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A positive podcast from Stand Up Comedian. Actor. Writer. Bread Maker. Friend to All Tom Papa.
New London centric podcast From the Papa Teach Me! youtube channel- Learn all about London now and then with Aly and Ian
Papa Romeo
Papa Romeo will promote the MP Corps through media with interviews of current leaders in order to be professional development and a digital time capsule.
Papa's Basement
DC's Premier Comedy Podcast
In thanksgiving to God for the great gift of our new Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a Cardinal from Argentina) who has already won many people's hearts. Track: 'Overjoyed' by Joe Zambon. Totus2us is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Totus Tuus (All Yours) was Blessed John Paul II's motto to Mary. Our Lady is also everything to us - Totus2us.
Are you ready to ROCK your Direct Sales business? This podcast is here to help! While the trainings in this program are specializing in Paparazzi Accessories related content, the principles and training can be tweaked to fit any business. Come learn, get inspired and have fun with the Papa Rock Stars Podcast! The only sales training of it's kind!
Live from Studio Anarchy, or where ever he may be when he records, Papa Anarchy tells stories ranging from his time in the US Navy, music, sports, beer, and even random noises. He occasionally brings on guests or friends that he sits down with and just has a conversation about anything and everything. He seeks to inspire freedom with stories and rants, whether it’s a memory or complete fiction. His mission is to entertain and possibly inspire and motivate anyone who is willing to put in an h ...
Papa Don't Teach
Millennial Elle has convinced her baby boomer father, Mal, to take a break from ranting about technology to record a podcast. Every week they'll discuss listener-submitted questions and topics, followed by vigorous naps.
Deepening relationships, building businesses, living with Soul, loving our lives. This show is about combining science and spirituality into practical tools for creating love and abundance. You'll hear stories, interviews, tips and weird stuff that's sometimes woowooAF.
Big Papa Podcast
A podcast about anything and everything in our lives.
Boris Papa Bar
BPB – клубный проект компании Morris , логичное продолжение клубов Fruit , Пушкин Bar , Пушкин Central Park и Gold . Создавая Boris Papa Bar , мы приложили все возможные усилия, чтобы каждое из слагаемых клуба – расположение, интерьер, гости, команда, сервис, артисты и атмосфера – были доведены до совершенства.
Papa's Words
The words of our holy fathers - Saint John Paul II, Papa Benedict XVI and Pope Francis - in their homilies, messages and letters. For much more, visit which is dedicated to Our Lady and inspired by these Three Musketeer Popes. Totus Tuus (All Yours) was JPII's motto to Our Lady. Mary is also everything2us.
Following in the footsteps of JPII, Pope Benedict XVI has also been greatly loved by young people. His first apostolic pilgrimage was to World Youth Day Cologne and young people from the world flocked to be with him at WYD Sydney 2008 and JMJ Madrid 2011. Here they share their stories – what it is about Papa Benedetto that they love so much, how his life has encouraged them, and which of his words particularly inspire them. Music by Ooberfuse or Amanda Vernon. Visit for much mor ...
Charles Daniel Victor is a missionary pastor, teacher and life coach passionate to see people walk in the fullness of God’s original design. His grand father came from a strong temple priest background. His desire is to see people get infected with the lifestyle of supernatural and be part of transforming the cities and nations where they live in. He is married to a Beautiful Spanish girl who is an amazing worship leader and Intercessor. Together they have 2 lovely kids. Jesus called Charles ...
WARNING: Viewer Discretion is Advised for Papa John's Brain Droppings.Follow us on or for the latest updates. For video of the podcasts subscribe to
Happy House/Vocal/funky/Disco Mix Live Session!!
Papa Time
One papa, five children, and the talks they have together.
Papa Franku
Here at The Papa's Gaming Sauce Podcast we're all about big video game talk with a comedic twist.
Dj Papa
Hot Fresh Mixes From Toronto Canada's Number 1 Upcoming DJ... DJPAPA!
Because There Can Never Be Too Much Football.
Papa Cam
Podcast by Cameron Kieffer
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Chris Hardwick is an annoying comedian who launched a podcast empire (I’m not jealous) and also spends (well, spent) a lot of time on TV (again, “not jealous,” said the man through clenched teeth). Over the weekend, he was accused of his ex, Chloe Dykstra, of some unsavory behavior in their relationship, and summarily lost pretty much every job ...…
Time to thank you for supporting the Your Dad Stole My Rake! Another great week and we have a very happy landing! All before Paul heads to IraqBy (Tom Papa).
