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PiCast podcast
The PiCast is the official podcast for Scott and Brittany to talk about their adventures since getting married on the ultimate Pi Day 3.14.15. Follow PiDayCosplay Tumblr: Twitter & Instagram: @PiDayCosplay Email:
Skill Shot Pincast
The Skill Shot Pincast is the podcast companion to Seattle's pinball zine! ( Hosted by Graham Klym and Kayla Greet, the Pincast comes out every two weeks and features guests talking about competitive play, the pinball community, the latest games, industry news and gossip, and everything in between!
The BiCast
Podcast For The Bisexual+ Community
Here you will find the football podcasts of Manchester United Youtuber MrFlyingPigHD discussing all things Man Utd and football related with guests and interviews plus a whole lot more.
A podcast that celebrates all things lady. We are ladies who love ladies who talk about ladies.
PIPCast is a podcast for ODPs and the operating department in general. We look at news in the ODP world as well as interviewing practitioners old and new.
Spurs iCast
An in-depth analysis of the San Antonio Spurs, from games to news. Your 1st and only source!!
Party with Nelson Lugo and Schaffer the Darklord! One of them is a super-talented artist, beloved by thousands of fans, and the other is a magician. EPIC PIEcast is a monthly show where every corner of pop culture is discussed, debated and deconstructed with all the snark and witty banter that these nerdy pie fanatics can muster.
Commonwealth Media Hub
objectionable language, objectionable content and quite possibly offensive dialogue. We aren’t out to hurt anyone, and it’s all in good fun.
Discuss, analyze and unpack all things Service Management
The news in RSS Channel form, available via the PSP Demo Center
Podcast by Pipcast
Everything that is japanese rock/pop/metal/electronica/visual kei
PIECAST -- A podcast about pie and people.
A weekly podcast about all things PIT related
Comedic conversations, Sports, Politically incorrect politics!
Pizza Piecast
Laidback Vibes Podcast will feature Remixes amp; Originals across Deep House, House amp; Nu-Disco with more of a Laidback feel.New Podcasts will also be available @ THE MUSIC!!
Podcast by Jackey Raye Neyman Jones
From time to time we will upload lessons, audio transcription of the notes and worked solutions to the site. This can be downloaded and used on your computer or mp3 player. Enjoy.
Pocast People
Starting at the Edinburgh Fringe on the 18th August 2015 I started asking random people random questions and I've not stopped yet.Some silly, some serious, what ever came to mind really. The could be a comedian, actor, musician, plumber, banker or wanker, makes no difference to me.Was one of them you?Listen and find out.
Indo /an/icast
We are Indo /an/icast, an anime podcast discussing anime since 2018.SC: YT :
Bochuey Pocast
We are 3 friends from high school who like to nerd out and talk about it,
Christian Music Channel from Mandeville, Jamaica. Feel free to contact us. humblesoulsministry@gmail.comOUR FREE MUSIC NOW AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITE.Visit our website for more info:
The PIECast
Serving up a slice of strange
Beer Punks Pitcast
Punk rockers who love craft beer and hate corporate beer! The quest to unite anti authority beer and anti authority music starts here!
Os nerds mais épicos da internet
Sci-Fi Cast
Sci-Fi Cast with feature classic Science Fiction Old Time Radio along with News stories relevant to Sci-Fi Fans.
Run Eat And Lift are experts on fitness and wellness. Their goal is to inform everyone what REAL fitness is, by discussing the myths of modern health and to provide you with you running, strength training, and nutritional advice. Enjoy the Show!
h-Our Last Podcast
#hOurLastPodcast is talk radio with focal pointz in TV, Current EventZ, Life, Strange FacZ & More Weird Non Sense " So stay tune FreakZ!Reminder: There is NO Age Restriction however it's rated M for Mature tho! - Android Userz? We're on, Stitcher! - iPhone Userz? We're on, TuneIn Radio!- Also on that YouTube @ MyDayVee!- And we got a Facebook Page, plus we are now on over 10 + mobile apps, YO!This Podcast was created using
A Game of Thrones fan podcast based on both the show and books.
The latest news and views from Ireland's brightest newsroom. Don't forget to subscribe
The Latest Sermons and Series from High Country Christian Church | Boone, NC
The Business Wealth Builder
Discussion, news and recaps from the world of original web entertainment, produced by the community.
