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We are a few gamers who happen to also be husbands and fathers. Amongst the time constraints of life, we manage to balance everything including our sacred gaming time. Our loyalty lies with Sony's brand and we want to share our love of Playstation gaming.
Canadian Patriot Podcast bringing together Canadians to discuss firearms, self reliance, and liberty
Patriots Playbook
Download or subscribe to Patriots Playbook and join the stadium "voice of the Patriots" John Rooke every Tues.-Thurs. during the season for Patriots talk.
Browse, download, and subscribe to official video podcasts produced by the New England Patriots. Patriots podcasts include all interviews, feature segments, and team-produced shows that keep you in touch with the team. For more information about official Patriots podcasts, visit
Immediately after the game host Jim Murray returns with Patriots Football Weekly's Paul Perillo and Andy Hart to break down all the action. You'll hear press conferences, exclusive player interviews and more on the Patriots Postgame Show.
Browse, download, and subscribe to official video podcasts produced by the New England Patriots. Patriots podcasts include all interviews, feature segments, and team-produced shows that keep you in touch with the team. For more information about official Patriots podcasts, visit
G'day Patriots
The Biglyest Australian look at US Politics, by @cjjosh, @willozap, @jcnerd & @rodl. Sound engineering by @creogg. Image by @JonKudelka.
Every Friday the staff of PFW breaks down the New England Patriots Roster, discussing the latest signings, releases and current depth at various positions. For more information about New England Patriots official podcasts, visit
Bullets, beans and band-aids baby! From defending against a home invasion to escaping and evading social chaos after a collapse, Modern Combat And Survival Magazine's podcast connects you with the most advanced firearms, urban survival tips, and close quarters combat tactics from the world's top experts. Subscribe to our survival magazine for free at
Locked on Patriots
Mark Schofield, from Inside the Pylon, hosts Locked On Patriots. In each episode Mark dives into everything Patriots, from player movement to the scheme on both sides of the ball.
NBC Sports Boston Insider Tom E. Curran is joined by former Patriots linebacker and defensive captain Jerod Mayo and reporter Phil Perry to argue with each other, make fun of each other, and talk about the New England Patriots and the NFL.
Two hours before every New England Patriots game, host Jim Murray is joined by Patriots Football Weekly's Paul Perillo and Andy Hart to preview all the action and get the fans' take heading into each game. You'll hear from opponent beat writers and get all the late-breaking news.
The Global Patriot Radio - Call in and let’s talk - (319) 527-6706 Join us for some riveting conversation! Chat room will be open for your comments, too! Call us, chat with us, let us know your opinions!Monday 6-8 PM - The Vito Esposito Show --##-- Tuesday, 6-8 PM - Infidels Are Watching --##-- Wednesday, 6-7PM - Civilization Jihad Awareness with Paul Sutliff --##-- Thursday, 6pm - Five Minutes to Midnight with Tim Burton --##-- Friday, 12 - 1pm, The Logic of Islam with Dr. Carl Goldberg --# ...
You want to learn how to fish like the Pro's! You're in the right place. We are the most informative, provocative nuclear tested fishing podcast in America!
The guys analyze and breakdown every New England Patriots game each week. They will also preview next week's games.
"The Ex-Pats Podcast" features host NBC Sports Boston's Mike Giardi and former New England Patriots' Dan Koppen. The guys will break down that weeks game and talk to former members of the New England Patriots every week.
Veteran reporter Mike Petraglia provides the most in-depth and provocative audio coverage of the 5-Time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots. Patriots Beat delivers featured interviews with some of the most widely recognized individuals both in and out of NFL circles. And with in-season coverage recapping and previewing every game, Patriots Beat provides all the ins and outs of every possible angle and storyline both during and out-of-season. NEW EPISODES every Wednesday on iTunes, Stitc ...
Drunken Patriot
Make sure to tune in each week as hilarity ensues
Hello everybody! Tune in to Alec Shane and Rich Hill for the best New England Patriots podcast around. They've got you covered if you're looking for the smartest insight, analysis, news, and humor about the greatest football team in the NFL. New content every Tuesday! For more information go to
All about the news, politics and religion TAPN has it all.
