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Pop Punk Tangents
The Scene Podcast
Minor Inconvenience is the Pop-Punk Podcast! A show where I talk about all the up and coming Pop-Punk bands across the nation, and across the world!
On the Pop Culture Punks Podcast Josh, Phil, and Zach talk video games, movies, TV, and all that sweet media goodness. If you'd like to submit a future topic for the Show to discuss, send us an email to or tag us on Twitter @popculturepunks with your name and topic! Follow us on Twitter: Josh @joshkcreations Phil @iamphilsorenson Zach @CSanpellegrino ‏
Weekly pop punk podcast from Ben and Ell of Avenues, featuring news, music news, tour news, music, games and idiots.
Digital Marketing Professional
Mike Watt (solo artist, Minutemen, fIREHOSE, Iggy Pop and The Stooges) playing some tunes and doing some spiel. Assisted by brother matt and coming to you from the wild kingdom at the pleasure point, in San Pedro California! TWFPS
Mostly Harmless is Denver's punk rock talk show. After a few beers, Damian talks to Musicians, comedians, artists, filmmakers and more about their origins stories, creating their own paths, future projects; along with life, the universe and everything!
A Sunny Place for Shady People is a music podcast featuring interviews of some of the most interesting up and coming bands -- some local and some on tour. Whether recording in the ASPFSP studios or out on location at shows and festivals, Tommy Dubs, Mike McAfee, Doug Kunnath, and Dylan bring the best in new music by getting away from standard question/answer interviews and give you the opportunity to get to know these talented guests.
New Music by 80’s artists and the new bands they’ve inspired.
Join Nardwuar, the Human Serviette for an hour and a half of Manhattan Clam Chowder flavoured entertainment. Doot doola doot doo... doot doo!
Too Much Rock
The Too Much Rock podcast is a 30-minute journey through the weekly music acquisitions of its creator. It may feature power pop, indie rock, post punk, indie pop, or any other named or unnamed genre.
A leftist politics and culture podcast for our terrible times. Hosted by Matt Binder.
Playing the best in Indie and Post-punk since 2013
Music you need to hear!
Vocalo Music
Vocalo Music is a podcast and a place for music discovery, in-depth interviews and live performances with emerging and established music artists. Brought to you by Vocalo Radio in Chicago, hosted by Jesse Menendez and Jill Hopkins, and produced by Fyodor Sakhnovski.
Real Metal Music
The Best Place For Your Metal Fix! I do not own any of this material or are using for any other purpose rather than sharing to the public, no profit is intended or made off of this, all music and pictures belong to it's respective owner[s]
A weekly new music podcast with a rotating set of hosts from across the UK!
A delightfully toxic mix of hilarity, snobbery and insight (though not necessarily in equal proportions) on demi-popular music and other musings.
Different Head
Different Head is your weekly annotated mixtape of new wave, no wave, and neither wave, hosted by Tyler Sorensen. New episodes are broadcast live every Saturday at noon ET on Mixlr. Learn more at
CiTR -- The Burrow
Noise Rock, Alternative, Post-Rock, with a nice blend of old 'classics' and newer releases. Interviews w/ other living humans.
Rock Strikes Ten
A music podcast that plays a different themed top ten list on every episode. Always ten songs. No more. No less.
The Wild West
The Wild West is a weekly entertainment and talk podcast hosted by Glen and Steve, with Mick - every Saturday!
Sweaty people playing guitars loud; if you like that, you're gonna love Contramandatum. Garage, surf, power pop, punk, metal, and (oddly enough) occasionally some weird electronic things. You should be super excited right now. Please be excited. Please? Thanks.
The Skinny with Mike and Adam is a weekly music-centric podcast which takes a look at the latest news, releases, and reviews from today's music scene and beyond. Stay subscribed for track-by-track album reviews, countdowns, music news, hilarious commentary from co-hosts, Mike and Adam, and much more!
Indie and Unsigned Music: Rock, Pop, Folk, Alternative, Punk, Rockabilly, Experimental Rock, Power Pop and a variety of other genres from Indie Music Showcase and Internet Radio. If you are looking for new and emerging Indie and Unsigned Music, you have found the right podcast. Many artists at the site provide free MP3 downloads of their music, so visit the Indie Heart Showcase for more! You can also check out the IndieHeart Eclectic Rock radio broadcast 24/7 at http://indiehe ...
ask // • diy pop, etc radio • live bootlegs archive • 5432fun[at]gmail[dot]com • santa barbara, california. come say hi! ///////////////////// ///////////////////////cave babies ///////////////// watercolor paintingstelevision /// sbdiy /// kcsb /// destructo chard//////////////// LIVE IN STUDIO ////////////////– TAKING A BREAK FROM THE SHOW –
Short, educational pieces about music and culture.