Discussion, news and recaps from the world of original web entertainment, produced by the community.
Helping you sell your skills so you cab get paid your true value.
Welcome to Slice of Pie: The Tonberry Piecast. This podcast is produced by the members of the Tonberry Pie Free Company on Gilgamesh. We will cover everything regarding Final Fantasy XIV and more! Hit us up on twitter using #piecastxiv
This is a fly fishing education and lifestyle podcast hosted by Rob Snowhite, a renowned urban fly fishing guide based in Northern Virginia. Rob's background in biology, education, and fishing will keep you entertained for hours. Mostly family friendly. Contact Rob for episode sponsorship, guided trips, or custom flies. Produced by Jason Reif.
Inglés Diario
inglés en pocasts
A boxing Pocast created by fans for the fans.
Drinking Partners
The Drinking Partners Podcast features comics Ed Bailey and Day Bracey swilling microbrews and spirits and engaging in dynamic, entertaining, and informative conversations with entertainers, politicians, and entrepreneurs, ranging from comedian Todd Glass to Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto. Sometimes outrageous and sometimes educational, the Drinking Partners are nothing short of highly addictive…
If you want to know how the best sales & marketing people think, if you're looking for another perspective on a problem, or if you're dreaming of a new career or a startup: Get on it now! Spend your time wisely - on personal & professional development. Learn everything from startup sales and initial marketing to account management and advertising. Subscribe to The Pitchwerks Podcast. Scot MacTaggart has been a sales rep, a marketer, a manager, a consultant, an executive and an advisor for ov ...
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PiCast Episode 83 - Christmas Lights etc. Sorry this episode is a little late but *spoiler alert* we have a new baby in the house. If you have been following our story, you know that we have been waiting for a long time for that to happen. This episode is not about the new baby. Stay tuned for that by Christmas. And speaking of Christmas, this ...…
PiCast Episode 80 - Comikaze 2017 This is a fun episode. We discuss Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con where we had a great time with a lot of friends. It seems like the more cons we attend the more cool people we meet. I need to get more drops to add the Picast. I really liked adding extra voices. If you want to be on a future episode, call our voicemail ...…
PiCast Episode 75 - NerdBotCon This episode is a week late since we have been busy, but we wanted to tell you about the fun we had at NerdBotCon in Pasadena. If you don’t follow them, Check out and follow them on FB and IG etc! They are a cool bunch of people and this was the 2nd NerdBotCon. This episode also has a shout out to the ...…
PiCast Episode 72 - Take it SLO Scott and Brittany talk about their trip in Central California, checking out SLO, Pismo Beach, Cambria and Hearst Castle. They talk a lot about the yummy food they ate and enjoyed, so don’t listen to this one hungry! Did we miss any sights to see? Do you have a favorite eatery in the area? What do you like about ...…
PiCast Episode 71 - It’s Britney Bitch! Scott and Brittany went to Vegas to see Britney Spears and hang out with family and friends. We gathered a bunch of them for a special PiCast! Have you been to Britney’s Vegas show or a concert? What about Sin City? Do you go to Vegas? Where do you stay? Do you gamble or just party? Contact us at PiDayCos ...…
PiCast Episode 70 - Ed Sheeran We spent our Sunday night at the Valley View Casino Arena (formerly the San Diego Sports Arena) seeing James Blunt and Ed Sheeran. It was a fun show. We even got a photo and autograph with James! We talk all about the concert as well as highschool emo poetry and Brittany’s new venture! Listen up! Also, We’d love t ...…
PiCast Episode 69 - SDCC2017 Sorry it took so long to get this posted! Scott and Brittany attended San Diego Comic-con all 5 days this year and it took a little time after to catch up on work and record and edit the new PiCast! There are some new prop rules this year so the cosplay seemed a little light or maybe it was a little crowded. We star ...…
PiCast Episode 68 - Spiderman Homecoming We saw Spider-Man Homecoming and it was great! We hope you saw it too because this is a spoiler filled discussion of the film. Please share your Spider-man love with us. See our contact information below. Also, we’ll be at SDCC all week. If you are attending, let’s meet and say “hi”! Contact us at PiDayC ...…
PiCast Episode 67 - Jersey Boys Rent20 2 We saw a couple more musicals! Big surprize right? We saw Jersey Boys in LA and went al the way to Memphis to Lotto for RENT20 at the Orpheum. Also mentioned in this episode is the CW show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. We’ll be doing an episode on that soon. We love it! If you want to participant, reach out to us ...…
