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The Pony Hour
Podcast by Tony Hinchcliffe
Exploring the life and work of J. R. R. Tolkien. Hosts Alan Sisto and Shawn E. Marchese welcome readers of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Silmarillion, and the other works in the Middle-earth legendarium to tune in as they discuss favorite passages from the books and films that started the worldwide fantasy phenomenon.
Cook and Poni
Longtime Post-Gazette Sports Columnist Ron Cook is joined by Andrew Fillipponi for an informative look the day’s biggest sports stories. Listen weekdays 10a-2p on 93.7 The Fan.
Pony 411
Pony 411, a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic-themed podcast. Nemesis and Alca7raz tackle the news of the week and some of the timely topics of the brony community.
Fans of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic animated series will enjoy this child-friendly podcast which provides episode recaps, discussion, and insights.
This show will be dedicated to the collectors who love and cherish My Little Ponys. The fillies that hit the shelves back in the 80's whom have come back to be as popular as ever. We are My Little Pony Mommy's and Daddy's and we are proud of it. Your Hosts:Pandora Rose - Main Host, NichiTsukinoko - Co-Host #1, SummerBlade - Co-Host #2, PonyGeini - Special Co-Host. With special appearances by: PonyBaby, Pony Husband, and PonyDoggie. MLPArena and TradingPost Names: Pandorarose3 and NichiTsukin ...
Chaos Pony
The official podcast of the Order of the Pony, with Jason Steele, Robert Benfer and Chris Alex.
Winning Ponies
On the show we will talk about the Sport of Kings. We will delve into the different features of the website. John Engelhardt will talk about the issues of the day that affect horse racing, such as synthetic surfaces, medication rule changes, the fate of the industry as a whole, VLTs and Casinos, and human interest stories of triumph and defeat. You will also hear our spot play of the week, where John will handicap the feature races for the upcoming weekend, and will give ou ...
This is a podcast where we analyze various aspects of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and discuss a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to: episodes of the show, comics based on the show, an in-depth focus regarding character achievement and character development, and many more while we ponder on what to include next...
BronyCast (creator of Equestrian Tunes) presents the Equestria Girls Soundtrack!
Random Bits to Accompany the Podcast
Pony Keg Sports
Tom, Josh and Tim take are giving you the most up to date info regarding fantasy football and sports in general. Thank you for listening.
Comedian Sean P. Darr and his rotating panel of Comedians, Actors, and Artists discuss each and every episode of the show BOJACK HORSEMAN, starting with episode 1. The panel discusses the themes of Bojack, Easter eggs, and the shows impact on their lives, as well as Bojack's pop culture phenomenons.
A podcast about My Little Pony from two married grownups who love it IN SPITE of our children.
Pony Ride Podcast
Three snazzy ladies from Los Angeles tackle life's issues, one funny banter session at a time. Check us out on YouTube at PonyRideComedy!
White Pony Network
Explore What you Really Want To Do
Subscribe to the Pony Stampede Podcast for a weekly breakdown of the latest SMU team and recruiting news.
Pony Pony Podcast
Ponies, ponies, ponies!
Sand Ponies
Comedy Podcast
Pony Rage
Yee-haw!! The Pony Riders Boys are on the move again! In their last adventure, they are on their way with Professor Zepplin to Alaska. On the "Corsair", they see gold miners on their way to seek their fortune, so the Pony Rider Boys decide to join in the hunt for the yellow metal. But, as always, trouble is not far behind the Pony Rider Boys! (Ann Boulais )Previous book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in Louisiana
Pony Party
Listen good brony music: electronic, house, dance and dubstep. Pony Party is a way to enjoy music and make you 20% cooler. These songs has been selected from talentous like The Living Tombstone, Sim Gretina, Alex S, Silva Hound, and PinkiePieSwear. I just want share with you these excelents works. Brohoof to everypony.
Learn about buying Wholesale and Seller Financing. Learn how to negotiate with the Home Seller.
There are stories everywhere. Interesting stories. Things people miss. We try to find them and dig underneath the surface, where the passion and pain and hope make the stories happen. We also want you to be aware of your own story, your own creativity. Maybe you don’t consider yourself a creative person - we’ll try to prove you wrong if you play along with us.
The episodic retelling of one profoundly handsome young man's week in pop culture.
Slim Pony Podcast
The Slim Pony Podcast is a podcast that discusses various topics such as films, animation, video games, or whatever else we feel like talking about. This podcast is meant to be entertainment and comedy & it should not be taken seriously in any kind of way.
