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Front Porch with the Fitzes, is a weekly chinwag featuring author Elyse Fitzpatrick and two of her three kids, Jessica Thompson and Joel Fitzpatrick. Sometimes some unexpected folks might even drop by and sit for a spell. Every week they’ll jibber about faith, family life, things that interest them in culture or news, and what they’re learning about the Lord and their Christianity. Imagine sitting on the front porch of your ol’ Kentucky home, listening to three slightly off-kilter believers ...
We're a different kind of political discussion show... with insights from various political angles and coming from the East Coast Conservative Podcast, the goal of this podcast is to discuss the implications, intentions and interpretations that flow behind various articles each week. Show notes and more are currently at but will be transitioning as new resources come on-line.This Podcast was created using
Back Porch Bluegrass host Paul Trenwith is a founder member of the Hamilton County Bluegrass Band, playing banjo and occasionally singing harmony parts. With the HCBB, he featured in the very successful 'Country Touch' TV series, and toured with the band throughout NZ in1969-70. In 1971, the band ventured to Australia, where they played in concerts and toured with the Slim Dusty Show, throughout NSW, Queensland and the Northern Territory, as well as participating in Slim's recording sessions ...
Painted Porch Podcast Archive site
This podcast is a production of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas, USA. Watermark exists to be and make more fully devoted followers of Christ, looking to God's Word as our only authority, conscience and guide.
This podcast is a production of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, Texas, USA. Watermark exists to be and make more fully devoted followers of Christ, looking to God's Word as our only authority, conscience and guide.
Welcome to "From the Front Porch," a collection of conversations on books, small business, and life in the South. Each week, we share stories from the shop and happenings from our small town in South Georgia, all recorded from the comfort of Annie's front porch settled among the streets of downtown Thomasville. Follow along our adventures in store ownership, and eavesdrop into quirky conversations from our staff's day-to-day behind the counter. We'll introduce you to Thomasville's diverse ca ...
The Front Porch
Welcome to “The Front Porch,” where we tackle the tough issues facing Appalachia the same way you talk with your friends on the porch. Hosts include WVPB Executive Director and recovering reporter Scott Finn; conservative lawyer, columnist and rabid "Sherlock" fan Laurie Lin; and liberal columnist and avid goat herder Rick Wilson, who works for the American Friends Service Committee. An edited version of “The Front Porch” airs Fridays at 4:50 p.m. on West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s radio ...
Porch Club
Best friends Liz and Sarah come together every week and discuss life in all its joy, hilarity, despair, and madness. From marriage and divorce to pop culture to lots and lots of wine, these charming hosts are just doing their best to try and make the world a little bit brighter.
Sermons from Solomon's Porch Hong Kong
The Front Porch
Join Matt Pettry and Mark Casto on the front porch for conversations about devotion and life in the kingdom.
The Front Porch is a place for conversations about biblical faithfulness in African-American churches and beyond.
On the Front Porch we talk about anything and everything you never thought you could speak of because around here this ain't ya mama's talk!
Front Porch Masonic
Your Host's Taylor and Tony take you through the world of freemasonry both inside and outside the lodge. To try to find out what Mason's and non Mason's think about the fraternity. They plan on having interesting guest both Masonic and non as well as reviews of books written about the fraternity. We hope you enjoy and welcome your feedback with how we can make the show better and more entertaining, because let's be honest neither of these two have any idea of what they are doing.
They Will Be A New Show Posted Each Sunday
The Short Porch
A Yankee podcast hosted by Barstool's Hubbs and Tom Scibelli. Any and everything Yankees you could want to hear about. New episodes every Friday.
Conversations From The Porch is just that, a conversation about New Covenant Theology and other relevant Bible and theological topics with Paul, Joey, Jon, Antonio, Joel, and Chris.
Happy Porch Radio
Happy Porch Radio is the podcast for progressive agency owners and web professionals. If you want to build your agency to deliver value beyond profit, then this is the show for you. Join us as we dig deep into the business of running and growing a world changing digital agency.
