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Patricio Diax's Podcast Electronic Music
All the best Club, Dutch House and Moombahton track's Find Patricio Diax on : Facebook
CUNY TV's Nueva York
Nueva York is an Emmy award winning series about Latino culture in New York. The 30-minute show explores the rich textures of Latino society in the city, focusing on politics, art, culture, and the traditions of Spanish-speaking populations across the metropolitan area.
My Reporter's NotePad...
Stories worth telling. A reporter's journal, news assignments, features, commentary and live reports by Emmy award winning journalist Patricio Espinoza in English and Spanish. (audio/video)
My Reporter's NotePad...
Stories worth telling by Emmy award winning Journalist Patricio Espinoza. News, features, commentary and live reports in English and Spanish. (audio & video)
Art of the Essential Podcast
Art of the Essential is Chris Caparro. Los Angeles based, Philadelphia native Chris Caparro has spent the last 15 years cultivating his musical tastes in a wide variety of musical genres. Having grown up on hip-hop his roots run deep, with his first record every purchased being Africa Bambaata’s “Renegades of Funk”. It was monumental for him, breaking boundaries and setting a clear path for open creativity in the world of music.​Fast forward 20 years to 2002 and it was officially time to get ...
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Entering the Black Hole with Rick & Ant
We have Patricio the world famous BDM on the show today, we have such a blast talking about his story about his life and being a BDM for many years. I hope you guys enjoy what me and Anthony consider, one of the best interviews we have done. Enjoy !!
Host Ben Rice travels to Nixtaco Taqueria in Roseville, CA, to host Danksgiving with Nixtaco owner Patricio Wise and special guests Zak Souza and Ismael Alarcon. While sipping on some IPA's, we discuss labor laws that leave your favorite restaurants closed on Mondays, what makes a good and bad dank IPA, the importance of good labeling and logos ...…
State Senator Howard Stephenson and Michelle Quist talk with Department of Public Safety Commission Keith Squire about steps Utah has taken to try to prepare for the hazards of an active shooter situation that Las Vegas unfortunately faced last week. Stephenson and Quist then talk DACA (Deferred Action for Child Arrivals) with Patricio. They di ...…
Servicio Viernes
Pastor Patricio Zarasua
Niners Radio
For a weekend at least, it looks like Bellator is the top MMA promotion. UFC Japan was hot garbage, and Lorenz and Bendo are bums. So how is Scott Coker going to celebrate? Probably by listening to Why So Serious MMA Monday at 9:30 ET with an (almost) interview with Bellator 183 winner Patricio Pitbull.…
Extra Rounds Podcast
Former UFC and WEC lightweight champion Benson Henderson calls into the show to talk about his upcoming main event fight against Patricky Pitbull at Bellator 183. Henderson also breaks down the Pitbull brothers dynamic and if fighting Patricio Pitbull will help him against Patricky.By
On this episode of Fight the Empire Per reflects on the San Patricio Battalion, the mostly Irish soldiers who switched sides in our war against Mexico. They were led by an artillery man named John Riley and fought several big battles against the Yankee invaders. Mexico l...
For Show Notes and Coach McKeefery's Website - Now Available on iTunes Pick up your copy of Coach McKeefery's #1 Amazon International Bestseller "CEO Strength Coach" - Please “Thank” our sponsors who bring this show to you for free: PLAE - Sorinex ...…
It sometimes feels like investing in Latin America is a secret that U.S. Investors don’t know about. There are so many great companies and talented entrepreneurs in the Southern Hemisphere who are doing great things - not only in business but also for the economies and peoples of Latin American countries. Patricio Williams Becú is a great examp ...…
Lobot: I always thought it was just a clever play on the word “robot”….but according to our friends at Star Wars: In Character, it’s because he was lobotomized! How creepy is that? Never fear, we don’t let that stop us from appreciating the awesomeness of a bald head and a puffy shirt! Enjoy! Don’t forget our Patreon page at https://www.patreon ...…
The Immersive Reality in Architecture conference, which took place in Venice earlier this month, focuses on the application of VR and AR in the world of visualization and design. This panel discussion, led by CGarchitect’s Jeff Mottle, tackles the pros and cons of these emergent technologies. CG Labs’ Chris Nichols, and Chaos Group’s CCO Lon Gr ...…
It’s election season in Chile, marking the start of a long electoral cycle across some 10 Latin American countries voting for president through 2018. Chile’s first-round vote isn’t until November 19, but presidential hopefuls are already prepping ahead of the July 2 primary. Political scientist Patricio Navia spoke to AS/COA Online’s Elizabeth ...…
In our many years of safariing, this is the craziest piece of pipe organ DIY we have ever come across. Brother Jorge's Organ San Patricio contains parts of dozens of other instruments and has been a lifetime in the making.
Today we are going to explore The Himalayan Rabbit Breed. But first we are going to cover Rabbit Awareness Week which is from June 17th - 25th, 2017 This is the 11th year for Rabbit Awareness Week and the 2017 campaign is focusing on the importance of hay! #HoptoHay RAW is run by a collaboration of organizations: The Rabbit Welfare Association ...…
Taylor and Jeff are big fans of action figures (surprise!) and vehicles (also surprise!), so it stands to reason they would be HUGE fans of Action Figure and Vehicle combos (Not Surprising)! This week they discuss their top 5 favorite combos, maybe your favorite made the list!!!! Don’t forget our Patreon page at ...…
María de Jesús Patricio Martínez, the first indigenous woman to ever run for president in Mexico, tells us what she hopes to achieve through her campaign. We also discuss the murder of Mexican journalist Javier Valdez with Adrian López, the editor of a newspaper in Sinaloa.
(ft comedians Patricio Machuca & Bianca Casusöl) The man who invented dynamite and the man who WAS dynamite...on stage (I'm nailing this intro). Aldred Nobel of the Nobel peace prize and Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols join me in the studio this
Are two heads REALLY better than one? I supposed it depends on the heads. Taylor and Jeff get to the bottom of this question (or at least the MIDDLE) on the latest Action Figure Exclusive as they discuss Two Bad from the Masters of the Universe line! Don’t forget our Patreon page at BIG Thanks to our Patre ...…
Talking Toys with Taylor and Jeff
Earth’s most powerful soldiers are Earth’s last chance against… Freddie Mercury? Seriously, the bad guy looks like Queen’s legendary frontman! Taylor and Jeff get sucked into the Spiral Zone on this latest episode. Will they succumb to the Overlord’s machines, or will they battle their way out of the red face rash? Listen and find out!! Don’t f ...…
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