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This self-guided walking tour around parts of Hobart's Queens Domain will give you the opportunity to explore this area of the city while learning a little of that history.By downloading these podcasts you will be able to see a selection of pictures from the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery's collection and follow some of the stories behind them.The Domain Podwalk was researched, written and produced by Sally Rackham, who works with the Photographic Collection as a volunteer. Narration was p ...
This feed is completely dedicated to our live (in front of an audience) podcasting talks and events we do. These will be helpful for podcasters, those who want to podcast, need podcasting help or are just interested. The talks are held by the Podcast Guys from Abrupt Audio. Head over to to see more from them. Or join the free FacebookPodcaster Support community at:
Join David Lipschitz, with the help of his legendary uncle Harry Lipschitz and line producer Bert, for Podtalk: the greatest Hollywood interviews that never happened. In this fully improvised podcast, the only thing that’s real is the names of the celebrities we’re impersonating. Starring: Daniel MK Cohen as David Lipschitz, Jason Kaye as Harry Lipschitz, and Matthew Sweeney as Bert
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WQN5 Podtalk
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Black Podtalk
A place where real people talk real issues
Business Owners' Pod Talk
A fun and exciting podcast with Winston and Lauren, the dynamic dad and daughter team! We review current events, tv shows, movies, top 40 music, video games, books and more! Entertainment tonight from two generational perspectives! Podtalk with Winston and Lauren!
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En lydvandring kombinerer det at gå med det at lytte. Med mobile applikationer, radiotransmittere eller simple mp3-afspillere tilsat et par høretelefoner guides man på lydvandringen rundt i det offentlige rum. Ofte inddrager lydvandringen lyden af de omgivelser, man befinder sig i, samtidig med at den tilføjer en ekstra dimension af historier, ...…
D. 1/5 2016 inviterer vi alle der har lyst til at tage med os på podwalk rundt i det Mytologiske Kvarter på Ydre Nørrebro.Vi starter vores vandring ved det arabiske busstoppeskilt på SUPERKILEN, der hvor Mimersgade deler den Sorte og den Røde Plads.På vandringen vil du møde kunsten hvor den bor og arbejder, og møde otte kunstnere, som gennem ti ...…
Finally we talk about Solar powered Roads and Old people snorting pills in the woods!It's new, it's free and it's fun! Subscribe @iTunes NOW Get our No Such THing as Grown Ups: Book One Comic Book! Just Click here! Music by Brad
Copenhagen Harbour is the new major urban space in the city. This year the Inner Harbour Bridge and the bridge "Cirkelbroen" opens along with several smaller bridges, creating an entirely new connection around Copenhagen's inner harbour. That means a new possibility of taking a walk around the harbour, as we for generations have made ??it aroun ...…
Recorded pre Christmas! Squires Club asks all the hard questions about the new Hobbit Movie, Frame Rates. Brian might mysteriously dissapear and Drew and Pat might reveal what they actually think of Brian. Also... WHAT IS PODWALKING!!!!
A mix for the power walkers! Fun, funky, and upbeat with jazzy horns throughout. Podrunner takes time, work, and money! Keep it going with a contribution at PLAYLIST: 01. Duetzound - La Trompeta 02. J Caprice - Southside Jack 03. DJ Ax - Guru (Hoel James Remix) 04. Serge Blake - Africa 05. DJ Ax, Rik-Art - ...…
How do you work the magic that will turn a beer legend into a city district? In 2007 the Danish firm of architects Entasis developed the master plan for the former brewery site in Valby. This podwalk will take you on a tour through cultural and urban development history. Plug in your headphones.By Copenhagen X.
Come and enjoy a swing in the many ropes suspended from the 1,000 m2 canopy roof. This is where the future story of Carlsberg begins.By Copenhagen X.
We are standing in front of the old mineral water factory, designed in 1920 by the architect Carl Harild. Today, the building is occupied by Dansens Hus (a centre for contemporary dance), and Tap E Plads will be a central square in the new Carlsberg district. What's more, it is the entrance to a secret garden. Have a listen!…
J. C. Jacobsen's garden is one of the city's oases, offering a great contrast to the otherwise industrial character of the site. Bring your lunch or coffee and enjoy a peaceful break. The beautiful garden has just been listed by the Heritage Agency of Denmark. Once inside the garden, you can see the building ’The Hanging Gardens’, designed in 1 ...…
The master plan for the new Carlsberg city district was developed by the firm of architects Entasis in the spring of 2007. Hear about the plan and the area which covers the size of fifty football fields. The plan is to create variety and vibrant city life. How do you go about that?By Copenhagen X.
Boble Plads (Bubble Square) gives a pretty good picture of the kind of life that Carlsberg Properties and a great number of partners want to thrive out here at the moment. The place is bubbling with activity all week long. Meet a national coach.By Copenhagen X.