Yee-Haaww! The Pony Rider Boys are on the move again. The boys are back home, but as they are chopping wood, it is decided that they need a new adventure out west. Mr. Perkin's, Walter's dad, has suggested the Grand Canyon. So, meeting Professor Zepplin on the way, they set out on the train for Arizona. (Summary by Ann Boulais)Previous book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in New MexicoNext book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys with the Texas Rangers
Co-hosts Stephanie King (King) & Carly Petrone (Pony), two full grown funny ladies living in SF and NYC, bring the laughs to podcast life in 2018. 2 Coasts 1 Show. Giddy up!
The Pony Barn and Butterfly Meadow in Reston VA
Pony Tales Podcast
SpottoCash is the new online spot-the-ball competition launched in collaboration with David Seaman. One lucky winner bags £10,000 every week!
Yee-Haaw! The Pony Rider Boys are on the move again! In this book, the 3rd of the series, the boys have decided that they want to explore the north country. They also want to make their own arrangements for the adventure, with the approval of Professor Zepplin, of course! So they have arrived in Forsythe, Montana, to try their luck in the mountains. (Summary by Ann Boulais)Previous book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys TexasNext book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in the Ozarks
Yee-haw! The Pony Rider Boys are on the move again! This time the boys are headed to the canebrakes in the swamps of Louisiana. Of course trouble follows our friends into the swamp, but Chunky will surprise everyone in this book. - Summary by Ann BoulaisPrevious book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in New EnglandNext book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in Alaska
MMA News Podcast Powered by Pony Keg Sports with hosts Tim Thompson and Josh Stephens. MMA discussion at its finest with some great interviews from MMA fighters from all MMA promotions.
Internet Box
Michael, Mike, Barbara, Ray, Andrew, Dylon, Lindsay, and Kerry from the AH community talk about various subjects.
Horsemanship Radio is an online radio show (podcast) dedicated to the exploration of good horsemanship throughout the world. Hosted by Debbie Loucks (Monty Roberts Daughter) the show includes segments, tips and interviews exploring good horsemanship. Part of the Horse Radio Network.
Feel the beat as Shroo from Luna Radio mixes up only the newest in My Little Pony electronic music!
Composer/Producer T.C. Crosser is the gregarious creator of many instrumental works (some you know and most you don't), a rock band producer (of some you know and most you don't). Welcome! Enjoy! Shenanigans will ensue!
Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody formed the supergroup Tired Pony in 2009 to realize his long-standing ambition of making an Americana album. Their debut, The Place We Ran From, was a joyously melancholic love letter to the States. With plenty of material in hand, Gary pulled the gang back together recently to record their second album, The Ghost of the Mountain, out now. Join Tired Pony for an audience Q&A about the new album.
Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody formed the supergroup Tired Pony in 2009 to realize his long-standing ambition of making an Americana album. Their debut, The Place We Ran From, was a joyously melancholic love letter to the States. With plenty of material in hand, Gary pulled the gang back together recently to record their second album, The Ghost of the Mountain, out now. Join Tired Pony for an audience Q&A about the new album and a short performance.
Cowboy Mustang Jane's Country Music Jazz Hour is an hour of rip-roarin’ good ol’ fashioned jazz music brought to you every month by your host, kindred spirit, and saloon door swingin' cattle brandin' ruff rider— Cowboy Mustang Jane. This podcast is for educational purposes.
The premier morning show with an equine theme. A light, lively, entertaining daily look at the horse world and the people in it.
Yee-Haw! The Pony Rider Boys are on the trail again! This time the boys are doing something a little different. Instead of heading west to the wide open spaces, they are riding east to the Wilderness of Maine. But, as always, trouble finds the boys, in both the four-legged and two-legged form! Will they make it back out of the wilderness? - Summary by Ann BoulaisPrevious book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys on the Blue RidgeNext book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in Louisiana
Yee-Haw!! The Pony Rider Boys are on the move again! This time they are on their way to Bluewater, New Mexico, ready for whatever adventure they can find. But this time, trouble spots them on the train. Will the Pony Rider Boys be able to handle whatever comes their way? (Summary by Ann Boulais)Previous book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in the AlkaliNext book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in the Grand Canyon
The Pony Rider Boys in the Rockies is the first book in the 12 part series by Frank Gee Patchin. (Summary by ashleighjane)Next book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys Texas
Yee-Haw!! The Pony Rider Boys are on the move again. This time the boys at Delaware Creek, dead in their saddles. They had been riding long and hard into Texas, looking forward to their next adventure. But, trouble finds them once again, this time Stacy Brown may have been shot! What will happen next is anyone's guess. (Summary by Ann Boulais) Previous book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in Grand CanyonNext book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys on the Blue Ridge
Yee-Haw! The Pony Rider Boys are on the move again. This time our friends are in the Carolina Mountains, battling the weather and bullies. But Tad proves how valuable and resourceful he truly is! - Summary by Ann BoulaisPrevious book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys with the Texas RangersNext book in the series: The Pony Rider Boys in New England
Charles A. Siringo was an American lawman, detective, and agent for the Pinkerton National Detective Agency during the late 19th century and early 20th century…. After taking part in several cattle drives, Siringo stopped herding to settle down, get married (1884), and open a merchant business in Caldwell, Kansas. He began writing a book, entitled A Texas Cowboy; Or Fifteen Years on the Hurricane Deck of a Spanish Pony. A year later, it was published, to wide acclaim, and became one of the f ...
