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Todd Stevens, TJ Rogers, and Melvin the Muppet ponder all things from the world of Magic: the Gathering. Each episode, your hosts will discuss anything and everything related to the world of Magic and will answer listener questions of any kind.
Fr. Pat Reardon distributes a text version of these commentaries all over the world and now they are available as a podcast through Ancient Faith Radio.
Tokyo Ponderings
Here on the Tokyo Ponderings podcast I interview interesting people who reside or somehow related to Japan and hear their stories.
Casting a new eye over culture
Talks, Meditation sessions, Workshops and classes based on Vedanta for life management
Fr. Pat Reardon distributes a text version of these commentaries all over the world and now they are available as a podcast through Ancient Faith Radio.
Ponder Project
Ponder Project Radio is a podcast embracing and encouraging careful thought. What does it take for your work to have paradigm-shifting impact? That’s what Ponder Project Radio is exploring. We’d love you to join this conversation.
Pondering Nerdcast
Feed your nerd with the Pondering Nerdcast. Where talk about everything nerd under the sun.
Ponder Xchange
Welcome to the Ponder Xchange, a podcast about Pew Pew People hosted by @iamLoganMI
WG Ponder
Welcome to Ponder by WonderGroup. Twice a month, we'll discuss marketing and advertising news, technology, gaming, current events and more.
Ponder Anew
Ponder Anew is the online teaching ministry of Fleetwood Bible Church
Pop Ponderings
The latest entertainment and pop culture musings from and the Erie Times-News.
Sermons from our Sunday services to help your understanding of Biblical themes and teachings. We hope that you will find these lessons edifying and will apply them to your life. Please share these lessons with your friends and neighbors. God bless.
Pondering Godscast
The Godscasts will be covering each episode of the American Gods show with our break down of each episode.
Ponder On
Born of the belief that the marginal occurrences and decisions of everyday life are the most consequential.
Ponderings Podcast
Sermons, Interviews and other Words from Rev. Jason C. Stanley and Rev. Megan J. Saucier.
Pondering Nerdcast
The show where we talk about everything Nerd!
Conversations with Priscilla McKinney, founder and President of Little Bird Marketing, a boutique marketing firm specializing in "better than your average bear" branding design and campaigns. As a marketing agency owner and serial entrepreneur topics range from marketing best practices, branding, sales funnels, podcasting, social media, platform building and media advertising buys to the reality of running a business, managing creatives, company culture, and other marketing oddities.
A different type of podcast that enjoys thinking too deeply into hypotheticals, real scenarios, and questions allowing for improvised comedy with plenty of room for witty commentary.
Our vision is to become God’s instrument in this world to help enable Catholics find true joy through the beauty of the faith.
Weekly teaching audio brought to you by First Baptist Church, Ponder.
Challenging the status quo to best serve the needs of 21st century students.
Ponder With Me
I'm a thinker and a teacher with a very positive energy. Think your way to a new perspective with me.
Ponder This Podcast is a mix of theological inquiry, narrative and original music crafted to kindle wonder in the life of the believer.
Podcasts and videos produced by Mrs. Abernethy's Ponderous Pandas, a 5th Grade Class in Greenville, Pennsylvania.
A podcast about movies!
Hello, welcome to Samuel Ponder's Summer Vacation.
Join use each week where we will break down a new quote from the greatest minds to ever grace the competitive world. Look for our podcast in the Podcasts app or in the iTunes Store
Where Magick Happens! Find out what's going on in Madame Molly's world. Ponderings and musings about: Magick, Reiki, Spells, Shamanism, Witchcraft, Paganism, Tarot, Divination, Metaphysical thought, Wellness, and what ever else crosses my path.
P-Luv Ponders
A fresh and unique perspective on everyday experiences P-Luv has
AM Morgan Ponders
Can I be me? Yes you can inspire others by speaking your truth and believing you are good enough to be who you are. Ever been called weird, strange or too mysterious. This podcast is for you it chronicles the peaks and valleys of trailblazers, tempered radicals and those unapologetically different. A dream can't be denied forever so let's here empowering stories of those too good to be silenced. Let's make our voices poetic, powerful, profound, creative and symbolic. One of kind is who we are.
Six-feet, nine-inches tall and still "growing" is how Pat's Ponderances Podcast host, Patrick Eichhold, describes himself. He spent 11 years listening to, reading, and watching content by Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, and Tim Ferriss (among many others) only to find out that a freak accident from his childhood (don't worry no one was seriously injured) was the singular moment that was preventing him from acheiving his life's goals.Listen in as Patrick shares his thoughts on personal ...