PiCast Episode 65 - Sims & D52 Scott and Brittany are on vacation in Memphis for the weekend so we did a quick episode about Brittany’s computer games and the WDW49 challenge that Brittany is reworking to the D52. Basically it is when you ride every ride in a single day. Scott thinks it is impossible. The idea came from here: http://www.parkeol ...…
PiCast Episode 64 - Wonder Woman Scott and Brittany saw Wonder Woman and share their thoughts with you. SPOILERS! So if you haven’t seen it yet, wait to listen to this episode. We also talk about the passing of the original Batman Adam West. Did you see the new Wonder Woman? Share your thoughts with us! Contact us at Leav ...…
PiCast Episode 63 - Guardians of the Galaxy Scott and Brittany took a couple vacation days to go to Disneyland and DCA for the new Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout ride. We stayed at the Anabella Hotel too for one last time. We decided to talk about both Guardians movies as well as the ride and our last stay at the Anabella. Have you ev ...…
PiCast Episode 62 - Rebecca lives at disney Scott had to work so Brittany took some time to talk all about Disney World Rebecca. They have a great chat about how much fun Disney Parks can be! Don’t forget to check out Rebecca’s IG its @rebeccalivesatdisney What is your favorite park? Do you have an annual pass? Tell us about your best trip to D ...…
PiCast Episode 61 - A Chorus Line Into the Woods This episode is coming out a little early since we will be heading to Las Vegas for a wedding and then on to WhedonCon in LA. We hope to see you in either place! Stop and say, “Hi!”. We clearly can't get enough musical theater! We recently saw Into the Woods and A Chorus Line and we talk about ou ...…
PiCast Episode 60 - Gilmore Girls On this week’s PiCast we have a panel discussion about Gilmore Girls. Scott moderates a panel of Brittany’s cousins and friends. Most of the girls love Gilmore Girls and have watched the series multiple times, then there’s Brittany. We do a Q&A with special guests, Ashley, Lauren, Michi and Shana. We talk favor ...…
PiCast Episode 59 - Baby Bounding with Rachael In the middle of the March Disneybound challenge, we took some time to talk with an awesome Mother and Daughter bouding team and instagram sensation, Rachael and her adorable baby Harper. We talk about how much harder Baby Bounding is when you don’t have a closet full of clothes to pull from. Baby ...…
PiCast Episode 58 - Spring Dapper Day 2017 We attended Dapper Day and the Dapper Day Expo at Disneyland this weekend. We dressed to impress as Dapper Genderbent Captain America and Agent Carter. The weather was nice at Disneyland and we had a good time looking at all the well dressed patrons. We went to the vintage inspired Dapper Day Expo at t ...…
PiCast Episode 56 - Pi Day in LA After we saw Fun Home in LA for our anniversary, we spent the next day checking out a few LA locations we like before going to Disneyland to close out the Pi Day Anniversary celebration. We started out Pi Day with Piology and a personal Pizza for $3.14. Then we headed to the House of Pies in Los Feliz. We stayed ...…
PiCast Episode 55 - Marsia Powers from Fandom Charities and Whedoncon Scott and Brittany interview Marsia Powers From Fandom Charities and Whedonopolis and Whedoncon. We get to learn about the history of Fandom Charities and Wehdonopolis and how it lead to the Joss Whedon Fan Convention: Whedoncon! We also talk about Wondercon, Dr. Horrible’s s ...…
PiCast Episode 56 - Pi Day Voicemail Contest BONUS EPISODE Did you know we have a voicemail? You can call the Pi Line 626-66-PIDAY. We have been running a contest for the first person to leave a voicemail and it was Corey. We call him live to congratulate him on this bonus episode. Are you sad you didn’t win that contest? We we are doing a few ...…
PiCast Episode 54 - WonderCon 2017 Scott and Brittany talk about WonderCon 2017 in Anaheim. We cut back this con from 2 days to 1 and we ran into all sorts of new Con stressors, like parking and not having enough floor time. We talk about volunteering at the WhedonCon booth with Camden Toy and Scott’s participation in the closing show of Dr. Ho ...…
PiCast Episode 53 - Fun Home For our anniversary, we went to the LA to see Fun Home. Brittany was really excited to see this musical. It made for a great Pi Day Anniversary. We go through the show and tell you what we think, so it is a bit spoilerific! Be warned. What did you do on Pi Day this year? Did you see a musical? Did you go to Disneyla ...…
PiCast Episode 52 - Sabrina from Curious Felis Scott and Brittany talk to Sabrina Valderrama a talented and creative friend from central California about her Etsy shop where she makes fandom oriented sleep masks among other things. She’s also a cosplayer and fellow nerd culture aficionado! Join us as we get to know her a little better. Also, if ...…
We celebrate our First PI day!