Restarted in February 2008 as a podcast, d|sonoras it's the short name of "Dissidências Sonoras", former radio show hosted by Mario E. which aired on a local radio station (Radio Sao Mamede) from February 1994 to December 1999. d|sonoras features alternative music genres like Goth, Post-Punk, Darkwave, Deathrock, Shoegaze...
Monthly || This is the steel city punk cast. We are a DIY collective in Sheffield that loves the DIY punk scene. We highlight the best punk bands the city of Sheffield has to offer as well as those from a bit further afield.
Needle Drop Radio
Each week I play a bunch of songs from punk and indie bands from all over the world. You'll hear new, old, rare tracks, unsigned bands, classic tracks, forgotten gems and lots more. I also pick a "Cover Song of The Week" every episode and drop some fun movie clips throughout!Go to for more info.
Scoundrels Be Talking is hosted by pop punk group the Handsome Scoundrels! They discuss music, playing shows, and life in general with interesting people. Enjoy!
Corridor Cast
What Baltimore, D.C. (and Beyond) Sound Like
The Chainsaw Unsigned Radio Show will bring you a weekly 60 minute dose of unsigned awesomeness, honest critique and random conversations about music, gigs and general day to day life.
Brother Brother Brother is what happens when three brothers born in three different decades come together over a shared obsession with music. It's an in-depth conversation between Wyndham Lewis, Jeremy Sartori, and Christian Lewis, born in the late 60's, 70's, and 80's, that's been a lifetime in the making. Reporting in from LA, Boston, and Brooklyn, the Brothers now open the conversation to you, and in the process likely prove Craig Finn's assertion that "everyone's a critic and most people ...
Martian Landscape
Martian Landscape broadcasts weekly on's "11" and "70's" stations, with archived episodes available here via podcast! Martian Landscape focuses on musical obscurities (and absurdities) from 70's hard rock/psychedelia, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, thrash metal, 70's/80's glam, 60's garage rock, punk, new wave, post punk, and whatever else your host, The Maestro, can pull from his vast musical archives, Martian Landscape will take you on a 2 hour tour of the unknown...downloa ...
Repeat All
A weekly music podcast focusing on a different album every week.
The Vans Warped Tour podcast, from idobi Radio
Noise Baptism
by Mark Delete
Nerd Monster Radio
Nerd Monster Radio is the music podcast of Jose Aparicio of The podcast explores new and old: indie, world, dance, pop, folk, punk tunes that are unqiue but approchable. While music is primarily in English, you should expect at least a song or two to be in other languages per show. Jose Aparicio is a an academic researcher with previous tiny stints as a DJ around Los Angeles.
Angry Grrl Music of the Indie Rock Persuasion is a biweekly feminist podcast highlighting women, femmes, LGBTQ+, and minority movements in the punk rock & indie rock scenes. Contact now to book a guest spot.
A DIY punk podcast, playing the neatest in music in themed chunks every month, hosted by Eliot Humphreys from Cheesus Crust Records.1. FUZZY POP2. GRRRLS IN PUNK3. SCREAMO4.
Nick & Mit Hate Sports is a podcast based loosely on sports fandom, including watch and reacting the latest news, and delivering the freshest/hottest takes in the sports media industry. Hosted by two friends turned 20-somethings Nick Taylor and Mit Wobet, the two follow in their fathers’ footsteps with their passion for sports…and for derailing conversations into complete nonsense. New episodes each week!
Long Gone Loser
A podcast obsessed with vinyl and punk rock since 2007!
Hosts Jonathan and Steven pick an artist, then listen to and discuss each of that artists studio albums.
We are a Pop-Punk band giving our opinions on certain things because we know how much everyone cares.