Philosophical Ideologies Discussed From a Theistic Philosophical Perspective With Occasional Interviews.
Conversations with creators about TV, film, books and digital media.
Back Porch Writer
Can't attend writing conferences? Too far from workshops? Join the conversation with Back Porch Writer. The show for writers, about writers, and writing. Want to be a guest? Email:
Daily audio devotionals from Solomon's Porch Hong Kong, Tuesday through Saturday
The stories you are about to hear are true, or at least so you're told. So get comfortable, grab a glass of iced tea and prepare yourselves for Tales From the Front Porch.
We started Solomon's Porch in 2002 as a safe environment for regular people to explore faith within community. Everyone is welcome here, whatever your story, your questions, doubts or struggles. So come as you are, because that’s where God meets us — as is. From there, we’ll help each other grow to be all God intended us to be.
The home of the Short Porch Podcast, true New York Yankee insight from true New York Yankee fans and the only podcast Jason Giambi's mustache listens to regularly. Hosted by J.D. Freda and Jared Peterman.
Each week Drew and a friend enjoy craft beer, and a casual conversation. A "Pew Pew Audio" Podcast
The Front Porch
The Front Porch is where we bring together people with diverse views and backgrounds to see where we can find common ground.
People on my Porch consists of intelligent women having authentic conversations, from different perspectives about shit that matters.
"On the Front Porch" is a daily program that airs on KFRM, 550 AM. The program features a different host each day, who visits with various guests who share stories about their lives, careers and experiences. Grab a glass of ice tea and join us "On the Front Porch" each weekday.
A podcast series where I host a variety of interesting guests for a 20-30 minute rambling drunken conversation on a variety of topics. Think 'Drunken History' meets 'Ted Talks'..drunken Ted Talk Interviews !
Solomon's Porch is the official podcast of Dr. Steven Smith, best-selling author of "The House of the Lord." The weekly podcast is part of The Outer Court, a community focused on God's temple presence in Scripture, the Church, the world, and our lives. 2017.
In the south, the porch is a place to play games, sip sweet tea, catch up with the neighbors, read, and gather the latest community info. Come chill with Rev Derek & Dr. Mikkaka weekly on their virtual porch. They discuss current events, relevant topics, politics, social/racial justice issues, and much MUCH more! #ChillingOnThePorch
New Covenant Baptist Church presents the Conversations From The Porch Podcast. Join our round table of hosts each week as we discuss All Things New! Proclaiming the joys of the New Covenant, sharing Christ, and discussing how New Covenant Theology impacts Evangelism, Life, and Ministry!
Just some friends in front of some microphones talking about drag racing in the Studio. Host: Mike Shabareck, Producer: Ryan Gleghorn, Personalities: Jacob Pitt, Jake Howard, Max McGlothlin
Porch Drunkies
Late night shenanigans and drunken adventures on the back porch.Porch Drunkies Theme SongPerformed by Those Two AKA Brandon Caylor and Elizabeth Harman ( and the Porch Drunkies.
Porch Sesh
Podcast by Porch Sesh
Porch Monkeys
Calvin and Chris watch some films.
America's Porch
America's Porch centers around political news from around the world, as well as discussions on how freedom, reason, and a limited government can solve many of the problems we face today!
Solomon's Porch
Solomon's Porch is the official podcast of Dr. Steven Smith, public figure, theologian and bestselling author of "The House of the Lord." This weekly podcast is part of The Outer Court, a invitational, growing community from all walks of life, focused on God's temple presence in Scripture, the Church, the world, and our lives.
Welcome! These podcasts consist of short interviews with top authorities on Sam Houston’s life and times. Use them for classroom discussions, to supplement reading, to assign as homework, or as source material for reports and papers. Your suggestions for additional topics are welcomed.
Porch and Pulpit
We interview pastors, business owners, parents, friends, authors and others who are willing to sit on our porch to journey to the places where life is lived at its best.
