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Everybody has secret weirdness, Pete Holmes gets comedians to share theirs.
A podcast focused on modern application development technologies, the business of software, and technologists that drive our industry. Topics will include .Net, Mobile Development, Soft Skills, Front End, Back End, and everything in-between!
Join Luke Moore and Pete Donaldson every Monday and Thursday as they pull on the threads of the universe and revel in the discovery of where each one takes them. From ancient history and modern phenomena to the week's events and everything in between, The Luke and Pete Show is your chance to share in the fun of two men with time on their hands and a good idea of how to waste it.
The Premium Pete Show ™ New episodes drop every Thursday On ITunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, etc... Subscribe, Rate & Tell a Friend to Tell a Friend! CHEA,CHEA! ** Much like the city of New York, the Premium Pete Show is packed with captivating culture and the essence of optimistic growth. Premium Pete is devoted to creating comedic, momentous, and thought provoking conversations with established & notable figures around pop culture, family, entrepreneurial growth and more ...
Two A-list comedians, Pete Correale and Sebastian Maniscalco, get together once a week to create a tight comedy radio show with stories and comedy bits.
Danny Wallace and Pete Donaldson guide you through the tricky world of being a modern man. Masters of Man Time with Just for Men is packed with utterly trivial information, but you might laugh (a bit).
In 1996, Pete Schwartz began work on a documentary series called Pete's Paranormal Chronicles. His sanity began to unravel during the production of the program and he became completely immersed in a nationwide conspiracy. December 12th, 1999 is the last day anyone remembers seeing Schwartz alive. These are the recordings of Pete's old radio show...TURN THE VOLUME UP AND THE LIGHTS DOWN
Wheat Pete's Word
Every Wednesday, Peter Johnson gives you the agronomic word on all the crops growing in Canada.
Everybody has secret weirdness, Pete Holmes gets comedians to share theirs.
Two A-list comedians, Pete Correale and Sebastian Maniscalco, get together once a week to create a tight comedy radio show with stories and comedy bits.
Pete Tong TV
Pete Tong's weekly audio-visual guide to the world of dance and electronica. Each week Pete features videos, remixes, upfront tunes, leftfield tracks, interviews, world exclusives, a weekly competition and the Bedroom Bedlam Chart, with a chance for you to decide who wins. Go to for more details.
A place for long form talk with percussionists and other compelling people.
The Pete Santilli Show
A one-hour podcast discussing the funny, dramatic and downright embarrassing antics of your favorite reality show heroes. If your guilty pleasures include the Bachelor, MTV Real World/ Challenge and gossiping about people you have never met, subscribe to us on iTunes today!
The hilarious NSFW comic book talk show from real New Yorkers! Everything from NCBD to the Golden Age. Watch now! New episode every Tuesday. Trusted by thousands of viewers each week. Tune in and talk comics. Real comic books. Real New Yorkers!
Mark and Pete
Colorful conversation on social, economic and religious issues from a Christian worldview perspective. Mark and Pete: a businessman and a pastor.Listen on Flame Radio 1521MW in NW England and podcasts on iTunes.Website: markandpete.comTwitter: @markandpete
Consilience with Pete and Charlie is a podcast about the intersection of science and the humanities after all the lights start blinking and the cars crash into each other and everyone is screaming but no one is hurt because they were all wearing seatbelts.
Pete Weintraub is a Permanent Weight Loss Specialist whose mission is to help others lose weight PERMANENTLY by making simple healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes. Submit a topic YOU'D like us to discuss by emailing '' or by tweeting at us @weightlosspete. DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT AND SHARE OUR EPISODES!
Jeezle Pete
Amelia and Sarah are best friends looking for God. Amelia is happily an atheist and can list four whole facts about Jesus. Sarah read Jesus/Judas fanfic at an impressionable young age and is constantly on the search for faith. Together, they watch, read, and listen to religious media to understand how people translate religion into horror movies, musicals, and low budget romcoms.