A Podcast about Spirituality and Life
Welcome to the Pondering thoughts in my head podcast, where amazing things happen.
A podcast about anything and everything. Strong opinions about stuff that matters to just about everyone. Twitter: @PonderingMindz
One woman sharing her experiences on her Spiritual Journey. Topics will be Spiritual and Metaphysical.
The only moment there ever is
Star Wars Beyond the Films is a podcast dedicated to the discussion of the books, comics, games, and Ponders that arise in Star Wars. Join hosts, Mark Hurliman and Nathan P. Butler as they ponder all things Star Wars; from Canon, to Legends, and BEYOND! Your Fandom lies Beyond the Films.
Question of the Day
Question of the Day is the show for listeners who are short on time and long on curiosity. It is a fast-paced conversation between author and entrepreneur James Altucher and Freakonomics co-author Stephen Dubner: two smart, unconventional thinkers who have been talking together for years, often over a long-running backgammon match. Now they are letting you in on the game, too. You will quickly become addicted to their wonderful, wry observations as they ponder each Question of the Day. The a ...
3 Guys 3 Questions
Three guys ponder the finer things in life by asking each other weird questions. Each week they compete to seem the most normal while answering questions about fears, pet-peeves, and idiosyncrasies.
Join the crew from the YouTube channel SourceFed as they share embarrassing stories, ponder outlandish sexual fantasies and try to answer the age old question, "Why are we even friends?"
Dale Speaking is a music company in Toronto, Ontario who's motto is 'We connect artists with audiences.''Radio Dale' features Dale, Amber, Roo and India as we look at music news, trends, musicians and the industry. The first part of each show looks at music in the past week, and the second part we focus on a subject, feature an interview, or hold a round table about a topic we've been pondering!We hope each episode gives musicians and music fans alike new insight into the Canadian music indu ...
FBC Farwell is a vibrant family of faith who has a passion for Loving God, Loving People and Going as God has commanded us. Pastor Russ preaches expositionally through the books of the Bible.
Welcome to the HighExistence podcast, where we ponder, explore and expand this wondrous experience called life. Visit for a daily boost to your consciousness!
The official audio feed from The audio version of The Geoff & Jeffrey Weekly Catch Up video show, Essays based on quotes from celebrities and historical figures, and sample voice acting audio from Holbrook New Media. Enjoy the performance!
Join the crew from the YouTube channel SourceFed as they share embarrassing stories, ponder outlandish sexual fantasies and try to answer the age old question, "Why are we even friends?"
A Film Photography Podcast from both sides of the pond! Hosted by Nate Matos, Simon Ponder, and Tony Gale
Weekly podcast hosted by Ponderous SeaLion that features great tips, product reviews, game upgrades and interviews with some of the top players in the world.
A Team of John O’Sheas is a weekly football podcast that answers the questions no one is asking. It was started as a bit of fun by a group of friends at Cambridge University but it wasn’t long before it became much more than that. Now the team meets weekly to ponder the sorts of questions that aren’t being asked by anyone else in the football world. With its unique approach, the podcast quickly proved to be a hit and is now being listened to religiously by football fans around the world. Joi ...
The Re-Scare-ening
Heidi Honeycutt and Stacie Ponder are having a reunion - and you're invited to listen! It's FREE.
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Colossians 2:6-7 – So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. (NIV) A couple of years ago, we added a rockery to our church campus through a gracious donation from some church members. It was built on th ...…
On today's episode of the Boss Talk Podcast, I am interviewing Chinae Alexander! Former Texan-turned-New Yorker, Chinae Alexander is an entrepreneur, lifestyle personality, writer, speaker, and wellness expert based in Brooklyn, New York. Her message is to empower people to be better through positive thinking, active change, self-love…with a lo ...…
This week Brandon and Deej have three articles covering some of the most important and interesting events of the past week.First, we take at look at the immediate ramifications of the repeal of the sports gambling ban.Then, we’ve got author’s audio at 21:15 from American University Professor and Director of The Anti-Racist Policy Center at Amer ...…
For several years, I have been receiving letters from the Earth. I received this letter after walking in a beautiful cemetery/arboretum near my home, while pondering the many people in denial about climate change. Always, I find the Earth offering a encouraging message to me. I hope She encourages you, as well.…
Diving deep into Ephesians 1:18 I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of His calling…~ Ephesians 1:18 NASB Ponder This word hope is not a wish for some far off possibility it is an expectation (Greek word here is elpis). God’s calling on us is not so much determined as discovered and then ...…
This Weak: Drew ponders about the time it went all wrong, Jack shares info about games for the disables, and Paul tells more useless facts. Plus commercial reviews!
