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Pinot Noir
Private eye (and public nuisance) Spotty Johnson is known for piercing deductions and questionable decision making. Pinot Noir is a scripted mystery radioplay . . . performed very, very drunk. Glug glug glug glug.@pinotpodcast
Pinot and Pop
A whimsical and slightly tipsy look at the week in pop culture, news, and life.
Grapevine Radio Show
Weekly interviews with winemakers, chefs, event coordinators... the people who help make up the world's fastest growing, most exciting, and diverse wine region; the Central Coast of California - Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara County (Sideways country). Listen live every Saturday from Noon to 1PM with the STREAM button on our website. Locally, we're on News Talk 920AM KVEC in San Luis Obispo, California.
About this wine
Be the hit at your next wine party or just learn more about all aspects of the wines you love. History, pairing, making, dinning, wineries and everything else you ever wanted to know about wine.
Wine Booty
A high-seas vino-centric video series showcasing a wide variety of Napa Valley's saltiest characters including vintners, brewers, distillers, restaurateurs, mixologists and other interesting wine & food personalities expounding insider tales of the treasures and bounty found within the Napa valley. Directed by Judd Finkelstein. Music by Gordon Lustig.
Judd's Enormous Wine Show
An offbeat series presented by Judd's Hill Winery of Napa Valley, which looks at the world of wine through the eyes of an eccentric Napa Valley winemaker. Directed by Rudolf N. McClain, Music by Gordon Lustig.
Shows - ★ PNSexplosion ★
Podcasting out of Chicago - the City of Big Shoulders and Tight Buns - since 2005, we are gayer than the dickens. We chit-chat about pop culture, our lives, and Cher. Pour a glass of Pinot Grigio, take a Benadryl or two, and join the conversation.
Cogill Wine and Film: A Perfect Pairing
The Cogills introduce themselves as a film-critic and a wine expert. He has reviewed more than ten thousand films and she travels the world chasing the grape and together they explore the wines and films that shaped their early careers. From "The Blob" and "Lawrence Of Arabia" to a spectacular Oregon Pinot Noir you can expect a smooth, reliable conversation resulting in, "A Perfect Pairing."
Two Degrees // No Jobs
Two Degrees, No Jobs, and a Bottle of Pinot - two twenty-somethings trying to navigate their way through life with their development degrees and no firm job prospects while enjoying a few sippies along the way.
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Second-generation winemaker and wine grower Jesse Lange of Lange Estate Winery and Vineyards joins Julie and Gina to talk about continuing the family tradition in the Dundee Hills. He talks about the moment he knew wine would be his career, about a spontaneous pinot mutation that popped up in the vineyard one day, and the challenge Oregon had i ...…
Get Best Free Audiobooks of Science & Technology, Magazine & Radio
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Scientific American: Will We Still Enjoy Pinot Noir?Author: Kimberly A. NicholasNarrator: Mark MoranFormat: UnabridgedLength: 26 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-06-15Publisher: Scientific AmericanGenres: Science & Technology, Magazine & RadioPublisher's Summary:Ki ...…
John Buechsenstein is today’s guest on California Wine Country with Steve Jaxon and Dan Berger. John is a winemaker and has taught about wine at UC Davis, as an adjunct professor in UC Davis Extension, since he was a graduate student there, 40 years ago. He has just published a new book called Wine and Place, A Terroir Reader and today’s show i ...…
Figuring It Out! with Shanno & Carlita
LINKS Glenbow Museum Exhibit: Higher States: Lawren Harris and His American Contemporaries Other artists we talked about: Raymond Jonson, Dr. Emil Bisttram The Black Gold Tapestry: Sandra Sawatzky Carlita's lemongrass deodorant Shanno's old faithful deodorant WINE SELECTION Conviction | The Priest | Pinot Noir…
Trevor Einhorn joins the pod to talk espresso machines (1:30), New York City (2:15), A to Z Pinot Noir (3:30), driveway basketball hoops (4:45), the development of Brandon Ingram and Julius Randle (8:00), Corey Brewer (11:20), LaVar Ball's relevance (13:50), Lonzo Ball (14:45), LeBron, Paul George and Lakers free agency (16:50), Luke Walton (20 ...…
(2018) The homestead has been in the family since the early 1900's. Today, the newest generation of Williamsons (a really fun bunch) are still producing quality fruit and delicious wine from Williamson Vineyards in Caldwell. Then, we're off on a field trip to Hawaii's Big Island. Up among the lava rocks left behind by Mount Kilauea, you'll find ...…
Tipsy Tías
CN: drinking, sex, porn, periods, smut 👅We're mixing things up this episode with our FIRST white wine review! We tasted the Ca'Vescovo 2016 Pinot Grigio (again, from our NPR Wine Club box). Was it worth it? Did it make us put our thing down, flip it, and reverse it?? Or should we have stuck with Barefoot???After working through half (all) the b ...…
Interpreting Wine | Enotourism | Tasting | Producers, importers, merchants, bar/shop/restaurants and everything in between
Show notes (01:25) Background to the location and family winemaking history (10:10) Wine tasting (individual wine details below) (37:31) Wine fairs attended by Alexander Koppitsch in the coming months Wines tasted 1. Gruner Vertliner, Autentische 2017 (Barrel sample) Some ‘funk’ on the nose. Much more restrained in mouth. I had the impression t ...…
Join Nicole & Annmarie as they share their tips for running in the cold: how to layer, when is cold too cold, and how to adapt for your climate. In the episode, Annmarie is drinking a Pinot Noir from DNA Vineyards. Nicole is sipping on Pink Poizin.
