Best pintscast podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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SportsPants with a microphone talking to his smart-alec friends via Skype. Fantasy Football talk without the over-sized egos. Imagine the Muppets talking sports if Kermit played fantasy football and talked about football stats, PPR, NFC, AFC, Football teams, and the fantasy playoffs while Piggy got him a beer.
Naptown Pintcast
A podcast featuring conversations about Maryland beer. Hosted by Liz Murphy, beer writer for The Capital and founder of Naptown Pint.
Pointscast is the first, best, and only podcast of Points: The Blog of the Alcohol & Drugs History Society. Join Kyle Bridge and Alex Tepperman each week as they talk about drugs in history, in the news, and in our cultural imaginary. Also, listen in for interviews with figures in the field who will answer YOUR questions on all matters relating to drugs and alcohol.If you have any questions for our network of experts, or you just want to drop us a line, e-mail us at, lik ...
The official podcast around the Guess What's In My Pants game. The podcast features hopefully award-winning segments of Pants News, GWIMPtionary, and Stat That. We also interview the winner every week of the GWIMP game.
Prairie Pintcast
Four independent filmmakers hit the road in search of beer and the people that make it.
The Latest from the Utah Jazz!
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The gang talks about Hayao Miyazaki, smoking pot in bars, and lots of trailers.
Luke, Abe, and Mel weigh in on the best Thanksgiving foods.
Luke, Abe, Adam, and Mel discuss the Han Solo movie, Deadpool, Netflix's debt, and anime.
Kendra joins us to discuss Cuban cigars, doggy dreams, new movie trailers, and the Pokemon movie returning to theaters.
The Pixels and Pintscast crew discuss barnacles on cars, billboard porn, and Amazon grocery stores.
Luke, Mel, Abe, Adam, and Ashley discuss Adventure Time, Suicide Squad, and try to settle the debate of whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich.
Imagine a world where humans colonize Mars, washing machines explode, and chairs can drive themselves. These things and more on this week's episode of the Pixels and Pintscast!
Luke, Mel, Abe, Erin, and Adam discuss hacking driverless cars, VR TV shows, version-exclusive Pokemon, and everyone's Patronus.
The gang welcomes Ashley to the podcast for the first time to sample three beers and discuss exploding phones, iOS 10, Howard Shultz, Sony's missteps with the PS4, Pokemon, and the Nintendo NX.
The gang addresses the iPhone 7 and PS4 Pro announcements, as well as the Winds of Winter's rumored release date, Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 recalls, Pokemon, and antibacterial soap.
Luke, Mel, Abe, Erin, and Adam discuss exploding rockets, the iPhone 7, self driving cars, Stranger Things, the recent Nintendo Direct, president Trump, and drinking potions underwater.
Adam and Erin are back to discuss exoplanets, Pokemon Worlds, the PS4 Slim, and which Game of Thrones decisions we would change.
Mel is gone! Luke, Abe, Erin, and Adam discuss No Man's Sky planet naming mishaps, space exploration, new Pokemon in Sun and Moon, political Facebook bots, and the upcoming releases from Star Wars and Star Trek.
Luke, Mel, and Abe are accompanied for the first time by Adam and Erin. In this episode, the gang discuss Suicide Squad, Pokemon, super powers, and much more!
Luke, Mel, and Abe battle through illness to discuss the new Alolan Pokemon and their favorite cities.
Luke, Mel, and Abe discuss Pokemon Go and... goats?
In a post Game of Thrones, post hockey world, Luke, Mel, and Abe discuss beer, rebooting old movies, and whether extraterrestrials exist.
Luke, Abe, and Mel discuss hockey trades, Pacific Rim, and Pixar.
Luke, Mel, and Abe discuss mostly hockey things. And video games.
SPOILERS! Luke, Mel, and Abe react to the season 6 finale of Game of Thrones, The Winds of Winter.
Luke, Mel, and Abe discuss hockey trades, Persona, the Souls series, and more.
SPOILER WARNING! Luke, Mel, and Abe react to this week's episode of Game of Thrones.
Luke, Mel, and Abe react to the E3 press conferences from Sony, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Bethesda, and EA.
Luke, Colin, Mel, and Abe discuss their predictions for the remainder of season 6.
Luke, Mel, and Abe discuss Sidney Crosby, the Stanley Cup Final, Tropico for PS4, E3, and much more.
Luke, Melinda, and Abe react to the events that transpired on the latest episode of Game of Thrones.
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