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The PlanIt Podcast is the new part of the 2017 PlanIt Training Program on Comprehensive Plan Updates. This series will feature monthly episodes on a variety of topics that are not required elements of a comprehensive plan through conversations with planning experts and professionals outside of the Metropolitan Council.
Planit Podcasts
The Mature Market Podcast Series by Planit: Providing expert insights to help your organization better connect with men and women age 50 plus.
Planit Travel Podcast
Planit Travel Podcast brings you the inside tips, practical advice, and money-saving ideas from experts and locals to help you make the most of your global travels.
DiscussIT - The South African Podcast Portal
DiscussIT - The South African Podcast Portal
Free Pizza For Life
Free Pizza For Life is the true story about myself and my best friend, Samantha Dorsett. It will tell the complete history of the record label that we started, Plan-it-X records. And detail the discovery of DIY punk for us. It will also focus deeply on various scams we used to get free pizza, to the extent of Sam getting caught and going to jail. It's almost an autobiography. It's all true. It's almost a guide to starting a record label.
Preparing For The King
Early on the Prophet Isaiah shared God’s concern for the people called Israel. God had a plan, it’s still in effect for us today!
Project 51: Prophecy
Project 51 is a plan to read through the Bible one chapter a day for four years. Project 51: Prophecy is the fourth and final year of this plan. It begins on Monday, February 9th. It is called Prophecy because it will focus on the books of prophecy in the Bible: Starting in the Old Testament with Isaiah and ending in the New Testament with Revelation.
CPA Wealth Advisors Atlanta Podcast: How to Prioritize Retirement Planning, While Maximizing Social Security and Other Assets to Create Retirement Income.
The CPA Wealth Advisors demonstrate the importance of developing a retirement action plan to maximize income, legally reduce taxes in retirement with strategies to keep your hard-earned dollars in your pocket. Your #1 goal in retirement is to stay retired. You don’t ever want to be in a position where you’re FORCED to return to work or become a burden on your family. That’s the worst-case scenario. How do you STAY retired? The answer is having a thoughtful and comprehensive retirement game p ...
Pitch Please!
This game show podcast challenges four contestants to pitch their best screenplay, in the least amount of time. Prompted a card deck of movie cliches, players have just one minute to plan it, and one minute to win it. Pitch Please Podcast: it's the big screen in a little package
Johnny Del Valle | The Power of Inspiration
The search for success is a journey that everyone expires to take. If you have been applying methods and philosophies trying to manifest your desires in life. Then you understand it takes more than just having a goal and a plan it takes commitment. Johnny Del Valle percents a new approach to inspiration the most powerful element necessary to develop commitment. In this Podcasts you will hear The powerful truth of spirituality and personal development so you could have the freedom you need to ...
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TriSpecific | Ironman Triathlon Coaching Podcast
Today on the Fat Black, I have Rachel McBride on the show... The purple Tiger is a badass Canadian triathlete that doesn’t care what other people think. After spending her high school & college years as a “goth, punk rocker, artist type” (as she puts it) she moved to the freezing tundra of Ottawa, Canada for grad school and turned to running to ...…
We think of Christmas as a time of joy but often times, life doesn't go how we plan it. Sometimes we think our lives are moving upward only for things to go wrong. The Book of Psalms and Gospel of Luke teaches us how to Praise God during times of struggle.
She's Building Her Empire: Female Entrepreneurs | Women in Business | Online Marketing | Management | Productivity | Launching
Yesterday we talked about shaping your vision, getting clear about your truest desires and owning them by writing powerful statements of intention. WOW! That was fun. And today, our focus is: Phase it Up - Breaking your BIG vision into tasty chunks (a.k.a. achievable phases) so you can finally live the life of your dreams. Today, we will break ...…
Hank's Business and Marketing Tips
Now that the end of the year and the holidays are upon us, we tend to focus on other things than our work or our business. You should always be planning for the week, month, quarter, and year. I have already met with my wife and planned some of our goals for next year and I will devote some time to plan my professional goals in December. Make s ...…
University Baptist Church - Messages
Today, I will not attempt to explain why Mary was chosen for this great work but rather I want to share with you why the incarnation could be experienced through Mary. I want to draw your attention to the faith of Mary. It’s a faith that brings forth the accomplishment of God’s plan. It’s a faith that you and I are called to have also.…
An area known as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” can be found about 1,000 miles north of Hawaii, reported The Week magazine. Filled with bits of plastic from bottles, bags, and other human garbage, this area stretches for hundreds of miles. What’s worse, “the amount of debris found within has increased 100-fold in the past 40 years.” Fish and ...…
In this episode, Brandon and Audrey discuss some silly character names, playing the party healer, balancing encounters for players who just don't seem to be getting it, and running a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure game! Dungeons, Dragons, and Dives with Goblin Thanksgiving! Thanks for listening, Dungies! Can't wait to resume the show next year! Email ...…
Building Towns and Cities: Planning and Architecture Explained for Kids
Anna explores the town where she lives to see what problems exist and could be solved with town planning.
