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P Bear: Music For Misc.
Podington Bear creates instrumental songs for the soundtrack to your modern life.
Sound of Picture
Short, simple instrumental compositions paired to photographs, by Chad Crouch.
Rí - Rá Le J Agus K
An seo nua faoi CII. Eist le J agus K, na DJs ar fheabas le daoine as ár scoil. The new show from CII. Listen to J and K, the fantastic DJs, with people from our school.: BUAITEOIRÍ COMORTAS RAIDIÓ SnaG 2015 :Clár radió faoin daltaí as 5ú bhliain san Coláiste Íde agus Íosef.Le ceol as TG Lurgan, Podington, agus Broke for Free.: WINNERS SnaG RADIO COMPETITION 2015 :Radio show from students of 5th year in Coláiste Íde agus Íosef.with music from TG Lurgan, Podington, and Broke for Free.
Paper Trails Podcast
From St|radio|graphy:Welcome to the Paper Trails PodcastWhat seeds grew a senior project and where will it send the author? Let's put an ear to the ground to listen for the future. We are curious and in pursuit of the civil society we hear takes conversation to start.If you like what we do, support the pod on Patreon (,MRHStradiography | | music: Sul Rebel & Podington Bear
Migration Patterns
Listen to personal stories about immigration in Canada and the multitude of diverse cultures that make up Canadian society.Music by Podington Bear via Free Music Archive.
For the Love of Game
A podcast about long form improvisational comedy hosted by Anthony Apruzzese, a performer and teacher at the Upright Citizen's Brigade theatre. In each episode, Anthony interviews a different improviser about a different aspect of improv. My god, it's nerdy.Music by Podington Bear "Roscoe."Artwork by Matt Czap.
Arts on Grounds
The arts at UVA are a vibrant part of the cultural fabric of the University and surrounding community. Each episode features an interview with a University student, faculty member, or visiting artist, as well as a short arts events calendar. Arts on Grounds is a production of WTJU and WXTJ, with generous support from the UVA Arts Council. Opening music: Podington Bear – “By Grace” Event music: Jahzzar – “Please Listen Carefully”
One-Act Play Collection 002 by VARIOUS
This collection of eight one-act dramas features plays by Eugene O'Neill, George Bernard Shaw, John Galsworthy, Susan Glaspell, William Dean Howells and John Millington Synge. It also includes a dramatic reading of a short story by Frank Richard Stockton. (Summary by Elizabeth Klett) Before Breakfast read by: Elizabeth Klett, Pat Redstone The Buller-Podington Compact read by: Algy Pug, Lars Rolander, David Lawrence, mb, Elizabeth Klett, Levi Throckmorton The Dark Lady of the Sonnets read by: ...
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Round two! We are back and already things are different. New sounds, new mastering, new local stories. We read the most interesting "Missed Connections" in the area in hopes of connecting love. We discuss flat earth theories. We discover a new social media platform. We get new Netflix recommendations. We realize that what we have been missing i ...…
In this special episode of Rocket to Anywhere, Corban and Sofia answer some of Thanksgiving’s biggest questions including: “How do I get out of awkward conversations?”, “What do I do if I don’t have any culinary skills?” and “In what order should I eat the food on my plate?”. They are also joined by a few special guests, tell some terrible joke ...…
Each week of Advent we will be releasing short podcasts that are meditations on one aspect of Mary's life related to Advent. Come back in early December to check them out! The first episode will be on the Annunciation. Background music by Podington Bear, used with permission under a Creative Commons License. Click here for more music by this ar ...…
TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 26...Hour of Code The Second part in our just named TCAPSLoop Code Trilogy! Danelle has all the information you need to prepare for next months "Hour of Code". December 4th through 9th across the globe, students and educators are being challenged to spend 1 hour playing with code or as we say, "Digital Quilting." This i ...…
This episode of Full Circle explores parts of the Tourism industry in Victoria. Ryan, a longtime cruise line employee, gives a sneak peek into life on a cruise ship. CFUV visits the Ship Point Night Market, a collection of vendors that meet in the inner harbour to sell their wares to a crowd of cruise ship patrons. Finally, CFUV correspondant A ...…
TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 25...Coding with John Velis Sorry about the delay in production and audio artifacts as we experiment with new techniques in post-production. We will have next weeks podcast out on time! But this one is worth the wait as we discuss coding with Northwestern Michigan College Instructor John Velis. John shares some great id ...…
Me And My Padawan: Conversations About Star Wars and Other Fandoms
Me and My Padawan Episode 03 - Let's Give Them Yams Ryan and Braden are back, for some reason, for another installment of Me and My Padawan. This week, the conversation begins with Braden offering his thoughts on karate, soccer, and Halloween, followed by Ryan sharing some follow-up about their previous discussion concerning Solo: A Star Wars S ...…
In an interview last night, Reverend Amos Brown discussed the role of black churches in America, and how evil in the form of racism threatens to tear apart this country. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear, "Just Below the Surface" and "Plate Synthesis" by Blue Dot Sessions.
