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What do you treasure- What's in your heart-By Pastor Loren Regier.
In the letter to the church at Sardis, Jesus tells them to--- Wake up -v 2-- watch-- Build up -v 2-- strengthen-- Bow down -v 3-- repent-- Hold on -v 3-- hold fast-- Listen up -v 6-- hear--As Christians, we need to separate ourselves from the world's influence, but are we too often joined to the world-…
All Christians are called to follow Christ and that includes continually pressing on toward the prize that is ours as we obediently follow Him throughout our lives.By Pastor Loren Regier.
That God would work on people's hearts to call more people - young and old - to be missionaries to the lost of this world. The calling of the Church is to send out missionaries.By Pastor Loren Regier.
Jonah was called by God to warn the Ninevites -Assyrians- of impending judgment if they did not turn to God in repentance. Jonah at first refused to go, instead taking a boat the other way to escape from God's commission. Ultimately, Jonah obeyed God but hated the fact that God was willing to show compassion to a people who had been Israel's en ...…
As Christians, we are provided -fear insurance- to be used to ward off the attacks of the enemy. Promises provided through God's Word speak of our protection. This doesn't mean nothing bad will ever happen to us. It means that through and within those circumstances, God is there with us. He is our rock, our fortress. Trusting in Him means never ...…
Chapter 13 of 1 Corinthians is a bright spot in an otherwise serious look at the sin of believers at Corinth. The apostle Paul endeavored to help those believers begin to see past themselves and put on the mind of Christ, a mind which is governed and motivated by holy love, as God loves us.By Pastor Loren Regier.
Humility is desperately needed. How do Christians obtain it- How does it grow within us-By Pastor Loren Regier.
The transition within the apostles in Acts 4 is stark from previous attitudes. Because of the infilling of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, a new godly boldness was gifted and from that, the word went out that Jesus and only Jesus provides salvation.By Pastor Loren Regier.
Luke 15 highlights the grace of God directed toward us. Our Christian lives should overflow with grace just as God is gracious.By Pastor Loren Regier.
Proverbs 31 speaks highly of a mothers who are faithful to God, as outlined by King Lemuel- things he learned directly from his own mother.--Join Pastor Regier as he delivers a message for all moms on this Mother's Day, 2019.By Pastor Loren Regier.
2 Kings 6 describes more miracles that God worked through the prophet Elisha. God shows His marvelous power by opening the eyes of a young man -after Elisha prays-, who saw into the spiritual realm, filled with chariots and horses of fire preparing to fight for Israel against Syria.By Pastor Loren Regier.
Chapter 6 of Isaiah highlights the glory of God as Isaiah saw Him -sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple,- -KJV-.--It was because of what he saw that the prophet Isaiah realized his own sinfulness, leaving him to cry out, -Woe is me-- He was a man of unclean lips and understood it when seeing the glory of Go ...…
Great chapters of the Bible certainly include Isaiah 34-35. He is quoted more than any other OT prophet in the NT. God used him mightily through approximately 50 years of ministry. His ministry was very effective though not well received.--What does Isaiah say to us today-By Pastor Loren Regier.
The culmination of Jesus' earthly ministry was bound up in the cross and the resurrection which followed. Aren't you glad- Without it, we would have no chance at eternal life. --For God so loved the world that He gave His Son...By Pastor Loren Regier.
God is concerned about our big problems and little ones. We must take everything to Him for His counsel, wisdom and for the discernment of His will.By Pastor Loren Regier.
Jesus was numbered among transgressors yet He was without sin. He died so that all who trust in Him might have eternal life.By Pastor Loren Regier.
Jesus prays for His own and that includes all Christians today. What did He say- What did He ask of the Father-By Pastor Loren Regier.
We have a great deal to be thankful for as Christians. Our Shepherd cares deeply for us as David outlines in the Psalm known to most, Psalm 23.By Pastor Loren Regier.
The Israelites sing about the favor of the Lord, who blessed them though they were outnumbered, they were not overwhelmed.----Their help is in the Name of the Lord. If God be for us, who can be against us-By Pastor Loren Regier.
Psalm 1 provides understanding and discernment for those who seek to walk after God's own heart. It also juxtaposes that with those who seek ungodly ways of living.--As Christians, we need to strive to live rightly before the Lord. We exchange our wants and will for His. Psalm 1 explains what the end of both paths - the godly and ungodly - will be.…
Continuing series on the Miracles of Elisha from 2 Kings 4.By Pastor Loren Regier.
