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Is it possible to grow in diversity and unity at the same time? Listen to find out!
With all the bad news in the world today, wouldn't you just love to hear some good news for a change?
Don't like the way the world is headed? Want to change it? Listen to find out how.
Want to change the world? Listen to find out how!
(Acts 11:1-18) Change is hard. Listen to learn how to be thankful for change instead of resistant to it.
The audio recording picks up a few minutes into the message. We apologize for the technical difficulty.
What is the Lord's Supper?
Life's messy. Listen to learn how to deal with it.
Would you like to see joy in our city? Listen to find out how. (Graffiti 2 Mission Trip Report)
The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.
What is God's plan for your life?
Why does God allow hardships and difficulties to come our way? What can be your response?
Good fruit comes from good seeds.
A mother's work is never done.
Do you have a problem with hypocrites in the church? So does God.
Not all heroes are up-front and well-known. Most do their work behind the scenes without much recognition. Today's sermon tells the story of Barnabas, one of the Bible's greatest unsung heroes.
All too many homes and churches are full of conflict and disunity. Our passage shows us the only way to have true and lasting unity.
Power doesn't come from your platform or personality. Power comes from a Person who laid down his life and took it up again.
Want to learn how to pray boldly when times are tough? Listen to find out.
How should we respond to difficult times?
This week on the Podcast we have Jim Richman. We discuss in detail how Jim ties in faith in Christ to the outdoors. Jim began preaching at age 16. He has led worship at various church camps and youth events across the Midwest, and currently serves as Associate Pastor at Parkview Baptist Church in DeSoto, MO. His true passion in ministry is reac ...…
Bold coffee. Bold spices. Bold style. Maybe you need a different kind of boldness in your life.
What do we have to give to our neighbors and the nations?
A great reputation is built on great relationships.
The first church added 3000 on the first day, but even more astounding was how they multiplied throughout the known world over the next few years. How can we be the kind of believers who multiply ourselves?
Ever wonder what constitutes good preaching? The very first Christian sermon that was preached on the day of Pentecost provides an example of what every good Christian sermon should contain.
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