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Rob Dyke and Cayleigh Elise traverse all different topics, often discussing hard truths and offending someone. This podcast is a safe space from safe spaces.
Calm Pills are peaceful atmospheric mixes designed to help you completely relax your mind and body so you can tune out the noise and tune in serenity.
Van Lathan serves up a weekly dose of truth, sonically force feeding listeners the red pill, and NEVER apologizing. News, politics, and pop-culture are all on the menu, with reality so sizzling it’ll fry your echo chamber.
The Red Pill Generation, an audio dose of The Red Pill, helping open the eyes of young men of action, modern conquistadors if you will, everyday. We analyze and share our own experiences on a broad range of subjects like self improvement, starting your own business, passive income, traveling/living abroad, women, sex, relationships, fitness and more. Click to tweet:
"There is no spoon" Presenter Kneels Bores gives his unique and irreverent take on the Sony PlayStation VR (PSVR), with the occasional guest. Kneels is an artist and AI researcher as well as a lifelong gamer, and likes to a dig a little more deeply into the consumer virtual reality experience and what it means for entertainment as well as the nature of personal reality. Sometimes rambling, sometimes incomprehensible, each 30 minute episode features News, Rotten Meta, IMHO, Trips and Ticks, U ...
Which pill have you taken - Red or Blue?
Magic Pill
A daily dose of get-up-and-go
Black Pill Radio
Delivering conscious commentary on issues affecting our community and businesses, as well as events happening on a social, political and global scale. Broadcasting live every 1st and 3rd Sunday morning of each month from 10am to 11am eastern standard time.
Chill Pills include variety of down-tempo uplifting songs, harmonically mixed and delicately crafted to deliver a dose of happiness with every listen.
Cinema Red Pill is a film podcast by Uganda based cinephiles Sharon Rwakatungu (@sharonrwaky), Timothy Niwamanya (@Sir_Tesh) and Joel Tugaineyo (@jntugaineyo). Listen for movie reviews and commentary every week. We talk about classic and contemporary films from Africa and everywhere else.Email:
Red Pill Radio
Listen to MGTOW podcasts from the YouTube channel MGTOW Academy.
The Enoch Pill
The world was changed forever when scientists developed a pill that extended the human life span indefinitely. It was distributed free of charge, to the furthest corners of the globe. Everyone was about to live forever. Well, almost everyone. When 18-year-old Kizzy Cartwright learns that she's immune to the immortality-giving pill, it makes her a social outcast. Her only hope is to find the missing scientist who invented the compound, otherwise she'll be the last person to grow old and die.
Chill Pills is the perfect podcast for anyone with feelings. Hosted by comedians Candy Lawrence and Tyson Klein, it's a safe, fun and honest conversation about surviving, thriving and everything in between.
Defending The Free World On Radio Since 1992
Purple Pill Podcast
Join Devin Dyas-Gordon and his upstairs neighbor David each week as they discuss and dissect a different “conspiracy theory.” Combining data and documentation with personal impressions and insight, they examine the personal, practical and political impacts of both the conspiracy and the theory.
*NOT A JOKE, SO STOP ASKING!* News brief. Exposing the CONSPIRACIES and dark secrets that HIDE in plain sight, nestled within your nightly news!15 minutes, 4 nights/week. Time for a dose of the TRUTH! Learn to read between the headlines!!
Blurred Pills
This PodCast consists of value-giving rambles from the YouTube channel Blurred Pills.The podcast documents not only Chris' experience and findings on building a YouTube channel, but also relatable advice on topics such as, pursing the self-made dream, dating and other areas.
The Red Pill 2051
Many people have taken the proverbial "Red Pill" and see the world quite differently from the projected reality in which we live. Chad Czajkowski and Erik Hoxsey are just two more people who have decided to throw their voice into the ether of the internet and try to wake people up to the truth of the world. We don't expect anyone to believe us, but we only hope to rouse the sleeping, free thinking individual in those who still are able.
Just a guy trying to have some fun by promoting a healthy lifestyle, and sharing opinions in todays crazy world.....while promoting today's up and coming musicians.