Music is playing and you are the one meant to be entertained, shows are posted weekly and if you get lucky you may get more than one. Check out for other awesome shows
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You've heard his name on Joke and Destroy probably more than any other. He's the Sultan of Saosin, the Papa Papa Roach, the one and likely only Cory Helie! Check out Cory hosting DoomRoom at Ratio of course, this Wednesday! Right now! Go to Ratio! This week the boys argue about the amount of Explosions in the Sky in commercials, the art of maki ...…
DEADPOOL 2 SPOILERS: [50:00-End] In this episode of the Pop Culture Punks Podcast, Josh and Phil talk superhero comics and give a review of Deadpool 2! (Second spoiler, it was HILARIOUS) Shout out to Ryan Reynolds, the only man capable of being the Merc with a Mouth! Support "The Patrons!" Follow us on Twitter: @joshkcrea ...…
Ska Rocket with DJRex is the revival of ska! This is a show where ska, punk, and the mix of mainstream plus classic rock is combined. Along with its music are the segments in between the rockin’ music which includes your weekly band updates, news, sports, and pop culture. Plus there are special guest that are interviewed and play live! If you a ...…
We talk to Vancouver pop/punk band French Letters about having a new vocalist and their upcoming album. Episode 13 feat. French Letters French Letters Links: Bandcamp Facebook Rock the Relay charity show Show Links: iTunes Stitcher PlayerFM Storiyoh Facebook Twitter wellwrittenpodcast@gmail.comBy (The Brothers Wirth).
The Wrestling Estate's David Gibb and the Internet's Nick Bond are here twice monthly to provide a pleasantly in-depth discussion on what makes professional wrestling, well, professional wrestling. And what that means for the rest of the world. This week: We have Dylan Roth -- of The Hell Yeah Babies -- on to talk about the similarities between ...…
When the music industry emerged from the shadows of AM radio and found itself in the hardcore punk music mosh pit of the late 20th Century, fans followed suit and got involved on their own terms. Music industry professor and Jade Tree Records co-founder Darren Walters went from listener to active participant, supporting the work of artists on t ...…
As the saying goes you can take the anarchist out of Burnley, but you'll never take the Burnley out of the anarchist! Boff Whalley, Burnley fan, founder member of Chumbawamba and The Commoners Choir talks about punk, pop, anarchism and Mark E Smith.
FELICITY is a Pop Punk band that hails from Florida, and all five members sat down to share the groups story! The guys got together to talk about how the right pieces all came together to create the band, working with legendary Producer Andrew Wade and how he help influence the bands creative process, and some of their experiences with Vans War ...…
This week we were joined by mayoral candidate London Breed to chat about growing up in the City, her favorite wines, breakfast joints, and hills, as well as her campaign for Mayor. We also chatted with SFWeekly's Nuala Sawyer about an innovative new program from the District Attorneys office focused on reducing cannabis related sentences. Noise ...…
Fagsy Malone from "Straight Talk with Ross Mathews" and "It's a Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay Podcast" calls in to chat about his podcasts, celebrity stories, RuPaul's Drag Con 2018, farts, and much more! The band of the week is the pop punk band from LA, The Dollyrots (obsessed with them!). Check them out on iTunes and follow them on Instagram https://ww ...…
This week’s episode brought to you by Slice on Broadway, Occupy Pro Wrestling, and Indy Wrestling US! Toddy (and friends) from the THRIFTY Podcast joins us to talk some of our favorite things this week! As usual, our guest is joined by a shake-up of our own talent pool. This week we’ve got Bobby F-Jtown, Larry, and Sorg talking this week in wre ...…
In this episode of the Pop Culture Punks Podcast, Josh, Phil, and Chris engage in another rousing battle of unimportant arguments around pop culture. Note: All opinions held by the cast are legit. Any tilting you experience is your own fault. Listener discretion is whatever. Follow us on Twitter: @joshkcreations, @iamphilsorenson, @CSanpellegri ...…
good luck valiant is a solo project by a young man named Dylan Hoey who is based in Saco, Maine. With influences from modern pop punk bands like Green Day, Sum 41 and The Offspring Dylan blends in his own sound to the mix to create something new in the world of pop punk!