A bestselling author of a book on the Northwest Passage describes how the Inuit of Canada and Greenland are responding to modern challenges posed by changes to the Arctic environment. Then we delve with a filmmaker into the pre-Columbian world of the Incas, and ponder what untold stories the Andes Mountains may still hold. Plus, a well-traveled ...…
Meeting people can be hard and difficult sometimes, so taking a risk and going against your morals might be worth it. Let's find out together.
Ahoy hoy A lot of different meats in this chilli today Reflecting on Marvels top tier Hawkeye run under Matt Fraction Plus my big revelation that the Malcom and the Middle sons are direct parallels of the Bat sons was something I enjoyed pondering Plus Villains on the side of the law for Avengers 4 Thantastic Catch a listen why dont you…
Andy Wolfe and Andrew Nauenburg, "The A-Team," jump back into the importance of thinking. This episode uses the lens of integrative thinking and how it can greatly impact your life and business.
Diving deep into Ephesians 1:18 I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened …~ Ephesians 1:18 NASB Ponder Perception is a matter of heart, we chose to see and hear what we are seeking after and that which we want to see. From Isaiah 6:10, John 12:40, Matthew 6:22-23, Luke 11:9 we learn some of the depth within this phrase “that the ey ...…
This week starts out with our best radio voices, including a rendition of the monster truck guy and the phone sex line girl. At 2:00 minutes in, does Eric sound like a pirate? Settle the debate on our Facebook page! But the real topic today is kids and technology. At what age should young kids get phones, and how much should parents monitor? Al ...…
After venturing to the neighboring watering hole I ponder why people go to bars alone.
Without host Greg Swatek there to hold their hands, Colin McGuire and Josh Smith manage to keep the podcast on the rails. The pair of editors discuss whether the Caps are in trouble in their series against the Lightning, whether LeBron is LeDone with the Cavs, and whether James Harden or Kevin Durant is the better offensive player. They also de ...…
Craig and John discuss, #ThisIsAmerica and its attendant #thinkpieces, and ponder two wonderful questions from a listener about best #CaptainAmerica arcs to read and what our favorite fictional heroes would read if they had #comics in their world while fighting #HashtagOveruse. ----more---- Update your wardrobe and with some amaz ...…
Coming of Age is the UU-affirmation program to help our youth ponder the questions of the universe and share their perspective with the congregation.
Riddle of the Sphinx David and Phil find themselves trapped in a fishbowl and having the same conversation again and again this week… until it goes off the rails. They take a look at this week’s Episode of Westworld by celebrating the return of a long-lost cast member, wondering when exactly Bernard started collecting marbles, reading the great ...…
This week, up and coming praise and worship artist Travis Greene joins us to share the inside story behind his hit song “You Waited” and how he is seeking to redefine our culture. The Praisecast team sifts through all the possible reasons why an Atlanta church would incorporate aerialists into their worship services, they ponder whether the new ...…
Today on your bFM Breakfast: after three failed attempts and one babymaking track, we finally reach Rod Oram live from Budget 2018; what's on the table at the upcoming royal wedding? Delaney ponders your culinary queries; Roberto and Kura talk The Adventures of Suzy Boon; and Troy's brought in some Turkish disco, because why not. Start your Thu ...…
18 I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people, 19 and his incomparably great power for us who believe. ~ Ephesians 1:18-19a NIV Ponder This is worth wrestling for… Hope, Inheritance, Power. Spending time asking, c ...…
An imperial stout, a vanilla stout and a beer that promises all things to all stout-lovers. There's some seriously cool and strange stuff to ponder here... after I get them to the den. Photo by Bob Moffitt
Ep. 41 — On this episode, Bobby and Alex talk about Ichiro’s sans-Tom-Brady world, James Paxton’s Actually Cool and Very Good no-hitter, the latest chapter in the LOLMets book, Dustin Fowler’s brush with fate, and how good Matt Harvey looks in red. Then they check in on Albert Pujols’s career following his 3,000th hit, and give some quick react ...…
Day 152. My ex and I decide to change the plans for my son's upcoming birthday due to bad weather in the forecast. Additionally, I ponder whether or not it is right for me to continue to interact with my "Hot Chick" friend after she professed her love for me and I had to turn her down.
Feel good comments are great for the soul!