Steve Deace and his team break down the keys to how conservatives can take their country back. Rules for Patriots is different from any other podcast you've heard and is considered a key resource for conservative activists.
"Economics with Attitude"NEWS to Disturb the Com…
Learn about America’s Founding, Founding Documents, Traditions, and Treasures
Bringing patriots together from all walks of life to protect and defend the rights of we the people. We discuss politics, preparedness, current events, and community building.
Browse, download, and subscribe to official audio podcasts produced by the New England Patriots. Listen to player interviews, conference call with the media and press conferences.
A broadcast for Patriots in the Defense of Freedom...
Three-time Super Bowl champion & former New England Patriots linebacker/special teams player Matt Chatham goes deep on his former team, breaking down the games with a professional eye & previewing the upcoming contests with other insightful former players, including FBF's own Brady Quinn and Brady Poppinga. A Patriots show that majors in real expert analysis of the game action, and not fluff & hot takes. Real football analysis by real football players...that's the REAL THING Patriots podcast.
Bill Dupray & Clyde Middleton offer red-meat conservative commentary with no apologies.
CLNS Media's New England Patriots Postgame Show feed features both Postgame and Daily Report coverage of the four time Super Bowl champions. The Patriots Postgame Show with Mike and Marv is the only live online call-in show for NFL fans. Airing after every single Pats game, hosts Mike "MikeNice" Molyneaux and Marvin "DJ Meze" Ezhan provide instant analysis, immediate breakdown and speak directly to and with Patriots Nation. Join the conversation and get your voice on air with the hosts by ca ...
Nightly hosts offer shows to entertain the patriot in everyone. Join them nightly at 9:00 pm EST.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Duff and Dan Patriots Podcast brings you the latest New England Patriots interviews, insights and previews from Kevin Duffy of MassLive and Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal. Powered by Patriots Sports Radio and VSporto.
The mission of New Media Patriot Radio is to provide best-in-class analysis and commentary on conservative political speech, votes, positions, and elections.
Two fanboys can't talk enough about the New England Patriots. Hail the Hoodie
The Old School Patriot Podcast is hosted by former Congressman Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West, a Constitutional conservative and author of Guardian of the Republic.
Patriots Highlights from Boston's Home For Sports! We are your flagship station for the New England Patriots.
Patriot Defense Radio
Guns freedom liberty 2nd amendment
The official podcast of reddit's /r/Patriots forum, we discuss the present and past New England Patriots football team, and other games around the NFL.
Patriot to the Core
Thad Forester's official site
Fitness motivation, coaching, and information. Nutrition information.
Christian Patriots Network is a media outlet that utilizes print and radio to spread the word of globalism and the amount of tyranny that faces us today while maintaining a focus on God’s Word. Founded in 2013, Christian Patriots Radio started off as a news source to keep God’s message at the forefront of today’s issues. There are many ways to follow the radio shows via social media and other means. We are a network that is organic and will evolve with time. Please be a part of our growth by ...
Real politics. Real facts. Listen only if you want to be educated!
Prognosticator Pals pumping positivity & predicting Patriots Perfection! New England Patriots podcast for the fans by the fans. Long-time friends and full-fledged Mass-holes, Dave Ferreira & Jimmy Dwyer are your hosts/clowns for this hilarious weekly series. Breaking the mold from other boring "football" podcasts, Jimmy & Dave delve into everything from wormhole theories to medieval folklore to musical theater criticism and anything else that could effect the Patriots path to perfection this ...
Privacy Patriots
The Official Podcast of Restore the Fourth
Privacy Patriots
The Official Podcast of Restore the Fourth
Nicholas ContompasisSan Francisco, California. Author of the very popular blog "The Left, Watch What They Do, Not What They Say." Financial and Political Analyst / Writer. A Concerned Christian Conservative. Educated, experienced and the voice of direction the world has been waiting for.
