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We are a guild of witches, not a coven. We all witch differently, none of us are Wiccan, and we all live in the Portland, Oregon area. Join us for discussions about our craft. Topics discussed include: Practice building, spell construction, thrift witchcraft, history, folklore, and making magic with what ya got!
Back Fence PDX Radio, produced in collaboration with Back Fence PDX and OPB. We take the best stories from our live shows in Portland, then run them by a radio fairy who sprinkles magic radio dust on them so that the stories may be broadcast across airwaves and inter-webs. Live shows have been playing to packed audiences since 2008. The show pays homage to The Moth Radio Hour and is also the kissing cousin to San Francisco’s Porch Light storytelling series. Back Fence PDX Radio alternates wi ...
PDX Darlings
PDX Darlings Micro and Macro edition - Creativity, Storytelling, Art for the Autodidact - Your host is author Martha Grover
Grow PDX
Podcast by Weston Miller
Metroscope PDX
PDX Money
Your trusted resource for information and insight about Portland finance, business and economics
Welcome to PDX Food Stories, a bi-weekly podcast for the food nerds, the restaurant geeks, and the farmers markets fanatics. Chefs and producers will share their stories, recipes, and tips for the tastiest experience in Portland.
Output PDX Media
Output PDX is the show about business, technology and creativity in the Pearl City. Now you can listen to our show on the go with out free podcasts!
The PDX Executive Podcast features inspiring leaders from Oregon companies. The podcast is powered by the PDX Executive Forums, an invitation only series of summits for Portland brand executives,
PDX Small Business Network Podcast has been started with an aim to shine a light on the success of Portland’s small business community
PDX Parent
PDX Parent Podcast is a podcast by the editors of the popular PDX Parent magazine and website. Our editors discuss the hottest parenting trends in Portland, the places to go, the things to do, and the other info you need to get you through those long days and short years.
CrankMyChain! Cycle TV
Dan Kaufman hosts this Internet televison show by, about, and for cyclists. CrankMyChain! will document psycho bicycle niches, create bike music videos, review parts and accessories, and discuss cycle advocacy. We strive to host an interactive show where others will contribute or respond with their own videos. So go ahead, CrankMyChain!
Table Church PDX
Table Church PDX is a church plant in Southeast Portland, OR
Nameless Gamers PDX
We hold video game discussions, offer first impressions, and talk nostalgia, history and trivia about gaming on all platforms. Some times there is a nugget of wisdom... It doesn't happen often. There is also beer.
Oregon City Blessing Church is an Apostolic Church located in Portland, OR. We are committed to transform the world for God and our mission is Luke 4:18-19.
Sports Talk PDX
Sports talk show that keeps pace with the current news NBA / NFL and trending sports topics. Hosts Randy Lunsford and Tony Taylor explore Twitter and other news outlets weekly and discuss those topics. Find the show @SportstalkPDX on Twitter and participate! They love answering your questions and discussing your suggested topics as well.
An interview podcast from the Creative Music Guild. Hosted by Ben Kates and Brandon Conway and featuring interviews with the best of Portland's experimental musicians.
A monthly dose of bicycle and low-car policy conversation delivered to your ears from Portland.
TANGOH is music podcast featuring tracks by bands from in and around Portland, Oregon USA. In addition to a weekly thematic playlist, we feature special interviews with and playlists by integral members of the Portland music scene.
Two fiber and craft obsessed individuals from the Pacific Northwest chat about knitting, spinning & crochet and explore what it means to live in a DIY Nation.
Blazer's Edge
Weekly+ brings you two Portland Trail Blazers weekly podcasts -- Dave Deckard Dan Marang early in the week, and Chris Lucia and Brandon Goldner on the weekends. Tara (aka TeamMom) and Jo Wulffenstein fill in every other week for both shows.
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Dan Kaufman runs CrankMyChain Cycle TV & pdxk productions and has a deep love for bicycles and their implications for culture & conservation (and this time around, we didn’t make him come on the show while he lost his voice!) … Continue reading →
Dan Kaufman runs CrankMyChain Cycle TV & pdxk productions and has a deep love for bicycles and their implications for culture & conservation (and this time around, we didn’t make him come on the show while he lost his voice!) … Continue reading →
Portland, Ore. - As promised, the first race of the Cross Crusade was wet and muddy. There were a record number (1263) participants at Alpenrose Dairy with loads of fans and plenty of wipeouts for them to watch. I wrote the song Double Crossin Me just for this race and had blast syncing it up to the dirty footage. Next scheduled ...…
Portland, Oregon – River City Bicycles Cyclocross Crusade race #1 is this Sunday at Alpenrose Dairy. Good news race fans, it looks like we may have some mud! Come on out and say hi if you see me. Also, you can watch and buy the 2006 and 2007 Race videos at . So far, this year, we’re covering three races and we’re looking for sp ...…
This is my favorite selection from this years Filmed by Bike festival. The message delivered in this short darma by Oliver Ogden, Jared Staber, Chris Cosler is poignant and well delivered, which is something much more difficult to do than the other types of movies shown at Filmed by Bike (mine included). Watch the movie and then let's discuss t ...…
PORTLAND, OR - Steven Carper is delivered the Baddest Badass purse for his participation and success in the first Badass Challenge at race two of River City Bicycles Cross Crusade at Horning's Hideout last Sunday. Do you want to be a badass? Just ride out to the next cyclocross race. You want to win the next Purse? Contact Dan at PDXK/com then ...…
PORTLAND, OR - Live experiment in process. If you are watching shoot me an email at dan(AT)pdxk(dot)com or AIM me at danKnentac or YahooIM danthebassman2001 PS I am getting lots of good response. For those who witnessed it sorry about the, uh, "incident"...By (PDXK Productions).
You asked for it, you've got it... Bicycle maintenance videos. This week we discuss and show chain cleaning and lubrication. Please thank Doug Moak and our sponsor, River City Bicycles, for making it possible. Next week's topic is brake pads. Please let us know if you have any repair or maintenance topics you'd like to discuss. We'd really like ...…
BLACK ROCK CITY, Nev. - Watch this Burning Man bicyles slide show set to a "unique" version of Born to Be Wild. And... IF you DON'T like IT... PDXK Productions will give you a full refund.* * Due to current restrictions your time can not be recompensed.By (PDXK Productions).
Zoobomb is a weekly bike event in Portland. Zoobombers take the light rail to the Washington Park Zoo and "bomb" down through the Arlington Heights neighborhood on various types of bicycles - especially mini-bikes. Zoobombers also take on the daring descent of Hwy 26 (a freeway sections where bicycles are allowed). After a bomber wiped-out on H ...…
Portland, Ore. --- Hundreds of cyclists going as bare as they dared swarmed the streets of Portland June 10, 2006, for the largest naked bike ride in North America. As many as 500 nude or nearly nude cyclists rode for two and a half hours circling downtown to the cheers and jeers of spectators, motorists, and passersby. This year also marked th ...…
Join Dan Kaufman as he straps a camera to his kid's bike and follows these cycling insurgents as they climb to the zoo and descend through the hills of Portland, Oregon.By (PDXK Productions).
Rainier, Ore. -- A quiet Sunday morning along the Columbia River created a picturesque backdrop for a the thunderous collapse of the Trojan Nuclear Plant cooling tower. Strategically placed dynamite reduced the 499-foot icon to billowing clouds of concrete dust within 9 seconds. This event marked the first implosion of a nuclear cooling tower i ...…
Our Second ad. It was set on top of a video ipod on our main page.By (PDXK Productions).
Our very first PDXK ad. Highlighting all our podcasts which had icons below the movie.By (PDXK Productions).
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