Jehovah's Witnesses posses millions of dollars and millions of lives. Come and discuss why and how they do it!
The Pill
This is a Soundcloud page by Andrew Ferris. An audio journey that only works if there is participation and interaction. How? Listen in and find out how we can get to know each other a little better.
Hosted by Bob Kadrie, Red Pill Now's Creative and UX Director, the Red Pill Now Podcast covers the best and worst of software design and development including design thinking, user experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design, front and back end programming, Polymer Web Components, Material Design, and more. We will also cover tech news, special events, and conference activity as it happens. If you have a suggestion for a topic or event you want us to cover, please contact bob@redpilln ...
Blue Pill Pod
Here to explore the different ways of making art and to educate those who are interested in creating.
Happy Pills are delightful upbeat albums featuring some of the best uplifting songs harmonically mixed to deliver a dose of happiness with every listen.
Basketball podcast featuring Coach Koran Godwin (Pro Skills Trainer), Stephen Bardo (Fox Sports Analyst) and Myson Jones (Founder of Hoops Institute). We talk success on and off of the court.
The Dan Klass podcast
Welcome To P-Town!!Where the filter stops here on all subjects... We talk,we cuss,come laugh with us!!!
Welcome to the Red Pill Chronicles, where we help awakening souls deal with a blue pill world. Please join our host John Dennison to explore how to take an inner approach to your outer affairs so you can build a better life — and a better world to live it in.
Smart Pill
Smart Pill is a podcast delivering concentrated knowledge on topics that are important to curious young professionals. Our goal? To help you talk and act more intelligently about the issues affecting your life. Produced by the WHRO Emerging Leaders Board, some episodes share recordings of our live salon series, while others, use interviews with experts to explore salon themes. Past themes: Sea Level Rise; the Impact of Digital Technology on Art; Diversity and Inclusion in Comics and Geek Cul ...
Chill Out Zone. Official website:
Red Pill Podcast
Podcast by Red Pill
Psychiatrist, Dr. Frank Murphy, has placed the show on hiatus until Power Without Pills: One Psychiatrist's Guide to Healing and Growth is published early next year. Keep checking back in case a special event is scheduled. Michael Brown or John E. Sarno, M.D. could be returning to the show! In the meantime, be sure and check out the links to other powerful resources on the web!
IDM, Ambient, Avant Garde, Experimental Electronic Folk Music. Take Pills Die Records. Quit Your Job And Get A Life! “Take Pills Die” is Andrew Julian Cauthen’s Sonic Zine/ Netlabel since 2001. Representing Planet Awesome. Future Now Here. I Love You All So Much! Enjoy :)
Red Pill Project
Transmissions from behind enemy lines. Join me down the rabbit hole.
Sales Skills Training for Investors and Realtors who Invest looking to sell more homes Faster!
"Welcome to the desert of the real."I am sure you've heard of the blue pill, and the red pill, offered by Morpheus to Neo upon that infamous moment preluding his awakening to the gross realization of the Matrix. However, we contend that this is a false dichotomy propped up by most self-confessed "truthers", and that most within the so-called "truth community" is misinformation, disinformation, and outright falsehood and lies.The alternative red pill is infiltrated and was compromised from th ...
Mackenzie Fox and Dr. Joshua Sevier incorporate sass and humor in discussing legal and social aspects of healthcare around the world! We look to not only to inform of the facts, but debate the issues while having fun doing it. Subscribe and comment about our show on iTunes!
A podcast about controvertial topics
Red Pilled Woke
A list of current podcasts publishedRed Pilled Woke:The adventures of two friends who have both been Red Pilled and Woke. Cole, a cis het cuck, who loves Castro, Stalin, and Mao. Dilvany, an austistic tranny, who is an edgy libertarian/neo-liberal. Join them as they explore various topics such as the alt-right, YouTube skeptic cringe, trap music, pop culture, public policy, etc.THOTcast:Pair a big idea with a work of philosophy or science and mix in a bit of unique analysis. Dilvany, brings ...
Rock FM Weekend Late Show with Craig Pilling Podcast
Sound Pills Prod. Podcast Channel, remixes, interviews, performances, music, videos and behind the scenes.