PiCast Episode 51 - Adoption’s an Option 2: Electric Boogaloo Scott and Brittany give an update on the Foster/Adoption process. It has been a long road and although we are one step closer, there is still a lot yet to come. Join us on our journey to grow our family! If you have any Foster or adoption stories or advice, please let us know. We wan ...…
PiCast Episode 50 - SDCC2017 Returning Registration Scott and Brittany got SDCC Badges for 2017! Did you get badges too? We talk about the process and the 2017 Convention Schedule! There is always so much going on. NExt step is open Registration for those of you that didn’t get badges today. We’d love to hear about your registration rituals and ...…
PiCast Episode 49 - The Little Mermaid Musical Scott and Brittany went to the Grove theater in Upland to see the Little Mermaid Musical. Yes, another musical episode! And we even Cosplayed (well maybe it was more of a bound) as Eric and Ariel to the show. Did you know it’s almost PiDay? Check out our Instagram for a Pi Day Giveaway. Also, Call ...…
PiCast Episode 48 - Long Beach Comic Expo Scott and Brittany went to Long Beach Comic Expo as volunteers to work WhedonCon booth. It was our first time working a con instead of attending one! It was fun to meet a lot of other attendees and vendors as we promoted our favorite con of 2016, WhedonCon. The folks that bring that fine event to you ha ...…
PiCast Episode 47 - Fuller House On this special episode of the PiCast, Scott is out of town so Brittany and her sisters, Sarah and Taylor talk Fuller House after binge watching season 2. They delve into favorite characters, the differences between Full House and Fuller House, and the nostalgia factor Fuller House brings up for 90’s kids. Also, ...…
PiCast Episode 46 - Rent20 How many musical episodes of the PiCast can they do? A lot actually. This one is the big one, RENT. We even managed to get some more special guests on this episode. On this special episode of the PiCast we talk to Brittany’s friends Hannah and Britt about seeing RENT and how RENT brought them all together. These girls ...…
PiCast Episode 45 - Our First Interview Hi again and welcome to an exciting new episode of the PiCast. Scott and Brittany sit down with their friend Stephanie for the first non-family guest on the PiCast! We talk about all kinds of nerdy fun including cosplay, various fandoms and musicals even jump into the mix! Stephanie also wanted to let us ...…
PiCast Episode 44 - PokemonGo I know PokemonGo is SOOOOO 2016, but we still play it a little (or a lot)! Find out how much on this episode! Do you wanna be the very best? Like no one ever was? Are you team Mystic? The A-hole Valors? Or that yellow Hufflepuff team? We’d love to hear from you. Tell us your strategy. What’s your strongest Pokemon? ...…
PiCast Episode 43 - 2016 Year in Review Family PiCast Happy New Year from the PiCast! We got some of the family together on New Year's eve to catch up and disucss the GOOD parts of 2016. We’d love to hear from you too. How was your 2016? What was your favorite movie, TV Show, Concert, Video Game and Podcast? Contact us at ...…
PiCast Episode 42 - Christmas Colonoscopy Extravaganza I wasn’t sure if we should title this one the Christmas Cancer Spectacular or the Christmas Colonoscopy Extravaganza, but either way, Brittany things this episode is a bit of a downer. I think it has a happy ending! As many of you know, Scott was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in Late February ...…
PiCast Episode 41 - West World Well, the first season of West World on HBO is complete. Did you watch it? We did. It was almost too violent for Brittany but she tried to imagine that it was just robots being killed. That didn’t work well. Were you confused? Did you find the center of the maze? We talk about the show and what we hope to see from ...…
PiCast Episode 40 - HairsprayLive IT’s another musical episode. No, we aren’t singing, it is ABOUT a musical! Did you watch HairsprayLive on NBC? We did, and we are gonna tell you what we thought! We also have a special guest on this episode! We talk about the production and the cast and the movie vs the musical vs the movie musical vs the live ...…
