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Pixels is the show about games and the gaming industry for the discerning gamer. PC, Consoles, Mobiles and more !
Pixels Weekly
Pixels Weekly is an upbeat video game podcast where diverse hosts talk about culture, news, and the industry. Each week we share the games we're playing from the latest releases to old classics, and manage to make fun of everything along the way. Come share a laugh and a love for the world's best hobby, video games!
Geek Legacy presents the Pixelated Podcast, an informative and enlightening podcast that aims to deliver detailed insight on video game news, controversies and updates.
Join Rob and Pernell as they listen to great video game music!
Dense Pixels
The Dense Pixels Podcast is a weekly show talking about everything you need to know in the video game industry. We give you news, opinionated discussion, the important info on major new releases, and lots of humor from four guys who know, love, and live video games. Hosted by Brad, Micah, and Terrence.
Weekly discussions about gaming news and culture!
Six Pixels of Separation - The Mirum Blog is marketing and communications insights from the edge. Mitch Joel will unravel the complex world of digital marketing and social media with the perspective of a digital marketing agency. The Six Pixels Of Separation podcast is also here. Join the digital marketing conversation. Take part in the new marketing discussion. Stay tuned to see how this interactive agency is making a digital difference. While marketers still struggle to understand online m ...
Video Game Music Podcast
The Pixelated Paranormal podcast delves into the strange and unusual, from UFOs to Ghosts to Bigfoot and other areas of high strangeness. Join Rob, Shawn and Preston as they take you for a ride on the Supernatural Highway.
Weekly discussions about gaming news and culture!
Dead Pixel Live
Dead Pixel Live features discussions, reviews and interviews about video games, movies, and more video games. With an open format that has lasted for hundreds of episodes, DPL is an unpredictable and entertaining show.
Two artists talk about the art and news of videogames, comics and movies.
Pencil vs Pixel
A series of interviews with creators. We take a close look into our process and find what makes us move. Hosted by Cesar Contreras.
Pixel Sift
A fortnightly video game podcast produced in Western Australia. We dive into the issues and topics that are making the rounds in gaming, and interview developers from Australasia each week about the games they've made and how they made them.
The Pulp 2 Pixel Podcasts are a series of podcasts hosted by Dr. G, Man of Nerdology and a Rogues Gallery of co-hosts exploring the superhero genre across the Media Multiverse of comics, television, movies, and gaming.
Pixel Velho
O Podcast de lembranças de um velho jogador.
Join creative director, designer, and instructor Tim Bigonia as he explores and details graphic design techniques and design application software training. Tim is a seasoned creative with more than 25 years practical experience working with local and international clients on a variety of advertising and marketing projects. From directing photo and video shoots to creating multi-piece, retail promotional campaigns, Tim comes to you with a wide range of concept and production knowledge. In his ...
Welcome to the home of PbP - The Pixel Bandits' Podcast. The latest in gaming news and opinion brought straight to your door via SoundCloud (and also available on iTunes and your favourite podcasting apps)With the latest happening from the virtual world, a dedicated Elite Dangerous discussion and our views on what's been happening lately, the PbP is your one stop shop for all things gaming. With games gievaways thrown into the mix, there's no need to tune in anywhere elseFor more information ...
Pixels & Ink
The Pixels and Ink Podcast is your link to the world of Comics and Video Games all from a Canadian Perspective. Every Friday hear the crew of CGMagazine as they talk about the news, the latest games, and random things that interest them.
Sponsored by, this podcast analyzes video games and their relevance to culture.
Fistful of Pixels
Fistful of Pixels is an improv comedy podcast featuring Mike Bachmann, Taylor Bliss, and Adam Bash where you send us fake video game titles and we figure out what that game might be! New episodes every other Sunday! You can send your titles to @FistfulofPixels on twitter or via the forums on Editing by Ashliegh Shadowbrook Artwork by TJ McKimmey Music by Hugo Silva aka Dr. Manhattan
The Pixelated Sausage Podcast is a podcast about games, anime, movies, TV, art, and life in general, all of it hosted by a weirdo who's standing in front of the internet, asking it to love, I mean, listen to 'em...
Switched Pixels
Switched Pixels is my chance to play old and new Nintendo games Ranging from Snes, Wii and Switch. More Consoles to be add. I will also cover Nintendo news and some general gaming news from around the globe. Stick around and see what I have to say.
