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Faith Walk
Learn to live the best in every area of your life, through fresh, revelatory teachings from Pastor Myron Meredith. Impacting Lives for Jesus Christ!
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As believers, we are endued with power from on high. Our duty is to continue the work that Jesus began on earth, including performing signs, wonders, and miracles. All the world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God to rise up and begin to walk in the power and authority that dwells within us through the Holy Spirit ...…
As the Body of Christ, we have been divinely positioned to receive all that Christ has. It is our responsibility to take the Head, Christ, into the uttermost parts of the earth, not just to preach, but to demonstrate the power of God-just like Christ did. Jesus said that we would do greater works than He did!…
The Church is the Body of Christ and He is our Head. As the body, we have access to all that the Head has to offer including Heavenly solutions and provision for our earthly problems. In fact, the Bible says that we have the mind of Christ! As believers, God has given us the privilege of tapping into the Heavenly realm to get all that we need t ...…
The topics of righteousness and holiness have been misunderstood in the church throughout the years. Tune in to find out how Jesus was made to be righteousness for you, and because of that, you can now approach a Holy God and take your place as a joint-heir with Jesus Christ!
When we are in divine alignment with God, the power of God can flow freely in our lives. Our protection, our inheritance, and victory over satan is connected to us being in divine alignment with the Lord. Tune in to learn how you can get victory in every area of your life when you are divinely aligned and in right standing with the Lord. This m ...…
We have to guard our hearts daily, and always be sure to walk in love. Our greatest testimony is our love walk. Love is the most powerful emotion known to mankind, and is the basis for all of God's relationships with man. Tune in to learn how to walk in love so that you can receive all of the best that God has in store for you! This episode is ...…
Faith Walk
The enemy has waged an all-out war and the battlefield is your mind. Your thought life is one of the single most important areas of your life that HAS to be mastered. In this teaching, we're going to show you how replacing negative thoughts or "stinkin' thinkin' " will help you to gain victory in every area of your lives! This teaching is also ...…
The most powerful force on earth. Faith is the vehicle that transports things from the spirit world to this natural world. Faith moves the hand of God and is the key to a victorious life for every Believer.
Words are the most dominant things in the universe. Mankind has been tricked into placing little value on the words that we speak. We were created in the same image and likeness of God, and the same creative force that is in God is in you. God spoke the world into existence, and you can learn to use your words to build, frame, and prosper your ...…
Are you tired of being judged by your past mistakes? Everytime you try to move forward, is there someone or something trying to remind you of your past? In today's message, we teach you to let go of the past, so that you can embrace your future!
Do you feel like something is holding you back? Do you feel like everytime you take two steps forward, there's something holding you back? Are you afraid to make decisions, afraid of failing, or even afraid of success? Fear may have a grip on your life. We're here to help you kick fear out once and for all. Learn to live a victorious life by me ...…
Feeling stuck? God has a plan for your life. Tune in to this teaching to learn how to go from hopelessness and despair, to victory and blessing. It's not too late for you, God created the rock and the hard place, and He can get you out of any situation!!
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