Calling all Green Patriots! Join David Steinman, the editor of "Healthy Living" magazine, each week as he interviews celebrities, journalists, scientists, doctors, authors and other experts on the environment and natural health. Be prepared: this show can be life-changing!
Talk surrounding all things paranormal, mysterious and the unexplained....with some politics thrown in too
A quick, condensed, and concise version of the American History for the Modern Patriot podcast which focuses on the US Founding, Founding Documents, as well as America’s traditions and treasures.
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Universal Pictures released Buck Privates to theaters on January 31, 1941. Arthur Lubin directed the film which starred Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, and Lee Bowman. ‘Buck Privates’ Movie Summary Abbott and Costello play Slicker Smith and Herbie Brown, the two lead/non-lead characters of Buck Privates. Slicker and Herbie are conmen who sell necktie ...…
The RPF of Rwanda had bad sectarian intentions from their first invasion of Rwanda in October 1990, when thousands of innocent Hutu peasants were driven from their land and became refugees in the north of their impoverished country. Big media said nothing about this and instead helped create a false narrative, with bloody consequences. The peac ...…
This week we discuss the Celtics/ Bucks series after Game 1's OT win for Boston, we check in on the B's as they lead the series against the Maple Leafs 2-1 after a couple blowouts in Boston and a tough loss in Toronto. We spent a while talking about the Sox hot start (#HottestTeamInBaseball ?), including the renewed rivalry after Jumpin' Joe Ke ...…
On this week's Veteran Cast, we are joined by Michael Fickert, Senior Project Manager of Purple Heart 3, a Veteran Owned & Veteran employed security company out of Indianapolis. Michael joins Veteran Cast to talk about his background in the Army, and then trying to find his purpose again after transitioning into the civilian world. Purple Heart ...…
The Patriot Academy is a hands on, interactive, training program based in Austin, Texas. The goal is to train 16-25 year olds how the Legislative Branch of our government works - with an emphasis on how the Founding Fathers intended it to function.By Robert Thibodeau.
What’s up everyone! On today’s episode we talk to Vaughn, AKA “The ManSpot” from Salt Lake City, Utah. Join Vaughn and I as we talk about his humble upbringing in Idaho. Growing up with teachers as parents shaped Vaughn into the hard working American Badass he is today! Listen in as we talk about Vaughn’s 2017 deer season and learn how he has b ...…
In the first hour of Renegade Radio, The guys talked about Patriots Day (the holiday, not the movie that John was a extra in) and Bryan coming in the studio was pissed at the workers that are in our building and, Alex the News Guy was once again not paying attention and didn't shower today. Across the Middle Host Jon Kuzma discussed Deion Jones and Keanu Neal's impact. We also talked about what Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh are going to bring to the Rams. Finally we covered Rob Gronkowski's absence from Patriots off-season work outs.
We talk about common fishing rigs and not so common fishing rigs. Rigs in saltwater and in freshwater. Rigs used from beaches, piers, land, boats and bridges. We even expand on the use of many of the fishing rigs.
How to make your fishing more productive during tough times, slow times and fish transition times. Many factors cause the fishing to slow or shut down. We walk you through some steps that could make a failed day turn into and extraordinary day. We also discuss things you can do to find scaled sardines during fronts that move in. A disease calle ...…
Want to hear a British guy & Polish girl discuss differences in their countries, their views on being patriotic to one’s country as well as the “separation of church & state” or lack thereof as well as numerous other topics? Well then be sure to check out part 2 of episode 19 of Genuine Chit-Chat! In this part, Mike & Justyna continue their dis ...…
It’s my job to make people study whether they really want to or not. And so when Thomas asked me to preach on the concept of “study,” I thought it made sense. At the Seminary, I do have a reputation of sorts. Apparently, it’s difficult to pass my classes. But if I’m to have any reputation, I could have done worse. So I agreed to the task of pre ...…
Dez Bryant's days with the Cowboys are over, what's next for the star wide receiver? Will the Patriots draft a QB? What team is the best fit for Lamar Jackson?