Your mind's about to blow - it's THE ANDREW AND PETE SHOW! The Andrew and Pete show combines all the fun and games of a radio show, whilst interviewing some of the most inspiring and knowledgeable marketeers and entrepreneurs on the planet! If you run your own business or are in charge of marketing at your company then this is the show for you. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll learn a ton too. Marketing your business should be fun, in a digital world with a ton of competition if you’re n ...
St. Pete X
St Pete X features business and civic leaders in St. Petersburg Florida who share their insight, expertise and love of our special city. An initiative of the St. Petersburg Group, St Pete X strives to connect and elevate the city by sharing the voices of its citizens, and to bring awareness to the opportunities offered by the great St. Petersburg renaissance.
Pete & Steve
Pete & Steve is an all in one podcast. We discuss things that impact you and the world around you especially focusing on how to improve your quality of life. Featuring guest interviews on relevant topics with a dash of humor to create a blend of fun and substance. Chatting about our stuff, your stuff, the world's stuff, and the intersection of it all.
The hilarious NSFW comic book talk show from real New Yorkers! Everything from NCBD to the Golden Age. Listen now! New episode every Tuesday. Trusted by thousands of listeners each week. Tune in and talk comics. Real comic books. Real New Yorkers!
Pete's Podcast
Leadership, Discipline, Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Every Day Living.
A new Conspiracy Theory Podcast with Pete Weiss and Keith Morris! Scientology, Fluoride, New World Order, the Beatles. We take them all on!
Pete is a native New Yorker born and raised 13 miles from NYC. in Mt.Vernon, hometown of Dick Clark ( and not surprisingly one of his inspirations). Pete grew up listening to Top40 radio of the 60s and early 70s,like radio stations WMCA,WINS,and WABC.
America's 401k Show is heard around the country each week as Coach Pete and the team bring on everything you need know about your retirement transition. Each week, the hosts and guests on the show reveal the latest developments in the financial world to keep you informed of changes that may affect you personally, while sharing some common sense strategies that will help you make the most out of your retirement savings.
We take an informed look at topics that include nutritional and emotional wellbeing, as well as expanded consciousness.
Pete the Planner discusses retirement readiness.
Join Pete weeknights from 8pm for loads of great music and comedy guests plus his album of the week and live sessions. He doesn't always get chance to play the full interview on-air (because he muffs up) but here's your chance to hear the interviews in all of their unedited glory. Basically Kings of Leon, Tom Odell, Miles Kane and loads more...
Inspired by Carl Sagan, the Wonder Junkie Podcast is a place where Pete Bailey delves into a variety of subject areas featuring guests such as ESA Astrophysicist Dr. Matt Taylor, Emmy Award-winning actor Mandy Patinkin, business magnate Touker Suleyman (BBC Dragons Den) and curator at London's Imperial War Museum; Matt Brosnan.
Learning about Christ one word at a time.
The best of Pete, JB (The Cruiser) and Kathryn in the morning.
Pete Cohen Radio
Motivation and inspirational advice on health, fitness, wellbeing and weight loss
Pete McMurray from WGN Radio 720
Mark and Pete
Colorful conversation on social, economic and religious issues from a Christian worldview perspective. Mark and Pete: a businessman and a pastor.Listen on Flame Radio 1521MW in NW England and podcasts on iTunes.Website: markandpete.comTwitter: @markandpete
Listen to Pete Scazzero's Sermons from New Life Fellowship Church in New York.
Pete's World
I have always wanted to do more with my life. Like most people I had a hard time figuring our exactly what I that was. When I would listen to Kevin Smith (aka Silent Bob or the director of Cop Out- insert bad joke), I was inspired by his message. To help his hetero-life-mate Jason Mewes, kick his addiction Kevin started the podcast “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old”. Kevin constantly tells his listeners “…start a podcast,…its free;…you do not know when the government is going to regulate it.” And th ...