After a long break due to busy-ness, Gillian is back in the studio to discuss the start of summer break. Papa and Gilli talk about camping, the summer reading program, dining out, ice cream, custard pie, and wombat poop, among other things. Music by
We all have a "BC" life. I mean before Christ life. What happens when we get to know Jesus. Do we intentionally pursue Him and His desires that He has put in our hearts or we just get drifted and loose passion in our lives? This 2 part episode we talk about 5 stages in everyones life. 1. He calls me 2. He qualifies me 3. He equips me 4. He empo ...…
Time to bring the book to the people. Get your copy of Your Dad Stole My Rake today! So I can go back home!By (Tom Papa).
In part 2 Aly and Ian talk about the shit end of shit year....1666, the Great fire of London. Also, your questions and free London.
I realize the title makes it sound like Shawn Westfall was there, watching Anthony Bourdain at the end…AND THAT WAS MY INTENT (no, it wasn’t). Mr. Westfall, who runs DC’s Unified Scene Theater talks with me about Anthony Bourdain’s suicide and why it shouldn’t come as a shock that a celebrity or anyone else who seems to “have so much” would do ...…
Emotional processing has changed my life, "saved" the lives of people I work with, and I hope it changes yours too. Move through any emotion far quicker than you thought. Adjust your vibration at a source level to completely increase your manifesting ability. Clear the baggage inside of you that is blocking your natural feelings of love and joy ...…
Today, we have Elite Leader Krystal Glenn with us. She is an amazing inspiration and has some great words or experience to share with us. Krystal is truly a rags to riches story! Keep listening for all an amazing interview! For all the show notes, call images, resources, challenges, Paparazzi images, graphics, memes and more visit PapaRockStars ...…
Time to talk about the book! It's here. For you!By (Tom Papa).
In part 1 of this 2 part special Aly and Ian discuss the great plague of London, answer your questions and give you some more free London!
We attempt to bring humor to the following sad topics this week: -Ellicott City has been destroyed by flood for the second time in two years. Yet people still want to remain. That will end well. -Roseanne’s horrid Twitter schtick finally costs her the Roseanne reboot, getting hundreds of people associated with the show fired because she had to ...…
We all have a "BC" life. I mean before Christ life. What happens when we get to know Jesus. Do we intentionally pursue Him and His desires that He has put in our hearts or we just get drifted and loose passion in our lives? This 2 part episode we talk about 5 stages in everyones life. 1. He calls me 2. He qualifies me 3. He equips me 4. He empo ...…
Aly and Ian talk, Cockneys, Krays and Chimney sweeps. Also your questions and free london
Time to talk about the winding road through Cleveland on the way to the big book release.By (Tom Papa).
This week CPT Magnus Ivarson of the Norwegian Military Police talks about his experiences abroad and adds broadens our understanding of MP forces across the globe.
One of the weird or bizarre or non-biblical prayers believers make is "Lord humble me". Actually our job is to humble ourselves and when God sees our humility He exalts us. In this episode we talk what is and what is not true humility?! We also discover some principles to examine our hearts of how this "pride thing" creeps in our system and des ...…
Today’s interview is with an amazing girl-boss. This girl knows how to hustle and keep pushing forward. She is a great team leader and inspires me. Today, we chat with Lenieshia Mayberry. In today’s episode… For all the show notes, call images, resources, challenges, Paparazzi images, graphics, memes and more visit This Papar ...…
Time to talk about seeing clearly and honoring Philip Roth.By (Tom Papa).
A Greek school shooter. Finally, a subject I’m qualified to discuss. I’ll make this short and sweet: Being raised ethnically Greek outside of the two Greek neighborhoods still left in this country sucks. Your name is weird. Your food is weird (it’s not all baklava and yogurt, you ignoramuses). Your language is weird. Your church uses more incen ...…
Aly and Ian discuss the royal wedding, Royal weddings of the Past, Secret london and answer your questions
Live from the Village Underground with Chris Destefano, Mike Yard, Judy Gold, Dave Juskow, Rick Crom and Stavros Halkius.By (Tom Papa).
Aly and Ian tell tales of the Tower of London, and answer your questions on the Royal family and other topics
Many of us have different kinds of fear. Some fears might be real or rational or even so nonsense. In this episode, we talk about what are the basic 2 inherent fears, how Jesus dealt with it and how we deal with it? What happens when we walk in fear? Is it gonna be 100% ok to walk in the fullness of God, if we allow fear to dominate us instead ...…
Time to talk about finding a princess for Paul or at least some pizza.By (Tom Papa).
