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INSPIRING SHOWS to support your SPIRITUAL AWAKENING_________________________________________________________________ CONVERSATION at the CUTTING EDGE . . Sandie SedgebeerCONVERSATIONS WITH JIM SELF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jim SelfHEART SIGHT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nina ImpalaPLEIADIAN TOOLS for SELF-REALIZATION . . . . Christine DayPURE PRESENCE - ALIGNING TO SELF . . . . . . . . . . Suzy MillerPURE PRESENCE: ALL ABOUT the KIDS . . . . . . . ...
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Christine Day has been connecting and communicating with the Pleiadians since 1994 when she first experienced them.Born and raised in Australia, Christine Day experienced a traumatic childhood. In 1986, following a diagnosis of advanced systemic lupus, and having been told she had just two months to live, Christine experienced a profound spirit ...…
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia Christine was challenged with advanced systemic lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly thereafter she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved ...…
Idyllic childhoods on opposite coasts of the US eventually led to an old-fashioned romance that ignited on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM. It wasn’t long before the cosmos initiated contact with the couple through a short-wave radio, and it quickly evolved into telepathy and channeling. Hear about the lives of Pia Orleane, PhD, and Cullen Baird Sm ...…
Starseed Radio Academy
CHRISTINE DAY’s powerful and heartbreaking personal story has inspired audiences throughout the world. Born and raised in Australia, Christine experienced a traumatic childhood involving cult ritual abuse. In 1986, following a diagnosis of advanced systemic lupus, and having been told she had just two months to live, Christine experienced a pro ...…
For many of us other worldly contact remains in the realm of science fiction, but what if we have been contacted? What wisdom do they have for us as in terms of healing and living a more enlightened life? Join us for a mind-opening conversation on the messages from the Pleiadians with Christine Day.CHRISTINE DAY’s powerful and heartbreaking per ...…
ISIS Paranormal Radio
A native of Australia, Christine Day had a tramautic childhood which involved cult ritual abuse. By the age of 31, she was suffering from advanced Systemic Lupus and was given a short time to live. It was at this time that she had a spiritual awakening that changed her life, an awakening with the Pleiadians, and from the energy of this awakenin ...… A New Guide to the Pleiadian Prophecies: Energy Healing Through the Initiations of Light San Francisco, CA (January 15, 2010) — A renowned energy healer, Christine Day will soon empower people around the world to create lives free of fear, stress and pain. To be released in February, 2010, her groundbreak ...…
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