PiCast Episode 39 - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Hey, do you know where we can find some fantastic beasts? Here is another movie review episode from Scott and Brittany. Brittany is a MAJOR Harry Potter fan and Hufflepuff. Scott is a Slytherin (of course). We talk about the movie and Harry Potter Trivia Night, and much more. Did you s ...…
PiCast Episode 38 - Disney’s Marvel’s Dr. Strange We saw the Marvel (Disney) movie Dr. Strange and wanted to tell you all about it! This may be SPOILER-y if you haven’t seen it yet. We also get off on a few tangents about what name really should go first in the production list, all the trailers at the beginning of the film, is Benedict Cumberba ...…
PiCast Episode 37 - Fall Dapper Day 2016 Fall Dapper Day was last Sunday. Today is Galliday but we can’t attend. We’d love to hear your stories and see photos! We want to hear from YOU! Contact us at Twitter & Instagram @PiDayCosplay #PiCast #PiDayCosplay #PiDayWedding The PiCast Podcast Subscribe on iTunes: https://goo.g ...…
The PiCast Episode 36 - The Rocky Horror Picture Show Don’t dream it, Be it! Scott and Brittany discuss the Rocky Horror Picture Show, new and old. Also, if you’re in the San Diego area, join us at the La Paloma on November 11th for the RHPS Lingerie night! We want to hear from you! You can find us on the interwebs below: The PiCast Podcast Sub ...…
The PiCast Episode 35 - Comikaze & Halloween 2016 Happy Halloween! Scott and Brittany are back from Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con (AKA Comikaze) and ready to hand out full size candy bars tonight! We saw several of our Convention/Cosplay friends at the con. Were you there? We want to hear about your experience. Also, what type of candy do you give ou ...…
The PiCast Episode 34 - We’re Back! Scott and Brittany are back with Season 2 episode 1 of the PiCast! Did you miss us? We hope to get back on a regular posting schedule. Tell us what you have been up to since SDCC. Is there anything you want to hear us talk about? Do you listen to us on Double speed? We want to hear from you! You can find us o ...…
The Picast Episode 33 - Podcasts Scott and Brittany talk about their favorite Podcasts! We start out with a mention of Scott’s other podcast, a bi weekly discussion of Twin Peaks, The Who Killed Laura Podcast Brittany likes a Disney podcast called: Main Street and Beyond Scott’s first and favorite Podcast is the Nerdy News show: Big Kev’s Geek ...…
On this episode, Scott and Brittany share their experience at this years San Diego Comic-Con. The grand Daddy of all pop culture conventions. They talk about the heat and the crowds and other fun stuff including #ArtistAlley #Cosplay Conan O'Brien's #ConanCon #Nerdist and #GeekandSundry's #Conival Comic-Con HQ FX & FXX The Impractical Jokers Bl ...…
ICAST 2016 has come and gone and three things happened, as expected. We are exhausted We came back with our swag bags loaded with goodies We found all kinds of really cool stuff. Tonight, we’ll summarize this year’s event and discuss our TOP 5 favorite things at ICAST 2016.
Hi Listeners! Sorry for the long break between episode. Scott and Brittany have been out looking for a home. There is so much going on with House Hunting and preparing for SDCC. We have some good news in the episode along with at least 1 funny story! Tell us your house hunting adventures. Do you want to help us move? We'd love to hear from you. ...…
PiCast Episode 30 - Parenting Practice Happy Fathers’ Day! Scott and Brittany had 3 days of parenting practice with 3 boys. We talk about how exhausting it is to take care of children as we get ready to adopt our own! On this episode we discuss: Hip Displasia Only seeing half of a Disney movie from now on Lucid Dreams Car Seats Parks, Pools and ...…
PiCast Episode 29 - Magic Scott and Brittany saw Magician, Comedian, Cupcake Wars host and all around nice guy, Justin Willman at the American Comedy Company in San Diego last night. He was even cool enough to lend his voice to the intro of this episode all about Magic! We first met Justin at Wondercon after the Nerdist Panel where he talked ma ...…
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