HOUR 3 - The Cowboys released Dez Bryant today. Having Bryant in Foxboro would be cool but it probably won't happen. And NBC Sports' Pierre McGuire calls the show as the guys discuss the Bruins' victory in Game 1.By
"V" and CJ discuss the raid on Trumps lawyer's office, the next stage of the dollar demise and no more games with QAnon, it's time for patriots to rise.We are political scientists, editorial engineers, and radio show developers drawn together by a shared vision of bringing Alternative news through digital mediums that evangelize our civil liber ...…
Hosts Connor McCarthy and Blake Pace talk Josh Rosen's character, Dez Bryant's future with the Cowboys, the removal of color rush uniforms, the end of the Patriots dynasty and Winston vs. Mariota
Steven C. Barber is an American documentary filmmaker/motion picture combat photographer with three films on the Oscar shortlist in 2010, 2012 and 2016. The writer, author and conversationalist is the great nephew of Edith Wharton (Age of Innocence), the first female writer to win the Pulitzer Prize in the 1880s, in affluent New York. Barber ha ...… takes a look at all of the crazy things that have happened in the real world, in the past 16-17 months since "Westworld" season 1 finished and now. Below are the notes on the subjects we cover with "Westworld Expert" Andrew Patterson Westworld Season 2 Preview - premiers on April 22nd on HBO Westworld’s first season ende ...…
This weeks show will discuss an extremely strange episode that occurred during the opening moments of World War 2. Listen as Tom describes what may be the first attack on American soil since the U.S. declared war. But what was it? This week in the news will deal with more politcs than normal. Find out what has Tom up in arms. Do you agree with ...… Across the Middle Host Jon Kuzma discusses Baker Mayfield and Lamer Jackson's NFL potential. We also covered why Courtland Sutton and the Carolina Panthers would be a match. Finally we discussed what the Patriots should do with their two first round picks.
This week we talk about the Philadelphia Eagles 41-33 (!!!!) victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52. We also talk player contracts, and the ramifications from the big game. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter! @SJ_Podcast @sdelaes @T_K_Williams We're not biased, but Go Gators!
Today we talk about Sunday's Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. We also take a look at the final AP Top 25 poll and offer our opinions on how adequately ranked the teams are (Brace yourself UCF fans). Don't forget to follow us on Twitter! @SJ_Podcast @sdelaes @T_K_Williams We're not biased, but Go Gators!…
Will weighs in on Bob McNair regretting his apology from the fall and are the Patriots interested in Bob McNair?
Will weighs in on Bob McNair regretting his apology from the fall and are the Patriots interested in Bob McNair?
BIG show tonight. I have a total of eight guests coming on tonight from all over the country. Each of them was assigned teams that they will be drafting for, and we will do a LIVE Mock for the upcoming NFL Draft. We go pick by pick, and none of these are pre-scripted, each pick is live, just like the real NFL draft. Some of the things to look f ...…
Hosts Conor McCarthy and Blake Pace discuss the Ram's potential, the Seahawks unfortunate rebuild, the Patriot's game plan for the 2018 draft and who will be 2018's breakout player.