The biggest Paparazzi party of the year is just around the corner and I can't wait. If you aren't signed up for convention yet, have questions about why you should go - this show is for you!! For all the show notes, call images, resources, challenges, Paparazzi images, graphics, memes and more visit This Paparazzi Accessories ...…
Thanks to a great book, messages from my higher self, and a reading of Natal Chart, I had a major revelation about how Highly Evolved Beings behave. They don't care about results, they are just looking for expression. This has had a huge impact on my life and I share about it here. I hope you try this.…
We talk about “incels,” aka the involuntarily celibate, who have gained notoriety for producing a spate of recent murderers, among them Elliot Rodger. Is it bad for a group of guys not getting laid to rage out together as long as that rage is only turned inward? And, for those of us who have touched the genitals of another partner, we talk the ...…
Time to Try, try, and try again.By (Tom Papa).
Luke 1: 28 The angel went to her and said, "Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.” Sometimes Favor doesn't mean all will go well. In this episode, we will learn the life and manifestation of the Holy Spirit working in tangible ways in the life of these 3 amazing women: Ruby Daniel, Pandita Ramabai and Mary, mother of Jesu ...…
Shawn Westfall, founder of the Unified Scene Theater in Washington, D.C. has taught me improv for a while now and has also come to be a friend (meaning we hang out, bitch about the injustices of life, and then part ways, somehow more bitter than we were before our conversation). Shawn’s theater is going on year three, and he lets loose about th ...…
"Our bodies are just clothes." Hilary shares her identity struggle transitioning into a coach. Authentic role models. How we co-create with our environment. Why our spirits inhabit our bodies. How balance really works, and the tension of trying to create from our deeper selves. Hilary’s 3 biggest tips for finding your destiny. Boom.…
Today we get the pleasure of learning from an amazing leader who is a master of positivity and happiness. Rochelle Beachy is an amazing leader who practices what she preaches and who is adored by her team and the people who know her. Get ready to take some amazing notes in today's Elite Interview. … For all the show notes, call images, resource ...…
David records a new realization about the Present Moment and finding peace from the beach. He talks about emotional integration and then tension comes up in his body, and he processes it live. Enjoy the wave sounds. More at
Marvel’s Infinity War is soon to be the highest-grossing film of all time (and probably will be by the time you read this). And, if there’s one refrain I’ve heard online, it’s this: “Please don’t spoil the film for me.” The problem is, Infinity War is the least-spoilable movie that has maybe ever been made. I’m not saying that for comedic effec ...…
Women’s role in the church. How Jesus views women?! When women were leaders of a tribe in OT before the Cross, why can’t women be pastors in the church after the Cross,?! How did Jesus view them? Why we take part of the verse from the Bible and make a universal doctrine? Listen empowered and be a blessing in Yeshua’s Name. The King of Glory gon ...…
Tonight Sophie and Papa are talking about felting, a trip to the zoo, favorite historical figures, and what kind of plant one would be, given the choice. music by
MAJ Nick Yetman and CPT Piper Yetman discuss the challenges of managing careers while enrolled in the Married Army Couples Program while raising children.
Time to talk about crazy people in crazy apartments trying not to go crazy.By (Tom Papa).
Stan and Shane sit back on this one and catch up with each other. This is true Big Papa Podcast that you know and love. Enjoy!
The word "Joy" is so messed up most of us misinterpret joy for happiness. Happiness happens and joy abides. Joy is not the absence of problem, whereas joy is the presence of God in the midst of what you are going through. One of the most powerful verse in the Bible is written by the Holy Spirit through Apostle Paul is from the book of Philippia ...…
Time to talk about Spooky Hotels and A Scary Comedian.By (Tom Papa).
A Quiet Place is a fantastic film that most of the show’s cast, by this point, has seen. Those same members of the cast are also huge fans of The Office and, for those of us that are, it’s impossible to see John Krasinski on screen and not be reminded of his Office character, Jim Halpert. Which got our minds to thinking: Which Office characters ...…
CW5 Tackett talks about his experiences in CID and being the first Regimental Chief Warrant Officer. And he only ever wore two patches throughout his entire career.
Time to talk about the long road home.By (Tom Papa).
UpdateBy (Tom Papa).
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