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The Paralegal Voice
The Paralegal Voice covers the latest issues and trends in the world of paralegals and legal assistants. Host Vicki Voisin, also known as the Paralegal Mentor, invites leading paralegals and legal professionals to discuss a range of topics from career tips and tactics to writing skills and hiring trends. The Paralegal Voice is a comprehensive educational resource for paralegals at any level of experience.
Disability Talk
A Podcast for People With A Disability.
Roll Model Podcast
I'm just a a wheelchair...sitting in front of a microphone asking my laundry to do itself.
Ricky James
"The Journey is the Reward", Courage & Perseverance The Life & Times of Ricky James
SCI Bootcamp
Overview:SCI Boot Camp is a podcast created for people living with spinal cord injuries (SCI) as a new medium for education, information sharing, learning and development, support, and community. Weekly Boot Camp broadcasts address issues across the spectrum of SCI-related subjects ranging from the science behind injuries and the rehabilitation experience to adaptive equipment and living intentionally with the injury. About the Host:The SCI Boot Camp podcast was developed by and is hosted by ...
Murder, Alaska
The Murder, Alaska podcast focuses on crime and law in Alaska. Podcast creator Leo Helmar is a paralegal who has worked for the Public Defender Agency and the City Attorney in Juneau. The podcast explores the factors associated with crime and the historical context of infamous murder cases in Alaska.
Robert Half Legal Report
Welcome to the Robert Half Legal Report, where we discuss current issues impacting the legal profession related to hiring, staff management and more, with leading experts in the field. Robert Half Legal provides lawyers, paralegals, and support staff to law firms and corporate legal departments on a project and full-time basis.
On Demand Law Office Podcast: For Solo Lawyers and Small Firm Attorneys
The best podcast for practicing lawyers and their support staff to learn new tips, hacks, and tactics to streamline legal systems and processes that will make your productivity soar. On Demand Law Office will equip you and your team to use the tools that are available to you and will recommend some of the more common tools that will make your practice better. We will focus this podcast on the practice of law from the lawyer's perspective and from the paralegal's perspective. We believe that ...
Philosodorks: A Humorous Exploration of the History of Ideas
Rich is a paralegal with a master's degree in philosophy. Jessie is a community manager who almost got a bachelor's degree in music. Together, they take you on a magical journey exploring the world of people trying to figure out how to think.
Who Else Wants Better Credit
After suffering from a poor credit report for years, Mark Clayborne went on a mission to study everything he could on restoring his credit. Concluding the extensive research, he repaired his credit report and learned various hidden secrets on how to improve a bad credit file. Because of this new found tested knowledge, Mr. Clayborne helped over a hundred consumers repair their credit and take their financial life back. Now, he wants to share these strategies with the world and as a result HI ...
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In today’s episode it’s an honour to be chatting to a man who thrives on adrenaline and believes that anything is possible, Shaun Gash, who is currently training for a Guinness World Record attempt in August at completing Lands End to John O’Groats on his wheelchair inside 20 days. Shaun was paralysed from the chest down 26 years ago so has bee ...…
In 2010 Tayla Stone's life was flipped upside down following a dirt bike accident which left her paralysed and a future as a T12 incomplete paraplegic. Her whole life changed in an instant. Then in 2015, Tayla lost one of her strongest supporters - her Mother. Tayla's first hand experience of hardship and challenges have enabled her to draw on ...…
Researchers are connecting human brains via computer and have seen one person's brain move another's body — but it comes with ethical issues.By
