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A new weekly podcast series with Myself (ChuckieOnline) and Poet talking about any and everything. Basically a counseling session.
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Anthony Joshua caught himself some heat for comments he made in an interview about being strict with his niece but not being strict with his son. Chuckie and Poet get into a heated discussion about this.Also, Skepta & Naomi Campbell break the internet and Wiley gets an MBE.....which Poet doesn't rate#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUKG ...…
H&M released a new clothing campaign and within that campaign a picture of a black boy wearing a T-Shirt saying "Coolest Money In The Jungle" surfaced. People are upset. Fake outrage or nah?Plus, would you date a transgender?HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUKSavage DanInsta:…
This is a special one. We had Giggs come sit with us and he talked everything from More Life backlash, Wamp2Dem, not having the information on what was achievable, never compromising + plus alot more#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUKGuest: @OfficialGiggsInsta:…
Just as we started recording, the Rob Kardashian & Black Chyna story broke. Snips came and broke down why Hiphop fans today are to tell you the truth, not much talk on the Jay album unfortunately.#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUKSavage DanGuests: @SnipsTweets / @CraigxMitch
Just a few wild thoughts:Salute to Prodigy from Mobb Deep.First thoughts on Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled.?What would a Dizzee and Wiley clash sound like?#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUK
A massive fire occurred in Latimer Road (West London) recently. A whole building (block of flats) ignited in flames within 20 minutes. How could a building which just had a 10 million pound refurbishment could be set on fire and cause so much damage within such a short space of time???This weeks guest @DavidVujanic#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline ...…
So much happening politically right now......we thought it would be good to bring in an adult entertainer and ask her about her life, plus debate whether or not people are supposed to have one partner???#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUkSavage DanGuest: @HarmonyReigns @OfficialSkribz
Firstly, condolences to the families who lost family members to the horrific bombing in Manchester.We have an open discussion about everything sounding the events. Plus....Do men fake cum??? S/o to Dem Man Dere!!#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUKSavage Dan
Just a open free usual. Can JHus be attractive though? Can you control your feelings? Are rappers with balaclavas too much??Insta: HalfcastPod#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUKSavage Dan+ Guest @JulieAdenuga
#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUKSavage Dan
POETS BACK.....AND HE'S A DAD........AND HE'S ALL OF A SUDDEN GOOD LOOKING!!!!!!#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUK
* Is there worse to come with London Terror attacks?* Why dont American's like Giggs?* How hard is it as a teenager to take off a bra?#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUKGuest: @MoTheComedianSavage Dan
Talking points:* Everything around the Stromzy album. How great was it?* Nicki Minaj vs Remy Ma* Is 'Women's day' dead??* Did the Brits sheg Skepta & Kano#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUKGuest: @CraigMitch
Long time friend Maya Jama joins the us for a quick vibes.* Uck Queen goes on tour?* Maya talks about being called 'Pretty for a Somalian'* Most people who commit crimes in central are black wearing gangster clothing???? That was a police officer said is fact!#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUKGuest: @MayaJama…
We’re BACK! Happy New Year to the listeners. There was so much to talk about, so much things happened. • Poet talks about future parenthood as he’s about to be a father this year.• Soulja vs Chris Brown• Rapper DVS serving 23 years in jail for rape• Being friends with a racist• Are black people lazy?#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUKS ...…
DMD back in 2017 fresh and recovered from the new year with guest POET joining us TOPICS:New Years party.No cooking on a friday.Meek & Nicki break up.souljaboy vs chris brown the big fight.HASHTAG: DMDPODCASTJoin in the conversation on twitter @DMDYEA@SMOKEZ_OFFICIAL@BOYOFALLTALENTS@OFFICIALSKRIBZ@poetscorneruk@Savage DanINSTAGRAM: DMD_OFFICIAL…
BBC 1 recently showed a documentary highlighting controversial details on the murder of Mark Duggan. Who is REALLY in the wrong though?Plus, the bollocks the media wrote about Skepta's show.#HalfcastPodcast@ChuckieOnline@PoetsCornerUKSavage DanGuest: @JoeGrind
Dem Man Dere back but with a short and sweet and wavy episode Probably the shortest episode to date but a mad one.we got rated award winner Poet in the building with us.this week we're covering *man getting head from a ladyboy in thailand*bad breath vs body odour*gangland*mandem in vulnerable positionGet involved with the conversation on twitte ...…
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