Pills of life...
Plants Over Pills
A wellness podcast.
Pills & Needles
This is a podcast about mental health and tattoos—two things that are more connected than you think. Also featuring a snoring dog.
Know The Ledge Radio
Every Tues & Fri 9-12AM EDT Join the Twin Pillars as they present to you KNOW THE LEDGE RADIO, taking the airwaves by storm with the same intensity that KNOW THE LEDGE TV has taken CyberSpace by storm. Tune in and raise your consciousness. Things will never be the same.
This is a podcast about our experiences and what we learn from them. Presented in the funniest way possible.
Only the best in Soulful House, uplifting Gospel House, and Old school Dance Classics mixed by (The Chosen One) DJ Matt Matrix
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In episode 132, Jack & Miles are joined by comedian Charla Lauriston to discuss the Waffle House shooting and the suspect who has been apprehended, election midterms coming up, how GOP candidates are starting to take on the Trump vibe, Democrats not saying anything captivating, Shania Twain being on an idiotic tweet train, & more!…
In this episode, a lady pushed a dead body in a shopping cart in Chicago, and frajitas caost 1.2 million, then go to jail. Enjoy!
II. A Game of Chess The Chair she sat in, like a burnished throne,Glowed on the marble, where the glassHeld up by standards wrought with fruited vinesFrom which a golden Cupidon peeped out(Another hid his eyes behind his wing)Doubled the flames of sevenbranched candelabraReflecting light upon the table asThe glitter of her jewels rose to meet i ...…
On Episode 61 of the #AskSteveAustin Podcast, Steve sits down with Jamie Wright, author of the new bestseller, The Very Worst Missionary: A Memoir or Whatever. *Warning: if you’re a prude, you may want to skip this episode (or it could be exactly what you need). Jamie is the perfect balance of faithful and foul – listen at your own risk. The Ve ...…
I spent the better part of my 20s without a period. I would go for months, sometimes 6 months or more, without a period. It was typical for me to get only 4 periods in a year. When my doctor told me that I had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), she also told me that my only option was birth control pills to control the symptoms. I knew that th ...…
When I was 16 I was put on the birth control pill and didn't go off it again until I was 22. During the years that I was on the pill, I suffered from horrible, crazy mood swings, low libido, weight gain, anxiety and depression. I also had no idea that I had an undiagnosed underlying hormonal condition called PCOS that the pill was masking. PCOS ...…
Google suffers from the Telegram ban, Valve is back in the business of making games, and Amazon has a top secret robot. Plus the puzzle that was hidden in Windows years ago, and a new project that aims to be a Wikipedia for Terms of Service agreements. Special Guest: Noah J. Chelliah. Sponsored By: Linux Academy: Sign up with a free 7 day trial ...…
Google suffers from the Telegram ban, Valve is back in the business of making games, and Amazon has a top secret robot. Plus the puzzle that was hidden in Windows years ago, and a new project that aims to be a Wikipedia for Terms of Service agreements. Special Guest: Noah J. Chelliah. Sponsored By: Linux Academy: Sign up with a free 7 day trial ...…
We explore two people who made the news with stories that make you say "Riiiiight...."
Josh and Joel talk about the effect Suboxone smuggling has on prison mail across the United States. I felt the 14th episode, where I interview Michigan's gubernatorial candidate Bill Cobbs was symbolically important. I can't imagine that many Gubernatorial candidates have sat down for an hour-long podcast interview with a formerly incarcerated ...…
The Q phenomenon grows and becomes an information clearing house, an organizing principle and the electric church of the red pill religion.
Aisling Kenny has been speaking to one woman, Laura which is not her real name, who travelled to clinic in Manchester to get the abortion pill
Today we look look at the 25 cognitive biases and explain how advertisers use these fundamental psychology queues in order to manipulate your mind.
