren Pang, FOX Sports Midwest Blues analyst, details his new television contract with FSM and breaks down the Note’s offseason maneuvering. The post The Midday Grind: Seg. 2) Blues Announcer Darren Pang Joins TMG appeared first on
Tudo começou com a palavra slacker, “preguiçoso” ou “mandrião”, a descrever Darwin… de antenas no ar, a Anita devorou o artigo e deixou começarem a germinar alguns pensamentos tabu. Na verdade, um dos maiores medos da Anita é que descubram que, na sua essência, ela é preguiçosa. Ou melhor, talvez não seja medo de ser desmascarada… talvez passe ...…
Picks from across the week including bass-baritone Gerald Finley, conductor David Hill, trumpeter John Wallace, soprano Natalya Romaniw and Ron Davis with his Sympharonica orchestra
Picks from across the week including bass-baritone Gerald Finley, conductor David Hill, trumpeter John Wallace, soprano Natalya Romaniw and Ron Davis with his Sympharonica orchestra
Westminster Presbyterian Church Sermons
Since it is the July 4th weekend, I have had several patriotic songs rolling around in my head over the last few days. One theme that I have noticed running through them all is the theme of “freedom.” That makes sense. Freedom was one of the founding ideals of this country. And it definitely shows up in our country’s patriotic songs. For exampl ...…
Communication is the medium through which leaders interact with their team. The way he or she talks with the team, questions the team’s ideas, and solidifies the team’s commitments is a powerful force which influences the group’s dynamics, the level of thinking, and the ownership within the team. There is no other leadership competency that is ...…
There’s a lot of talk about the power of story-telling in business and life. And it’s all true. But anyone who continues to teeter on edge at Aunt Mildred’s 100th retelling of one tale, only to doze off when Uncle Fred tells it once, knows that not all story-telling is created equal. What makes one telling compel people to tears and even action ...…
Do you want to improve your communication skills to speak more smoothly and confidently? If you're willing to put in the time and work, you can learn how to master your speech and become articulate, clear and precise. Today Karen Astin, will talk about how you can practice to speak more fluently and transform your life.Takeaways:Quick Hacks: sp ...…
NITIN MANNA July 2 Zarhpi Ni Duhhrilnak Pathian in a hnenah, “Hmuan sungih a ummi thingrah hmuahhmuah na ei thei; asinain a ṭha le a sia theihtheinak thingkung ih rah cu na ei hrimhrim lo pei. Na ei asile na ei ni in na thi ding,” tiah a sim. – Seem. 2:16-17 [Seem. 2:16-17] Nupi nu kum note pakhat in kum hnih a simi a faate duh a hriltermi ka z ...…
What does public speaking mean for you? Is it something that makes you cringe when you know you have to speak in front of a large crowd or is it a moment that you live for? Today Angela Lussier, will talk about how public speaking and discovering your voice leads to insight about who you are.Takeaways:2 things every speaker must consider before ...…
Do you find yourself being uncomfortable speaking in public? Most people have a fear of public speaking because it is so hard to "be yourself" when you are in front of a crowd. Today Catherine Storing, will talk about how to unlock your speaking potential.Takeaways:1. Talking about what you love (your passion topic)2. Speaking is your ticket ou ...…
The Roo and Ditts For Breakfast Catch Up - 104.7 Triple M Adelaide - Mark Ricciuto & Chris Dittmar
1) Welcome - Ditts has his brother in town 2) Overnight - Compulsory to wear life jackets when on boat. Sam Newmann took a swipe at Dangerfield. George Pell charged from Victoria Police. 3) Lawrence Mooney chat - Houli 4) Nigel McBride Chat - Bank Levy charges 5) top 5 We've Learnt 6) Jay Weahterill, SA Premier - Bank levy charges 7) Sam Pang m ...…
The Lion's Den For Business Men
Ever feel like you’re just not doing what you’re supposed to be doing with your life? My guest today felt that in a big way. As a young man, Rusty Pang had more jobs than most people will have in a lifetime. Within a relatively short 13 years, Rusty jumped through 26 jobs and owned seven businesses – four of which he resurrected from failure by ...…
Anna Brown joins me to answer listener questions. Click here to submit your own question to the Q&A Round Table! Quote of the Week “I think if we can just be aware that we don’t have to hold all of this weight ourself, that we can have conversations, that we can include our children, that that just helps us move forward through all these differ ...…
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