1:30 - It looks like the Celtics’ offense didn’t make the trip across the border, as the C’s scored a season-low 78 points in their loss to Toronto. Chris Mannix, Tommy Heinsohn and Kyle Draper break down the loss and we get Brad Stevens’ reaction. 5:04 - With Brandin Cooks now out of the picture and on his way to LA, the Patriots will look to ...…
Russell Brown and Brad Kelly are back for Cover1 | The NFL Draft Podcast! They discuss Brandin Cooks beings traded from the Patriots and to the Rams. What does this mean for the Patriots and their draft plans? Plus they take a look at the Titans and Falcons! All that and more on Cover1 | The NFL Draft Podcast! Be sure to follow us on Twitter! @ ...…
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Curtis CS Bennett is a highly popular American Author who writes about the history of African-Americans contributions to the Conservative Movement, Public Speaker, and is a Radio Host (most notably at Southern Sense with Annie Ubelis Tuesdays and Fridays @ 2PM ET). Order his books on Amazon and check out his webite The Original Radicals Kel is ...…
HOUR 1 - When you look at football players who were Patriots for the majority of their careers, they exemplify many traits. They tend to be quiet, kind of unassuming, and quick to tell you how great whatever lousy team they're playing that week is. Rob Gronkowski doesn't quite fit that mold. Is that a problem going forward?…
In this episode, Jon Alterman speaks to Dr. Calvert Jones, assistant professor at the University of Maryland, College Park in the department of government and politics and the author of Bedouins Into Bourgeois: Remaking Citizens for Globalization. Calvert reflects on the UAE’s military conscription program through the prism of wider efforts to ...…
The real James Bond is finally revealed: A few years ago Larry Loftis decided to stop publishing legal articles and work full-time on researching and writing the story of Dusko Popov, the daring World War II double agent who worked tirelessly to keep the Nazis off guard about the upcoming D-Day invasions. That work became his book Into the Lion ...…
The audio version of my daily blog that can be found at
Chief Engineer Derek Hart Shares his story of Starting in the Fishing Industry in his Party Days, and shares with us some intement decisions both good and bad that has sculpted the Man who has become a Cherished friend and mentor to many, and a Great Father of Three. Currently Assigned on the F/V Northern Patriot as a fill in, and Normally on t ...…
In the third hour the group starts with "Loser of the week," most specifically, Art Briles. Next, Sean and company talk about the debut of Shohei Ohtani. Also, the group gives their thoughts on Bryce Harper and the Nationals. Next, Sean gives his disapproval of the Rays' odd pitching strategy. Mike DeCourcy, college basketball writer for Sporti ...…
In the 2018 debut of our Draft prospect review podcast we break down all the top talent at the Quarterback position and which prospect may have a fit with the Patriots.
Colin explains how dynasties are formed, his reasoning on why he thinks Michigan could win tonight, the friction between Patriots HC Bill Belichick and TE Rob Gronkowski, and why Raiders HC Jon Gruden is doing the right thing by releasing Marquette King. Guests include Doug Gottlieb, Chris Broussard, and Will Blackmon.…
The Triggered Warning Podcast is here to defend liberty, to speak about American exceptionalism, and to push back against the narratives pushed by the libtard forces throughout this great nation.Join host John a& Reggie as we discuss the the big stories in the news, our personal lives, and the craziness we see around us. On this episode we exam ...…
Dan Beyer is in for Jason Smith with Mike Harmon and the guys preview Final Four weekend. There has been a lot of talk that the Los Angeles Rams are interesting in trading for Odell Beckham Jr. but the guys tell you why it would be more advantageous for the team to go after Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski. Dan and Mike also debunk the idea that the ...…
Guys! it is one year in for Not Again Podcast. Sam See and Don Wan dropped by. We talked about how we started did #YourJobSucks intro. Sam and I updated Don about the scene and I talked a bit about patriotism and how much I hate the famous John F Kennedy quote "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" Oh y ...…
On today’s Quick Hitters, Lena Bond ( goes over the breaking news that the Dallas Cowboys released WR Dez Bryant.We also go over the Eastern and Western Conference playoff bracket and give you an inside look into every single matchup. She starts with the Warriors-Spurs matchup and breaks down what the Warrior ...…
This week on the FDP, Reece Mowlem, Dan Barber and Owen Turner discussed whether the Giants should trade Odell Beckham Jr. (1:26), Suh signing for the Rams (7:26), whether Jimmy G is a top 5 QB (10:30), Gore and Osweiler signing for the Dolphins (14:00), the Jets signing Pryor (16:32), the Broncos trading for Cravens (17:55), Ben Watson's retur ...…
The team goes to work on the possibilities for the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics going forward while also touching upon the New England Patriots as reports have surfaced that Rob Gronkowski may be moving out somewhere else in the NFL.A surprise guest makes a return as well in this episode of Prime Time Sports Talk.…
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