Live from the Mercy College SoundSquare, this is the first of a very exciting trilogy full of guests who all deserve flame emojis next to their names. In this edition, we are joined by 1/4 of pop punk band The Everafter, guitarist Rich Rivera. They have a show at Gold Sounds Saturday May 12 (TOMORROW). We also have Kristin Millard with us, #1 D ...…
Josh and Maureen have on the fabulous ZouZou Mansour, lead singer of the hot rock band Soraia - "ZouZou has been referred to as "a true mix of Iggy Pop and Joan Jett" onstage." Not only is the band represented by Wicked Cool Records, but they've been featured in Rolling Stone, and their new single, "Monster" is tearing up Youtube. It's a great ...…
Having just reached the age of 50, Steven Wilson is one of progressive rock’s most celebrated artists, though he constantly strives to defy the categorization of progressive rock and would prefer to be known as an artist of good music, without being tied to any specific genre. Best known for the band Porcupine Tree which he began over two decad ...…
Captain Keith reviews new records by En Vogue - Electric Cafe(First record in 14 years), Phonte (Formerly of Little Brother and Currently of The Foreign Exchange) - No News Is Good News, The Weekend- My Dear Melancholy, and Debby Friday - Bitchpunk. An episode of R&B Soul, Pop, Hip Hop and Punk Industrial/Electro!! As always, if you enjoyed the ...…
Kris goes solo again while Erik shrugs off some minor surgery, and just like the NYC Hardcore of the early to mid-80's tried to distance itself from a degenerating punk scene, Kris goes against the season's theme of Pop Music and gets a bit self-indulgent. Crown of Thornz - Intro to JuggernautAgnostic Front - Gotta GoCro-Mags - World PeaceNause ...…
On this episode of the Music Matters Media podcast we interviewed Nate Ryan, the creator of “Pop Punk Merch Wall”, which became a huge name within the genre’s community. Nate is a creative, an entrepreneur, and an Internet personality who takes pride in spreading positivity. Nate, or as some might know him as “Nate The Mate”, talks about his ne ...…
On this episode, the crew talk Pokemon, comics, and their plans for Summer 2018. Shout out to Miles Morales Spidey, Moon Knight, and Lobster Johnson! Comicstorian-Is Diversity Ruining Marvel Comics? Get a free sticker! Email us a question, topic, or fav moment! Send your emails to Merch: http://r ...…
This is the first time I used BiasFX to record guitar effects on the iPad. I liked the results a lot. This is one of the most pop rocks, or pop punk songs, that I have written, and it was very enjoyable. Take a free download of this studio demo at Danny Hauger Podcasts! Watch the "Shooting Star" recording video. Lyrics and Chords to "Shooting S ...…
Stwt 95 -with Tragical History Tour From Dundee With Love Im Joined by Derrick Johnston AKA Tragical History Tour to discuss his Debut Album - Aphorisms, his whole 20 + year DIY punk career, Pop-Punk, the 90's and everything that has infulanced Derrick to get to this point. Nirvana - Aneurysm Tracy Chapman - Fast Car Green Day - 2000 Light Year ...…
Demi and Miel are joined by comedian Whitmer Thomas (@whitmerthomas) to talk about skateboarding, 2000s pop punk culture, old people, conformity, and eventually, Sum 41's 2001 anthem to rudeness "Fat Lip!" UNPUNCHABLE JAMS: Blink-182 - "Wendy Clear", Sharon Van Etten - "One Day", The Strokes - "Someday"…
SPOILERS: A Quiet Place: 1:04:00 to 1:20:00 Avengers: Infinity Wars: 1:32:00 to 2:13:35 On this episode, the crew talk about A Quiet Place and Avengers: Infinity Wars. Shout out to Marvel for an AMAZING flick! Guidelines to Get Your Free Sticker: 1.) Submit an episode idea for the show 2.) A favorite moment from a previous episode 3.) A silly o ...…
Matt and Zac interview Nathan Kollar. They talk about Church Planting, Punk Music, and . Sponsor – Connect With Nathan – Facebook Risen Church Nashville Stuff Nathan Mentioned – Big Toe for Thumb Urban Islands Project Steve Pike Danny Parmelee Kurtis Parks Sticky Teams Arrested Development Lectio Divina Pop Punk Five Iron Frenzy Enne ...…
FigureItOut is a pop/punk band from Phoenix AZ who have been staples in the scene since 2015. You can find their music on all major streaming platforms.
Brenda Nogales sits down with Cooper Bell and Daniel Dávila of the Los Angeles based pop-punk duo, Fabriq.
Time to play a game…you have to guess the theme, like RadMac’s Tea Time Theme Time on 6Music, can you work out the theme linking the tracks in the first hour? Can you give up after it ruins your wrists and either peel off all the decals and stick them back on, or take it apart and then reassemble it in the correct order?* No prizes after the 7t ...…
Our first guest, Katrina, takes us through the vibrant world of Pop Punk.
