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We are a guild of witches, not a coven. We all witch differently, none of us are Wiccan, and we all live in the Portland, Oregon area. Join us for discussions about our craft. Topics discussed include: Practice building, spell construction, thrift witchcraft, history, folklore, and making magic with what ya got!
Back Fence PDX Radio, produced in collaboration with Back Fence PDX and OPB. We take the best stories from our live shows in Portland, then run them by a radio fairy who sprinkles magic radio dust on them so that the stories may be broadcast across airwaves and inter-webs. Live shows have been playing to packed audiences since 2008. The show pays homage to The Moth Radio Hour and is also the kissing cousin to San Francisco’s Porch Light storytelling series. Back Fence PDX Radio alternates wi ...
Grow PDX
Podcast by Weston Miller
PDX Darlings
PDX Darlings Micro and Macro edition - Creativity, Storytelling, Art for the Autodidact - Your host is author Martha Grover
Metroscope PDX
Welcome to PDX Food Stories, a bi-weekly podcast for the food nerds, the restaurant geeks, and the farmers markets fanatics. Chefs and producers will share their stories, recipes, and tips for the tastiest experience in Portland.
PDX Money
Your trusted resource for information and insight about Portland finance, business and economics
Output PDX Media
Output PDX is the show about business, technology and creativity in the Pearl City. Now you can listen to our show on the go with out free podcasts!
PDX Parent
PDX Parent Podcast is a podcast by the editors of the popular PDX Parent magazine and website. Our editors discuss the hottest parenting trends in Portland, the places to go, the things to do, and the other info you need to get you through those long days and short years.
The PDX Executive Podcast features inspiring leaders from Oregon companies. The podcast is powered by the PDX Executive Forums, an invitation only series of summits for Portland brand executives,
PDX Small Business Network Podcast has been started with an aim to shine a light on the success of Portland’s small business community
Table Church PDX
Table Church PDX is a church plant in Southeast Portland, OR
Nameless Gamers PDX
We hold video game discussions, offer first impressions, and talk nostalgia, history and trivia about gaming on all platforms. Some times there is a nugget of wisdom... It doesn't happen often. There is also beer.
Oregon City Blessing Church is an Apostolic Church located in Portland, OR. We are committed to transform the world for God and our mission is Luke 4:18-19.
Sports Talk PDX
Sports talk show that keeps pace with the current news NBA / NFL and trending sports topics. Hosts Randy Lunsford and Tony Taylor explore Twitter and other news outlets weekly and discuss those topics. Find the show @SportstalkPDX on Twitter and participate! They love answering your questions and discussing your suggested topics as well.
An interview podcast from the Creative Music Guild. Hosted by Ben Kates and Brandon Conway and featuring interviews with the best of Portland's experimental musicians.
A monthly dose of bicycle and low-car policy conversation delivered to your ears from Portland.
TANGOH is music podcast featuring tracks by bands from in and around Portland, Oregon USA. In addition to a weekly thematic playlist, we feature special interviews with and playlists by integral members of the Portland music scene.
Two fiber and craft obsessed individuals from the Pacific Northwest chat about knitting, spinning & crochet and explore what it means to live in a DIY Nation.
Blazer's Edge
Weekly+ brings you two Portland Trail Blazers weekly podcasts -- Dave Deckard Dan Marang early in the week, and Chris Lucia and Brandon Goldner on the weekends. Tara (aka TeamMom) and Jo Wulffenstein fill in every other week for both shows.
Bible teaching by Pastor Brett Meador and other leaders at Athey Creek Christian Fellowship. Brett Meador leads Athey Creek, a fellowship of believers that strive to worship God, follow Jesus, study the Bible, and serve one another.
Progressive Spirit is an exciting program that meets listeners at the intersection of spirituality and social justice.
We Got To Hang Out
We are friends from Portland, Oregon who share a love for cycling, music, comedy and West Coast culture. We’ve spent the better part of a decade riding, racing, adventuring, and working in the bike industry. Our goal is to tell stories that we don't hear in mainstream media from the people we all want to hang out with. In our minds, a casual environment breeds authentic storytelling and that’s all we can ask for in our podcast. So let’s hang out!