This is an exposition of Exodus 2:1-25. This message by Pastor Rod Harris was delivered at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday morning, April 15, 2018. Intro: A change in status is hard. It’s hard when it comes even though it’s no ones’ fault. To go from happily married to widowed is excruciating. To go from the only child and thus the center of t ...…
Object-oriented programming is all about combining the data and the methods that operate upon it. In this episode we take the red pill and find out there are advantages to not following that advice. Read by the author's wife, Rita Morais. Show notes: Meetup slides Forum post
Repeal the 8th campaigners say the numbers accessing online abortion pills has increased almost two-fold since 2016, while RTE's Ailbhe Conneely looks at the response from retain the 8th campaigners to the claim
On this week's Pop Culture podcast, hosts Jordan Lee, Sarah Diaz and Austin Saunders are joined by Executive Producer of the show Ben Goodman for a talk about WrestleMania! We also get Sarah's Pop Culture News of the Week, Jordan's Music Corner, and our weekly Pop Culture Recommendations of the WeekPop Culture recommendations of the week:Sarah: ...…
Link to the full post: Subscribe to the podcast on Itunes: Content covered in this episode includes: Letting go of good friends who have betrayed me Trying to rebuild trust w ...…
Took some sleeping pills now I'm ready to record!
Do you ever find yourself thinking "Ok, just one more video?" Next thing you know, it's 3:07 AM, and you've watched 32 videos of people power washing driveways, fences, and priceless rugs? John, Jake, and Aaron sure do. On this episode, the boys discuss their research into their personal internet rabbit holes. John teaches us all about Rube Gol ...…
This segment is called Speaking Spirit because it is literally the Holy Spirit speaking through me to the Holy Spirit trying to shine through you. It exists behind your ego's consciousness logically insane world. The paradigm in which we live, being based in western science, seems reasonable, but only from an entirely false premise of separatio ...…
Don't know what to watch on Netflix,Amazon, Hulu or Shudder join us as we cut through all the waste. This week we review "Death Note" with John Reid Adams from Narcotic Cassarole, Brandon and Luis Lacau together. Then we each bring our picks of the week "Only lovers left Alive", "Doctor Strange" and "Take you pills". Watch our weekly youtube sh ...…
Selfless Work Wiener Pills Have To Can’t The Good Place Mattress Actor Actor Movie Momofuku Ramen Shirts Fine Dining Wine Lemon Plums Cooking Meals Outro: oldsoul – Why You Go 847-461-9598
The third step on The Pronto Path is Traction. In this episode, we walk through completing your first 50 tax returns for real clients. This step is exciting and where you see your efforts to activate your business start to work in the market. In this series, we are walking through the 9 steps of The Pronto Path. The Pronto Path is a career road ...…
Over the weekend I finally got around to watching the documentary on The Red Pill. I found it interesting. I don't know the politics (if they are conservative, I am guessing yes) of the men's rights movement, but I find it interesting that when a liberal takes the time to listen to the other side of the argument and then actually engages in res ...…
Mandeville, LA, The Mike Church Show – Season 2, Episode 561. Stations of the Cross read by James Matthew Wilson (Introduction) You can follow along at the Clarion Review Follow him @JMWSPT Listen to complete stations by subscribing today! How Do I Listen To The Mike Church Show, When It’s Live? Click Here! |... Read More…
Mandeville, LA, The Mike Church Show – Season 2, Episode 561. HEADLINE: “France Honors a Catholic Soldier Murdered by a Terrorist” by Marie Meaney • Gendarmerie – formed in 1791 • His group responds to terrorist attacks. • Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame then took the unusual step of offering himself in exchange for the remaining hostage.... ...…
Mandeville, LA, The Mike Church Show – Season 2, Episode 561. HEADLINE: “Tyranny Comes Home: The Domestic Fate of U.S. Militarism” by Christopher J. Coyne & Abigail R. Hall • What freedom did that dead soldier gain for you? • Is there an invasion of San Diego beach coming I don’t know about? • How... Read More…
