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The weekly teachings by Pastor Scot Anderson at the Living Word Bible Church in Arizona.
The weekly teachings by Pastor Scot Anderson at the Living Word Bible Church in Arizona.
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Learn how to SEE it so you can SEIZE it
What the world throws away God uses for greatness...
The enemy wants to take away from you the biggest weapon you have against stress and worry. Find out what that is so you can begin to create the system that sucks you over to the stress free side of life!
Eliminate all stress from your life. Find out two factors in life that are tremendous causes of stress in your life. Get rid of it to find the peace God wants you to experience so you can go to the next level in life!
What we build to fortify ourselves to protect ourselves becomes our stronghold. Get out of the stronghold to start experiencing God's best!
When God's house becomes important in your life, you begin to be blessed in ways you didn't know were possible. You can do more and experience more!
You can NEVER outgive God. Everything we have is because of God. Giving opens your hand to a hand that will not be outgiven!
You determine what God puts into your hands. It depends on how you think. You also have to prepare to be ready for the harvest of overflow God has for you.
Be a part of reaching the world. Enjoy God's blessing for yourself and others. Find out 3 keys to stretch and begin to see the promises of God fulfilled in your life.
Interview with TV chef and celebrity nutritionist, The Juice Lady, Cherie Calbom.
Don't get the context of your life missed or jump to conclusions. Instead jump to Christ - He will always come through in your life!
Everything in life comes out of your heart. Change the root, change the behavior. Change what's in, change what's out.
When you try to accomplish things from the outside, it doesn’t work. God says change it from the outside in. Learn how!
In order to improve the quality of life you've got to get dirty!
The only thing that counts in life is faith expressing itself through love.
Be the voice that the world needs by loving and accepting them. What are you emitting when the opportunity comes?
Flip the light switch! Shine bright for everyone to see!
There is a giant that needs to be awakened inside of you that will make you unstoppable and will help you apply God's power to your life!
God wants to exchange our weaknesses and inabilities for God's promises.
Find out the key factor in life that helps you get through the gap of seeing God's Promised Land for your life.
We want to progress towards God's promises. Things will get better. But you have to learn to progress in the inside of you by a small shift.
What you are seeking for in life is easier than you think. Seek God's promises, find God's promises!
Envy is the biggest hold up to our self worth. Learn to avoid comparing your reality with fiction.
There are people in your world that desperately need to know they are loved but you can't love them until you truly love you!
Learn to deal with the root of where the mask comes from in your life!
Get down to the root of the unforgiveness! Find out how to live a life without the junk that fogs the emotional capacity in our lives.
If you went out fishing with some of the great men of the Bible, what advice would they give you?
Faith comes by hearing and the more you say it, hear it, then believe it, then you are able to overcome the crisis in your life when you apply confidence and courage.
It's amazing what happens when we put Christ in our crisis. Be diligent to put Christ in. Put the world's system in, you get the world's results. Put Christ in your crisis, then you get Christ results!
If you could sit down for coffee with any great woman of the Bible, who would it be and what would you talk about? Pastor Scot shares timeless wisdom from these women.
God will present you with opportunities all week long. When you miss your turn, don't regret. Live an epic, amazing life dong what you were created for! God wants you in the game.
Live a life of no regrets. Don't miss opportunities that God presents you.
You were intelligently designed. There is no doubt about that.
When you partner up with God, do the possible, God does the impossible. Get your life to a place where you can be a miracle in other people's lives.
God wants to do miracles in your world. It allows people to see God. Learn to use faith from the father of faith to see miracles in your life!
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