DJ Tronic has been in the mix since 1994. He currently mixes House, Techno, Tribal, Breakbeats, Drum-n-Bass, Downtempo + more.
JAVICE Podcast
Classic Advice For The Modern Audience
Bible teaching by Pastor Brett Meador and other leaders at Athey Creek Christian Fellowship. Brett Meador leads Athey Creek, a fellowship of believers that strive to worship God, follow Jesus, study the Bible, and serve one another.
The weekly teaching from The Groves Church in Portland, Oregon.
Sunday sermons and other special talks from Grace City in Portland
We're a new church taking root in portland for God's glory & neighbor's good...
Back to Life, Back to Reality
Welcome to Aaron Bennett's Sermon Podcast. Sermons preached by Aaron will be posted here to be uplifting and encouraging for you in your daily walk with Christ.
A podcast dedicated to showcasing entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations, nonprofits, and experts based in the Pacific Northwest.
North of Failing
Portland Oregon stand up comedian Dylan Jenkins talks with his friends and interviews interesting people.
The Pulse of Portland is a public affairs program hosted by Paul Van Sickle. The program features non-profits, community events, local political issues, and other topics relevant to people in the Portland, OR metro area.This Podcast was created using
Brandon and Brian are back to take over PDX!
Episode Zero
A collection of podcast episodes recorded at Stream PDX
Game of Beers
Beer-cast based in Portland, OR (PDX), the boys talk about every beer from Seattle to San Diego, and everything else they know about. Check out our blog:
OPEN HOUSE is a monthly podcast showcasing the mixing talents of William Hansen of Soul On Beat (SD) & Chronic Earwax (PDX)
PC-PDX : Portland Show Guide presents a weekly Podcast with the world famous legend and KPSU DJ Arya Imig. Arya selects his top Five on his weekly theme of choice. New Episodes Posted Every Wednesday.
The Hara Club
A comedy podcast with 3 saucy female hosts who cover a plethora of goodness with a big dash of KPOP. Live,Laugh, and RUV HARA! #podcast #comedy #entertainment #media #kpop #pdx
Urban Tellers® Backstory features a story followed by an in-depth, unscripted interview with the storyteller. Listeners get to hear the story, plus an inside view into the person, their process, and the story behind the story. Produced by PDX Story Theater and Sweetlime Productions,
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Self-care is an extremely important part of maintaining a well structured and highly functioning business. After all, if you’re not in the right mindset to get things done, the business itself can seem overwhelming. Knowing your strengths and being able to look at the big picture in order to do your best and live your best is a key ingredient t ...…
Black voices PDX Candidates Forum - March 24, 2018. Moderator: CJ Robbins - Portland City Council Commissioner Position No. 3 candidates: Jo Ann Hardest, Felicia Williams, Andrea Valderrama, Loretta Smith, Stuart Emmons.
On this month's episode of the PDX Parent Podcast, we interview Kat Merck, who went zero waste for a week, to get her tips; discuss whether it's possible to have stress-free birthday parties for kids; talk about what's going on with the high school graduation rates in Portland; review the brunch spot Kitchen Sink Food & Drink; and give our top ...…
Lo and Brooke are craving this vodka-infused pizza from Scarpetta in Philly. Now all we need is for some place in PDX to give this a go.
This episode is a recording of Session 1 of the Black Voices Candidates Forum, which was put on by the Black Voices United organization. In this session are the candidates for Multnomah County Commissioner - District 2: Maria Garcia, Susheela Jayapal, Bruce Broussard, and Sharon Maxwell. Salute the Nice Watson @nyk_watson for spearheading this ...…
How do you know if your marketing dollars are leading to revenue unless you can track it? Even small businesses that have one or two events a year need to be tracking how their efforts pay off. Sometimes we pay for ads in directories, sponsor events, sponsor a local team of kids, put an ad in the church bulletin, boost our listings in the Chamb ...…
Weekly Headlines for March 26th, 2018. Land-use and transportation! Thank you for listening! Please review and let me know what you think! Contact me at: PH: 503-750-3569
Dear Erika Jayne, please come talk to us! This week unpack why the Real Housewives is actually important. Between the PDX sun and PDX Sangria, we decided fuck news, we deserve a break!
