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Easy Online Marketing with Maritza Parra
The practical and spiritual online marketing show helping you go from marketing to money. Maritza brings her experience as a serial entrepreneur and interviews today's leading entrepreneurs. Join us at for recaps, inspiration and resources from each show.
Matt Parra
Matt Parra speaking at the Camden Haven Church 16/02/2013
There`s No Time To Explain with Brian Parra
Brian Parra has conversations with people about their lives and how they make their way in the world. He rants about whatever happens to be on his mind that week. Topics cover life, music, politics, technology, culture and philosophy.
KnewAge Radio
Kenn Parra and Don discuss the world, the Illuminati, and everything in between.
Hip Hop Horror Theories
Listen to Kenn Parra and Crash Barbosa discuss different horror theories from the Hip Hop world. Guaranteed to shock and awe you.
Two Guys, 1 Ball Podcast
Podcast by Diego Parra
Discipulos Radio
Y acercándose Jesús, les habló, diciendo: Toda autoridad me ha sido dada en el cielo y en la tierra. Id, pues, y haced discípulos de todas las naciones, bautizándolos en el nombre del Padre y del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo, enseñándoles a guardar todo lo que os he mandado; y he aquí, yo estoy con nosotros todos los días, hasta el fin del mundo. Mateo 28:18-20
The Bitcoin Outpost » The Bitcoin Outpost Podcast
The Bitcoin Outpost covers short but important subjects for Bitcoin twice a week. We cover from simple user questions to big analysis of Bitcoin as it develops around the world.Hosted by Alfie Day "Azelphur", and conducted by Jaime Parra "Elions", the podcast focuses not just on Bitcoin but Crypto-currencies in general, touching up on things related to casual users to in-deep trading.
Craigslist Anonymous
Kenneth Parra and Ericka Lesa discuss the strangest, funniest, and most entertaining Craigslist post they find on the ORG. They also invite friends from the web to share their own favorite posts! Craigslist Anonymous is also a webseries, so we may occasionally talk about the process of web series creation with our peers!
HVW8 Intl Podcast
Recorded live at the HVW8 Art + Gallery in Los Angeles with very special guests: DJs, producers, artists and live acts from around the world. Our shows are based in the roots of jazz, funk and soul but still encourage an eclectic, forward thinking mix of whatever is moving our friends at the time. As always, HVW8 also looks to combine music and art into one experience. Images are included with each episode.Past guests include: Dam-Funk, Parra, Daz-I-Kue, Blu and Exile, House Shoes, Mayer Haw ...
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Liquid Stranger - Minimum Little Dragon - Twice (Aaron Jerome Remix) Morcheeba - Thumbnails MultiColor - The First Stage Parra for Cuva - Nagi Sasha - Magnetic North Shulman - Small Grey Creatures Softwaver - She Likes Ambient T Spigot - Pass The Ammo Trestal - Fixated X&G - Quiet (feat Wounded Youth) Album: Transcription Artist: JuVi #JuVi #LS ...…
PHONK! RADIO 10 – 100% TECHNO PODCAST POWERED BY RESISTOHR – 03.10.17 TRACKLISTING Monstrum – Kidding Umek – Transmogrification 3Teeth – Dissolve (Raul Parra RMX) Fran Navaez, Avox 25 – Phase 2 Resistohr – The Splinter ( D.A.V.E. The Drummer RMX) Terra4bea – Midnight Groovant (IG Noise RMX) Resonances IT – Millennium Maskmada – Cocaine (living ...…
Andres A Chopite-Parra watched the revolution from within Venezuela. From a deeply religious upbringing to crafting cocktail concoctions from across the bar, his path was far from boring. With deep interests in law, travel, and the human condition, Andres' journey led him to Florida and London just to taste freedom outside of his politically tu ...…
The guy who created the like button now says it's dangerously addictive. Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos says press doesn't understand how hard it is to prevent voter manipulation. Yahoo admits that hack perpetrated under Yahoo Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos impacted all 3 billion Yahoo users. Google heats up the home voice assi ...…
Today's program reports on King Felipe VI's televisión address in which he sternly reprimands the Catalan government for its disobedience and incitement to insurrection, and we present some responses to the speech as well as efforts to promote mediation between the Spanish State and the government of Catalonia. Then, October 4 is the 100th anni ...…
Este es un programa lleno de información, comentarios, tema y homenajes Y acontecimientos actuales y que nos afectan por ser ciudadanos del planeta. Homenaje al natalicio de Violeta Parra y Victor Jara estuvo de cumpleaños. Tema de hoy "los Celos- Iinfelidad. "FELIZ FIN DE SEMANA"By Vicky Ferrada Verónica Mejía y Rowan.