Building Towns and Cities: Planning and Architecture Explained for Kids
Digital technology will be a big part of our future spaces – Anna and Agent Plan-It think about what these spaces might look like.
Building Towns and Cities: Planning and Architecture Explained for Kids
Anna is thinking about how populations have changing needs, and that living spaces will need to change too.
Building Towns and Cities: Planning and Architecture Explained for Kids
Agent Plan-It helps Anna find out about amenities and how they can be factored into any new town build.
The Hot Stove season has officially begun, and of course it's Jerry Dipoto leading the charge, trading away steady rookie reliever Emilio Pagan to address the team's need at first base. In exchange for Pagan and a teenaged infield prospect, Alexander Campos, the Mariners receive Ryon Healy, Oakland's young, power-hitting first baseman. 0 - 5:00 ...…
Whenever signing up for a medical insurance plan, it is important to read the fine print and to watch out for abbreviations.... you'll see what we mean in Jubal's Phone Tap Podcast!By
Professor Angell is dead, but the story of Cthulhu is just beginning. As it turns out, Angell had an heir, and as the young man is sifting through his late uncle's possessions, he's about to find something that will change his world forever. Meanwhile, Captain Johansen returned to Sydney. The last we saw him, he was captain of a ship with seven ...…
To learn more about Gallup's additional strengths resources, visit the Gallup Strengths Center: Gallup's Theme Thursday is a live Webcast that targets strengths coaches and enthusiasts to provide a deeper context behind the language of strengths by talking in-depth about each of the 34 Clifton StrengthsFinder theme ...…
Get Honeycutt | Health, Nutrition and Fitness
Bob Soroosh has an MBA from the University of Colorado, and a BA from Baylor University in Waco, Texas. From 2004 through January 2014, Bob was the Director of Benefit Administration for Affinia Group, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Bob was also the plan administrator for Affinia’s self-insured medical plan, as well as Affinia’s disabili ...…
Building Towns and Cities: Planning and Architecture Explained for Kids
Anna thinks about why it’s important to consider the environment when planning new towns – with the help of Agent Plan-It!
Building Towns and Cities: Planning and Architecture Explained for Kids
Anna is looking at a map to find a place which might make a good location for a new town. Agent Plan-It helps to explain why empty areas aren’t always ideal…
Save America, Save - A Financial Services Podcast with Charlie Epstein
As I mentioned in my last video, the recent court case of Tibble v. Edison is something, that you as a plan sponsor fiduciary, need to understand because it pertains to the fees and expenses in your plan and what types of share class or mutual funds you have in that plan.As a plan sponsor fiduciary, you have a duty of prudence and a duty of loy ...…
Friendly neighbors and wide oceans. That, in a phrase, is America's fallback security plan. It happens to be a very effective security plan, says Michael Desch, although you wouldn't know it by listening to politicians. Their squawking about threats to America are more the result of what President Eisenhower called the military-industrial compl ...…
In this great episode, Audrey and Brandon talk about using tool proficiencies in 5e, playing a paladin in a less lawfully inclined party, explaining DnD to friends and family, and making your antagonists feel like legitimate threats! Mordenkainen's Magnificent Landfill with Trinkets from 5e! Email us questions at Follow us ...…
In this episode, Audrey and Brandon address DM PCs, carving out your niche in the Shadowrun setting, and what to do if someone doesn't like homebrew! Dungeons, Dragons, and Dives with Delicious Pork from the Barbarian's Loincloth! Click on here for Shir T'ruk’s Thistletop Stew Email us questions at Follow us at http://dear ...…
U is for... Ultimate! This week, we plan the ultimate Disney World vacation. What would we do if we could do ANYTHING? Do you have a question you want us to answer on the show? Get in touch here! Don’t forget to join our private Disney World A-to-Z Facebook Group! Subscribe to Emma's YouTube channel which has lots of Disney World vlogs! Booking ...…
A daily devotional walking through God's word together using The Bible Reading Plan at Our website Bible Reading Plan - ; The Story, Chapter 6, You Version Bible app, days 36 through 42 We continue our journey through God’s Story. We’ve looked at ...…
Student Loans: Ask Me Anything with Marques McBride
Over the years there’s been hundreds of thousands of student loan borrowers who have questions about their student loan payments and their repayment options. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive on a daily basis… Question #1 1. Do I qualify for a lower payment? You actually absolutely qualify for a lower payment when ...…
Living that is done well is living with direction. It's God's plan. It's not our plan. He is our Guide.
