Best plugin podcasts we could find (Updated July 2017)
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WordPress Plug-ins from A to Z
Discussing how to use WordPress Plug-ins from A to Z
Plugins: WordPress Plugins Podcast
The WordPress Plugins Podcast covering a new plugin each week. Hosted by Angelo Mandato
Plug In Colorado
Podcast by Plug In Colorado
WordPress Plugins A to Z Podcast
Pluging in the Future of WordPress
The Podcast Engineering Show | Professional Podcast Production - Recording, Mixing, Editing, Mastering, Software, Plugins
Each session Chris chats with a podcast producer or audio expert about their equipment, software and workflow. You will learn step-by-step how they are producing episodes as well as solutions to common audio issues and plenty of tricks and tips. By listening every week you will glean A TON of audio engineering knowledge and skills that will make a HUGE difference in the quality of your sound, not to mention save you a lot of time. Your host Chris Curran has a background in podcast production ...
The MBS REALbasic Plugins Podcast
The MBS REALbasic Plugins Podcast
Plugin Architect
Plugin Architect is a podcast for WordPress developers interested in the behind the scenes stories of popular WordPress plugins, including podcast interviews with industry-leading developers
PLUG iN ZINE's Podcast
PLUGiNZINE it’s an online magazine dedicated to records, culture and technology.On PLUGiNZINE, every week you will find lots of underground techno, deep and house music, single and album reviews, chart, dj interview, podcast, dj equipment and many, many more.Web:
Plug-In Daily Devotional
We want to Boldly Pursue Jesus Together, and one of the best ways to do that is to spend quality time in the Word each day. The Plug In is designed to help guide you in your quiet time.
On Point Pr - EV electric vehicles & PHEV plug in hybrid electric vehicles
On Point Pr is an agency in public relations, press office, media communications, special events and social media relations
WordPress Plugins A to Z Podcast
Pluging in the Future of WordPress
FxFactory - Final Cut Pro, Motion and AE plugins
Hot tutorials of motion graphics and visual effects in Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects using FxFactory from Noise Industries.
Build Podcast
Build Podcast is a show about technology tools for design and development. Each episode, Sayanee will be creating a screencast that will take you through step-by-step in using one tool to build a little project, all in the fun spirit of hacking, creating and building stuff!
WordPress how-to, tutorials, and interviews by PluggedIn Radio
Hand crafted WordPress plugin tutorials
Espresso Bar
Espresso Bar is a monthly live hangout on Google+ where we talk about what's new in Event Espresso and the WordPress community.
TubeBuddy Express: YouTube News and Discussion
Dusty Porter shares his knowledge about all things YouTube and video content in general. He talks about different tips on how to utilize the TubeBuddy plugin to help you with your daily YouTube workflow. We talk about YouTube news and features as well as interview different video creators and how they are creating content that makes a difference. This show was inspired by creators like Pat Flynn, Jon Lee Dumas, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, and so many more!
LabZip Video Tutorials
Navigation #medias .media h3 a {color: #82A224;} Return to the LAB Visit Our Blog Questions? Phone: +1 (312) 492-4481 Email:
LMScast with Joshua Millage and Chris Badgett
LMScast is a podcast for innovators like you in the WordPress LMS e-learning community. LMScast is produced by Joshua Millage and Chris Badgett, part of the team behind the #1 WordPress LMS plugin called lifterLMS. Each episode brings you valuable insights with one goal: to help you generate more income and impact through a learning management system built on WordPress. LMScast is for you the entrepreneur, the teacher, the expert, or the online marketer.
GreenSODA tv
GreenSODA tv is a VidCast that covers relevant maya tutorials posted around the web. Other topics such as scripts, interesting websites, short films, twitter users, etc... are also covered.For more information visit
Kris Coppieters' blog
WordPress Community Podcast on
The WordPress Community Podcast features exclusive interviews with fellow Wordpress developers, topics such as Wordpress hosting and SEO, and news on the latest plug-ins and updates. Joost is joined by Frederick Townes, author of the W3 Total Cache plugin and CTO of, who updates us the latest news on Wordpress.