Rachel's radio story about the tension surrounding wildfires and forest management in Montana aired on MTPR. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear.
The team attended a Sunday service at the historic Third Baptist Church. Rachel interviewed Rev. James Smith, an organist and the Artistic Director of the Charles Tindley Academy of Music. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear.
On the way to a noodle shop, Brittany shared her struggle with street photography and a looming deadline. Music credit: "Jettisoned" and "Massive" by Podington Bear.
Rachel, Mahlia and Brittany met a beauty salon owner in the Fillmore District who is struggling to make ends meet. She reflects an issue many small business owners are facing in this historically black neighborhood where rent, property taxes, and changing demographics are pushing out long-time residents. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington ...…
At a public rally and press conference at the Fillmore Heritage Center in San Francisco, Rachel met a well-known jazz artist, Dr. David Hardiman Sr. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear.
In preparation for the team's reporting project in San Francisco, Rachel explored the Fillmore District and recorded some ambient sound. Music credit: "Jettisoned" and "Evenhanded" by Podington Bear.
After getting good 'tape' from interviewees and writing an editor-approved script, the home stretch for a radio journalist is recording their own voice before 'mixing' all the audio together. That should be the easy part, right? Well ... Rachel received some voice coaching from the GroundTruth Project's Rachel Rohr and Qainat Kahn. Music credit ...…
You are reading Episode Two: Italian Coffee from Boise Coffee. Please share it with friends! Episode Two of Coffee Canon focuses on Italian coffee. We often associate Italy with espresso, but the truth is that true espresso didn’t exist until about 1950. Developing It took the work of key inventors, businesspeople, and visionaries who saw coffe ...…
In the spirit of Halloween, Brittany shared her mishap on a mountain in Montana. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear, "Plate Synthesis" and "Flutterbee" by Blue Dot Sessions.
The team left Missoula, MT, for Reno, NV, on Friday. Rachel wrapped up the script edit for her Montana reporting and went for a hike with Ben near Tahoe. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear and "City Limits" by Blue Dot Session.
On the drive into Missoula today, Qainat and Rachel discussed what they wish they had left behind and what they wish they had brought with them on this cross-country journey. Qainat shared what she's been learning from "The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America," a book that unravels America's history over the last 35 years. Music cred ...…
Me And My Padawan: Conversations About Star Wars and Other Fandoms
Me and My Padawan Episode 02 - Of Trailers and Transformers Against their better judgments, Ryan and Braden return for a second episode of Me and My Padawan. In this episode, after running down some not-so-breaking news in the world of Star Wars, the duo discuss the trailer for The Last Jedi from a kids' perspective, and then have a conversatio ...…
Our field producers Ben and Qainat talked about their story scouting and reporting in western Montana. At Two Eagle River High School, Qainat, Ben and Rachel learned more about the students in the journalism class and left with the best high school newspaper anyone had seen. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear.…
Johnnie Bismarck and the Fillings - "Do The Jelly Donut" - Audio Cookbook [CC0] UncleBibby - "Jangus (Inspired by Toejam & Earl)" - Free Music Project, Vol 1 [CC BY] Skweee Perry - "Synthemania Riddim" - Skweee Inna Dancehall [CC BY-NC-SA] Irisu Syndrome - "About 10 Hours Looking At The Ceiling (Azureflux Arrange)" - Pocket Boy [CC BY-NC-SA] Vi ...…
With the first draft deadline for the Montana reporting looming near, Rachel went for a run to get some inspiration. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear.
As Rachel rushed off to find another cafe with internet in downtown Missoula, she reflected on the difficulty of squeezing six hours of interviews into six minutes for radio. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear and "City Limits" by Blue Dot Sessions.
After the team's first official day of reporting in Montana, Rachel and Mahlia discussed a field trip with the Southwestern Crown Collaborative in which they visited some burn sites near Seeley Lake. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear.
The reporters joined a group of students from Two Eagle River High School on the Flathead Reservation in Montana for a Narrative 4 story exchange. Brittany, Rachel and Qainat reflect on that experience. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear and "A Palace of Cedar" by Blue Dot Sessions.
After getting dinner and picking up groceries in Missoula, Montana, Qainat and Rachel discussed what it's like to be in Rachel's old stomping grounds. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear.
Music behind DJ: Johnnie Bismarck and the Fillings - "Do The Jelly Donut" - Audio Cookbook [CC0] Ultimate Painting - "Out In The Cold" - Live on WFMU for the Evan Funk Davies Show, 7/19/2017 [CC BY-NC-ND] Louie Louie - "Miles Around" - Live at WFMU for Samantha's Show, 6/6/2017 [CC BY-NC-ND] Sloppy Heads - "The Suck" - Live at WFMU for Three Ch ...…
To break up the drive between Minneapolis and Billings, Montana, the team stopped at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park overlook in North Dakota. Music credit: "Jettisoned" and "Flutterbee" by Podington Bear.
