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Ahavah Ministry's iLove Moment It's Positive It's Inspirational It's Uplifting The i is Intentional!
Ahavah Ministry's i-Love Moment (iLM)~It's Positive! It's Inspirational! It's Uplifting! "The i is Intentional!"
Being immune to negativity
Learn how to stay centered in yourheart which is the strongestforce of the universe. If you canstay centered in love then youcan always remain positive,happy and peaceful.My message to the world is:FIND YOUR STRENGTH IN LOVE
Winds of Doctrine: Studies in Contemporary Opinion by SANTAYANA, George
Even before the Great War turned the world upside down, Western civilization was being revolutionized at all levels: intellectually, philosophically, artistically. Noted positivist philosopher George Santayana published this volume on the eve of the War, trying to portray the status of philosophy and theology at that moment by analyzing six significant topics: 1. the intellectual "temper" of the age 2. the clash between Modernism and Christianity 3. the new idealism of Henri Bergson 4. the n ...
Planet Growth
A community of people centered around positivty and the never ending campaign to grow the mind, body, and spirit!
Possessed, The by DOSTOYEVSKY, Fyodor
Although titled The Possessed in the initial English translation, Dostoyevsky scholars and later translations favour the titles The Devils or Demons. An extremely political book, Demons is a testimonial of life in Imperial Russia in the late 19th century. As the revolutionary democrats begin to rise in Russia, different ideologies begin to collide. Dostoyevsky casts a critical eye on both the radical idealists, portraying their ideas and ideological foundation as demonic, and the conservativ ...
United We Stand
In light of recent uprise due to politics, now is the best time to make a change. It is time to take a stand, come together as one and push for the change that is needed. Be there for one another, be the support for those around you. A thousand small voices start to become very loud. Utilize this time in order to fight for what is right. Now is the time. Now is the time to collect our voices and make the change. Welcome to United We Stand.United We Stand is a news and politics podcast that i ...
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Jessie and Trey dive into the scandal surrounding Thinx founder and CEO Miki Agrawal. What is the fallout of a feminist-minded, woman CEO facing assault allegations? What’s the line between familiarity in a body-positivite workplace and sexual harassment? How will this controversy affect the brand? And what about the fight for those edgy subway ...…
In this all english episode #032: Carl Paoli is one of the most renowned coaches in the world today. Background originally from Spain, a former elite gymnast. Creator of Naka Athletics, Gymnastics WOD, Author and New York Times Best Seller, a business man. Carl is on a mission to help make a positive impact in the world using movement as a base ...…
Konkurrensen om funktionshindrades gunst är hård bland de företag som erbjuder personlig assistans. För ett assistansföretag kan ett påskrivet kontrakt med en ny klient betyda nya vinster på hundratusentals kronor per år. Men hur långt får ett assistansbolag gå i sin jakt på nya kunder? Kaliber och Skolministeriet granskar assistansbolagens mar ...…
We have met the enemy, and he is us! Hiya folks! It’s finally here. My very own top ten animated films! These are ten films absolutely, positivitely guaranteed to delight and entertain any and all who watch them! Plus, for no additional charge, I have included FIVE FREE HONORABLE MENTIONS! What a bargain! Joining Ben and me today is Stephanie O ...…
jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $('#wp_mep_60').mediaelementplayer({ m:1 ,features: ['playpause','current','progress','duration','volume','tracks','fullscreen'] ,audioWidth:300,audioHeight:30 });}); ABONNÉ ABONNÉ Mwen Viré! Épizod ta la sé pou relax! An ti vibe reggae épi bon positivité, bon harmonie! Kom pou chak épizod, nou ka mélangé mi ...…
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