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Comedian Colin DiGarbo @Colin.DiGarbo was addicted to P.C. gaming, but he’s totally fine now . . .
You want it all, but you can’t have it. A wise man once sang those words, and we go into why that’s the case with a certain super-exclusive box set coming out this summer, along with our discussion of upcoming home video releases from Sentai and Discotek, some highlights from AnimeJapan 2018, the Gunsmith Cats Kickstarter campaign, the dub cast ...…
Tony Fleecs, artist for My Little Pony breaks down his origin story and how always drawing in school transformed into a career. He breaks down how he became a part of the My Little Pony dream team. He also talks about how he crafted his style to fit with the look. Tony also talks his move to LA and the jobs he's worked to get to My Little Pony.…
On this week's episode, Katie and Chelsea reveal their top 5 favorite episodes of Doctor Who and their favorite Doctor. Doctor Who was the reason that Katie and Chelsea met in the first place, so it's surprising they haven't discussed this show before. During this episode, they talk about their favorite episodes, their favorite Doctor, and thei ...…
March was a great month for compilation albums, with a brand new major Ponies At Dawn album, a new volume of Horse Music Central music, and a winter-themed EP curated by Cider Party. With so many single releases from other artists too, we've had a great variety to choose from this month!00:25 PegasYs - Trixie Cannon04:45 Viricide Filly - Nightm ...…
Comedian and all around Talent Rebekka Turner pops in to the Fortress of Samitude to discuss national My Little Pony and He-Man day, Pennyfold has a chat with a Scottish midwife, We break down and discuss the classic 50s wrestling musical 12 Angry Men, Then we are joined by non other than superstar Kristen Schaal who helps us solve a murder! Li ...…
We fire up the DeLorean again this week and visit redacted with our friends Ethan Boylan and Dan Bond from Lagunitas! The lads share the latest from Petaluma and Chi-Town, and they pony up some awesome whales for us: Plum and Jasmine Gose, Pineapple Yuzu, Sally, WTFarmhouse Sour w/Cherry, Cafe Con Leche Imperial Milk Stout, and a palate cleanse ...…
It's time for the 2018 Cook and Poni MLB Season Predictions
Jack Z joins the guys to preview the upcoming season.
The callers are weighing in on being positive for the Pirates season.
Andrew and Ron talk about the MLB expert predictions and where the Pirates may fall
Andrew and Ron open the show talking about optimism or lack of for the Pirates season.
On this episode of the podcast, we discuss earworms, music habits, email and we hear music from The Suitcase Junket, 2/3 Goat, Soda Pony and Max JuryBy Rob Penland.
Pomp joins the guys in his weekly spot to talk about the Pitt hirem the Pens loss and the latest with the Steelers and more...
This week on Joke and Destroy, Andres and Pysher hang out with international man of mystery Elliot Broder. Elliot started in the south, down in Alabama, and whas slung his jokes with a cowboy hat, and his fancy suits across the county before landing in Denver. This Saturday, March 31, Elliot is producing a charity basketball game for St Jude’s. ...…
The callers weigh in on celebrations and if it sends the wrong message.
Ron and Andrew discuss how Tomlin doesn't like celebrations...but his team leads the league in them
The callers are weighing in on the Pens and how they deserve the benefit of trusting they will turn it up when the playoffs start.
Andrew and Ron open the show talking about the Pens taking a bad loss and the guys wonder if they can flip the switch for the playoffs.
In this episode, we talk with encaustic artist Alicia Tormey. Alicia talks with us about the encaustic process, the challenges of the artist’s life, and making space to be her best self. Alicia Tormey is a Seattle-based encaustic artist. Her work has been exhibited around the world, and she is a sought-after instructor. Alicia is represented in ...…
This week's Pony Stampede Podcast breaks down Week 1 of spring football practice, Shake Milton and Jarrey Foster's NBA Draft decisions, and offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee joins the podcast.