Welcome to episode 08 of the Binge Thinking Podcast, todays episodes features the delightful Jaret and Erik from Bowling For Soup. Recorded just before their recent UK tour, they chat to Pete about finding the right balance between home and tour life, how they've managed to mercilessly to take the piss out of other bands but not end up in hot w ...…
Sorry folks, we didn't record anything this week. April Fools! On this episode, the crew talk about the music they've been jamming, the games, they've been playing, and the books they've been reading. Shout out to Far Cry 5, the Zac Brown Band, 20th Century Boys the manga, and Jesus for pulling the ultimate April Fools joke! Guidelines to Get Y ...…
Looking at music from all angles is our specialty here, and this time we talk to Marc Cook - the producer of Monster Bait's pop punk extravaganza, The Fart Earthquake. What makes a producer tick?|| This week special guests: Georgia Kirby, Brendan Kennedy, Liz Hayton, Erin Greenway!|| Obscure Music History is a podcast investigating historic rar ...…
I think many folks are not huge on the idea of selling their soul for a chunk of change or fame in their field. This would be my definition of "selling out". However, as history will show us, people also equate selling out with licensing out songs for commercials, signing to major labels, and endorsing products with a song or catchy tune. This ...…
On this show for Episode 2 are Liz and Zach from the Austin, TX pop punk band Gold Steps. Chris and Steve along with the guests go through everything you can imagine from the band's beginnings, and new record to Chris' run in with Shia Labeouf at Austin City Limits before playing a show with the guests. Check out this great episode!…
On this episode, the always wonderful Nina Swint and Melissa Adams of Out Of Context stopped by. We chat about all the neat things they do, booking shows, managing bands, going to SXSW with t ...…
About this episode Ste and Natalie say words about pop punk classic Sticks and Stones by sage relationship pragmatists, New Found Glory. We had no idea when we recorded this episode that the primary lyricist for the band at this time was founding guitarist Steve Klein, who was removed from the band and arraigned for some serious crimes the same ...…
Listen every week (mid week) as The Vinyl Junkie selects a previously aired "classic" episode in which he rummaged through his personal vinyl junkyard to explore the weird, wild, wacky, and always wonderful world of wax. You will hear everything from pop to punk. From Elvis Presley to Elvis Costello. From The Flamin' Groovies To Frank Sinatra. ...…
Set List: FOLK/ROOTS Mar 10 - Gerrit Delaquis "Calm Cloud" from Calm Cloud | FACEBOOK BANDCAMP Mar 24 - Raine Hamilton "Starlight" Night Sky | WEBSITE YOUTUBE Mar 9 - Sean Burns "Have You Seen That Train" from Music for Taverns, Bars and Honky Tonks | WEBSITE FACEBOOK POP Mar 16 - Peter Harder "I Don't Love You Anymore" from As The Universe | B ...…
Mark and Nic sit down with Zack, Tim and Kyle of Syracuse pop-punk band Townhouse Warrior to discuss their new album, future plans for the band, shared music experiences and the joys of collecting finds from thrift stores.
In this episode of the Pop Culture Punks Podcast, Father Tilt Chris joins the crew for a round robin discussion of tilting opinions. Shout out to Culvers, the best fast dining restaurant out there! Guidelines to Get Your Free Sticker: 1.) Submit an episode idea for the show 2.) A favorite moment from a previous episode 3.) A silly or genuine qu ...…
Hey! Welcome back to Dream a Little Dream podcast – our space to talk about art, life and everything in between! I was able to catch Gregery Miller for a conversation and if you haven’t seen any of his work yet you are missing out on his rich imagination. He is a fantastic fantasy illustrator. You most definitely have to check out his work on I ...…
On this episode, we talk about the 1980 slasher classic, New Year's Evil, with Bobby Asea, bassist for Made In Japan. New Year's Evil is fairly amazing, because it's pretty nasty in terms of tone, but it also manages to be a really punk rock kind of film. It's thanks in no small part to the fact that two L.A. area bands, Shadow and Made In Japa ...…
This playlist is dedicated to each and every day of the week, as we play a wide variety of songs that focus on specific days, Sunday through Saturday, played chronologically. Our mix includes: Alternative and Classic Rock, Pop, Indie, Hip-Hop, Country and Alt-Country, Punk, Oldies, Folk, and Blues! Songs range from 1947-2018.…
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