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Pastry Pals
Two Americans make a podcast about the Great British Baking Show!
Baking & Pastry
Baking & Pastry
Bakery and Pastry
You can find Bakery and Pastry videos here
Half Man Half Toaster Pastry
Leave lots of comments for the good, the bad, and the ways we can improve, or even song ideas. Become a fan! And remember, our music will make sweet, tender love to your ears, with just the right amount of dirty!
Epicurious: Inside the CIA
Join Epicurious as we follow four students at the Culinary Institute of America through a semester of courses. Learn more about the students and read their weekly blog posts at
Taste Talks
Taste Talks is a forum for the exchange of information and inspiration within the professional food community. Presented by San Francisco Cooking School.
Radio Cherry Bombe
Radio Cherry Bombe features interviews with the coolest, most creative women in the world of food. Each week, host Kerry Diamond, co-founder and editorial director of the indie magazine Cherry Bombe, talks to the chefs, bakers, pastry chefs, stylists, writers, cookbook authors, and others making it happen. Follow @cherrybombemag on Instagram for show news, giveaways, and more. Thank you to Tralala for our theme song, "All Fired Up." Hosted and Produced by Kerry Diamond / Engineered by David ...
Delicaroom - Vegan Recipes
We're making vegan recipe videos in English & French. ​We like experimenting with food, trying out new ways to cook, bake, eat & live a healthy way.
Never Ending Random Discussion
The Never Ending Random Discussion, from Pants Pending Studios, is a comedy centered discussion show. From improv comedy to funny stories, bad jokes to blue humor, every week we bring you something random! Hear news going on inside of Pants Pending Studios, keep up with your favorite pastry villains, and catch the weekly dose of Hollywood Translator! Once a part of The Drakkarium, the N.E.R.D. is now it's own show under Pants Pending Studios.
Political Foods
Welcome to Political Food, a podcast and recipe book of how human conflict has shaped cuisine. Adding dissident to dessert, campaigns to confectionery, separatism to spaghetti, patriotism to pastries, revolution to ravioli… you get the point. This is the history of war, power, technology and immigration as told through food. Every episode is both a recipe and a story.
Coffee Klatch
Join Blue Rock moms JoAnn Wild and Betsy Quincy as they explore tough topical issues over a cup of coffee and pastry.
Frucked Up with Francis
Francis is a comedian and writer/personality for Barstool Sports, based in New York City. He began his career in Boston while attending Harvard, where he played lacrosse and maintained perfectly average grades. After graduating, he moved to New York and has since performed in China, Sweden, British Columbia, Australia, and across the United States. He is known for his dry sense of humor–occasionally bordering on macabre–as seen through his sketches on Barstool. He resides in Brooklyn when he ...
Cyrano de Bergerac by ROSTAND, Edmond
One of the most beloved French plays of all time, Cyrano de Bergerac is a clever and tragic tale of truth concealed and love denied. Its titular character is a proud, daring swordsman and genius poet who has one terrible flaw: an abnormally large nose. Too afraid of rejection to confess his love for the beautiful Roxane, Cyrano helps her brainless but handsome suitor Christian to woo her, providing him with love letters while resolutely keeping his own passion a secret. (Summary by Elizabeth ...
James Freeman & Caitlin Freeman: Meet the Author
Coffee lovers and food lovers will enjoy this conversation with co-authors of The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee, pastry chef Caitlin Freeman and founder & CEO James Freeman. The Freemans, along with moderator and journalist Oliver Strand, dig into their book, the world of craft coffee, and a behind-the-scenes look at Blue Bottle, the much-respected coffee micro-roaster that introduced the Japanese-style "siphon bar" and changed coffee in the United States forever.
Local Biz Talk
Local Biz Talk is a weekly podcast about the business of local food. We are sharing and learning new strategies and creating a community of local business owners, including restauranteurs, artisans, caterers, pastry chefs, winemakers and more! We all have different strengths and if we help each other, EVERYONE will benefit. I’ll ask and answer questions about all things related to running a local business. One week, it might be an interview with a cake decorator about how she built her Insta ...