Listen to New Releases Free Audiobooks of Romance, Suspense
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: IncredulityAuthor: Kathy ZebertNarrator: Jennifer GilmourFormat: UnabridgedLength: 3 hrs and 39 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 01-22-18Publisher: Words in Color PublishingGenres: Romance, SuspensePublisher's Summary:A romantic cowboy. A sunset kiss. Everything is pe ...…
Rebecca Robinson is today’s featured guest on California Wine Country with Steve Jaxon and Dan Berger. Rebecca is the Executive Director of ZAP, Zinfandel Advocates and Producers. ZAP will be holding ZIN EX, the Zinfandel Experience, in San Francisco, January 18-20 dedicated to Zinfandel. Robert Larsen is also back in the studio today. He spent ...…
Fun Size Happy Hour
Evan and Binksy drink to the New Year with a glass of their favourite pinot grigio and chat about melting freeways, Can’t Stop the Music and discovering a local walking trail. In TV this week, we binged on season 2 of Search Party and in wrestling we talk about the upcoming Royal Rumble as well as all the excitement that was NJPW’s Wrestle King ...…
Dan Berger and Barry Herbst join Steve Jaxon to talk about some of their personal favorite wines, on California Wine Country this week. (This show is slightly abbreviated due to time constraints from a Golden State Warriors' NBA basketball game being broadcast live on KSRO this afternoon.)Recap of this week's wines tasted: 2015 Chardonnay, Blac ...…
Grab your hot coco and hop in your sleighs, cause in this festive episode were talking about the best holiday action film staring Gena Davis. Thats right! You guessed it! Genny is doing one of her favorite Christmas films - 'The Long Kiss Goodnight.' Being a mom during the holidays is hard but throw in amnesia and a secret identity who used to ...…
This week we have Intern Kaitlin (@kmclhinney) on to ~BREAKDOWN~ the newest girls on this season of The Bachelor, ft Old Guy Arie Luyendyk. We also touch on Mario Batali's drama, Keaton Jones' drama, and a bunch of other shit too. Wine Of The Week: Purple Owl Pinot Noir - As a tip, if you use a large glass, the entire bottle will fit inside of ...…
This week on the show we talk about about ghost sex, queefs, and hickeys. It's one of those shows, y'all. Follow the show on twitter @pinotandpop merch atwww.pinotandpop.comPinot and Pop is a production of Orbital Event Production LLC. All opinions are that of the hosts and do not reflect on the company.…
This week Branden and Mel are joined by Ashley Budnik, who hosts our quiz on ladybugs.Want more fun? Follow us on twitter! and Pop is sponsored by Godaddy, get 30% off at show merchandise and learn more about the show!www.pinotandpop.comPinot and Pop is a production of O ...…
A poisoned patriarch. A suspicious family. Horses. @pinotnoirpodcastPinot Noir is a scripted mystery radio play . . . performed very, very drunk. Glug glug glug glug. Featuring Shane, Kristina, Alexa, Maddie, Amalie, and Calvin.