While Brittany and Mahlia were wrapping things up in the field, the rest of the reporters made a brief appearance on Almanac, a weekly public affairs program produced by Twin Cities Public Television in St. Paul, Minnesota. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear.
After another day with some reporting roadblocks, Rachel sat down to write the story that was there all along. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear.
FMA Listening Party with Cheyenne | WFMU
Music behind DJ: Anonymous420 - "ABCDEVICE" - STARTUP KIDZ [CC0] Classwar Karaoke can be found here: Yumi Hara and Guy Harries - "Second Crack in the World Egg" - Classwar Karaoke - 0031 Survey [CC BY-NC-SA] Graham Dunning and Stuart Chalmers - "Sound Travels" - Classwar Karaoke - 0031 Survey ...…
As the reporting deadline for Minnesota ticks closer, Rachel waits for her leads to return her calls and e-mails. Music credit: "Jettisoned" and "Steps" by Podington Bear.
Rachel asked Qainat for some guidance on her reporting in Minnesota. Music credit: "Jettisoned" and "Flutterbee" by Podington Bear.
To continue Rachel's reporting on agricultural support programs for Somali Americans in MN, she followed a lead about a specific farmers' market in St. Paul, and Brittany tagged along to take photos. They didn't find what they needed for this reporting project, but the morning was a win for good food. Music credit: "Jettisoned" and "Flutterbee" ...…
As the team transitioned to reporting in Minnesota, West Virginia Public Radio aired Rachel's industrial hemp story from eastern Kentucky. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear.
In this episode, Supporting Transgender Students, Voices United to Educate’s Megan Hauser and Amy Kozel provide a primer on the issues surrounding gender in our society; Bradbury-Sullivan’s Oliver Reilly and Atticus Rank, and Building 21’s Gay-Straight Alliance advisor, Heather Harlen, discuss community supports for transgender youth; Author of ...…
After the Narrative 4 Story Exchange at South High School in Minneapolis, MN, two of the student reporters showed Rachel the murals in the All Nations hallway and discussed their meaning. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear.
On this week's episode, we are separating. And Vegemite is going on a short hiatus as I prepare for something even bigger!Created, written and produced by Jacinthe A GalpinMusic Credits (sourced from Bear - RelinquishPodington Bear - ToilPodington Bear - Warbled Reflection…
The team leaves La Crosse, WI, for the Twin Cities where the focus of the reporting will be on internal and external divides with the Somali American community. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear.
FMA Listening Party with Cheyenne | WFMU
Music behind DJ: Johnnie Bismarck and the Fillings - "Do The Jelly Donut" - Audio Cookbook [CC0] C-Doc - "Side A: Face, Ill, Sucka (excerpt)" - SIX ONNA 7 (Episode 2) [CC BY-NC-SA] Cassette Tape Bandits - "The 1 Upper" - Rapper Exchange Program [CC BY-NC-ND] Donnie Ozone feat. C-Doc - "Roaches" - Roaches (Feat. C-Doc) [CC BY-NC-SA] Tha Silent P ...…
On September 12th, ten years after the debut of the first iPhone, Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook took center stage at a meticulously rehearsed event to present the newest iPhone models. While millions of Apple users remain glued to the screens, most will actually admit that they are not yet done exploring their more than desirable, but slightly older ...…
Gathered Podcast
Music: Glitter (Podington Bear) / CC BY-NC 3.0
The Georgia Humanities Almanac is a project of the New Georgia Encyclopedia and Georgia Humanities.Music "Outmoded Waltz" by Podington Bear ( "A Song" by Francis Orray Ticknor.Today in Georgia History Content courtesy of GeorgiaInfo and the Digital Library of Georgia (…
During Rachel's quest to find a quiet spot for recording, she visits the ornate St. Louis Public Library. Music credit: "Jettisoned" and "Going Forward, Looking Back" by Podington Bear.
The XtheDivide team left Pikeville, Kentucky, and made a pit stop at Mammoth Cave National Park. Turns out the world's longest cave was made into a national park due to the Kentucky Cave Wars. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear.
Emerald reporter Frankie Lewis talks to Duck mascots new and old about their experiences being one of the most beloved mascots in the country. From Jimmy Fallon cameos to Craigslist fur jackets, being The Duck is anything but ordinary. Music in this episode is by Podington Bear.This episode was produced by Alec Cowan.…
Rachel wanted some audio of children laughing and playing for one of her soundscape projects. But she struggled to find the right setting in which she did not feel intrusive. When should a reporter be bold, and when should she respect someone's privacy? Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear. To learn more about our cross-country reportin ...…
As our reporting in Kentucky wraps up, XtheDivide's Brittany Greeson discusses the emotional drain of photojournalism with photographer and field producer Ben Brody. Music credit: "Jettisoned" by Podington Bear and "Drone Thistle" by Blue Dot Sessions.
There is no shortage of climate markers suggesting that we are marching towards an uncertain environmental future. In the current efforts to halt and reverse our environmental degradation, there is virtually no questioning of whether we can have sustainability in a world of global capitalism and it is inconceivable that continuing with our trad ...…
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