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Der Pfadfinder-Podcast
Was macht der Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (VCP) eigentlich? Womit beschäftigen sich ihre Mitglieder?
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Pfadfinder erzählen
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Fundstücke aus dem Archiv der Pfadi Oberrhi
1. Scout-Podcast
Mit dem Podcast wollen wir Euch an unserem Gruppenleben teilhaben lassen. Unser Wissen über Pfadfindertechniken, Naturkunde und Bibel geben wir gern weiter.Der Podcast entsteht in unseren Gruppenstunden, Lagern und während unserer Projekte. Er wird in 14-tägigem Abstand erscheinen.
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What Do You Know About?
Featured article was 4 (Beyoncé album) Martha Gunn Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder Nosiola Artwork used is Saint John the Baptist by Leonardo da Vinci You can find Karl on twitter at @karlbright, and Lo at @appleslaps. Don't forget to like, follow, subscribe, take your vitamins, and eat your vegetables.…
Talk Chineasy - Learn Chinese every day with ShaoLan
Truly fashionable or just a fad?! Find out how to say these words in Chinese as luxury brand CEO Helen Wright chats with ShaoLan. Listen out for the bonus word “popular” and challenge yourself to say all the major fashion weeks in Chinese. Read extended show notes for this episode here: ...…
The Agents of Innovation podcast features conversations with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and artists, hosted by Francisco Gonzalez. Episode 27 (May 2017) features an interview with Evan Marcus, co-owner of a Delivery Dudes franchise in midtown Miami. This episode features the song, "Cry" by Paul Pfau. Find his music at: ...…
Back for another week, Jon and Nik talk about the recent implosion of the new healthcare bill, fragmentation of the American society, and food trucks…are they permanent or a recent fad? Find our on this week’s episode of Between Two Millennials!
Summary: When inviting girls back to your place, sell the experience, not the item (i.e. I have a sick pad). Find out what they want before you invite them. Feel out the group of girls and see if they re down to continue to party. Be indifferent to their response and say you re going to party either way. Don t beg. If you have girls with you it ...…
Chit Chat with Tim and Mat
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another special episode of Chit Chat! I am joined once again by the powerhouse Kurtis Pope as we examine all the recent news and hype surrounding the launch date and pricing information of PlayStation VR! Are we as excited for this product as Big Andrew House is? Or do we think VR is a passing ...…
Our guest is a shameless late adopter and self-described cynic. He had absolutely no interest in the flipped class "fad." Find out what problems he was finally able to solve by flipping, which converted him into a flipped class evangelist. Follow: @jonbergmann @matthew_t_moore @bamradionetwork#edchat #flipclass #teachers Matthew Moore is a teac ...…
Forex Answers | Forex Trading Strategies 7 Days A Week | Learn To Trade Foreign Exchange Markets | Forex Trading For Beginners
Binary options are sort of the new fad. Find out today if it is worthwhile making the jump from Forex to binaries.
Better Said Than Written
Rare Disorder Activist, Kim Ramsey, joins Tamika Cody once again in another episode of Better Said Than Written. This time around Kim shares her personal story of persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD). Kim walks us through when she realized she was suffering from PGAD, finding treatment and how she recovered from backlash from the Black co ...…
Maha spricht in der vierten Folge mit hukl über Gitarren, Gitarrenmusik, die GEMA und die Serie Seinfeld. Das Wort der Sendung ist unverhofft, mit dessen Gebrauch es eine besondere Bewandtnis hat, wie im Podcast erklärt wird. Podcast jQuery('#podlovewebplayer_aff4b2fd169cdcf674814a82d89549a6024d0da9').podlovewebplayer({"pluginPath":"http:\/\/13 ...…
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