Deacon - Reflekted - September 2017 (Episode 98)01 Sam Paganini - Zenith 02 Matt Star - Little Helper 293-1 03 Christian Loffler - Vind (Parra For Cuva remix) 04 Li-Polymer - Mysticism 05 Henry Saiz - In The Distance (Dub mix)06 Blusoul - Fields Of Glass 07 Li-Polymer - Phoebus (Interaxxis remix) 08 Deborah De Luca - Notting Hill (Nick Curly re ...…
Playlist: Christy Moore - Hey! Ronnie Reagan audio/rocketry - Up & On the Ground The Teskey Brothers - Til' The Sky Turns Black KP Smith - Mr. Monster Jayme Stone - Candy Gal Godfrey & Tod - The Cuckoo Le Vent du Nord - Loup-garou Sam Tudor - The Circle Song Black Spruce Bog - Time You Headed Home Sarah Jane Scouten - Poland Fig & the Flame - H ...…
This year Parramatta Eels are celebrating 70 years and they have a lot to celebrate; the rich legacies, transformed board, superb coaching, loyal staff, committed players, development of new stadium, successful junior development a strong fan base and finishing 4th on the table which sees them in the exciting Footy Finals for 2017. All of this ...…
Best in the World with Richard Parr
“My life changed pretty much a minute after I won this gold medal”. 2016 Olympic Canoe Slalom Champion Denis Gargaud joins us on this week’s Best in the World with Richard Parr. As well as being a canoe slalomist Denis is also an entrepreneur. On this podcast he talks about his Mulebar energy bar brand – In particular, he explains ...…
Passion Based Podcast
.fusion-fullwidth-10 { padding-left: px !important; padding-right: px !important; } Born in Queens, NY. Steve, grew up New York’s Long Island. He is currently living in St Augustine. Steve became interested in photography around age 13, when his brother set up a darkroom in their basement. He shot his first concert in the tenth grade: Styx “Gra ...…
Chris & Paris learn that a gluten-free themed murder mystery book exists. Naturally, they couldn't resist reading such a bizarrely specific thing. Topics discussed include people who "don't-have-celiac-but-are-intolerant-to-gluten', plots that ultimately make no damn sense, and the objectification of men.…
Fantasy Advice Bros.
This week Ali and Rams discuss baseball pickups including: Tommy Pham, Gerardo Parra, Ian Happ, Jon Lackey, Luis Castillo, Rafael Devers, Paul Dejong. Ali and Rams discuss NCAAF including players they like for draft strategy beyond the 1st round.
