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Random Brain Activity
It's pop culture - without all that messy "culture" stuff. Covering a broad spectrum of topics, our hosts are loud and opinionated. Each of our shows brings their own unique perspective to whatever is going on in the world at the time.
Official Podcast of The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
Graphically Exposing the Injustice of Abortion
Speaking of Sex
Speaking of Sex is a show that takes a fun yet unflinching look at sexuality and its important role in our life and relationships. This podcast features co-hosts Malaika and Nathan who bring a bit of edge and enjoyment to these sometimes embarrassing and hard to talk about subjects. They will be joined by expert guests, the occasional celebrity and will at times venture out on the street to hear what the community has to say on issues of sex and sexuality. Each show will provide the listener ...
NARAL's The Morning After
The voice for choice in Ohio.
Battleground Wisconsin
Battleground Wisconsin is Citizen Action of Wisconsin’s weekly podcast that features the latest political news from the front lines in the embattled state of Wisconsin. The show features:· Tanya Atkinson, Executive Director, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin· Robert Kraig, Executive Director, Citizen Action of Wisconsin· Matt Brusky, Deputy Director, Citizen Action of Wisconsin.
Right to Life Radio | Life Report
Life Report is morphing into the new Right to Life Radio show! This is the podcast for Right to Life of Central California's weekly, pro-life radio show, broadcast every Thursday from 9-10AM on AM 1680 the Answer in Fresno. Our host (and RLCC executive director) John Gerardi gives all the latest news on the pro-life movement in Fresno, throughout California, and nationally. Subscribe today!
Newborn Promise Podcast
Tune in as host Audra Haney interviews popular Christian artists, speakers, family planning experts, pastors, moms, and dads. Each series involves a spectrum of topics from "Building Your Family," covering infertility, miscarriage, adoption, and more, to "After the Baby Arrives," reporting from the trenches of new parenthood. Each episode includes first-hand accounts that will guide and inspire the spiritual vitality of growing Christian families.
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Guests: Nadia Elizondo, Political Science Student, College of Southern Nevada - Hieu Le, Political Science Student, College of Southern Nevada Pundits: Marlene Lockard, Partner, The Lockard Group - Daela Gibson, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte - Sam Kumar, Past Chairman, Washoe County Republicans
Guests: Nadia Elizondo, Political Science Student, College of Southern Nevada - Hieu Le, Political Science Student, College of Southern Nevada Pundits: Marlene Lockard, Partner, The Lockard Group - Daela Gibson, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte - Sam Kumar, Past Chairman, Washoe County Republicans
Guests: Nadia Elizondo, Political Science Student, College of Southern Nevada - Hieu Le, Political Science Student, College of Southern Nevada Pundits: Marlene Lockard, Partner, The Lockard Group - Daela Gibson, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte - Sam Kumar, Past Chairman, Washoe County Republicans
FamilyPreneur: Parent Entrepreneurs Raising KidPreneurs
Susie Parker is a certified Sleep Consultant and founder of Sleep Baby Love, Child Sleep Consulting. She is a “been there done that” mom of two beautiful girls who have had her deal with many sleep challenges head on. Trained in the science of sleep by the Family Sleep Institute, Susie's blog has become a go-to resource for many parents of litt ...…
It’s Monday and Mary FioRito is back with us. On the show, Mary talks about the new Planned Parenthood facility that is opening up in Flossmoor, IL and she is joined by Kristen Cortes, longtime resident of Flossmoor and from the Southland Coalition for Life. Mary and Kristen discuss the new Planned Parenthood facility and its effect on the comm ...…
Host Brandon Starr talks about his recent experiences with Planned Parenthood. Enjoy!
Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of Susan B. Anthony List Susan B. Anthony List
Right to Life Radio | Life Report
On today's show, John Gerardi and Jonathan Keller talk about Cecile Richards leaving Planned Parenthood, President Trump's speech at the March for Life in Washington DC, local coverage of SB 320, and the upcoming US Senate vote on a 20-week abortion ban. We should have done a two-hour show! Tune in!By (John Gerardi).