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We are honored to have, Dr Neal Barnard a noted physician, advocate for nutritional science, as well as president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine on the show. Dr Barnard explains how and why he started the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). PCRM is an advocacy group for information about good medicine, nu ...…
Iain :( | Music Credit - Title: Sakura | Author: Julie Maxwell | Source:…s_Piano_Music/ | License: | Website: | Bandcamp:
Recipe for the day
Steak in Ale PieWe are trying this recipe without intro music. Which would you prefer - intro or no intro. Please do let us know.Steak in Ale Pie is just what you need at this time of the year, rich and satisfying, and if you’re lucky and have some ale left over, it’s all the better in a glass!You really do need brown ale for this. Pale ale can ...…
The deliciousness of reflection, recording and writing a diary Helen Garner, an Australian author we both love, often talks about the “deliciousness” of diary writing and reflection. It’s not for everyone though, so in this podcast we talked about learning how to write, learning how to be grateful and learning how to complete safe-to-fail exper ...…
Grab a cup of coffee for today’s episode! My guest Jenny Hackney has been in the coffee business since 1985. She always wanted to open up a coffee shop, but didn’t have a lot of capital investment for it. Jenny didn’t want to have a business partner either, so she knew that a mobile business was the right decision for her. Her business Gratitud ...…
Bread week makes Paul Hollywood a mean man | Music Credit - Title: Sakura | Author: Julie Maxwell | Source:…s_Piano_Music/ | License: | Website: | Bandcamp:
Is Pilates and HIIT training the perfect combo to perform in the gym for optimal health and performance? What an earth is anti-dieting, and why is it empowering many women across the globe? What can you learn from pastry chef turned trainer and coach Hollie Grant, author of 'The Model Method'? Join me as I interview the awesome and inspiring la ...…
Biscuit week! What are biscuits? | Music Credit - Title: Sakura |Author: Julie Maxwell | Source:…s_Piano_Music/ | License: | Website: | Bandcamp:
The hosts discuss pastry from over the pond, the troubles of traveling for work, a question from the audience about hallway horrors, and a couple of issues from the internet about a cake break and snoozing on the clock.
Preheated Baking Podcast
Our hosts start the show with an update on New Years' resolutions and some new habit forming tips and tricks. With apologies to Martha Stewart, Andrea raves about the Classic Cream Puffs and No-Fuss Pastry Cream and Stefin finds this to be one classic and impressive dessert (bonus: you can make it ahead of time). Next week is Peanut Butter Pie ...…
Savoring Our Lives
Welcome to Savoring Our Lives! In this week's episode, we: [caption id="attachment_599" align="alignright" width="300"] Taco Pizza[/caption] Tried a Taco Pizza We went out for Wineza and decided to try a specialty pizza - taco pizza, specifically. Unfortunately, it was more of a taco salad in pizza form. Declared a Word of The Week Chad singled ...…
Pastry Pals is a podcast about the Great British Baking Show! This episode we discuss the first episode of season 1 (US).Music Credit:Title: SakuraAuthor "Julie Maxwell"Source: http://www.juliemaxwell.comBandcamp: https: ...…
Dough or dough not, there is no pas-try.
Dreem2Reality Entertainment presents the Beer With Friends Podcast. This podcast is intended for listeners 21+. Please drink responsibly and cheers! On today's show: Eric is joined by Chuck and producer Ryan. The guys try Mango Milkshake by Untitled Art, Northwest-Hero by Revolution Brewing Company, Double Dry Hopped Fort Point Pale Ale by Tril ...…
Happy Holidays! Welcome back to Worth It, the podcast designed to help you dream, plan and live your ideal life! In this episode, we want to take the time to focus on the importance of gratitude! The benefits of practicing gratitude are nearly endless. People who regularly practice gratitude by taking time to notice and reflect upon the things ...…
We talk with "Juicy" Emily Luchetti. Emily’s the chief pastry officer for Big Night Restaurant Group in San Francisco. That includes The Cavalier, Marlowe and Park Tavern. You or I might easily say that our passion is pastry or chocolate, but Emily actually followed that passion to a career that has seen her write six cookbooks and win many awa ...…
Today we get inspired by the fabulous Pastry Chef, and *DOG* Pastry Chef, Melanie Stracko we learn all about her one woman show business Meatloaf kitchen for DOGS! <3
Food Republic Today
Hey gang! We kick off this episode with some news, specifically Mario Batali stepping away from his restaurant group in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations (0:29) & pitless avocados hitting grocery stores in the UK (5:10). Next we chat with David Lebovitz (7:06), noted pastry chef, author, & food blogger, about his new book "L'Appart," wh ...…
Recipe for the day
Cornish PastiesIf you have enjoyed this podcast please consider buying us a cup of coffee: great thing about pasties is they keep warm for at least an hour after baking if you wrap them in a tea towel. The potatoes should be cut thin, crisp like slices rather than diced (but now I do it differently)Pasties were ...…