Josh and Karri Beard are serving God locally at their home church and through their professions while raising 5 children to love and fear the Lord.
Solomon's Porch PHX
Sermons from the clergy and guests of Solomon's Porch, PHX. Solomon's Porch is a progressive Christian Church in Phoenix, AZ. Visitors will find that our services are rooted in the traditional liturgical setting but have a decidedly modern feel. We meet every Sunday at 3pm for Worship, Word and Communion. We would love to have you join us! Check out our website for more information!
We Are The Porch
Welcome to The Porch! We are a podcast that talks about real life topics and situations. We give it to you Raw & Uncut, TUNE IN!
Tea and a Porch
This is a very raw simple podcast about my life and awakening. Lets stop on the porch and talk about the small moments in life that offer so much. Lets explore the things that come up and see new ways of really navigating. Topics - Music, Food, Relationships, Presence, Who we are, and how to find deep awakening, I mean really how to find it. For Feedback, and questions - reach me here:
On the Porch
Kentucky author Silas House plays his favorite music, reads poems and excerpts, and interviews the people who are making a difference in Appalachia.
Soloman's Porch Podcast is hosted by @jasonbordeaux1 and @shawn_dad. This show is a commentary on life and what is going on in the world around us. Jason and Shawn are two Christian guys who bring a non-typical view on things presented in today's society. They also dig into some deep topics that riddle many regarding Jesus, the Church, and the Bible.
Off The Porch
Exploring The Social Culture Of Everyday Life
Porch Night is a weekly gathering at Hill City Church. Porch Night is the college branch of Hill City Church that exists for the purposes of introducing young adults to Jesus Christ, helping and encouraging them to walk with Him not just in college, but for a lifetime.
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One of the biggest principles of the Bible is sewing and harvest. This episode Jason and Shawn break it down starting in Genesis 1. They also share their least favorite social events.News (00:01-26:00)Bizzle - The Gospel (26:01-30:36)Round 5 Least Favorite Social Events (30:37-1:00:04)Jackie Hill Perry - Hymn (1:00:05-1:03:35)Sewing and Harvest ...…
Kelley keeps texting us pics of her on a beach, so Gretchen interviewed Alexandra Hinrichs, a children's book author, about her favorite books, how she managed to be a guest at the Getty Museum, and suggestions for aspiring writers! Also, Gretchen has some things to say about pockets. Like us on Facebook, email us at balancingchaospodcast@gmail ...…
In this episode of The Porch we talk about the do's and the don'ts of Memorial Day, Chief Keef's impact on today's rappers, and which is most important between Money, Sex, and Love!Tune in!!! #ThePorch We recently traveled to New Orleans for a wedding and while we were there we met up with a couple of old friends. You get this special two-part extra long show! Jerry DeWitt has been on LAF a couple of times. We recorded on the beach with our iPhones at sunset. The weather was beau ...…
"Grow" - Rev. Mike Ramsdell - The PorchBy (FUMC Grapevine).