Most people think that being an entrepreneur means starting a business. But there’s another option, an alternative path to independent success: buying a business! We don’t often think of this option, but with some capital and a smart purchase plan, it can be the right move. Pre-owned cars and homes can be great investments, so why not businesse ...…
WOMEN SIPPING ON LIFE (with doctor shannon) | Stop Drowning | Start Sipping | Daily Inspiration | Hope | Certainty | Abundance | Movement | Purpose | Health | Love
It’s time to care for your EASE. Each week I hear people proclaiming that they don’t have time to take care of themselves. For whatever reason their schedule’s way too busy, and they cannot (do not) find the time to take care of themselves. If this is your story, then today's episode is for you. SHOW NOTES... Seriously. If you’re looking for so ...…
In this episode, Audrey and Brandon talk about integrating player backstories on the fly, multiclassing the same class, players playing more than one character, and brewing up some good good magic items! Mordenkainen's Magnificent Landfill with the macabre and evil spookfest of Pathfinder! Check out Table Fables HERE! Email us questions at dear ...…
According to Sprout Social... "Instagram drives the most engagement per post compared to any other social network. 84 times more than Twitter, 54 times more than Pinterest, and 10 times more than Facebook." That's a whole lotta engagment going on! If you aren't on instagram and I suggest you get on the bandwagon because you are missing out on c ...…
Off Camera with Sam Jones
So no one told her life was going to be this way. Except Friends director Jimmy Burrows, who took Courteney Cox and her fellow cast members to dinner in Vegas, telling them to enjoy the last time they'd ever be able to go out together in public without causing total pandemonium. For Cox, who never had a master plan, it was the start of what was ...…
In this Dear Dungeon,Audrey and Brandon discuss narrowing down threads of a sandbox game to a manageable level, and about running high-level campaigns and keeping them interesting! Email us questions at Follow us at Critical Hit by Ghost Mice of Plan-it-X Records! Check em out at http://ghostm ...…
Awaken Your Alpha - Action, Mastery, Legacy. Interviews with The Worlds Alpha Entrepreneurs and Insights from Adam Lewis Walker.
What do you do when you miss a personal deadline? Beat yourself up? Have a "pity party" for yourself? Let it slide indefinitely, move onto another project? All these thoughts may enter your head. I am in the middle of missing my deadline for getting the manuscript into my publishers as we speak. I say middle, as in theory I have not yet missed ...…
We didn't plan it this way, but we're now discussing our third Romeo & Juliet adaptation! This time, we're discussing the 2014 film starring Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth, adapted dreadfully by the creator of Downtown Abbey himself, Julian Fellowes! Next week, we're kicking off our Halloween month with Young Frankenstein!!! CONTACT THE SHO ...…
Leading with Thought Podcast
Have you ever made a plan and not followed through with it? Have you ever not wanted to plan?This was me until I changed how I thought about planning and created a motivating desire to continually plan.The brain doesn't want to plan, it doesn't want to make decisions, and it definitely does not want to act on our plans (especially if those acti ...…
Thoughts – Jason John Cowart
Jeremiah 29:11. The official verse of graduation. Even though it is used all the time, it is still a great verse. Here’s what it says in the ESV: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. To me, it is one one the most encouraging verses in the Bible. It ...…
IT'S THE SHADOWRUN SPECIALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! This week Audrey and Brandon talk Shadowrun. Stories, fun stuff, how to build a character, can you play Shadowrun with a homebrew setting, and how to deal with different styles of Shadowrun play! Riffing with fun Shadowrun stuff! Email us questions at Follow us at http://deardungeo ...…
Fourth in series: Things that have changed my life TRANSCRIPT Why (and why not) to do hard things at Jesus’ encouragement We are in the middle of a series of talks here at BLV called "Things that have changed my life" It's basically been an excuse for us to talk about things we've learned or experienced that lately have felt so influential to u ...…
What a "Welcome Back" we have on tap at Mendham Hills this Sunday - it's Kickoff 2017! Come hungry for food, friends and fun, with all kinds of new surprises in store for the coming church year. This is truly a Sunday you can't afford to miss! We launch into a new season of ministry together with an introspective and inspirational look at ourse ...…
In this episode, Brandon and Audrey talk about making solo monsters feel epic, keeping track of the small details when running in a city, what to do when you've written so much you need to pass along to your players, amping up your narrative powers and descriptions, and how to do character voices without theatre background! Special Vegan Triple ...…
Shortly after Hurricane Irma devastated the Caribbean, the islands were awash with tales of looting and claims of discrimination in the repatriation of islanders. In the dual nation island of Saint Martin, the storm has unearthed deep-rooted frustrations. This week’s Spotlight on Africa is a special report on the Caribbean, home to Africa’s fir ...…
Third in series: Things that have changed my life TRANSCRIPT We are in the middle of a series that is looking at things that have changed our life. Ways of thinking, concepts, practices that have changed our experience of faith and thus our life for better.Today I want to look at something that has shaped me quite a bit. It’s what I have come t ...…
In this episode, Brandon and Audrey discuss how to deal with a player whose expectations for the game don't align with the expectations of the rest of the group, how to bring up if something in a game makes you uncomfortable, characters with extra arms, and how to really spice up your boss battles! Thank all of you for listening btw! Tentativel ...…
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