Megan Bigelow: Co-Founder of PDX Women in Tech by Dan Bruton | PDX Executive Forums
Recorded in PDX, this is the first episode that featured an out of state recording. On a quest for CLIF Bar, we were the farthest we had ever been from the shire. Ate delicious eats, basked in the glory that is no sales tax for two days, and returned safely home to tell the tale for years to come. Tell a friend (or an enemy depending on how you ...…
This week on the podcast, I’m speaking to the co-owner of a business that is difficult to describe succinctly. That’s because what they do is so unique and dependent on what their clients need. Talie Smith runs the company alongside her husband, Scott, and her sister, Becca. Brand Strategy Agency in Portland: Together, the three of them cover t ...…
The Legends Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Director SP, Agent Lauren and Consultant Michelle discuss the Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. season five 12th episode ”The Real Deal,” the series’ 100th episode!!! The reporters also run down the Marvel news roundup and discuss listener feedback. THIS TIME ON LEGENDS OF S.H.I.E.L.D.: Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. “The Real Deal” Ma ...…
On this episode of the PDX Parent Podcast, we tackle the difficult subject of guns and schools, explore summer camp options with our resident summer camp expert, rave about the kid-friendly etc... eatery in SW Portland, and give our don't-miss picks for March. Questions? Comments? Email us at podcast@pdxparent.coLinks: Asking about guns at play ...…
Join us as we celebrate various women of geek culture in our community, listen to interviews, and mention events happening in PDX this month. Winter 2018 Mix01. My Love - Arkaik02. Echo - Ed:it03. Roots - Survival04. Hoax - Phentix05. Trunk (feat Mc Coppa) - Alibi06. Viewpoint - Ed:it07. Nevermind It - Ed:it08. Yuzu - Amoss09. Scattered - Mikaela10. Deformity - C ...…
I hope you all have eaten before you sit down and listen to this episode, because this week, I’m joined by Chef Javier Canteras! We’re talking about his restaurant, Urdaneta, on Alberta Street here in Portland. Spanish Tapas in Portland: Urdaneta is a Spanish restaurant with a strong influence of the Basque region of Spain, as well as Madrid. T ...…
In this episode I am joined by mental health professional Brandon Hardaway as we discuss mental health in the black community. There has long been a stigma in the black community about seeking professional support for mental health. Over the past few years there has been a slight awakening among the culture, but we still have work to do to over ...…
We may not be able to set fire to everything, but we can at least daydream with Honeydew LaRoux about it! This week we talk with her about being one of the most inspiring women we know as well as being black in PDX, the burlesque community, and 45's America. (Note: We made a small edit to this episode over the weekend, but it's totes the same.)…
Portland Beer Club Podcast - Your Online Bottle Share Episode: Thirty Two Hosts: Pooner, Ramhouse Fartcus & Just Shitz Top 6 List: Patios & Outdoor Spaces (past & present) Topics: Columbia Distributor buys General Distributors, Belmont Station/Rogue/Uptown Market get facelifts, Block 15 Brunch follow up, Festival of the Dark Arts follow up, Mod ...…
Leverage is something a lot of agents are never taught or trained on. What do you do when your business is stressing you out and overwhelming you? Why did Chris Suarez invest in MAPS coaching? How did he implement the 80-20 rule, and how did it help him grow his business and develop his mindset? On this episode, Chris Suarez shares his journey ...…
Weekly Headlines for February 12th, 2018. Tax bills, new fashion at Pioneer Place, New Seasons shakeup and more! Thank you for listening! Please review and let me know what you think! Contact me at: PH: 503-750-3569
Andy Anderson has done a lot of transit riding on Portland’s MAX Light Rail system, enough so that they wrote a book of poetry about the experiences on and around it titled “Hello, My Name Is Andy.” (low supply, but more being printed!) The book is available in a very limited run from Powell’s Books! We also talk more stolen bikes, Aaron’s stra ...…