From Struggling to Successful: The Power of AccelerationA Tale of Hope from Suzy Pepper RollinsFor years, the dominant method of support for students with gaps has been remediation, the reteaching of skills missed in past years. The idea was “If we could just fix these kids and go back and reteach everything they missed, they’d be just fine.” O ...…
2.12 wonders at the legalization of sports gambling (0:40), drops into Westworld (1:48), complains about recent DL moves (4:15), ponders the conundrum: so your team doesn’t K (6:10), builds a few linear regression models for K based stats (14:35), glances at the EPL news (28:43), and reviews Goldeneye (30:24).…
Doug Dawson and his firm, CCG Consulting, recently marked their 20th year working in the telecommunications industry. Prior to establishing the firm, Doug already had significant experience in the field, having worked in the industry since 1978. Doug belongs to a small cadre of professionals who have the technical expertise and policy knowledge ...…
David needs to deal with some clients who aren't paying him. Jason thinks about "taking a personal day" and how that's different from going on vacation or taking a few hours off. David ponders creating a mission statement for himself. And Jason questions whether he's unable to give himself credit for doing certain kinds of work. This episode of ...…
Trending content can be fun! And entertaining! And fun! And entertaining! ...and redundant. (Ya see what I did there?) It's great to be on top of the recent happenings in your industry -- actually, I encourage it! -- but chances are, a lot of other people are just as hungry to put out the same information. So how in the world can you stand out ...…
There are some big changes ahead astrologically – can you feel it? Uranus, the planet that represents big changes and surprises, shows our unique, innovative talents and urges us to express our individuality is making a shift. It just moved into Taurus after spending 8 years in Aries. What does this mean for you and your work? It’s very likely ...…
What's your purpose and how do you figure that out if you don't know?
Sunday, May 13, 2018 - The Seventh Sunday of Easter. Sermon delivered by Nancy Emmel at Trinity Episcopal Church, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. "Sometimes when we ponder Jesus' love for us, it's hard to get our heads around who Jesus is to us."By (Nancy Emmel).
…Those who know God, who walk with Him, are of the light and walk in the light. 1 John 1:7 They are made partakers of God’s divine nature…2 Peter 1:4 Ponder God is Light… As believers we can become short sighted by our familiarity with the Word that we miss the infinite depths contained within His Word. God is light…if I take the scientific use ...…
Let's face it--everyone loses it sometimes. We all get mad. In fact, Mathew is still peeved about the Seahawks miraculous comeback against the Packers in the NFC playoffs a few years ago, and Steve can't get over the fact that the Steelers' Jesse James scored the winning touchdown against New England last December according to everyone but the ...…
President Trump's tactics continue to get results. The United States officially opens U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. Protests erupt in Gaza amid opening of embassy. Teen Vogue ponders Karl Marx's ideas. Buck interviews Dovid Efune and Emily Compagno.
Rene Thomas Folse, JD, Ph.D. is the host for this edition which reports on the following news stories. Supreme Court Uses "ABC" Test for Employment Finding, Judge Rejects Lien Claimants' Motion for DIR Contempt, Civil Qui Tam Action Affirmed for Fraudulent C&R, Sealed DEA Database Helps Opioid Litigants, Arrested for Collecting TD on 2 Claims W ...…
So sorry for sending this post out again; however, I needed to correct a significant word within the ponder and prayer. Blessings to you and thank you for your grace in this, Elaine But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ—by grac ...…
What would you do on a Walt Disney World vacation if money was not a consideration? I’m sure that we’ve all pondered this question. Today Jon and I give our itineraries for our no limits Disney vacation. The only parameters that we placed on this scenario was that it could only be at Walt Disney World and an 8 day 7 night vacation. We go throug ...…
But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ—by grace you have been saved— and raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, so that in the coming ages he might show the immeasurable riches of hi ...…
As we begin a new series, Pastor Kevin ponders creation, gratitude, and wonder.
5/13/2018 -- Luke 24:44-53 -- Pastor Ernie Jeong Ascension of the Lord Scripture Readings Psalm 47 Acts 1:1-11 Ephesians 1:15-23 Luke 24:44-53 Questions to ponder 1. After the ascension, why did they return with great joy (v52)? 2. Why is their joy comforting for you?By (Pastor Ernie Jeong).
Isaiah 53:5 says, “But he was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by His wounds we are healed.. Many translations say, “By His stripes we are healed.” An apple a day is good for us, but we are healed by the stripes of Jesus 1 Peter 2:24 says, “He himself bore ou ...…
Its the once twice over, the new episode eleven!!! On this episode of Mix In a Water, Nate and Matt discuss the intricacies of the Ying Yang Twins, whether a pirate's life would actually be worth it, luggage auctions, and ponder the question "how much jerking off is too much?".Be sure to Rate Review and Subscribe where ever you receive the podc ...…
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