On this episode of "Pundits on the Porch,” Dr. Bob McClure talks with Representative Byron Donalds, from Florida’s District 80. Representative Donalds and Dr. McClure chat about the 2018 Legislative Session. This past legislative session was an important one for Florida’s future and Rep. Donalds took on a number of large issues related to [...] ...…
We are all learning and finding out ways to deal with patterns that we have picked up This week I look at how to deal with anger This comes from a personal experience and how I worked through it Anger is a way of limiting ourself to a concentrated form of energy that hurts the body and constricts the flow of who we are It is also a tool that ca ...…
First Variations Classic Panic Songs Get a Facelift So, once you get past Harvey’s condescension and, frankly, outright hostility towards Jeff for not “understanding” this week’s theme, this is pretty damn fine episode of The Bluest Tape. We tackle “first variations” of classic songs, including lengthy versions of “Airplane,” “Tallboy,” and “Wo ...…
“Here’s the reality, If we embrace our calling as the salt of the earth and the light of the world, we will be offensive to a culture that’s walking in darkness and deception. If we begin to proclaim truth, If we begin to live truth, we will be offensive.”– Pastor Keith Lloyd “If you’re entertained by the same thing you pretend to be repulsed b ...…
The Troubled Men reconvene at the Ring Room to recap the first weekend of Jazz fest. They also cover toilet shopping, Apocalypse Now, John Mooney, hell hounds, charity, a letter from the accused, porch parties, our first sponsor, Helen Gillet, triangle sandwiches, union busting, and David Byrne. Flea ruins a picnic.…
E1 - the Caffeinated Coffee Brewer: Tim Monson started roasting coffee in a popcorn popper on his back porch six years ago. Today he owns and operates Monsoon Roastery based in Springfield, Massachusetts. We caught up with Tim about everything from his humble beginnings in the back of his dad's garage, to finally obtaining a retail space and fi ...…
(Previously uploaded this last December '17 and just accidentally deleted it off soundcloud, so here it is again)A load of bands I experienced in the last year through releasing, booking, playing gigs and a taste of what’s to come in 2018 on Permanent Slump! Thanks for the inspiration! Will graduate to some interviews for this in the future, li ...…
Audio from Grandma's selfie video and a speech by Bill Gates discussing the 640k barrier illustrates the impact of technology on human life. How will continued technology changes impacts our lives. What will we experience in the future as technology continues to change?
On Pentecost Sunday, Matthew Watson retells the story of the birth of the Church — through the giving of God’s Spirit — and talks about how and why God both gathers and scatters us. [Acts 2:1-13] Resources Call to Worship (inspired by Joel 2 and Acts 2; written by Amy Sawyer) Gather the people, bless your foolish church. Bring together the elde ...…
Acts 3 New King James Version (NKJV)A Lame Man Healed 3 Now Peter and John went up together to the temple at the hour of prayer, the ninth hour. 2 And a certain man lame from his mother’s womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful, to [a]ask alms from those who entered the temple; 3 who, seeing Pe ...…
Key Verse: Mark 6:30 - 44 1. Sometimes you just need a break: like the disciples when they were getting into the boat with Jesus they were in want of rest, after much ministry 2. But when we want a break, we need to remember that God even more wants us to love people and have compassion on them: Jesus had compassion on the people and tells the ...…
Join us for another installment of Divergent Thinking where my buddy Elliot Abbots, freshly home from a 9 hour drive from Virginia, joins me on the porch for a pretty cool conversation about culture, his involvement with underprivileged communities in CT, and how to do the hardest thing in the world - change the masses minds. He is a super smar ...…
In this episode we talk about being a grill master, the burger edition. Get a good market ground meat, or a mix of black beans/portobellos/and beets for your veggie burger. Choose a good seasoning mix and begin to patty your burgers uniformly. Remember the freezer is your friend when it comes to cooking evenly and staying held together.…
In this episode of The Porch we discuss all types of stuff. I honestly don't feel like listing the topics so just press play and enjoy!#ThePorch
Finally! This week, Nick G. from the Dependent Independent Podcast makes his way to the Drinks with Jess bar! We have a candid conversation on why I have scrambled eggs on my porch and his evolution into "making podcasting easier for others!" He is not only a great friend, but a mentor! So pull up a seat and join us at the table! For all social ...…
Silas House speaks with Joseph Crespino, author of Atticus Finch: The Biography. This new book is an examination of one of the most beloved figures in literature, the father in Harper Lee’s novels To Kill A Mockingbird and Go Set A Watchman.By (Josh James).
Adrian Rice – Author of Hickory Station, Adrian is an award-winning Irish poet, band-mate of The Belfast Boys and poem catching porch enthusiast. In this episode Adrian talks with Lynda about the importance of poetry in the modern world, what he thinks about Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize for Literature and how he met Van Morrison. http://ww ...…
Decluttering your home can feel overwhelming, but these seven steps will hopefully help you simplify the process before you sell your home. Looking to sell your Tulsa area home? Get a free home value report Looking to buy a Tulsa area home? Click here to browse Tulsa homes for sale Decluttering is so important in getting your home ready to sell ...…
James is at it again with another career change. It could be this time he's found his calling but how will his first project end his career? Listen and enjoy another episode of the Front Porch.
