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Pilates by Kathleen
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Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church
Here comes Jesus from the east looking a lot like the king predicted by the prophet Zechariah. “He will cut off the chariot from Ephraim and the war-horse from Jerusalem,” the prophet predicted, “and the battle bow shall be cut off, and he shall command peace to the nations.” With promises like that, it’s no wonder that a crowd gathered that da ...…
Callaway's sales force has had an unbelievably successful year, and they've had a lot of fun doing it. This week, they are all out in San Diego for our National Sales Meeting, and if you think that would be a quiet event, just know that some of our past meetings have included mosh pits, elephants and a lot of madness.Glenn Hickey, our SVP of No ...…
Part 4 in GCC’s Sermon series on the passive life of Pontius Pilate and its implications of our modern faith.
The team discuss if a plate is awarded in an empty stadium does it still count, plus all the finals action rounded up and previewed.
WPC Sermons
This Sunday we celebrate all the pomp and joy of Palm Sunday. The churchwill be festively decorated with palms and cloaks. Seventeen of ourstudents will be confirmed in the 9:30 am service. It will be a day ofdelightful milestones.Yet on the first Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into a Jerusalem full of tension and fear. The air was filled with Rome's ...…
Pilates by Kathleen
This PilatEpod focuses on abdominal strength Breathe is emphasized throughout the workout. It includes beginner Pilates activities of footwork, modified 100’s and clams.By Kathleen.
Pilates by Kathleen
This PilatEpod focuses on abdominal strength along with stretching and lengthening your muscles in all parts of your body. Breathe is emphasized throughout the workout.By Kathleen.
Single leg circles lengthen and strengthen your leg muscles and the connections of the hip joint. To get this PilatE-pod click the iTunes on the left!By Kathleen.
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