Pixel Beat
Pixel Beat Podcast
Pixel Recess
Pixel Recess is creative podcast playground., with a very brief "interviews" with industry leading designers, developers, artists, writers, musicians, bacon and anyone creative, asking questions void of inspiration, education, insight or good taste.
Pixel Radio
We do podcasts about culture (mostly video games) from an analytical perspective, trying to ask the "why" questions so we can all learn something together.
That Pixel Life
That Pixel Life is a new gaming podcast by veteran podcasters that focuses on the industry and its culture.
A Cartoon Review show based out of the Video Games that Spawned them. We review Mega Man, Mario, Zelda, Mortal Kombat and more!
Discussions on the latest news in video games including reviews, previews and coverage of the biggest stories in the industry.
Video Game Music Podcast
Precarious Pixels
A writer and cartoonist talk and redesign retro-games, cartoons, movies and television.
This is a design podcast created by Anthony and David Cavins. We are both graphic and web designers/web developers so we created a platform to discuss graphic design and web design in everyday situations. Find us on iTunes, Google Play and Soundcloud.
Digging deeper into video games, this is the podcast version of the blog Picking Up the Pixels.
Welcome to the Pixels & Papers Podcast where we talk to you about the BEST and WORST in #Tabletop, #RPG, and #BoardGames!
Reel Pixel Podcast
The official podcast for Reel Pixel.
A podcast where Rhett and Travis discuss the latest in gaming because nobody has ever thought of that before.
Specializing in web, print, & branding for businesses like yours! We are an agency located in the heart of Carlisle, PA ready to take on your next project!
Pixels & Dice
A weekly podcast about all things Gaming-related
The Pixelated Sausage Podcast is a podcast about games, anime, movies, TV, art, and life in general, all of it hosted by a weirdo who's standing in front of the internet, asking it to love, I mean, listen to 'em...
My Life in Pixels
A new gaming podcast brought to you by gaming and esports presenter Frankie Ward. She'll be talking to developers and other voices from the industry about the games that got them to where they are today.
Grown-Up Pixels
Gaming Never Has to Stop
Audio podcast on the Washington Wizards professional basketball team by writers from Truth About
Pixelated Radio Redux is the collected episodes of The Pixelated Sausage Podcast, put together into one big episode for those who think size really matters. --
Dice and PIxels is a light, humorous weekly Australian based podcast discussing indie games, tabletop, local gaming events and interviews with key gaming figures and independent game developers.
Chic Pixel Plus
Join Anne Lee and Sarah O'Donnell on their bi-weekly show about anime, manga, Japanese culture, and more! Every episode features discussions of currently-airing anime, Japanese cultural tidbits, manga chat, and all kinds of other fun and nerdy news relating to Japan.
Are you looking for a photography podcast that won't bore you to tears? Well, grab a beverage and let Chris and Adam give you some hints & tips about Photography, Photoshop & Lightroom while trying their very best not to send you to sleep. If you are expecting us to recommend the most expensive gear then maybe a different podcast is better for you as we are far more likely to advise gaffer tape, a hammer and some alcohol instead.This podcast is for the average amateur looking to learn a few ...
Join Marlon and Asai every single Friday as we discuss the latest and greatest in gaming and professional wrestling!
Pixel Dreams
Pixel Dreams is a video gaming podcast hosted by two twenty-something friends with a deep passion for all things retro. We try to be simple and concise, without all the cross-talking blather that so many podcasts become guilty of. We strive to bring in-depth coverage of retro classics, as well as games you may not have heard of.check out for original articles, show notes, and general information.
The Pixel Perspective Podcast is a conversational podcast about the latest news and buzz in the video game industry. Every week we tackle the biggest news from across all platforms. We talk about what we've been playing and give our perspective on the gaming industry.
Danny and Stian share stories from a lifetime of playing videogames, with an emphasis on retro games and retro gaming. We talk Nintendo, Sega, PC, and more, and how gaming has changed through the years.