This is a bit of a downer of an episode. Trigger warning: talk of suicide, depression and hopelesness. 1. I talk about how to deal with depression as an artist. 2. I recommend Bojack Horseman and a zine by Tomas Moniz 3. I tell a story about my Aunt Raydell 4. I talk about my projects 5. I share what I learned about President James Buchanan thi ...…
Themed parties can be incredible, right? The thought that goes into them is often mind-blowing! We all have themes or fandoms we’d love to use as the basis of a party or event, but how do we go about getting it set up?Themed Catering Events in Portland:Thankfully, right here in Portland, there’s an awesome catering company that specializes in t ...…
Port of Portland Commission president Alice Cuprill-Comas talks about barges, PDX concessionaires and family inspiration with photographer Jaime Valdez and reporter Jules Rogers. Reporter Joseph Gallivan talks about new technology breaking into the construction industry in today's podcast. Solve Winter 2018 Mix01. Bounce To This - DJ Hybrid 02. Cool Down (Total Science Remix) - Andy C 03. Warehouse Sound - BC Rydah 04. No Pussy Cyat - Xian Juan 05. All Ganjaman - DJ Hybrid 06. Born in the Jungle - Veak 07. From ...…
PDX Axe Throwing's Eilif Knutson tosses some stories around with us on the Puckfortland Podcast. Eilif stops by the studio to tell us about his amazing journey into providing a safe and fun axe throwing experience wherever you want it. Mobil, Safe and hella fun!
First con of the year! Ve’loria, Reine and Omnus talk about Heroes & Villians with special guest Shannon aka Killerfrost PDX. Join us to hear about all the shenanigans. Cosing a Problem is a podcast about cosplay, conventions and geek life. Follow us on Facebook at or on Instagram at @CosingAProblem. We now also ...…
At World Cup Coffee and Tea at NW 18th and Glisan for another OMN Coffeeshop Conversation.Very happy to have the perpetually cool, recently named 2018 PDX Jazz Jazz Master and fellow KMHD host Art Abrams.His Swinging Machine Big Band will be appearing at the Festival on Thursday, February 15 at Revolution Hall playing with singers Ernie Andrews ...…
Guest: Diana Guntvedt Futsal Without Borders I Facebook I Instagram Located in Silicon Valley, Northern California, Futsal Without Borders provides opportunities for players of all backgrounds. Founder/Program Manager, Diana Guntvedt shares her mission to develop youth with traits of commitment, discipline, and excellence towards friendship and ...…
Jason and Gary Live after Chrstmas and New Years! The guys discuss Gio, Nagbe, and the Timbers team for 2018.... Tucson away, Skiing at Mt Hood Meadows and Bachelor Butte, @MtStHelens Twitter, Pacific Growlers and the Rich Kaiser Goodbye Party at John's.... Beers Reviewed: Undead Party Crasher by Clown Shoes Permafrost by Burnside Brewing Co. S ...…
Eric Thompson (PDX) and Levi Sebastian (SFO) are both undisputed hype-men of their local blade communities. We chat about Portland hospitality, Northwest Shred Tour, the eclipse, positivity and good vibes. Intro and outro music features a live recording of Brian Shima's band Skookum. Our Blade Rat journey begins August 18, 2017. rollerblade, ro ...…
It’s that time of year—no doubt you’ll see friends and loved ones announcing their engagements any day on Facebook, or perhaps you know you want to get a beautiful piece of jewelry for your own loved one to show just how much they mean to you.Okay… it’s a bit too late to make that happen for this year’s holidays, but you could want or need to g ...…
This week I talk about inspiration, The Crown, Muppets in Lowriders and so much more! 1. I answer a creative question about inspiration. 2. I make a recommendation: The Crown and the IPRC's Kickstarter campaign 3. I tell a story about a feud between myself and the Gresham Art Board 4. I talk about my projects 5. I tell you somehting I learned t ...…
This week, it’s a podcast party! I’m joined by Jesse Layton of the PDX Money Podcast to talk all about his show, what he does, the financial situation of Portland, and much more!Portland Finance, Business, and Economics:Have you ever wondered about the economic situation of a particular city? I know that phrase “economic situation” gets thrown ...…
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