On today's podcast, we're connecting with Studio Manager, Rachel Pray, in a different way than usual. We're turning the tables and tag-teaming this interview back & forth. No topic is off the table with the two of us, so we're attacking the value of being a freelancer rather than starting your own business, balancing the demands of working from ...…
GWEN Talks Radio
"Hear Our Voice" highlighting the Women's March LA and the right to stand up to have our voices heard. March - Vote - Nominate - Run for Office STAND UP!HOST: Tess CacciatoreGUEST: John Erickson President of National Organization of Women (NOW)GUEST: Councilmember Lindsey P. Horvath ANNOUNCER: Mark LaisureMUSIC SPOTLIGHT "Politics of Love - Sta ...…
On today’s Jewish Sacred Aging Radio program, the guests are Gary Barg of and Rabbi Steven Foster, rabbi emeritus at Temple Emanuel, Denver, CO, the newly elected president of the National Association of Retired Reform Rabbis. iTunesGoogle PlayShare Leave a ReviewClammr ItListen in a New WindowDownloadSoundCloudStitcherSubscribe o ...…
We have a pit load of news this week ranging from the government shutdown, to simplified taxes, to Republican playbook, to Doug Lamborn and his spreading of Fake News. Yes, folks, he spreads Fake News about Planned Parenthood from the Susan B. Anthony organization which is known for shading the truth. Religious liberty, the National Park Servic ...…
Cool Soror with Rashan Ali
The Cool People feature of the week is a woman who is truly running for change: Alison Desir. A native of Englewood, New Jersey, she is leading the pack one step at a time. Named by Women's Running as one of twenty women who are changing the sport of running and the world, Alison is the founder of Harlem Run (an NYC-based running movement) and ...…
What The Heck Happened This Week's podcast
RedState senior contributor, Kimberly Ross, and assistant editor, Andrea Ruth, bring to you a summary of news from the week and how RedState covered each issue. This week, contributor Sarah Lee joined the show. Look for our weekly episodes every Saturday morning. You should also definitely subscribe on iTunes and leave a review (5 is our favori ...…
Planned Parenthood providing sex-change hormones to children
Rod Arquette Show Daily Rundown - Wednesday, January 17, 20184:20 pm: Jeffrey Lord of American Spectator joins Rod to discuss his most recent piece exploring the Left’s culture of racism4:35 pm: Utah Speaker of the House Greg Hughes joins Rod for a preview of the 2018 Utah Legislative session, which begins on Monday6:05 pm: Boyd Matheson of the ...…
At 29 & 1/2 weeks gestation Gianna Jessen’s mother walked into a Planned Parenthood for a saline solution abortion, Gianna miraculously survived. On this episode of Mid-South View Point Gianna tells her story, including coming face to face with her birth mother. The failed abortion had also provided the “gift” of cerebral palsy, as she calls it ...…
Father George William Rutler Homilies
14 January 2018 Second Sunday in Ordinary Time John 1:35-42 + Homily 15 Minutes 37 Seconds (From the parish bulletin) The romantic soul of William Wordsworth thrilled over the French Revolution: “Oh! Pleasant exercise of hope and joy! . . . Bliss was it in the dawn to be alive. But to be young was very heaven!” He crossed the Channel to see it ...…
SHOW NOTES: Claire Swinarski was raised near Madison by a feminist who taught her to love and value her femininity as well as the fight for women's rights. Then she converted to Roman Catholicism in college, but her feminism didn't die, it was transformed. Annoyed by what's being offered ("tea cups") to so many Catholic women, she launched her ...…
Register film critic Steven Greydanus on Best Movies of 2017 and Register staff writer Peter Jesserer Smith on Planned Parenthood's Decline and How are pro-lifers Marching for Life this year.
We discuss New Year’s Resolutions. Are they important? Aren’t they? What works? 1:30 Shanna talks about the risks associated with “winning” at your New Year’s Resolutions. 3:00 What is a New Year’s Resolution anyway? 8:00 How habits tie into resolutions. How good are you at habits? 8:30 How big changes cause so many follow-on shifts that you ca ...…
January is Liberty and Life Month. Dr. Gregory Seltz and program host Kip Allen discuss the 45th Annual March for Life, the link between eugenics and racism with Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger. Other topics include how science supports the concept that life begins at birth, the scientific and theological definitions of gender, and ...…
Despite some positive trends regarding the defunding of Planned Parenthood, they are ON THE MOVE and reports of their demise are PREMATURE. Planned Parenthood’s donation numbers for 2017 are STARTLING, reporting TENS OF MILLIONS more in charitable donations than they did in 2016 (Read the entire report here: ...…
Will Trump and the GOP ever defund Planned Parenthood?
My biggest disappointment in 2017 was pushing my mind and my body past their limits. At the age of 40, I no longer have the energy to do what I’ve been used to doing all my life, yet I worked more than I ever had before. I was a stubborn mule who couldn’t accept the fact that I had aged. As a result, I injured my ankle, back, elbow and quads. I ...…
Abby Johnson Discusses the New Planned Parenthood Annual Report
Life!Line with Craig Roberts
GUESTS Segment 1: Planned Parenthood has released their annual report regarding their operations. What does it say? Dan Gainor, Vice President for Media Research Center's Business joins the program with insights. Segment 2: California welcoming illegals to the sanctuary state? What is going on? Marie Espinoza of The Remembrance PRoject joins th ...…
Happy 2018 Everyone! Since the year doesn’t really start until the second week of January, I’ve decided to spend more time reflecting. Hopefully you will too on a tropical island somewhere. Before 2017, the best year of my life was when I got married on a cozy beach in Oahu. It was a simple wedding with only 16 family members in attendance. The ...…
Uncooperative Radio
We start the show with a Prayer. Then, the Ups and Downs for the week, The Illegal Alien Invasion Report, The Second Amendment Report, the News behind the News and what is Planned Parenthood up to now?
The Berkshire Edge LLC is a locally owned, regional publication. Our goal is to provide – regularly and in depth – content that truly reflects the life, interests and aspirations of this unusually rich and vibrant community. Guided by respected journalistic standards, the principle of fairness, the quest for truth, a commitment to social, econo ...…
Is it possible to argue effectively for the rights of the unborn to a secular audience? Just Google it!Many were surprised when Tim Keller was invited to give a Google Talk back in 2008 about his book, “The Reason for God.” The tech giant, like most denizens of Silicon Valley, has a reputation for being socially progressive and devoted to a set ...…
In this week’s episode, the CDC gets 7 words they can’t say in this hellish vision, Egypt comes out with some banana porn that sadly does not include Ray Comfort, and a fat man will watch you sleep. This week’s episode is brought to you by Policy Genius. Find out more at To make a per episode donation at ...…
Five Things I Read This Week
We're going into some controversial territory today on the podcast. I haven't done this for a while, but there are things we need to talk about despite the fact that they might make people somewhat uncomfortable. 1. Why I'm Nervous about Driverless Cars by Russell Moore from 2. Ex-Facebook VP: Social Media Destroying Society wi ...…
Planned Parenthood (PP) has NEVER seen an abortion they didn’t like. Case in point: Right now, Planned Parenthood is holding a “Kill Children with Down Syndrome” Rally at the Ohio Statehouse. Yesterday, Dec. 13, 2017, the Ohio Senate and House passed the "Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act" to PROTECT children diagnosed with down syndrome. So ...…
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