Looking to start a business? Many times people will choose or fall into Network Marketing/MLM and not really know what they are getting themselves into. NMC is setting out to help you start the right way and understanding the realities in how to succeed in Network Marketing.
Lisa and Pete drive you home from 4-7pm weekdays. Their show covers everything from the big news topics of the day and issues affecting Perth people; right through to celebrity interviews with touring bands, artists, actors – any big names we can drag into the studio. Justin Hamilton delivers hilarious TV & movie reviews every week, and don’t forget Teapot on a Friday! You’ll have to listen in to find out more – and WIN! Plus loads of other amazing prize giveaways. Listen to Lisa and Pete 4- ...
Pete Van Dyk hosts Canada's Only Late Night Talk Show! Pete, along with the Greatest Band in Canadian Late Night History, the Nocturnal Emissions, and his bartender welcome guests from the worlds of Sports, Entertainment and Comedy. Enjoy!
Podcast by Pete Collesano
South St Pete TekZ and BrewZ is a station capturing enthusiasm and interacting with people that live and create in Tampa Bay, Florida
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What are John Schneider and Pete Carroll's draft day plans? The two share the podium at Seahawks headquarters for their annual pre-draft press conference which begins Monday's third hour of Bob, Groz, and Tom. In The Eavesdrop, the guys discuss a very telling comment Pete Carroll made during the press conference that speaks to his relationship ...…
As the NFL Draft nears, the Wide Receiver position isn’t a focus for the Patriots, given their many needs at other key positions, however, there are plenty of names to know in preparation for your Rookie and Dynasty Drafts at the Wide Receiver position. Pete Davidson’s pre-draft scouting showcases six (6) tiers of talent at the position, that o ...…
Drink it in, this week the guys kick it off with a new beverage that's canonically sound in the Dashingverse. Pete follows up with some thoughts on the totally not offensive anime Devil Man Cry Baby, and Dane has some doubts about the continued viability of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Elsewhere, the guys figure out why no one cares about Br ...…
Nick Kayal, Braden Gall, and Derrick Mason talk with voice of the predators Pete Weber about Preds and much more.
On this week's episode, our long time friend Larry joins in on the discussion! How do you feel about wearing a sweaty man's underpants forever? Do you think you could love a man named Asshole Pete? All that and more on this week's Hypothetically Speaking!
Jackson Felts, Pete Fewing, and Danny Jackson recap the Sounders 3-1 win
Sunday PM Pastor Pete MontoroSermon on the Mount Part 9
1. Mason - Dance, Shake, Move (Tim Baresko Remix)2. Danny Serrano - Never Alone (feat. Nukkah Secondcity da Groove Remix) 3. SecondCity, George Smeddles - Groove Is In (Original Mix) 4. SPNCR - In This Moment (Mark Jenkyns Remix)5. Made By Pete - Freakin 6. Lego - El Ritmo De Verdad (Extended)7. Salif Keita - Madan (Martin Solveig Exotic Disco ...…
A perspective on Matthew 5:43-48 that could help you love your enemies in the heat of the moment.
BLOOD NOIR EPISODE 19: NOTHING THERE based on the short story by G. Wayne Miller from his Short story collection Vapors.John is being haunted by the past as well as the present. Is it all in his mind?Lothar Tuppan as John, Driver and Old manTanja Milojevic as Allison.Snake as Mr. ConnerMat Weller as JasonLaurie E. Smith as JulieKessi Reliniki a ...…
Kenneth and Pete breakdown their almost, on-air conversations with the great Taylor Rooks and Bob Garcia. Instead it's the usual NFL takes and football tangents. Plus, 2018 NFL Mock drafts. The best unreleased audio entertainment since Detox?