Seedcast by Sanctuary
Welcome to our Seedcast for the season of Lent. It is our way of sharing the deep spiritual content of the Lenten season through the story of Jesus’ life-giving death. We present reflections by Augustinian Friar Fr. Shawn Tracy, matched with music selections from Sanctuary’s classic 2000 album “Passion”. Come with us and let the power and rhythms of sacred scripture take you into the deeper waters of baptism and faith. Click “more” to see a complete episode, then click the small arrow in the ...
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Daily Tech News Show – Tom Merritt .com
Steve Grobman, Senior VP and CTO for McAfee talks about using AI for what it does best and humans for what they do best to improve security and more. MP3 Using a Screen Reader? Click here Please SUBSCRIBE HERE. Follow us on Soundcloud. A special thanks to all our supporters–without you, ...…
Daily Tech News Show – Tom Merritt .com
What is Amazon’s secret Healthcare “Skunk Works” all about? And can AMD’s budget Ryzen chips compete with Intel’s? Justin Robert Young and Paul Spain discuss in today’s show! MP3 Using a Screen Reader? Click here Please SUBSCRIBE HERE. Follow us on Soundcloud. A special thanks to all ou ...…
Do I need to be flexible enough for yoga for weight loss? If you are asking yourself this question, you are not alone. Many yoga poses require high amount of flexibility to perform correctly. Do you need to be flexible to lose weight with yoga? There are also many postures you can do right away as a beginner. And you do not have to do them perf ...…
This morning wraps up with Dan Sileo explaining why football coaches should stay in college and talks New York Giants Training Camp with Howard Cross. Dan Sileo – 07/27/17 Hour 3
Former New York Giant Howard Cross discusses the real issues for the club plus how overblown the criticism of Odell Beckham Jr. is. Howard Cross: “Funniest thing in the world that people complain about Odell Beckham”
Tune in as we talk with Pirates President Frank Coonelly plus Brian Baldinger on the Chargers trading for Cardale Jones. Dan Sileo – 07/27/17 Hour 2
Brian Baldinger of the NFL Network explains why Philip Rivers shouldn’t be worried about Cardale Jones and also goes around Training Camps. Brian Baldinger: Cardale Jones not a threat to Philip Rivers
Pirates President Frank Coonelly breaks down his team’s season so far as well as the future of Andrew McCutchen. Plus tune in tomorrow at 6:50 AM for a chance to win Depeche Mode Tickets! SILEO’S BEST: Frank Coonelly expects Andrew McCutchen to stay with Pirates
Sileo is pleased with the Chargers trading for Cardale Jones and also talks College Football with Dennis Dodd. Dan Sileo – 07/27/17 Hour 1
CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd goes around the big teams in College Football including USC and UCLA. Dennis Dodd: “It does seem like the window has closed a little bit on UCLA”
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Brograph discuss with host Blair Walker their website, podcast, tutorials, plugins, presentations this week. This episode goes deep into what they are providing the community for 3D & Motion Design. Show Links: Brograph - Website Brograph - Facebook Brograph - Twitter Luminous Mograph Lite Nexus Motion Rick and Morty NAB 2017 Presentation - Dav ...…
In this age of digital technology the process of recording music can be brought to life almost anywhere there's a plug in the wall. When it comes to songwriting Clean Bandit still enjoys that one on one connection in the studio with the artists that fit perfectly into the songs they're writing. Their latest release on rBeatz Radio is Symphony.…
The Road Ahead: No One Wants You to Win In this episode I discuss how the road ahead might be rough and bumpy. You need to follow your passion and craft no matter who gets in your way. There will be people (friends and even family) who will want to see you fail so it doesn’t make them look less accomplished. Push past that and know your journey ...…
Feelings of irritation, disorganization and procrastination can throw your life out of balance, but they often go hand in hand with an ADHD diagnosis. In this mini, Dr. Hallowell chats with fellow ADHDer James Ochoa, LPC, about his life’s work to help others resolve their issues, tap into their passion and strengths, and realize their full pote ...…
Enter the Cage
Nic Cage plays a wizard with a flair for the dramatic in this pint-sized kid’s adventure. Guest: Macey Thanks for listening! Be sure to subscribe and rate us! iTunes: Stitcher: And check out our website: http://www.enter ...…
Christopher Cantwell's Radical Agenda
Here at the Radical Agenda, we try to focus our energies on defeating the left. For the most part, that means defeating the Democrat Party. Since the Republicans are the only force in America capable of stopping the Democrats at the ballot, we’ve reluctantly accepted our role as partisans, and tried our best to obey Ronald Reagan’s 11th command ...…