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This week the crew talks about starting things or staring things over, what book sequels do wrong and Alec is done accepting unfinished games.Check out Reel Pixel on Twitch Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday for live game streams. Video version of this podcast up on Mondays.Want to pick up some Reel Pixel Merch? Head on over to Reelpi ...…
Welcome back to the Pixelated Podcast! Justin and Stephen return to talk about some of their favorite and most intriguing video game stories for the week. This week’s topics include: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will not feature a single-player campaign and just focus on multiplayer A new BioShock game is in the works and being handled by a secret ...…
This week: Amazon warehouses are not sterile, the battle of the smart thermostats, and Mark Zuckerberg testifies. Social: Links: Chinese water torture - Wikipedia The New DAVINCI IQ Vaporizer Pixel Refresh ecobee 4 smart thermostat Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Ge ...…
BROTHER!! - Episode 8 - Owlboy (PC)Matt and James are losing altitude in the pixelated ruins of an ancient avian civilization. the Lohkamp Brothers' book club approach to video games.By (matt and james lohkamp).
The Latest Tech NewsThis week on the Friday News Update:- HP announces another Chrome OS tablet called the Chromebook X2- Apple releases a red iPhone 8 and 8 Plus for (PRODUCT)RED- OnePlus tweets a teaser image of the back of the OnePlus 6, showing... not much has changed- iOS 11.3 is bricking devices with unofficial screen replacements- Gmail ...…
Recordings from two trips to the UK and Ireland. Some amateur timelapse scrambled together with footage from Sony A7Rii and Pixel 2XL, squeezed in a few clips from DJI Spark. Ending is the torchlight procession during Edinburgh Hogmanay. Editing got carried away a little.Music: Second Class Citizen by Dexter Britain, from album Creative Common ...…
On our 2nd episode of ReaderPod, we take a look at the Sri Lankan government's Open Data efforts, registering companies online with eROC, Redline's new store and more. You can find the relevant articles to everything we discussed below.Redline's new store:…ew-flagship-store/Midrange Pixel: ...…
Marvel's Secret Wars & Beyond will be a semi-monthly show where Sean, Greg, and Doctor G will read & review Marvel's 1984 series Secret Wars as well as the sequels and connected issues. We covered the much beloved volume 1, and now we are going where we were told no man could go and remain sane: Secret Wars II! Revel in the adventure as the Bey ...…
We're joined by Alex Hoffman Product Designer extraordinaire! Michael wants his burritos back and saw Jumanji, Kyle is launching a new tool. SuAnne's taking Google Analytics 101 training. Everything Sketch! What are the must have plugins? The ones that work and the ones that don't. Sketch Runner, Rename It, Zeplin, Keys, Craft and more! How to ...…
Dans cet épisode Emmanuel est de retour et assure l'intérim de Guillaume sur les blagues tout en discutant Java 10, Kubernetes et son écosystème, départs, rachats et IPO mais aussi diversité et Facebook avec Arnaud, Audrey et Vincent. Merci à Morgan pour sa crowdquestion sur les logs ! Enregistré le 29 mars 2018 Téléchargement de l'épisode LesC ...…
Welcome everyone to the Grown-Up Pixels Podcast Episode 4 On Episode 4 of the Grown-Up Pixels Podcast, we go over the many Sonic announcements made by Sega at the South by Southwest conference that happen a couple of weeks ago. When I recorded this podcast episode, the Sonic Mania Adventure Part 1 animated short hadn’t come out yet. As a result ...…
Learn how you can use the Facebook pixel offline to retarder customer who already love your shop and develop look alike audiences to drive new customers in the doors of your business.