How do you speak the truth in love- Paul outlines this for us in his letter to the Ephesians.By Pastor Loren Regier.
Psalm 100 encourages us to enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise. It tells us to make a joyful noise to the Lord and to be thankful to Him.--How is that done from the heart-By Pastor Loren Regier.
A look at Psalm 37 tells us how we can learn to fight our fears, overcoming them in the strength of the Lord.By Pastor Loren Regier.
Paul wraps up his thoughts to the Romans -and to us- in this most important doctrinal book of the New Testament-By Pastor Loren Regier.
A person is -rich- in relationship to the friends he or she has. There is no greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend.By Pastor Loren Regier.
Continuing series in the miracles of Elisha found in 2 Kings 4.By Pastor Loren Regier.
Let us focus on encouraging and building up our neighbors as Christ did and does this for us.By Pastor Loren Regier.
All Christians have preferences in worship, in church, in Bibles and many other things. Do our preferences become a stumbling block to -weaker- brothers and sisters- Are we so adamant about our preferences regarding the non-essentials of the faith, that we end up being off-putting to others-By Pastor Loren Regier.
Luke 1 - 2 highlight the first advent of the King of Kings - Jesus into this world- God the Son who took on the form of humanity in order to provide salvation to any who would come to Him in faith.By Pastor Loren Regier.
There are limits of love and the Christian needs to be aware of them in order to please our Lord of glory.By Pastor Loren Regier.
Pastor Regier's continued series on the Miracles of Elisha and how that principles of Elisha's life and the response of the Israelites are applied to the life of the Christian.By Pastor Loren Regier.
A continuing study in the life of Elisha and his prophetic work on behalf of the nation of Israel.By Pastor Loren Regier.
What should the Christian's response to civil authorities be in light of the fact that our ultimate citizenship is in heaven-By Pastor Loren Regier.
How to love those who don't like us, based on Romans 12-14-21.By Pastor Loren Regier.
In Romans 12, Paul tells us how we must live as Christians based on what he's previously discussed up to and including chapter 11. In essence, Romans 12 is the practical side of how to live the Christian life.By Pastor Loren Regier.
Christians need to do all they can to guard their marriage, keeping it safe from the world's pull and temptations.----Married people need to learn to focus in on the blessings provided by their spouses as one of the first ways to guard the marriage.By Pastor Loren Regier.
Romans 9 - 11 explores either the greatest collapse in history or the greatest comeback. Israel neglected the voice of the Law, their conscience and profaned the Temple as well. Did God finally set the nation aside with permanence or is there yet more to the story-By Pastor Loren Regier.
Many of us are passed the stage in life with dating. It's important though to understand what God expects of His children in human relationships. Whether it's dating or simply friendship, we must endeavor to bring glory to His Name.----It is important to protect the purity of the Church, Christ's Bride.…
Paul has established the fact that we cannot in any way provide for ourselves enough goodness to impress God.----Paul has knocked out all props from under us. If you believe your -goodness- will balance things out in the court of heaven, you are in for a very rude awakening.----The gospel message deals with our need for salvation that must come ...…
All of us, at various times in our life, deal with loneliness. There is a difference between being lonely and being alone.----There are sometimes seasons of forced loneliness that we, at times, have to deal with.----How do you as a Christian deal with times of loneliness-By Pastor Loren Regier.
God's focus is on the inward character of each person. All too often though, we focus on externals.----Parents should help children understand that our bodies are not given to us so that we can compare ourselves with others or even glory in them.----Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. It's what's inside that matters the most.…
It is unfortunately too easy to become -inert- in our walk as Christians. We can take things for granted including our relationship with God in Christ, that will cause us to become spiritually inert. This of course, also happens with people who believe they are -saved- but are not.----In Romans, Paul emphasizes to readers that the Jews of his d ...…
-My times are in thy hands...- -Psalm 31-----How well does your family do with a busy and hectic schedule with your use of time. We are called by God to use our time wisely. This is a practical challenge that each Christian must take seriously.By Pastor Loren Regier.
If God is for us, the work of the enemy cannot prevail against us. We are more than conquerors-----Only those who put faith, trust, and dependence on Jesus will be saved. Whosoever will - our choice to repent. It is not possible for God to be less than righteous.----God does what He does for His glory.…
What is the atmosphere or the spiritual climate in your home for raising children-----What is the spirit, the tone, the climate of your home- Children will eventually leave your home with that sense of the atmosphere of your home.----Was your home angry, sullen, fearful- Was it a thankful place, a secure place to even make a mistake once in a w ...…
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