This week we had the pleasure of having Barry Meisel of The Meigray Group to talk about the Las Vegas Golden Knights game worn jersey program and a little bit about the practices and insights Barry had to offer on the hobby as a whole. We asked the tough questions we did not expect to get answered but Barry wouldnt get tripped up. He was not af ...…
Google stops instant search, Apple partners for cochlear implants and why 2021 is predicted to be amazing. With Rachel Metz, Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt MP3 Using a Screen Reader? Click here Multiple versions (ogg, video etc.) from Please SUBSCRIBE HERE. Follow us on Soundcloud. A special thanks to all our supporters–without you, ...…
FLOSS Weekly (Video-LO)
The leading open source automation server, Jenkins provides hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying and automating any project. Kohsuke Kawaguchi is the creator of Jenkins. He is a well-respected developer and popular speaker at industry and Jenkins community events. The principles behind the Jenkins community - extensibility, inclus ...…
Straight off of That 1 Guy's Channel. I am @SpaceyBLurrThis is a field recording from May 25th, the day after my car window got smashed in in Oakland and a bunch of stuff got stolen, including my macbook pro.This field recording was on high gain and there was wind blowing into the android recording device. It was a horrible recording. I attempt ...…
If you are new to yoga, you might wonder how long to hold yoga poses for beginners. There is no right or wrong answer. It is different for everybody. There are many types of yoga out there. Some are slow-paced and gentle. Others move fast and vigorously between poses, with little time to rest. To gain all the benefits of yoga, you should listen ...…
Welcome to another episode of Grown & Opinionated. This week the ladies come up with another scheme to get paid. This one may actually lead to a check. LOL. The ladies also discuss the struggle of having fibroids. As always they get into the latest celebrity gossip, news and family and relationships issues. So you know what to do. Plug in the h ...…
It has begun! The bum wine challenge. Part one of the challenge features the infamous Mad Dog 20/20. Courtney takes the challenge like a champ and manages to finish the whole bottle through the course of the episode. But, not before throwing Daniel under the bus and voicing her opinions on various topics.Tune in for the continuation of the chal ...…
Growth Igniters Radio | Game-Changing Ideas for Visionary Execs on Leadership, Innovation and Growth
Download and listen-on-the-go to the 11th of 14 special episodes What does it take to be the disruptor and not the disrupted? This series of special episodes provides clues. Scott and I are featuring our discussions about best-selling business books as well as our conversations with world-class business authors. (Links for Episodes 1 through 10 ...…
Hope for Healing and Faith for Living...
This week we have been discussing attitude. We’ve said that attitude is a reflection of what you believe and expect. If you are believing the best about people, about God, if you are believing for and expecting the good, then your attitude will be the best it can be. You will have a good attitude. A right attitude. Listen to the podcast: Summar ...…
Ahead of The Spread Podcast
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); D-Twice and MACavelli talk Melo, Kyrie, and even some UFC Share List SGMB_URL = ""; jQuery(".dropdownWrapper").hide(); jQuery(".socialMediaOnEveryPost").addCla ...…
We are excited to bring you episode 2! These episodes are about the day to day travels of Kevin & I (Drew). We will be posting hopefully twice a day. We are still working to improve the audio, with us! Please leave feedback, much appreciated.…
Quincy Faith Community Church
God's Faithfulness in Japan Play Now | Play in Popup | Download
The only podcast that didn’t even want an invitation to San Diego Comic-Con, it’s Infinity +1! This week Jason, Allison, and Kyle open up an extra special Saved Files segment to gush about SDCC reveals, Ai-Kon Winnipeg, and the Winnipeg Fringe Festival and this month’s Sweetdiculous Award is handed out. Then in the second segment, we take a col ...…
The only podcast that didn’t even want an invitation to San Diego Comic-Con, it’s Infinity +1! This week Jason, Allison, and Kyle open up an extra special Saved Files segment to gush about SDCC reveals, Ai-Kon Winnipeg, and the Winnipeg Fringe Festival and this month’s Sweetdiculous Award is handed out. Then in the second segment, we take a col ...…
Chimpions - The Hero System RPG Podcast (Episodes)
