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Happening This Week
Skipping to the Piccolo
A lot about life, politics, Christianity, movies, and fantasy... and a little bit gay.
Flute Music Podcasts
Me playing my flute!
The Fan's Voice
♥The Fan's Voice! Be Heard! The #1 Fan Connection Destination - Bridging the gap between Entertainment & Fandom with exclusive interviews & coverage of the most popular television and movies. *Also Available on iTunes!
Kathleen Lombardo » Sweets Podcast
Poet and Playwright
Spoleto Spotlight
The Post and Courier's official podcast devoted to coverage of the Spoleto USA festival in Charleston, SC. Join hosts Andrew and Frank as they bring you the latest news, reviews, and interviews with artists and P&C reporters.
David Helbock
David Helbock: piano, inside piano, electronics, percussion, composition - Johannes Bär: trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, helicon, electronics, percussion - Andi Broger: tenor sax, soprano sax, clarinet, bassclarinet, flute, electronics, percussion
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Coming up is a delectably exciting event on One Happy Island. For the entire month of October starting from October 1-31, the island of Aruba will celebrate Eat Local Aruba Restaurant Month. This is an event which encourages tourists to explore the culinary heritage of Aruba with locally inspired dishes. On this episode, Maggie and I talk about ...…
Toonami Showdown
We talk about Teen Titans Go!, Nausicaa, giant Piccolo, Outlaw Star as the prototypical anime, Naruto as commentary on Naruto, the golden age of Netflix, and what happened to the eyebrows for super saiyan 3.Music: "Black Hole Megamix" by DJ Clarknova
One of the big moments for a NewTuber is the point where you 'Graduate' and are no longer considered a 'New' Creator. Let's talk to some creators who managed to reach, and then sail past, that goal. Moonbo: Piccolo Jr: ===== You are a Small Content Cre ...…
The Show:The Virtual Airwave Incubator
Discussions on startups and entrepreneurship with: Anna-Vija McClain / Piccolo Marketing; Walter Frye / Director Charlotte Regional Fund for Entrepreneurs; Steve Lewis / Randolph Square IP, Charlotte, NC
The Show:The Virtual Airwave Incubator
Discussion of patents and patenting with Steve Lewis @ Randolph Square IP, Anna-Vija McClain with Piccolo Marketing, and Walter Frye, director of the Charlotte Regional Entrepreneurial Fund.
Tim McCormick (@GarlicCorgi) joins us for what is certainly an episode of this podcast. Follow Tim on Twitter. He doesn’t like enough of Yaari’s posts. This episode is fun.
Matt Forgets, Yoto Sings, Scarz saves, John was right, Piccolo understands everything on Dragon Ball Super, Gooku is gonna stop Bulma on Dragon Ball Z Kai, Polnareff won't stand for it on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Tokyo Ghoul lays it on thick and is surprisingly good, basic math on Hunter x Hunter, A LOT of death on Lupin ...…
Ryan Gowland twists Mike's arm and makes him tell the delightful story of his nickname, Sally. So now you know. You can... CALL Me, Sal. Call me Sal. (Piccolo Solo)
Oh jam! It's time for episode 4 of the Sound Test. On today's episode, I hope you guys like Dragon Ball games! The new Arc System Works Dragon Ball game gets discussed in addition to the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Most importantly, I'm taking song requests from this point forward! Don't forget to check me out at my other sites:Check out t ...…
Phatlive Radio
1. Christoph - Feel (Original Mix)2. Dankann - Feel Me (Original Mix)3. Martin’s Effect & Kim Kiona - ID 4. Sodality - Mayday (Original Mix)5. ID-ID6. Maglev & Adrian Alexander - Propagate (Sunny Lax Remix)7. ID-ID8. Sander van Doorn & Alok - I House u (Extended Mix)9. Nitrous Oxide & 2sher - Chimera (Progressive Mix)10. Jamis, MAD M.A.C. - Ren ...…
Dragon Balls Deep
Devin, Drew and Adam continue calling the action as Goku uses his rudimentary grappling skills to buy time for Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon. We discuss Nappa's idea to breed an army of Saiyan-Human hybrids, Vegeta's plan to exterminate Earth, and (most importantly) the size inconsistencies of the Saiyan's space-pods.…
Just Saiyan Podcast
In this episode, we review the first three DBZ movies The Dead Zone, World's Strongest, and Tree of Might. We also get really confused about the timeline and Piccolo's powers. Hey cha-la!
Destiny 2 PC Beta's The beta begins for people who have pre-ordered the game on August 28, while it opens to the public on August 29. It ends on August 31. Destiny 2 officially launches on PC on October 24. Destiny 2 Beta's Toughest Section Is Easier In The Full Game Titanfall 2 Frontier Defense strategy talk For Honor Finally Adding Dedicated ...…
This week we talk about all the big announcements from Comic-con. We also talk a bit about some things we watched, but mostly the con stuff. Check out some of the big trailers and news in the show notes below and don’t forget to like and subscribe!! Comic-Con Week Trailers The Disaster Artist Teaser – […] The post Cynics Media Cast Episode 21 – ...…
Listen to Chef and Nutritional Therapist Alice Fotheringham talk about all things to do with Baby and Toddler Eating. Specifically, she gives tips on how to know when your baby is ready to be weaned, how to feed your child a balanced diet, foods to avoid, how to tackle picky eaters, recipes and lots more!…
Super Best Friendcast!