With “Ready Player One” pixelating into our collective consciousness this week, we discuss one of the many cameos featured in the film: The Iron Giant. Do we make a new metal friend or is this one giant alien not to be reviewed?Time StampsWhat We’ve DoneFraser: Stained Class RecordsAlejandro: TwitterSean: Disney Movie Club + “30 Rock”00:09:55 - ...…
Today we've got a new app called Nacho Notch that lets you hide the notch on your notched Android phones, Ben Schoon asks where the image obstruction removal feature that Google announced at I/O is, and Gboard 7.1 prepares new emoji, handwriting settings, and more. 9to5Google Daily is available on Google Play, iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, S ...…
The Facebook pixel allows you to combine your business or brand’s website with Facebook’s powerful tracking and advertising capabilities. Setting up a business page is just the start and many businesses stop there.The post How to install your Facebook pixel on to your website appeared first on Digital Marketing and Automation Solutions | Alavon365.…
Hey Hey, Friends... Big News... you can now hear the WhiskeyBoy Radio Podcast in Spotify! We talk about that and some other important stuff, including getting all cozy with a giant mollusk on tonight's show!! Today’s show is brought to you by Go Epic Health. Makers of Cholesterade “The natural way to lower cholesterol”. WE ARE ON SPOTIFY, and i ...…
This week: Facebook data naughtiness, more Marvel movies, Fortnite vs PUBG, and the first self-driving car fatality Social: Links: Facebook has lost $100 billion in 10 days Marco Rodrigues - Pixel Refresh Podcast Hosting and Analytics - Fireside Ozzy Man Reviews: Manliest Fight Ever - YouTube Tek ...…
Ladies and Gentlemen, In this weeks episode we discuss the Pacific Rim 2, The Santa Clarita Diet, Google Pixel 2, Matt Smith and The Crown, the awesome Train to Busan, Krypton and Keith once again drones on about drones in the saga we're calling game of drones. We've also included a section at the end of the podcast covering the poor state of f ...…
On today's show, Marc loses their mind almost immediately as they talk about going to the dentist, what it's liking being boring and not-so-energetic, and what they think of the chicken-fueled Toki Tori and Toki Tori 2+. Anyway, something-something crazy and hazy, cheers and enjoy the anime-zing(ly insane) show. | | Sup ...…
This week on the podcast Lee and Robby drink Vieux Carres, introduce a new segment and discuss Lee's Google Pixel 2, the Stormy Daniels 60 minutes interview and updates on the scandal, Stormy's curious filmography, the My Bar app, PUBG mobile, and Lee reads some staemy Jennifer Lawrence fanfiction.
This podcast is also available on Soundcloud . Broken News: Android Wear undergoes a name change, try before you buy games, and music streaming in India. Feature story: Should you #DeleteFacebook? What are the privacy implications? App Picks: Vikram’s pick: Now Playing History for Pixel 2 Now Playing History for Pixel 2 (Free, Google Play) → Vi ...…
On the other side of the Mature/Adult ESRB spectrum we have games that are for adults, but not as violent..unless you consider aggressive tonsil hockey to be violent. This episode we get deep into the lewd gaming genre and discuss several titles that we’ve played during our coming-of-age years all the way up to last week. Also this week, we hav ...…
This we we discuss our initial impressions of Far Cry 5, Terrence's anger-inducing experience playing Sea of Thieves, Fortnite's dominance and how it is affecting schools, Microsoft's likely futile attempt to curb offensive language on their platforms, Marvel being a big jerk in their influence over the marketing of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, V ...…
Find it on iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher The Guest Matt is the co-founder and COO of Mira, the mobile augmented reality company that makes premium AR experiences available to anyone. Matt started Mira while still an undergraduate at the University of Southern California with three classmates. While he’s still early in his career, Mira isn’t h ...…
Welcome everyone to the Grown-Up Pixels Mixtape Vol. 2! This weeks episode is Vol. 2 of the Grown-Up Pixels Mixtape. The mixtape is made up of the background tunes that were played during episode 2 of the usual podcast. The second episode was the first full length episode of the podcast. The format of the mixtape is straight forward, I introduc ...…
This week the crew talks about working out, Cosplay and adulting stuff with a mini van.Check out Reel Pixel on Twitch Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday for live game streams. Video version of this podcast up on Mondays.Want to pick up some Reel Pixel Merch? Head on over to you to Hannah's Koney Island fo ...…
What is This a Crossover Episode? featuring Digital Therapy's own Brandon Gilligan. Long time friend of the show joined me to shoot the shit, no show notes. We talked about Overwatch and competitive gaming, Fortnite vs PUBG, and cross platform gaming. Sprinkle in a shout out to G4 for the old folks who remember, and loads of other games were pl ...…