HOUR 4 - When he hears the music, Tom Caron just can't help himself. Maybe not a full on dance but TC has been feeling the rhythm today. Former Patriots voice Gil Santos passed yesterday and we play some of his greatest calls. And Pete Frates' father John joins the show to promote the 7th Annual ALS Awareness Game.…
The 7th annual ALS Awareness Game featuring BC against Florida State is tomorrow (4/21) at Fenway Park. Tickets are just $10! Net proceeds will benefit the Pete Frates Home Health Initiative.By
Today is April 20, 2018. One year ago today, Pete Scibienski died. What better way to honor him than replay our conversation with him from last March (Episode 62). Enjoy… and if you make it to the end, you get a special treat… a song from Beth.
This week, The Fabulous Sports Babe is joined by her old buddy, Linda Cohn of ESPN. They’ve been friends since their time in Seattle and frankly, there is no one better to NHL Playoffs with than the goalie herself. FSB and Linda talk about unlikely run of the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the Tampa Bay Lightning, their mutual love for Nashville Pre ...…
Thursday Night Pastor Pete MontoroWine and the Bible Part 10
This is Bags of Action. The podcast devoted to action movies, both old and new, but all of them are awesome! In this episode Steve and Pete talk about the 2017 film, The Foreigner, starring Jackie Chan. This film is currently available on Netflix UK and is both an action film but also a political thriller. It's the first Jackie Chan film we've ...…
Pete Greenwood on John 13:31-35 in our 2 part Everyday Rhythms series8th of April 2018
Pete Greenwood on Mark 15:40-16:8Easter Sunday, 1st of March 2018
As Indiana Jones and Marcus Brody study meaningless maps, Gerry gets lost, Tom gets scared, Pete gets gross, and we all get schooled by our guest, cartographer Thor Ritz. Support us on Patreon: Join us online at: Facebook:…
Divide & Conquer: The Campaign To Stop Donald Trump's Re-election Episode #1252- The Pete Santilli Show with Pete Santilli & Deb Jordan - Tuesday April 17, 2018 Todays guest is Dan Bidondi Dan Bidondi is a freelance reporter living in the state of Rhode Island a career that spans over a decade. After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, le ...…
Divide & Conquer: The Campaign To Stop Donald Trump's Re-election Episode #1252- The Pete Santilli Show with Pete Santilli & Deb Jordan - Tuesday April 17, 2018 Todays guest is Dan Bidondi Dan Bidondi is a freelance reporter living in the state of Rhode Island a career that spans over a decade. After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, le ...…
The Miyazaki must flow! We're back with part three of our now FIVE part series, a look at the films of Hayao Miyazaki. As these are all new to Pete, Spirited Away is no exception. Will Spirited Away lift Pete's spirits about these movies? Will he finally find a compelling narrative to accompany the on the nose symbolism Miyazaki loves so much? ...…
Xavier & Pete recap the awesome card that went down in Glendale, Arizona. They touch on future fights, Xavier's continuous love for Michelle Waterson, and they getting deep about life toward the end of the podcast! EMAIL INTO THE SHOW: Instagram: @armchaircagefighter Twitter: @ACFPod Follow Xavy ...…
Episode Notes Lachlan and Frank talk spiders! Frank talks about how much he has grown since his first fateful meeting with the giant eight-legged monsters that roam Australia, and Loki figures out our pirate names. Shout out to Sad Mike, keep sailing those seas! Contact us: @downundercast Music:…
In today's #whiteboardwednesday, Coach Pete Tarling​ considers the relationship between strength and hypertrophy when commencing a resistance training program.Whilst many get into resistance/strength training on the expectation of hypertrophy and imporved body composition changes, in reality it takes a longer time to build up the training capac ...…
A recent article published in Bloomberg News is asking if Vaile’s corporate takeover of Whistler mountain is killing the spirit of the local mountain and resort? Here to discuss the impact of the corporate takeover is Pete Sonntag, COO at Whistler Blackcomb. In studio: Pete Sonntag COO at Whistler Blackcomb…
We are back , with a new season, new format and you!!! yes you give our show a try. It's fun , lively and educational ( we hope). The opening episode is with guest host Amanda Gavin and Guest Star from the Los Angeles Derby Dolls and Director of TV and Movie development Brittany Cope " Moon Bootz". Find out why we have been so long off air , YE ...…
Big Sarge - Justin Jordan is the author of And Then I Cried; Stories of a Mortuary NCO. Justin was the first Airman to have a service dog while still enlisted in the Air Force. Why did he need a service dog? As a mortuary affairs NCO he handled the remains of service members in places like Iraq. By Justin's own estimate, as many as 15 bodies a ...…
On this epiosode we had the pleasure to have Music Engineer/Producer/Artist Cousin Pete aka Cuzzo as our guest. He chilled with us telling his story how he got started.Topics Discussed:Colin Kaepernick Declines to Stop Kneeling Singer K. Michelle Reveals her body enhancements made her sick.Bill Cosby TrialSnoop Releases Gospel AlbumThe Starbuck ...…
Sunday PM Pastor Pete Montoro Sermon on the Mount Part 8
We’re so excited to begin our You Asked For It series this weekend as Pete Chiofalo, Senior Pastor, teaches about The gospel of John. If you missed the service, you can catch up right here. Enjoy the talk!