Hoo? Omoshiroi. Saa, misete... omae no G O U G I da. You can watch us record the podcast live on DBFZ Trunks Trailer - manga comparisons Dragon Ball FighterZ adds Krillin and Piccolo Kingdom Hearts III launches in 2018, Toy Story world unveil trailer Kingdom Hearts III has less Disney worlds than Kingdom Hearts II ...…
Donald Fellows, organist and Director of Music at St Paul Cathedral, each summer invites colleagues from the organ world to prepare 50 minutes of their best for the Beckerath organ (favorite instrument of William F. Buckley Jr.) at the seat of the Pittsburgh Catholic diocese. Donald Fellows plays 50 funerals and 75 weddings this year. Don has a ...…
Ballin' Out SUPER - A Dragon Ball Super Podcast
Piccolo is fuckin dead! Gohan charges up too far and has a stroke! The Bad Dad Society returns from THE VOID to save the Earth again! Captain Ginyu is fuckin dead! The Frieza boys are fuckin dead! Gabe Smith joins us to watch a bunch of people die in a universe where death has no consequences!
Radio Chaser Catchup - Triple M Sydney - Charles Firth and Dom Knight
ANDREW HANSEN RETURNS!!..and also the other guys are still here: Alien Life? Annonymous says maybe, Government asks for pay rise, Piccolo Bar is closing :(, Cats PJs or Cats Piss?, Charles's new advertising company, What's Appening (App Segment), Trump @ liars support group & The Chaser Awards
Rachel Coleman and Judy Mitchell are both Oboeists in the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra (HSO) and talk about the orchestra, their part in it, and forthcoming concerts in July. These include Metamorphosis (incorporating music from 4 […] ...…
On the last episode of Krillin It, Marvel Comics Illustrator, Jonathan Marks made an epic return to fill Ify's seat. This week the comedic duo from the Jack Of All Nerds Show, Derrick Murray and Michael Maxwell join your host to talk about Piccolo being the Darryl Philbin of DBZ, which came first Kamehameha or Hadoken, fandom fan-fiction and of ...…
Telefonata con una Nerd, ovvero una telefonata al mese con Maria Laura, la nostra super-giornalista nerd, che dopo la carta stampata, il web e la tv, ci regala un piccolo spazio mensile su Radio Incredibile. Ogni mese Maria Laura ci consiglierà e proporrà un film, una serie televisiva e un gioco da tavola, tutto in salsa molto nerd. Maria Laura ...…
Just Saiyan Podcast
In this episode we explore Piccolo's whole deal, power levels, and the worst Z Warrior
Look, we don't care how funny you think Goku and Piccolo getting their driver’s license is - the Androids are about to attack! They might be great, they might be legendary, but even the best, most beloved series have points that drag on. "Drag ON." Get it?This week, we have a fan-requested topic and discuss which anime we want to see get the Dr ...…
Shaun Meehan (@logiclow) joined us to talk about robot arms and stealth rocket companies. Shaun’s rocket startup is hiring; information about the job openings are below. Shaun’s robot arm is an ABB IRB-2000 (video of Fred). Elecia was reading How to Choose the Right Industrial Robot when Shaun emailed. He convinced her that the MeArm Pocket Siz ...…
Shaun Meehan (@logiclow) joined us to talk about robot arms and stealth rocket companies. Shaun’s rocket startup is hiring; information about the job openings are below. Shaun’s robot arm is an ABB IRB-2000 (video of Fred). Elecia was reading How to Choose the Right Industrial Robot when Shaun emailed. He convinced her that the MeArm Pocket Siz ...…
Shaun Meehan (@logiclow) joined us to talk about robot arms and stealth rocket companies. Shaun’s rocket startup is hiring; information about the job openings are below. Shaun’s robot arm is an ABB IRB-2000 (video of Fred). Elecia was reading How to Choose the Right Industrial Robot when Shaun emailed. He convinced her that the MeArm Pocket Siz ...…
Classical Music Discoveries
The greatest event for all mankind is yet to happen. That event will be the resurrection of the dead.Every human being, that has ever lived, will have their eternal spirit united with an eternal and perfected body, never to be parted again.The righteous will be resurrected first with the unrighteous being resurrected lastly after the millennium ...…
Episode 52: "Keep the phrase going" - a conversation with Charles Daval Trumpet player Charles Daval has held positions in some of North America’s most prestigious orchestras including the Boston Symphony, the Cincinnati Symphony and the Seattle Symphony. His principal appointments have included the Boston Pops and the Solo Trumpet position of ...…
Thanks to Stone Driver members Tim, Chad, Dan, and John for joining us this week! ^^Episode Audio/Post Is Live - Click Above (might take time to buffer/load, refresh page if you have any issues)^^ Podcast: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, PodBean, PlayerFM, or THIS URL in your app of choice FROM TODAY'S SHOW MUSIC Aberdeen by Swampc ...…
Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carol was recorded in RadioCMC’s Spring Valley studio as a collaboration with the CMC Theatre Club. Directed by Scott ElmoreSound Engineered by Lucas TurnerSound FX by Meredith DusenberyThe Cast of Alice In Wonderland features:Hadley Hiebert as AliceLylah Purpus as The White Rabbit and the Queen of HeartsEvan Piccol ...…
The Talented Young Men Podcast
HEYYYY WE ARE ON ITUNES NOW!!!In this episode we introduce another new segment; Fan Fiction Theatre! Urban DictionaryOff also returns, we give our review of the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie and close out the show with some Fan Questions.Music by Lee Rosevere -
Total Photoshop » Total-Photoshop
var playerInstance_383421 = jwplayer("jwppp-video-383421");playerInstance_383421.setup({file: '',width: '100%',aspectratio: '16:9',skin: {name: 'seven'},image: '',related: {file: '',heading: 'Guarda altre puntat ...…
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