Best pinedagger podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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We interview the people you care about the most or something like that. Enjoy.
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32 Team League draft
This week Pinedagger interviews the beautiful and talented Tina Fey.
New name. New show. Hear interviews with Law Dog and Todd.
We had a solid show after taking a week off. Lisa, Kim, Jay and Pinemullet added some enjoyable commentary on multiple topics including Dukes of Hazzard, pet names and Hollywood's juiciest gossip.
Episode 5. We had a couple new segments including The Bottom 5 and the YFF Tip of the week. We had some good calls and entertaining conversation. Give it a listen.
Well, Law Dog returned and added a tiny bit to the show. We said goodbye to Ronnie James Dio and got a couple calls, one of which came from down under. I didn't realize how much Americans disliked the Aussies.
In Episode 3 we had Lisa filling in for Law Dog. We got to hear a couple songs from The Ed and several friends called in to add their two cents. Enjoy.
In Episode 2 we were missing Law Dog. He was a no show. We had to wing it a bit without his input. We had a near cat fight when one young lady thought this other young lady sounded annoying so she called in to tell her what she thought. A little bit of Tebow talk and some bitching about Avatar. Give it a listen.…
This was our maiden voyage into the land of BlogTalk Radio. Listeners were introduced to the hosts, Pinedagger, Law Dog and Todd. We discussed Tiger Woods, TMZ, Broncos football and lots of other exciting crap. There were some issues with the volume of Pinedagger's phone but other than that the show went smoothly.…
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