Pete Wedderburn the vet came into studio to talk about our pets.
Lots of music talk on this week's show. I go through that WatchMojo list of the Top Ten Most Electrifying Live Bands. There's talk about the prog-metal band Tool and of a group of very young music students doing a Tool cover. A friend risks death or at least grave injury by suggesting to me Pete Townshend is much of a musician! And there's a se ...…
Mike Blewitt and Kevin Walsh talk about the NBA Playoffs and who they think will succeed. Pete Consadori joins the show to talk about the Stanley Cup Playoffs and Tony Cincotta joins the show to discuss the NFL. #FNTSY #FNTSYRadio #DFS #NBA #NHL #NFL
Playlist: Figure - Friday the 13th Badboe - Hit the Maestro (feat. Rayan MC) (jPod remix) Pendulum - Tarantula (Father Funk remix) cozy - Hip Hopity Benny Page - Turn down the lights (Father Funk remix) One - T - I woke up (Freddy high remix) Unknown - Much more bounce (Dr Packer & friend remix) Roast Beats - Boombox (feat Dr. Syntax) Tom Drumm ...…
This Week Pete Mitchell is joined by Valerie Holiday of the Three Degrees.
Pete talks to Channel swimmer Chris Minall about dreaming of swimming the channel while relaxing by the pool in Italy, Blue Peter, boat pilots playing ‘catch me’, star spangled trunks, and the legend of Disraeli Gears , guilty pleasures and slowed down Beatle’s tracks, during one of the longest games of Pop Cricket so far.…
Thursday Night Pastor Pete Montoro Wine and the Bible Part 9
Kimmer show topics: we need hottie fun girl pics, Braves tickets! Comey a dirty cop, lazy Belgian army, Newsmaker lines by Jim Gossett, HCIS with Pete Davis, sweetness, Pete’s tweets, plus your curly fried calls at 844 404 1067 from noon til 3pm, tell Arby!
In the twentieth (yep, we made it to 20!) episode of the St Pete SALT (Stories About Local Talent) podcast, we talk with Dana Hart. During the episode, we laugh (a lot), we discuss paddling, fights and much more! Be sure to subscribe to the show!
Join Emma Kenny in her new podcast series " Making sense of it". Regular guests, alongside her husband will be joining Emma with light hearted discussion around life as we know. This week emma is half way through her existential crisis and Pete explains why he gets angry at internet trolls. Also the recap on urban myths and emma explains why sh ...…
Kimmer show topics: mueller and fbi run amok amok, Braves tix giveaway, pollen messing with Kim and flounder what wussies, deep state vs us, Alan Dershowitz rocks, tenn coed models with gun, Newsmaker lines with Jim Gossett, teachers unions suck, HCIS with Pete, sweetness bell, Pete’s tweets, cbs covers for Charlie rose scumbag, and Pete breaks ...…
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