On today's show, Marc talks about Into the Breach yet again because it's Into the Breach and good enough to be talked about each and every episode. After that, Marc talks about Sea of Thieves again, this time with positive things to say, and then ends with a review of Justice League. Anyway, something-something flashy and tacky, cheers and enjo ...…
Le sport joue un rôle dans la prévention des troubles psychologiques chez les jeunes exposés à des événements traumatisants. CGV En savoir plus et gérer ces paramètres Accueil International Politique Société Éco Culture Idées Planète Sport Sci ...…
Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Aaron Schmidt, Wes Baumgardner, James Kircher and Becca Schmidt gather together to discuss the world, movies and video games. Enjoy!Subscribe! us and get the shows early here! the Audio on iTunes, Soundcloud, and GooglePlayFollow ...…
Arm your Mega Buster and GET EQUIPPED with excellent game music from the Mega Man series! We hit games ranging from NES all the way through to the PlayStation in search of the best and baddest Mega Man tracks there are!Joining us on this quest is Josh Breeding of the Mega Man inspired rock band The Megas! The Megas cover Mega Man (and more!) mu ...…
L'émission consacrée aux jeux vidéosBy
The band is finally back together to talk Turtles! All the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles news with that special brand of commentary that only the Turtle Power Podcast can provide, including our early take on the new Rise of the TMNT! #PleaseBePatient ------------------------- New Acquisitions: ------------------------- How to Draw Eastman ...…
The guys talk about Echo's laughing creepily, Apple's crumb resistant keyboard, Android P debuts, Apple's new HomePod ad, Brian's BlackPods, and ... recipes?? All this and more! Links: Amazon Working on a Fix for Alexa Devices Scaring Users With Creepy Laughter - Mac Rumors Apple apparently filed a patent for a crumb-resistant keyboard | iMore ...…
On today's show, Marc talks about Into the Breach again because it's become a part of their life and they'll probably talk about it every now and again for the rest of the year at this point. And on top of all that breaching, Marc finally talks about Black Panther and the surprising best part of the film. Anyway, something-something important a ...…
Can you believe Rob didn't listen to any Phoenix Wright music before doing research for this episode? It's criminal. HE'S IN JAIL NOW.
What the hell was that? A fart? A stomach rumble? The amount of questionable noises coming from Junior’s chair this week are a little disconcerting, but at least Pixel Glory is here to save us! Pixel Glory is a deck-building game that sees the players form a team of wizards who draft spells to build their own “spell decks” in order to venture i ...…
What are some of the things that you aren't doing when it comes to your Digital Marketing? Today, we discuss the Facebook Pixel, Analytics and Content.
Today Beoulus and Scormey discuss Legacy variants for board games. What are they, what do they mean for the future of tabletop gaming, and how could they affect classic board games? Theme Music – “Pinball Spring”, by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under the Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” license. Proud member of The Gaming and En ...…
No main topic this week so this episode of The Latest is a bit longer than usual. We continue the ongoing theme of unecessary movie sequels in life and give our thoughts on the latest in news of the gaming world including the Nindies presentation. So give this a listen while you pour your coffee and butter your buns. OPP is here to help you bec ...…
Facebook has a LOT of your data -- a lot. In fact, you don't even have to be signed in for them to track you and tie information to your personal profile because of Facebook Pixel. Did Facebook do anything wrong? Well, thanks to a whistleblower at Cambridge Analytica, we've found out that 50 million users had their data manipulated and modeled ...…
Links Pencils and Pixels: Drawing and Digital Media in Archaeological Field Recording ArchaeoTech Episode 22 InTerris Wildnote Contact Chris Webster Twitter: @archeowebby Email: Paul Zimmerman Twitter: @lugal Email:
This week, the Pretty Gritty Podcast celebrates Ultra Music Festival weekend. Featured on this week's episode is a new dubstep single from Sound Pixel, a darkwave tune from friend of the label NoHealer, a #ThrowbackThursday track from SixxSpeed, and singles from both Dinn Winnwood and The Flight School welcoming them as new signees to the label ...…
Welcome to episode 21! We're old enough to drink now! And just like a 21 year old coming off of their birthday party, all we want to do is sit around and watch movies. It's too bad all the video game movies are terrible. So let's talk about why they're terrible and what we can do to make them better. You better watch out Hollywood!…
In this week’s episode Sam and Manny talk about what they’ve been watching this week and then dive into their Top 5 Pixar films. The crying streak continues as one of the hosts once again breaks down on mic, listen to Sam and Manny’s longest podcast yet to find out which one sheds tears over animated pixels.…
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