Clean Eating for Women with Carrie Forrest, MPH in Nutrition
Healing from Hypoglycemia and Making Healthier Low-sugar Desserts In this episode of the Clean Eating for Women podcast, We talk about: We dive into Vanessa's background and how she got into the niche of baking healthy desserts. Specific methods to avoiding baking disasters when making healthy holiday treats. How lifestyle diseases like prediab ...…
We Just Saw A Movie
If you've ever wanted to know more about the cutthroat world of competitive gingerbread house building, today's episode is for you. We review The Sweetest Christmas, which stars Hallmark Channel MVP Lacey Chabert. The description from IMDB: "When struggling pastry chef Kylie Watson learns she's made it to the finals of the American Gingerbread ...…
Not many people know what they want to achieve in their life now, let alone when they kickstarted a career, let alone in their childhood. For Jordan Rondel – The Caker – it was almost meant to be. Spending time with her grandparents in Paris, cooking, creating breads & pastries, she seemed destined to be baking – and she is. The Caker, on Auckl ...…
Words You Never Heard
Have you ever wondered who invented brunch? Brunch was the brainchild of Englishman Guy Beringer in 1895 who proposed the idea for those nursing Sunday morning hangovers. In his essay entitled Brunch, he suggested a mid-morning compromise of a groaning board that began with tea and pastries and slowly lead to heavier meats washed down with a bl ...…
In our inaugural episode we discuss Rob 'Meathead' Reiner's 1986 classic Stand By Me. It's a doughy little pastry ball piped full of nostalgia cream for Seb and Mike while Kane watched it for the first time just before we recorded. What hijinks will ensue? This episode is brought to you by Horsebox – use coupon code DEJA at checkout to get 10% ...…
Saturday Morning with Jack Tame
Forget the dry and overly sweet versions you may have had before, these eccles cakes are delicate, crisp and buttery. I recommend you do as the English do and enjoy them with some crumbly cheese and a cup of black tea. Makes 10-12Pastry120g high grade flourPinch salt100g butter, chilled50mls iced waterFilling½ cup currants½ cup other dried frui ...…
Steve and Sandy, talk about tips and tricks, on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, while away on vacation. 1. Drink a lot of water. - May feel sluggish and fatigued due to dehydration. - Mistake feeling hungry when they are really just dehydrated. 2. Watch your diet. - Be mindful of what and how much you eat. - Planning in advance. - Identify the ...…
Food Republic Today
Hey hey, it's Food Republic Today! On today's episode, we discuss four new food publications, including two devoted to cooking with cannabis (0:28), a standalone food site from The AV Club (2:50), and one new launch dedicated to important issues and policy (3:03). We talk about pastry chefs Christina Tosi and Dominique Ansel expanding outside N ...…
Scribits Podcast
Alfredo and Matthew talk music, country pride, pastries, and getting lost.Track: Gabor Szabo - The Fortune Teller (Dreams 1969))
Krystal Mack has led several lives -- most recently, that of a pastry chef and business owner. Krystal is the owner of Blk // Sugar bakery, which she has described as a food and lifestyle concept from the black feminine perspective. Blk // Sugar serves up treats like macarons, lavender honey pie and activated charcoal brownies, in addition to t ...…
On today's show, I have my good friend Sarah Bruggeman who is a Pastry Chef at Pangea Kitchen located in Evansville, Indiana.Sarah and I went to high school together and we all knew that Sarah would go on to work in the restaurant industry in some way because she's always had a passion for baking.Sarah talks about how she got started in the res ...…
This week's episode features Carissa Waechter, the entrepreneur, baker, and pastry chef behind Carissa's Breads in East Hampton, NY. Carissa takes us through her career path from culinary school to starting her own business, and why it was so important for her to make sure she took the time she needed before launching her retail store. Music ed ...…
Were eating in Istanbul with ROBYN ECKHARDT, White House Pastry Chef BILL YOSSES shares The Sweet Spot and JAMES PETERSON helps us master Sauces.
I'm back with Maggie to catch you guys up for the 3rd part of our October trip report. Right now we're at Arashi beach on location to recount what happened after where we left off last time. So the 1st part was all about arrival day which was Sunday, followed by the 2nd day which was Monday, and now we are going to talk about Tuesday, Wednesday ...…
The former White House pastry chef for Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama presents a healthy, delicious collection of dessert recipes: Bill Yosses was always a phenomenal pastry chef who felt that sugar should be a grace note to a good dessert, not the foundation for one. After being hired as President George W. Bush’s White House pastr ...…
Your Afternoon Show with Tracy Ellis and Peter Wagner
This week he takes a look at Opera French Pastries & Coffee! Brought to you by Fullner Food Service.
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