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★ PNSexplosion ★
We are GAY! - gayer than the dickens! Gay comedy podcast from Chicago's Gayest neightborhood -- Boystown! We only talk about the important stuff -- like biological functions and Cher!
Shows - ★ PNSexplosion ★
Podcasting out of Chicago - the City of Big Shoulders and Tight Buns - since 2005, we are gayer than the dickens. We chit-chat about pop culture, our lives, and Cher. Pour a glass of Pinot Grigio, take a Benadryl or two, and join the conversation.
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Hey lovely listeners! Here's a follow up episode to our last. We *may* have accidentally repeated a couple ATG questions - whoops! I'm unsubscribing! Muah! ✌️&❤️, PNS AXE THE GAYWADZ NUMBER IS (872) 529-7293 - CALL US! OR DON'T!
Beautiful - Beautiful the Carole King Musical Tump Voters not allowed My election experience Proud to be a Californian That’s what I believe in! Every act is a political act We’ll Catch Up Again You Don’t Get To Tell Me That I don’t need to know your reasons PNS Explosion/ Galore Podcast
I'll Drink To That
Gratitude Moment - Cream Soda and America's Funniest Home Videos PNS Explosion I'm slowing down The stupid dress The Dr visit Life Is - Zorba
I got married! left for seattle 10/9 offline so busy over 100 facebook posts i was ready to be married cancelled flights and long lines get to the airport at least an hour before domestic flight, 2 hours for international seattle arrival and weather working out over vacation There's a Party Here in Agrabah (Part 1) -- Aladdin and the king of th ...…
I'll Drink To That
Cake game plan... Orange is the New Black vs Oz Dan Savage spotting! PNSexplosion Mmm papi - Brittney Spears Emmys I'm just overly ambitious 3 minute long work minute 33% opening ratio Wedding errands Catching up on tv Project Runway Reading for the Wedding Barrel Fever, my intro to alt pop culture Don't pour wine on air, blech Tango Roxanne -- ...…
Cocktails and Cream Puffs : Gay / LGBT Comedy Show
As Hurricane Sandy was pounding the East Coast, we had our first weekly LIVE show on Pride 48. Thank you to everyone who joined us in the chat room. You can join us LIVE too every Monday at 8pm EST/5pm EST at This episode we shared ghost stories, tried to find any documentation that Wendy exists, and Joey asked you to stand by your ...…
Foul Monkeys A Gay Podcast
Episode 399 – Happy Holidays – Photo shoot w/Alex – New Website! – Starbucks Experience – Thanksgiving – Holiday Plans – Dr. Who Party! – Phone Calls! – One Star Review! (PNSExplosion) – Racially sensitive lamps at Cafe con Leche – 400th Episode!!!!! Call us! – Contest: Call us and leave a message about something DIRTY! **Christmas Card List: C ...…
Episode 96: In which our heroes have brain slugs! Bridget forgets to recap Tony**’s visit, and Shane forgets he’s recording a podcast! Jerry Lewis goat is weird. Fainting goats are awesome. Cool art from Trustocorp Did we mention PNSexplosion, ever? Just wondering. We want to know: what consistently makes you laugh? Bridget introduces Steve the ...…
PNS404By (PNS).
PNS403By (PNS).
PNS400!By (PNS).
We still have a full-blown Annie Fever. Also, we reveal how Annie's wigs don't fit, her control top panty hose is bursting, and how her tits are just about double D's. PNS399By (PNS).
Pat and I completely destroy the Annie classic "Tomorrow". Its shriller than the actual show, which is so. Very. Shrill. This, and other dipshit highjinks on today's PNSexplosion! PNS398By (PNS).
PNS397By (PNS).
Hey lovers, I've been soo G.D. busy I got behina on posting shows, so you'll get two today. This one we recorded last week, and one we recorded last night that will Markie Post in the afternoon. HAAAY. PNS395By (PNS).
Linni Meister: Norway's hottest import since codfish and 80s ski bunnys? Beyoncé: Payin' her automobills or terrorist sympathizer? Mariah: third or fourth horse-strength xanax? All these questions and much much more on a jam/fudge packed PNSexplosion!! PNS394By (PNS).
Uncle Jack, dogs humping pigs, and watching soft core porn on Christmas Eve. Thanks to google for actually finding a picture of a dog humping a pig. I really feel like I'm living in the future. PNS393By (PNS).
Scooooosie! Scooosie Sissson! PNS392By (PNS).
On todays show we have an exclusive interview with a Dunkin' Donuts insider! Now that's a set of Double D's I could motorboat, or so I thought. Our bubble is quickly burst when we find out the insidious inner bitter workings of what we thought was America's sweetest bakery. Charlatans, the lot of them. Join us for this important expose that jus ...…
Its not our opinion so please don't be offended, its just that all Latvians are whores. Google it. Foiled Again on Facebook--> click here PNS390By (PNS).
[art by Anders!!!] We try to regain control the only way we know how-- a prolonged joke involving Jimmy Jam, Janet Jackson, and Janet Jackson's poop. Thanks again to Mikey! PNS389By (PNS).
Mikey and my lllloooovah are on the show today with me and Pat and its nutty. We do our best to keep our self-diagnosed ADHD/lactose intolerant Latino guest on track but sometimes that Latino heat is just too Rita-Moreno-like in intensity to contain. PNS388By (PNS).
★ PNSexplosion ★
Pat and I run this one into the ground just like the convertible that took Thelma and Louise over a cliff that fateful day. Detective Slocumb aint pinning this one on us. But at least Pat finally had an ooorgasm. I stuck a song on the end that doesn't fit the mood or content [oh wait its the same song as last episiode]. So there's that too. Hey ...…
visit: and friend of PNS Bridget: PNS386By (PNS).
PNS385By (PNS).
I'm talkin' 'bout nutritiooooooon! PNS384By (PNS).
How to get your partner to give beejers, heterosexual listeners, America's Podcast Curmudgeon®, and I might be having a stroke! PNS383By (PNS).
Episode 43 of Emergency Pants – a triumph of the human spirit! Beef stands are killing Chicago Bridget dicusses Tony’s visit in vivid and brutal detail – including a visit with the lovely and talented Patrick from PNSexplosion! Shane wants rats. Wait, what? Really? Okay! Lesbian porn embroidery caused a hub-bub over at Mr X … Continue reading »…
Episode 33 of Emergency Pants is filled with random goodness! We love PNSexplosion so much, we bought them dinner and sent them this. Funny fake names used in battle Ghosts and old people – connected? We share “We shall most certainly be chums” moments We’re just not comfortable being complimented. *squirm* New listener Tara! Hi … Continue read ...…
How Much Do We Love…
HMDWL 68! Sara’s still in Chicago, and we are joined by Noah from the PNS Explosion to talk about one thing and one thing only: The Nintendo Wii! Check out our forums to comment or chat with other listeners! Subscribe in iTunes! Call our listener line at (206) 33-WE-LUV or email us at and tell us about what you love ...…
How Much Do We Love…
HMDWL 67! A fun simulcast with Patrick and Noah from PNS Explosion, coming at you from the Windy City. That’s right, Rob and I actually got to podcast from the same room! Topics include all of our old Chicago favorites, and doing the robot. We also taste a few of the Summer Cocktail contest entries. Winner to be announced soon! Check out our fo ...…
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