This week's speaker is Rev. Tom Weller, Associate Pastor of Solomon's Porch PHX. Solomon's Porch is a progressive christian church in Phoenix, AZ. Visitors will find that our services are rooted in the traditional liturgical setting but have a decidedly modern feel. We meet every Sunday at 3pm for Worship, Word and Communion. We would love to h ...…
Krisha & Frank are on the podcast porch the morning after they each performed in separate improv shows. They recap their shows and talk about when it's okay to break rules in improv. Krisha is planning a trip to Charleston and Frank is planning a trip to the DC area. As usual, Frank's travel plans are fraught with complications as he tried to p ...…
Live from Batesburg,SC, from the 'Front Porch', Oj Hernandez and Mark Casto share the lifestyle of Devotion, Testimonies and explain the 'Systematic Exodus', which is necessary for the wilderness process and the face to face communion with Jesus, enjoy!
There is a Gator on our Porch + U.S. to open Embassy in Jerusalem + NOKO meeting in Singapore + WH. aide joked of 'dying' McCain We landed ourselves an interview with a national bestseller! Yes sir, Prose and Cons sure has hit the Big Times. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to thank all of our devoted listeners when we win our first Podcasty, or whatever the Grammy equivalent is… David had graci ...…
The Porch - May 13, 2018By (FUMC Grapevine).
Paul Adams is a friend and neighbor who is ever willing to share his philosophical views on life. He came over tonight to help my understanding of what it means to be a good person. I have trouble reconciling the fact that so many people call themselves "good" yet we waste so many resources that could be utilized to ease the suffering of other ...…
This week's speaker is Rev. Kenny von Folmar, Lead Pastor Pastor of Solomon's Porch PHX. Solomon's Porch is a progressive christian church in Phoenix, AZ. Visitors will find that our services are rooted in the traditional liturgical setting but have a decidedly modern feel. We meet every Sunday at 3pm for Worship, Word and Communion. We would l ...…
This Sunday lay preacher Jeremy preached on Luke 5, 1-7. In this passage, the disciples worked all night unsuccessfully. Peter probably felt tired and maybe some dissolution. However, Peter was successful when Jesus came into his boat. Also, had Peter been successful he may not have met Jesus. Disappointed maybe be a set up to meet Jesus. Your ...…
I experienced two distinct God's Presence Moments today - an active one while teaching and a still one while meditating on my back porch this evening.
Hibiscus is all over the culinary world these days. In this episode we talk about whether or not it is a trend and why it pairs with watermelon so well.
furries, celeb crushes, talk show hosts
Episode 32 may just be the most powerful conversation to date with my new friend Rob Dargiewicz. Rob has been rollerblading since it's inception back in 1994 and has had an insane journey ever since. Between debilitating injuries, battling his own internal demons of alcoholism, to getting full blown rabies, the man speaks in stories that will h ...…
This week both the Ferengi and Q return when we discuss Star Trek The Next Generation episodes The Battle and Hide and Q. Brooke drinks Sam Adams Porch Rocker and Barron has his trusty whisky.
Last August, while sitting outside on her back porch on a sunny afternoon, Pierrette started to dream about what would be possible if she could step into working with the people that could really use her guidance, support, and expertise, to elevate their lives and their legacy. As she remembered her first big vision and mission, that of startin ...…
In this Episode of We Are The Porch we discuss a multitude of topics, yes I said it a Multitude! We just keep it real in this episode.Tune in!!!! #ThePorch
“Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.” -John 5:8 Like many others, the impotent man had been waiting for a wonder to be wrought, and a sign to be given. Wearily did he watch the pool, but no angel came, or came not for him; yet, thinking it to be his only chance, he waited still, and knew not that there was One near him whose ...…
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