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Witches On Wine
Everyone thinks it, no one ever wants to say it. Well, guess what? I'm that woman. I'm the woman that if you ask, expect the answer. Want it filtered to your desired taste of sweetness, not gonna happen here. But if what you want is direct answers (that are not endoresed by any DOCTOR OF ANY KIND) are the things I would say or do. It is highly recommended that you don't try this at home, if you have any shred of hope of keeping your sanity. Behaviors such as these could cause the loss of one ...
Podcast Dj Bautista R
Su residencia en la turistica Villa Carlos Paz lo llevo a estar en los lugares mas importantes de la argentina como es el caso de MOLINO ROJO, una de las discotecas mas respetadas del pais, donde año a año pasan ciento de miles de personas. Lugares como TRAMPS el pub mas tradicional de la villa y tambien fue DJ residente en el complejo del CASINO INTERNACIONAL de la ciudad de Villa Carlos Paz. Su participacion en numeroaas fiestas de la primavera, teniendo a mas de 12000 espectadores disfrut ...
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Join RevKess and Kalisara as we bring back Kyrja, author, artist, and the effervecent founder of the Pagan charity, Hands of the Goddess. "The primary goal of Hands of the Goddess is to help meet the needs of the homeless and at-risk of our community in Pasco County through regularly-scheduled homeless outreach activities. Hands of the Goddess ...…
Today Witches On Wine celebrate the Sun any name you call Him. We will also be celebrating the 12 anniversary of Pasco Pagans! We'll be skinny dipping, we'll be drinking, we'll be having Pagan Baptism! Call in and talk, and wish that you were invited!! The way to get invited and be behind the velvet ropes is to call me, or message me i ...…
It's Witches On Wine people time to come out and listen to your host Zoe Rhodes and special guests!! You'll have to come out and listen to find out who it is though! It's been a rough week and I want to blow off some steam before Summer Solstice on Saturday. We'll actually be broadcasting live from my backyard that day too! This show however wi ...…
Hi guys I guess my explanations about last nights great debate haven't been enough. Now I've personally not allowed myself to be baited into a fight with this person however, that did not stop him from trying. And when that didn't work, I got a private message telling me to "take down my drunken ramblings!" No this witch on wine in Pasco county ...…
Friday the 13th bithces and Witches on Wine will be coming to you live from the Huddingtons. That's where all the who's who of North Pasco county go to Summer. Naked Pagan swimming will probably happen, lot's of drinking, and butterfly hunting as well. Witches On Wine will be live to take your questions. Whatever question you have, we've got an ...…
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