Chimpions Episode 25 - A very special interlude This week were trying something a little different. Don’t worry, we’ll be back to the normal format, next episode. Cast GM – Mark Bullet – Matt Shockwave – Paul Stratus – Scott Intro music by Matt Outro Music "SlipKnot’s Snuff" Performed by Sophie Loftus Background music and audio effects "Clash D ...…
Goodbye to Flash, Goodbye to self-driving cars in India, hello to Checking in and boarding a plane without talking to humans. MP3 Using a Screen Reader? Click here Multiple versions (ogg, video etc.) from Please SUBSCRIBE HERE. Follow us on Soundcloud. A special thanks to all our supporters–without you, none of this would be possib ...…
Former Buffalo Bill and Part of the Broadcast Team, Mark Kelso breaks down his expectations for the team this season. Mark Kelso: “There’s a lot of question marks”
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Tune in as Hall of Famer Jim Kelly talks NFL and also Karl Mecklenburg breaking down the Broncos. Dan Sileo – 07/25/17 Hour 2
In episode 14, Benjamin talks about a new breed of restaurant. One that doesn’t exist on your neighborhood street corner or inside of a mall. One that doesn’t have a physical space customers can access. The restaurant solely exists online. They are called ghost restaurants – are they the next big thing? Show Notes When you want a mouth watering ...…
Legendary Bronco Karl Mecklenburg discusses John Elway’s extension as well as the impact of former Charger coaches. Karl Mecklenburg: “John Elway belongs here”
Do you wonder how to increase metabolism? Does it help you lose weight? But what is metabolism exactly? And how does yoga increase metabolism? Can you use yoga for weight loss? If you are asking yourself any of these questions, you are not alone! We all crave more energy, more vitality, less fatigue, and feeling young. Boosting metabolism is th ...…
Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly tells us about becoming an NFL QB, issue with the position today and the legacy of his Bills team. Also tune in tomorrow at 6:50 AM for a chance to win Depeche Mode Tickets! SILEO’S BEST: Jim Kelly talks his Football Journey and QBs Today
Our guy Sileo is working out again with plenty of football talk including Jason Cole. Dan Sileo – 07/25/17 Hour 1
Jason Cole of Bleacher Report explains the best situation for Robert Griffin III along with the status of Andrew Luck. Jason Cole: “RG3 needed to always go to a place where there’s a great quarterback and just sit there”
Brad Wood talks about “Design Patterns for amazing app architecture (16 patterns)” in this episode of ColdFusion Alive podcast with host Michael Smith. He is one of the speakers at the CFObjective Conference, a system architect for Ortus Solution and lead developer of the CommandBox CLI. Episode highlights What is a design pattern? Why should y ...…
Word of mouth is the best way to grow your podcast. Here's how you can inspire and equip your audience to share your podcast. Make a great podcast Nothing else you can do to your podcast matters as much as making a great podcast. If your podcast is horrible, then no one will want to share it, regardless of how easy you make the process. When pe ...…
His family escaped communist Russia in 1980 for America. Between dumpster diving and gasoline showers, his father instilled the entreprenuerial spirit. Even now, a can of Spam still makes him weak in the knees. He kept going. While working three jobs… 11 dollars an hour perrsonal training… fry cook at Disneyland… bouncer at a gay bar (it paid m ...…
Our thoughts on the hot trailers from Comic-Con, how we fell about Internet cable replacements, and broadcasting baseball in VR. With special guest Nicole Lee Subscribe to and support Cordkillers at If we get to 1850 patrons, we can begin the Spoilerin’ Project and give you show-based Spoilerin’ Time feeds. Find out ...…
Dr. Anke Zimmerman ND, FCAH, is my guest on this Episode. She is a naturopathic physician with a special interest in pediatrics, particularly developmental and behavioral disorders with 25 years of experience. She is an expert on vaccine issues with over 8000 hours spent researching the issue. We talk about vaccine safety issues , vaccine effic ...…
This week we’re sharing a few good distractions with listeners via our sister podcast, Just the Right Book with Roxanne Coady, and a recent talk the host and bookseller gave where she shared her best picks for summer. If you’re looking for a good book to take on vacation or just want an escape from the every day, Roxanne has a ton of recommenda ...…
Great White Shark race faked- twitter devours . Senator Kid Rock Eff Yeah! The cure for prostate cancer may kill ya, but you will die happy. Parrot says she did it, jury agrees. The Pod !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js ...…
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