Maria Shriver, the former first lady of California, and her daughter Christina Schwarzenegger talk with Recode's Kara Swisher about "Take Your Pills," a new Netflix documentary they executive produced. Schwarzenegger says her experience at Georgetown University made her realize that no one had yet made a documentary about the prevalence of adde ...…
Episode #6 In this episode we interview Joey and Dell from Way Back When Antiques and Collectables in Margate Fl. Enjoy the show!I want to give a shout out to dj thrift for hooking us up with a dope intro. check out his IG page at dj_thrift make sure you check out his stuff it is fresh!Episode Notes:Stormy Daniels, Monica Lewinsky, Hillary Clin ...…
It's been a tough week for the cast and crew of BWBL, so we've selected an appropriately depressing book to cover. Join us as we talk about censorship, r/redpill, and Elon Musk Ox—that's right; it's our first dystopian title! Spark Notes: "A bus hit my building!"; Sarah is horny for Elon; Red Pill Moment™.…
This week on The SoberSoul Recovery Podcast “Why I Drank and Popped Pills” Get the scoop on this BIG question “Why Do I _____ So Much?” Fill in the blank with any behavior that is causing you distress, because we are all doing something too much. This and more from Lynn, a professionally trained and personally tested addiction expert.…
01. That’s What I Like – Bruno Mars [0:00] 02. Love Me Now – John Legend [3:20] 03. 24K Magic – Bruno Mars [6:45] 04. Turn Me On – Kevin Lyttle [10:24] 05. Questions – Chris Brown [12:59] 06. Havana – Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug [14:47] 07. Feels – Calvin Harris ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean [17:03] 08. Selfish – PnB Rock [20:4 ...…
Tonight Raven is joined by Abagail, Her Mom to discuss ADHD growing up with it and coping with it. We will also discuss the doc Take Your Pills on netflix. Raven getting angry about it and also some of the statements she has heard in the communtiy when it comes to ADHD and medications. Symara may be joining us this episode but is off taking car ...…
Fudge & Finn go over baseball's opening day, Finn ripping his lips off, and Mikey Smith violently vomiting to a point of worry. Recorded on 3/29/18 @The Bro's Nest 2: Electric Boogaloo WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! mobile.t ...…
Pork Chop Express Episode: 58 Air Date: 03/26/18 Duration: 154:54 Size: 148mb Summary: Pork-Chop Express is a live podcast that airs weekly on PCE is your destination for alternative right radio and the last bastion of free speech. We take your calls and talk politics and current events, focusing on facts and statistics, not polit ...…
​During this episode of Lessons from the Screen we will be taking a look at the documentary produced by Alison Klayman entitled Take Your Pill. In this documentary we are taken through the various pressures that create the urge to utilize amphetamines, various social conversation regarding race and class with relation to the drugs, and the effe ...…
TRACKLIST1. MDE - No Fakers2. Jerome Robins - Blue MondayRAISE THE ROOF3. Keel/Over - LVYA4. ZDS Ft. Will Clarke - The Beat 5. MDE Ft. MC Flipside - Bodywork6. Block & Crown - House Fever (Tastemaker Remix)7. Mahalo - Everything Goes Black DEEP & DIRTY8.Mr Schug & Vom Feisten - Big PillIN THE MIX - MDE1. MDE - Bumper2. Hazzaro - Make My Day3. S ...…
This week SCREAMING INTO TRAFFIC battles the Great ROSEANNE War of 2018, marches for our lives with Kathy Griffin, thirsts after Stormy Daniels' hot daddy lawyer & eats up all of Miss Vanjie's cookies. All that plus pills, leather festivals, mind control & who bit Beyonce? So before you threaten to delete Facebook ... listen, like, comment & share!…
Bloomberg Markets with Carol Massar.\u0010\u0010GUESTS:\u0010Nick Summers\u0010Bloomberg Businessweek Editor\u0010Discussing How Facebook Helps Shady Advertisers Sell Fake Elon Smart Pills. \u0010\u0010Sarah Frier\u0010Technology Reporter\u0010Bloomberg News\u0010Discussing Snap cutting advertising jobs. \u0010\u0010Dana Hull\u0010Technology Re ...…
On today's show, I'm talking about our Early Warning emails, the Overton Window and how it pertains to the Second Amendment (Repeal the NFA), about a Stefan Molyneux video that paints a particularly bleak picture of America's future, and finally about networks and how they operate. Show Links READING NOW: The Square and the Tower: Networks and ...…
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