- Bequest - Not the Origin - All stops to Parra - NRL review - MLB All Stars - AFL - Ninja Warriors - Canberra Milk Kid
On this episode of the BSN Rockies Podcast, Drew Creasman dives into even more trade rumors and suggestions, ultimately landing on one top prospect in the system that Colorado can afford to move. Plus, we move to Round 10 of “Is the Rockies offense really this bad?” debate. Can they improve with what they have? How much can Raimel Tapia and Ger ...…
Friend of the show Tony Fitzpatrick returns with guest Bianca Parra, Director of Fundraising at ALIVE Rescue in Roscoe Village. Tony and the ALIVE are partnering up for a new poster (pictured below), and 25% of all proceeds from the print will benefit the shelter. They also talk about the adoption and fostering process, the shelter’s focus on g ...…
DJ : Matty Ryce : the podcast
The second instalment of the Om series. Live recording from a Moksha flow yoga class in June. Runtime : 1hr6mins.Upcoming yoga schedule : Tues July 11th & 18th both at 6:15pm, Wed July 26th at 7:45pm, Tues Aug 1st & 14th at 6:15pm all at Moksha Etobicoke.Tracklist:1 Rabbit Hole (Beatless Intro & Stripped Out Edit) by YokoO, Seaborne2 Sareri Hov ...…
A bit of a lacklustre round of rugby league with respect to quality shown without origin stars. But nevertheless important wins for Parra and Penrith. Dive into the discussion of Round 18 here, on FOOTY RANTS.Current ladder - 0:00Rabbits vs Roosters - 2:49Panthers vs Manly - 9:00Storm vs Eels - 14:28Bulldogs vs Knights - 20:06…
All-Stars Nolan Arenado, Charlie Blackmon and DJ LeMahieu each homered in a rout of the White Sox. Manager Bud Black, German Marquez and Gerardo Parra break down the Rockies' 12-4 win.
This is the podcast for Thursday 6th July 2017 and coming up in this week’s episode:- Peter Sagan, the reigning cycling world champion has been disqualified from the Tour de France after he collided with Mark Cavendish and caused Cavendish to crash into the barriers. Sagan says he regrets the incident as he was actually trying ...…
Cord Jefferson (The Good Place, Master of None) and Grace Parra (Grace Anatomy) return to join Andrew to talk about people saying they can’t be racist if they are dating a person of a different ethnicity, the woman in Canada demanding a white doctor in a viral video, and much more. As always, leave us a message about anything you think is racis ...…
A Small Voice Podcast
© Robin Maddock English photographer Robin Maddock is probably best known for his personal approach to documentary photography, looking at different places and the states of mind of people that inhabit them. His first two photography books were about aspects of England. Our kids Are Going to Hell (2009) is a portrait of the social interactions ...…
A Small Voice Podcast
© Robin Maddock English photographer Robin Maddock is probably best known for his personal approach to documentary photography, looking at different places and the states of mind of people that inhabit them. His first two photography books were about aspects of England. Our kids Are Going to Hell (2009) is a portrait of the social interactions ...…
Episode 35 of the Austin Public Library radio show, Volumes, features a conversation with Library Facility Project Coordinator Heidi Tse. The episode also features a performance by Chilean songwriter, guitarist and arranger Ricardo Parra.
On this episode of the BSN Rockies Podcast, Drew Creasman breaks down the most recent dramatic come-from-behind win and the brotherhood between Carlos Gonzalez and his teammates, most especially Gerardo Parra. Then, it’s Nolan-Arenado-is-clutch time as we dive into the most recent, and arguably most compelling, statistical evidence that shows t ...…
Musical Decadence Radio
1. Kora - Caddo (Original Mix)2. Sherr - Los Monjes (Original Mix)3. Comuno - Cavity (Original Mix)4. Frankyeffe - Countdown (Original Mix)5. Javier Ordun a - Theo Is The Parra (Marc DePulse Edition)6. Freakme - Kambala (Mattia Pompeo Remix)7. 88Dubs - Next Level (Original Mix)8. The Sahoo Conection - Be Water (Original Mix)9. Kiko - Mindgate ( ...…
Brain Food with Rob Zile - KissFM Dance Music Australia
Brain Food with Rob Zile/KissFM/15-06-17/#1 TECH GROOVESFacebook live video feed- - FINESSE - Clots02 - GIACOMO SILVESTRI - Johnny Go03 - Vitaliy Emmet - Ketamin (Sergey Shturman Remix)04 - Guti Legatto & Javi Parra - Modern Times (Lucio Spain & Dorian Chavez Remix)05 - J RUSSELL ...…
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