Together with Bjarne Maurer who started working at Carlsberg back in 1969, we visit the secret, mythical Carlsberg. You will also hear about the plans for Carl Jacobsen's old brew-house. The brew-house is from 1901 and was designed by Vilhelm Klein and Carl Harild.By Copenhagen X.
This podwalk presents some of the landmark projects in Ørestad City and South, built as architectural experiments in a decade with cranes towering everywhere. You can also hear about the critical voices which seem unwilling to be silenced until new developments get lower and denser. An allotment garden next to the Field's shopping Mecca? Put th ...…
Far out on the west Amager savanna we meet Finn Nørkjær, a partner in Bjarke Ingels Group. We are going to take a look at 8HOUSE, a building that seems out of place - especially in these parts. The project represents Bjarke Ingels' interpretation of a Mediterranean mountain village where the houses cling to the hillside. Higher, wilder and monu ...…
Central Park in the midst of Ørestad City? Surely that can't be true! Landscape architect Jacob Kamp's criticism of Ørestad Bypark is fierce, but we confront him with Christina Adsersen from MUTOPIA, the architect responsible for the park. The two of them tell about the conditions for creating public spaces in Ørestad and why, perhaps, these ca ...…
With his statement »Nobody gives a shit about context anymore!«, Bjarke Ingels - the main architect of BIG - on a previous occasion killed the Scandinavian architectural tradition. A tradition concerned with designing buildings that fit in with their surroundings to the point of subduing them. Indeed, one can hardly accuse The Mountain, 8HOUSE ...…
Learning and architecture. For the fourth year running Ørestad Gymnasium is far and away the most popular upper secondary school in Copenhagen. How can spaces influence learning, and why is the stairway decidedly the most important place for the 800 students? Ørestad Gymnasium brings life to the city district in the daytime, but later in the da ...…
Twice the tilt of the leaning tower in Pisa, two twisting towers, angled outwards at the top and bottom. Rising to just under 80 metres, Bella Center's new expo hotel is the largest in Scandinavia. Listen to the criticism of the hotel which Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, calls a ‘landmark for Ørestad’. You can also hear Kim Herforth Ni ...…
POD walking through the "Look up item availability" use case and making a sequence diagram using VP for UMLBy (Peter O'Donnell).
Kent Martinussen, CEO of Danish Architecture Centre, is your guide on this podwalk. He will take you to some of the finest examples of new, Danish architecture in Copenhagen, all situated close to a metro-station. The tour begins at the central plaza of Kgs. Nytorv, where focus is on the design of the metro itself.…
This chapter is set in a brand new part of Copenhagen - Ørestad City. Kent Martinussen sets the scene and talks about the VM Houses by young architects Julien de Smedt and Bjarke Ingels. The VM houses combine inspiration from the Danish housing tradition with current international trends.By Dansk Arkitektur Center.
In the northern part of Ørestad we are now at Tietgenkollegiet. This is a dormitory for students but also first class architecture by Lene Tranberg and Boye Lundgaard. It is a unique building, round in shape and with a spectacular courtyard.By Dansk Arkitektur Center.
The green park-area along Prags Boulevard is designed by Kristine Jensen as part of a major effort to improve the quality of this city-area. The park has many features, among them a specially designed chair.By Dansk Arkitektur Center.
Holmbladsgade Sports- and Culture Centre is impossible to overlook. The odd-shaped structure may remind you of a greenhouse. Kent Martinussen talks about the low-budget building with much architectural finesse and about architect Dorte Mandrup Poulsen.By Dansk Arkitektur Center.
Just on top of the Frederiksberg Metro Station you'll find this interesting collection of plazas, where the senses are stimulated in many ways. Kent Martinussen gives an overview of the plazas and the thinking behind them, done by landscape architect Stig Lennart Andersson and public space specialist Jan Gehl.…
Architect and former American ambassador to Denmark, Mr. Richard Swett, is your tour guide on this trip along the Copenhagen Inner Harbour. In this introductory chapter Mr. Swett explains how Copenhagen has been revitalized economically and architecturally since he first arrived here in 1998.By Dansk Arkitektur Center.
The Harbour Bath is a summer haven for many locals and tourists alike. The water in the Inner Harbour is clean enough to swim in, but it hasn’t always been like that. Richard Swett sees this as an example of sustainable architecture.By Dansk Arkitektur Center.
The extension to the Royal Library - named The Black Diamond - means a lot to Richard Swett. He has personal experience with the space and talks about how it interacts with the water front. He also tells the listener about the plans for the large open plaza in front of the library - being drawn up by world famous architect Rem Koolhaas.…
The Danish headquarters of Nordea Bank are designed by the studio of renowned architect Henning Larsen. In this short chapter Richard Swett describes the buildings and their relationship to the church and the historic neighbourhood of Christianshavn behind them.By Dansk Arkitektur Center.
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