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Parashat Hashavua
Parashat Hashavua
The Ruach HaKadosh (Holy Spirit) gently but firmly persuaded us to provide a place where people would come to celebrate a relationship with Abba--Father on a journey to Torah observance. We chose El Shaddai as the name for our Ministries because there is no doubt He is the GREAT and MIGHTY GOD. Our assembly is made up of people from all faiths and walks of life; we have grown to over 400 people, with over 40,000 listening in from around the world and close to a million hits at the website ev ...
JTS's weekly commentary on parashat hashavua and the holidays, published for over 20 years, is enjoyed by thousands of readers every week. The commentary features select faculty, students, and staff from across JTS. We invite you to subscribe to this podcast and bring Torah from JTS wherever you go.
Torat Ramah
A chance for all members of the Camp Ramah in New England Community to study a little Torah together.
Torah podcast from Mevasseret Tzion in Yerushalaim, by Rav David Levy HY"V
These 100 podcast episodes represent the archive versions of the complete 54 Parashat HaShavua (Weekly Torah Portions) as produced by Torah Teacher Ariel. You are encouraged to visit ( for information about new and upcoming versions of the Weekly Torah Portions. While you are there, we invite you to fill in your name and email address to subscribe to Ariel’s Weekly Messianic Newsletter to receive the written commentaries delivered to you by email, and ...
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Daniel Glatstein May 25 - Parashat Naso by JRoot Radio
Parashat Naso - Every Failure In Ruchniyot Is An Opportunity For Greatness by JRoot Radio
Parashat Naso - Meir Ka by JRoot Radio
Time becomes Space/Freedom becomes Liberty -By Rabbi Weinberg.
A New Covenant - May 10, 2018 - What is the purpose of the Parashat B'chukotai?
Daniel Glatstein May 04 - Parashat Emor by JRoot Radio
Parashat Emor - Thought For Food by JRoot Radio
Parashat Beshalah - Purposeful Sight by Rabbi Avi Harari
Vayikra 4: Korban Shelamim & Summary of Nedava Offerings (3:1-17) Sefer Vayikra is Sponsored In Honor of Cookie & Stanley Chera Mr. & Mrs. Ikey Chera This perek in Parashat Vayikra is taught by Mrs. Shani Taragin TanachStudy.comBy (Tanach Study).
Ki Tisa 6: The Berit Reconsidered (34:11-35) Sefer Shemot is Sponsored In Memory of Rabbi Ezra Labaton A"H Mr. & Mrs. Alan Shamah Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Shamah Mr. & Mrs. Ronny Hersh This perek in Parashat Ki Tisa is taught by Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom TanachStudy.comBy (Tanach Study).
Parashat Yitro - Hashem Is Banking For Us by JRoot Radio
Parashat Yitro - The Entire Torah At Once by JRoot Radio
15 Parashat Bo by JRoot Radio
Parashat Bo – THIS MONTH IS YOURS by JRoot Radio
Parashat Bo - Welcome To My Abode by JRoot Radio
Parashat Bo - Convincing Am Yisrael by Rabbi Avi Harari
Parashat VaEira - Juice by JRoot Radio
Parashat VaEra - Who's Taking Am Yisrael Out of Egypt? by Rabbi Avi Harari
Daniel Glatstein Jan 05 - Parashat Shemot by JRoot Radio
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