Louis Pinot is the Co-Founder and Head of Product at Implicity a platform that allows healthcare professionals to remotely monitor medical devices for patients who have chronic diseases. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze data from high-risk patients with devices like pacemakers. It is their goal to improve the lives of people with chro ...…
Rod breaks down which wine regions see a lot of variation from year to year and which ones don't. Here are a few wine regions discussed that produce consistent wines year after year (with the caveat that there are always exceptions):Italy: Calabria, Sicily and PugliaFrance: Languedoc, ProvenceSpain: La ManchaPortugal: Anything from the Douro Va ...…
Pondering pouring Pemberton Picardy Pinot!
Are you ready for season 3 of Pinot and Pop? Get your swag now:www.pinotandpop.comPinot and Pop is a production of Orbital Event Production LLC. All rights reserved. All opinions in this show may not necessarily reflect the opinions of the company.
Two Stories. The Judgement of BC and BC Pinot Noir Celebration. With a cast of All-Stars. THE SHOW It’s the third annual Judgement of BC. Presented by Wines of BC 12 from around the World and 12 from BC. Poured head to head to see where BC stands in comparison. This …
Discover Most Popular Free Audio Books of History, World
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Around the World in Eighty WinesSubtitle: Exploring Wine One Country at a TimeAuthor: Mike VesethNarrator: Eric Michael SummererFormat: UnabridgedLength: 6 hrs and 42 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 11-01-17Publisher: Tantor AudioRatings: 3 of 5 out of 2 votesGenres: ...…
Coffee Wine Data Design Podcast
Show notes Wine tasting featuring Fat Cat Pinot Noir: Food + Wine Article: Instagram Artist of the Week: @SarahRyanDraws via Ground Swell Greetings via Vault + Vine! Listen to Her: Gender on This American Life by Ash N ...…
In our latest podcast, we discuss the wonders of Pinot Blanc, the recently released Michigan wine economic impact study, what we’ve been drinking, upcoming events and more. Tune in to find out how you can win a gift card to MBTB Tasting Room! Intro music by / Sound effects by…
Brandon and Amanda get geeky about Oregon wine, Pinot Noir, clones and the stories and families that make the magic happen in the Willamette Valley.
Dad Teaches Me About Wine
Suggest pairing: The most specific Pinot Noir you can find So, I don't know about you.... but when I pick up a bottle of wine, the label just looks like a giant jumble of words. Is that where it is from? Is that the type of grape? Is that the the guy who makes it? Just trying to figure out what you're drinking is never simple (of course). As it ...…
Alexander Berger has the shortest bio Dave has ever read in the booth. But the brevity of his bio shouldn’t mislead you – he’s accomplished a lot. An effective altruist, he runs U.S. programs at GiveWell and is a leader within the Open Philanthropy Project. A philosophy major at Berkeley, he is now a philosopher-philanthropist spending his time ...…
Grab a glass and hang out with the ladies while they sip on a Challis Lane Pinot Grigio and talk about E's top rated shows with the best style, the Harry Potter house listed for $1.3 Mil, and the Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot.Follow us on social media: @WineTimePodIntro beat by:…
Sam and Maggie may hate Glee but they don't actually hate this episode! It's everything we've been building up to - Finn discovers the truth and "becomes a leader", Quinn has a great moment of emotion, Rachel has an amazing number that is probably the best one we've seen so far, and Emma is a mature adult that acts like one (looking at you Will ...…
Pinot's Grandfather: I Was a Garbage Man Who Worked for Tips by Epigram
0:00 - 33:24: Warning! This week's episode takes a detour into home wine making. The "Dork Uncorked" Rod Phillips drops some knowledge as co-host Ryan Price tells of how he attempted to make wine out of his backyard plums and blackberries.33:24 - 39:00: Why did Ryan smell an aroma of "latex glove" from an Okanagan Pinot Noir?39:00 - 42:38: Rod' ...…
Pinot's Grandfather: Over Breakfast by Epigram
Sinclair Jayne has loved reading romance novels since she discovered Barbara Cartland historical romances when she was in sixth grade. By seventh grade, she was haunting the library shelves looking to fall in love over and over again with the heroes born from the imaginations of her favorite authors. After teaching writing classes and workshops ...…
Robert Larsen and Josh Silvers are today’s guests. Robert Larsen is back to talk about the wines of The Larsen Projekt and his other work in the wine business.Also with us is Josh Silvers, super chef, owner and chef at Jackson’s Bar and Oven.Steve mentions that the Larsen Projekt is spelled with a K and Robert tells how his wife designed the pa ...…
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