Fugitives riding rollercoasters, bunnies and beasts rampage through the halls and, oh yeah, we get SuperTed again. Get more from Mike on his YouTube channel: Biss Jaffa Kin Gaming This episode: MovieSquat (5:52) Rollercoaster + The Fugitive = "Half Moon Coaster Killer" TubeSquat (21:31) The Kids in the Hall + Family Matters = "Waldo Faldo in th ...…
Still reeling from the previous episode, Ben and Molly look to My Little Pony: The Movie (1986) for mercy and find none. Ben recalls the first time he realized that love is dead. Molly acquires short-term amnesia as a coping mechanism.
Oh My Celestia! Can you feel it?! Season 8 is there, and of course your horsebros are gonna talk you through the afterglow! Noodles joins Amo and Shade via email, and we also have a couple of other emails and questions and bits of news! Have a sandwich! - The first of many already uploaded Season 8 Ani ...…
This week Katie and Chelsea dive back into one of their favorite types of episodes, but this time they talk about movies! We love RomComs and decided to look and see what the differences were between men writing them and women writing them! Hope you enjoy our discussion! What's your favorite RomCom? Please rate, review, and subscribe to our pod ...…
More than 20 years ago, Spiderbait were Liam's first ever concert, a show that set him down a path filled with sex (not really), drugs (nope) and rock and roll (fuck yeah). 2 decades later, Liam believes Spiderbait's 3rd album is flawless, but will George and Grant be willing to buy the pony? Flawless is hosted by Liam McGinniss, George Mannion ...…
In our freedom of seventy-sixth Minute, Kat and Tim hear a ghost and then decide to kiss about it. Windsor is out the studio again (naughty boy), so Producer Steve and Most Frequent Guest Dominique keep Hulford company as they explore topics including sexy parents, gross virgins, and the inevitability of that gaping black maw we call death.Spec ...…
Welcome to another episode of Beauty News, today we are discussing new release products, time stamps are below. This podcast is also published on YouTube where it can be viewed with releavant images: Select images can also be found on this blogpost: ...…
The Pontificants are back, turning headlines into humour. This week featured an all female ensemble including Lucy Ewing, Emma Krause, Simone Spring and Pony.
Your calls... Plus, a major Pony debacle, Slovak talk, colon news... and a special birthday wish.
The Deadwood Stage versus The Pony Express. The Band of Blacky Ranchette versus The Magnificent Seven. There's hoedowns, ghost riders, buffaloes and gunfights. Yup, it's all go in the Wild West with Tex Ritter, R.E.M., Sandy Denny, John Zorn, Robert Mitchum, Gangstagrass, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Aaron Copeland, The Sons Of The Pioneers, Jack Bruce ...…
LISTEN HERE Hey guys, did you know that Liz doesn’t know what ponies are? Neither did she until this episode! But we don’t just talk about that- we discuss leasing horses, looking gift horses in the mouth, and what kind of mileage you should expect to get on your used horse. #horsefacts
The Five Count recently had a chance to speak with voice-actress Tara Strong. Tara is best known as the voice of “Twilight Sparkle” on the TV show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and “Bubbles” on the TV show The Powerpuff Girls. She also provided voices for shows like Rugrats, The Fairly OddParents, Teen Titans, Beetlejuice, King of the Hil ...…
Do you ride at night because you find yourself sleeping all day? Have you recently noticed you can smell a pig from upwards of a mile away? You may in fact be a cowboy. Listen this week as we discuss the August 18, 1998 Kid Rock album Devil Without a Cause to find out. In this episode we discuss mutants, Cybill Shepherd, farm animals, morons, p ...…
Cameron and Chad decide to stay a while and listen. They share tales of olde, debate minotaur biology, and eventually get around to My Little Pony rule 34.
Thanks for joining us for everyone’s favorite time of the week, which is right now. After week 8: Kuhn still only has 1 loss. He is still on track to be only the second team to ever finish 12-1 but faces 3 potential playoff teams the rest of the year. Sander and Justin lose again, while Alex and Austin continue to climb the standings and find t ...…
"Conflicts & Relationships," a message given by Pastor Joe Poni. For more information check out our website @ @BETHELSF @JOEPONI
"Sit down, little angry pony." Eva leads a discussion about the superstitions that shape hockey players’ routines, from stick drawings to octopus sacrifices and everything in between. Plus, an update on our pal Diane.
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