In this podcast, I share with you an incredibly inspirational person that I am honored to work with, learn from, and call my friend – Mr. Rodney Flowers. Join us as we discuss Rodney’s own personal “pivots”, from star football player to paraplegic to his tenacious pursuit and achievement of walking again and living wheelchair-free. Rodney is a ...…
The Smokey Shelter
When his brother is killed in a robbery, paraplegic Marine Jake Sully decides to take his place in a mission on the distant world of Pandora. There he learns of greedy corporate figurehead Parker Selfridge's intentions of driving off the native humanoid "Na'vi" in order to mine for the precious material scattered throughout their rich woodland. ...…
Discover Your Talent–Do What You Love | Build a Career of Success, Satisfaction and Freedom
Maryam Webster was coming into her own. At 28, with grad school behind her, a promising career in psychology and marketing lay ahead. Then, a drunk driver on a London street turned her into a paraplegic. Doctors told her she would never walk again. She regained her mobility in nine years and turned a 30-year career into a joyous new business. “ ...…
In this episode we meet a very inspirational individual named Lee Thibeault. As you'll see, Lee is in a wheelchair after suffering a spinal chord injury after a motorcycle accident. Lee is now a paraplegic, but he stays extremely positive and as he puts it, he "wouldn't change a thing" and loves his life! Tune in to hear his story. We can all l ...…
We get spooked by the ever consummate professional Ben 'Mendo' Mendelsohn, chat to Drapht's who's currently on an RV Van holiday, meet a paraplegic backflipper and introduce you to our new reviewer Amelia Nevescuela.By
“Ask The Hammer” – Exploring the Legal Matters That Matter Most Welcome again to the podcast series now available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio! “Ask the Hammer” is the radio show with truck accident lawyer Darryl Isaacs, “The Hammer.” Do you have a legal question for The Hammer? You can submit your questions via Facebook or Twitter using #askth ...…
Cale returns to us from the chickeny ether.
Cale returns to us from the chickeny ether.
Rick Hansen completes his Man in Motion world tour. Rick Hansen was 15 years old the summer of 1973 when an automobile accident left him a paraplegic. Despite the setback, Hansen went on to become a top wheelchair athlete, winning numerous international wheelchair marathons and three world championships. He even competed for Canada in the 1984 ...…
Judson is a partially paralyzed and completely awesome skydiver. He hasn't let his accident keep him down, and he's made nearly 100 jumps since it happened. You can follow Judson on Facebook at @spc.jwb or catch him on the DZ at Skydive Panama City
This is one podcast episode you do not want to miss! If you've ever thought practice was hard... If you've ever felt like giving up... You need to listen to Dr. Matthew Hodgson's story of surviving a near death experience - Being in ICU for 4 months - Being left paraplegic paralyzed from the chest down - And battling back to start his own pract ...…
Sam Bloom became a paraplegic after falling from a rickety balcony while on holiday in Thailand. Now a best-selling book called Penguin Bloom – about a visiting magpie that helped Sam’s family to recover – will be made into a film starring Naomi Watts.
Steve Trestrail talks about barefoot skiing, keeping a positive attitude after becoming a paraplegic, representing his country in wheelchair basketball, and the power of determination. Find out more on the Puttin' In Work with Jono Pech website.
Click on this link to buy David Gemmell was the UK's number one fantasy and historical novelist until his death in 2006. A regular Sunday Times bestseller, and international sensation, his legacy lives on through his novels, his influence on the genre, and through the David Gemmell Legend awards.Rhyming Rings is a never-b ...…
The possibility of folic acid becoming mandatory in our bread once again is being welcomed by paediatricians.Food Safety Minister David Bennett plans to review legislation, after Australian research showed a dramatic drop in birth defects there since folate was ruled compulsory in bread in 2009.Our Government decided against making it mandatory ...…
BLIND FAITH LIVE ! Real People. Real Miracles.
Dr. Issam Nemeh prays, things happen. Amazing things. Sally Breier has been a paraplegic since 2001. A devastating fall put her in a wheelchair. And yet, when Dr. Issam Nemeh prays with Sally, the impossible happens… Including walking. Issam … Continue reading → The post A Paraplegic’s Dancin’ Feet – BFL 198 appeared first on BLIND FAITH LIVE ! ...…
The Importance of Togetherness Acts 3:1-11 The Attention of the Paraplegic The Approach of the Preachers The Astonishment of the People
The Dave Bullis Podcast | Filmmaking | Film School | Screenwriting | Film Marketing | Independent Film | Cinematography | Film | Crowdfunding
Salva Rubio is a writer, teacher, and novelist. His current book, Save the Cat Goes to the Indies, is out now. Pre Show Notes -- Need help with your podcast?! Hire me on Fiverr! -- Dave Bullis Podcast Filmmakers Group on Facebook -- John Fallon NYC Indie Film Podcast - John hosts an excellent film podcast as well. John is also an excellent film ...…
True crime in the news for the week of 04/02/2017 - 04/08/2017. Updates: 15 year-old boy arrested in connection with rape case that was broadcasted live on FacebookSuspect in Cincinatti nightclub shooting indictedHomeowner who shot three burglars not being chargedCouple selling baby on Craigslist have "done this before" Stories: The search of a ...…
The Strong Women’s Club: Jewish women's stories, Jewish women entrepreneurs, Jewish women leaders, Jewish women in business, sports, and science
Do you ever wonder how you’d behave in extreme situations? If you were training for the olympics as a cross country skier, got smashed by a truck, were diagnosed as a paraplegic, were in rehab for six months, what would you do? I can tell you that I’m pretty confident that I wouldn’t become an aerobatic flight instructor as soon as I was discha ...…
Jack shares part two of his extraordinary journey from hospitalization to joining a church and eventually planting a church in Rocky Hill, CT. You can contact him about his book or their church here. During the podcast I mentioned MileIQ. You can get the free app here. If you have a ministry question you'd like featured on our podcast, you can ...…
It is all a matter of perspective in this week’s episode of Talking Trading as we talk to Paralympian John Maclean. After being hit by 8-ton truck whilst cycling on a motorway, John Maclean became an incomplete paraplegic. John’s mental fortitude kept pushing him towards his dreams of being a professional athlete and now, after 25 years […] The ...…
Charlamagne tha God awards Ruby Katie Coursey donkey of the day for murdering her paraplegic boyfriend by leaving him in the woods to die of hypothermia.
Jack shares an amazing testimony of his recovery after an horrific accident left him as a paraplegic with no hope of regaining the use of his body. Currently, he is the pastor of Oasis of Life Christian Church in Rocky Hill, CT During the podcast, I mentioned the book, How To Discover Your Ministry. This study guide is ideal for individuals or ...…
DrRed Says
OK he didn't exactly speak, but he did have a pulse, and strong enough to be noticed by an alert morgue attendant. That was enough to get 20-year-old Sgt. Urban Miyares released from the body bag he was in, in Vietnam. Casualties happen on the battlefield, right? This case was a little different. Sgt. Miyares went into a diabetic coma and lost ...…
Krystyna reflects on her long-term relationship with boyfriend, Stephen, after celebrating their sixth anniversary. Corinne gives some advice to an aromantic teen. The girls decide how to handle a Tinder date who lies about being a paraplegic. On this week's episode, C&K interview journalist and author, CAREN LISSNER (shout-out to Corinne's Aun ...…
It was Valentines Day. My wife and had decided to celebrate that romantic evening at a friend's Thai restaurant in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. While enjoying a glass of moderately priced Merlot and exchanging politically incorrect assessments of other diners on the down-low, I noticed a trio of guests being seated at the table adjacent ...…
It was Valentines Day. My wife and had decided to celebrate that romantic evening at a friend's Thai restaurant in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. While enjoying a glass of moderately priced Merlot and exchanging politically incorrect assessments of other diners on the down-low, I noticed a trio of guests being seated at the table adjacent ...…
This week Rob, James, and Special Jeff bring you news from around the globe! Sure, each story is a little controversial or weird to begin with, but wait until the guys put their special spin on it... Brace yourself as they delve into what makes a man a man and what qualifies as medical treatment for paraplegics- and so much more as always. Spri ...…
Sparta Chicks Radio: Mindset | Confidence | Sport | Women
Back in the 1980s, Janine Shepherd was an elite cross-country skier and member of the Australian ski team training for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. Then one day, her life changed. She was hit by a truck while riding her bike. She left hospital 6 months later, a partial paraplegic. Her defiant human spirit saw Janine overcome the odds, and ...…
Tea With Teachers Podcast / Conversation / Identity / Life Experiences
I continue my conversation with Cheryl Jones in Episode 7 Part 2 of Tea With Teachers. Cheryl was, in her own words, “blessed” to have a host of positive role models in her life - her no nonsense, hard-working parents, her extended family, her teachers who held her to the highest standards and the church community in Houston, where she grew up. ...…
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